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From my curious mind, springs forth a bevy of information, questions, mixed in with a dash of my humor. I hope you enjoy all of my musings. 


Astrology & Angel Mediums Blog

Hello and Welcome!


I am so glad you are here and hope that you enjoy my website. This is an extension of my Facebook page, my Instagram account, and my Etsy shop all rolled into one, where I can link everything in a nice package. I aspire to start writing again, maintain a beautiful space here for you guys to come back and check on, and to move towards streamlining my process.


I have a lot of major projects coming up, and I would love to capture every exciting moment, the triumphs over struggles, my process of learning, and handling this new adventure. I also hope to include more of my personal experiences, a blog series covering the spiritual journey and your personal questions, and card deck reviews. 


Please, feel free to take a look around, leave me any feedback, and subscribe to my upcoming newsletters and be the first to get exclusive coupons.


I will also be joining forces with other amazing humans to bring you a lot of wonderful new information, new sites to check out, and other entrepeuners that would love to meet you guys!


Thank you for the wonderful support and for always making this gal feel like she belongs. 


Much love, light, and blessings!



Astrology and Angel Mediums


P.S. - Check back often, as I am still updating and adding new content to this site!

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