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How To - House Cleanse

Hello, friends!

I have been trying to add more educational posts to my website, not just as a resource for myself but also to help those who are on their journey. There is a lot of information out there and I am a research junkie. And with so many years discovering so much, I want to be in a spot that allows me to share information to those curious souls out there. Honestly, I am wondering if this is more of a problem being this way - always researching, but I enjoy diving deep into various topics and learning as much as I can about them. I say - get curious, stay learning!

I recall starting my journey and not knowing where to start. I wanted a mentor, but it never truly worked out. The first place I relied on, after seeking ANY spiritual friend who was into the woo woo stuff, were the local libraries/ bookstores/ metaphysical shops and finding various books on different subjects. I found blogs, websites, online journals, and such to help me understand myself a bit more thoroughly. It can feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what is what and where you fit in the spectrum. Now we have YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as just a few other ways to connect with others who are into the same things that we are interested in, or who can at least make us feel not so alone in the world. We can find our own communities!

One of the easiest and helpful practices that I have added to my practice was simple spell work, especially finding ways to make my space feel grounded, cleansed, and balanced. Not just for myself, but also for my family. Much like house cleaning, house cleansing, is a beautiful way to bring back a sense of peace and harmony into your personal space. I have been asked how to do house cleanses, spells to use, or even what I recommend. And while there is a lot of methods out there, I suggest you start off with easy steps, and just do the simplest thing to get where you are trying to get - to cleanse. You don't need special tools, or special courses to show you anything. There are a lot of free things online that can help you find a suitable method that works with you and your specific needs. I am all about keeping it simple.


So let us start off with some vocabulary, first:




1. make (something, especially the skin) thoroughly clean.

"this preparation will cleanse and tighten the skin"

Similar: clean, make clean, clean up, wash, bathe, rinse, disinfect, sanitize, decontaminate, purify, deterge


2. a process or period of time during which a person attempts to rid the body of substances regarded as toxic or unhealthy, typically by consuming only water or other liquids.

"you can consume the broth three times a day for a cleanse"

House cleansing doesn't need to be complicated or even take too much extra time, as I believe anything we do is all about our intention. Much like we may clean and organize our spaces, I believe that is also a way of cleansing your space. In this blog, I will explain a few additions that one could add in order to energetically and magically enhance their clean space, and also add a bit of a house blessing, and cleansing to your home.

As with all things, take what you need and leave what you don't.

So, with trial and error, I developed a few methods that worked really well and quickly for me - two things that I really need.

Remember, consistency is key. It is a practice, not perfection. Some days it will be easy to accomplish, other days you may have other things weighing on your mind that need a little more space. Be gentle, be receptive, and be consistent. Witchcraft, practices, and spellwork are literally just crafting, practicing, and working. They take time and most importantly, they require intention.

How I House Cleanse - my exercise:

First off, I like to physically clean my space. I make sure I declutter, wipe things down, and really just reorganize and get things back to rights in my head. Sometimes, this is a quick process, but other times - it takes me a few days to get everything as clean as I would like. If you aren't one who needs to have a very clean space, then you can do this to whatever level you feel comfortable doing. I like to make sure I dust, sweep, wipe down, and just refresh spaces.

Ways to get me in the right frame of mind is playing music, and just doing one section at a time, so I don't become too overwhelmed by the task. Like I stated above, one section at a time helps. I also use cleaning tools and supplies that I enjoy. So using scents that I like ie. Fabuloso's Lavender for my floor cleaning, and Method's stuff since they have nice scents for their cleaning supplies. I also have a soft spot for Cloralex and how it smells. Reminds me of my childhood. For those who don't know, my mother had a maid service when I was growing up, and I often worked right alongside of her cleaning huge mansions in the River Oaks area of Houston from ages 12 until I was about 17. It taught me a lot of things - but mostly to deep clean and do it efficiently. This doesn't mean my house is always spotless - it usually isn't and I struggle staying on top of it most days.

So step one is clean it up.

Put things away, throw the unnecessary out, dust, wipe down, and treat your space like something you love. I take these times to really go through all the little corners and just ensuring I am not leaving stuff in places that don't belong there. I also recommend reading a few books that help with those of us who suffer with too much clutter, stuff, or collections of items.

By Marie Kondo:

  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

  • Spark Joy

Other Books that I really enjoyed:

  • The Joy of Less by Francine Jay

  • Unfuck Your Habitat by Rachel Hoffman

  • Decluttering at the Speed of Life by Dana K. White

  • The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson

  • Easy Minimalist Living by Jennifer Nicole

  • What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You by Kerri L. Richardson

Now, I know you may think I am trying to push a minimalist perspective, and if it isn't for you - that is totally fine. I like these books because they gave me tools for ensuring that the stuff I do surround myself with (and have moved out of state about 12 times now) is actually stuff I give a shit about and really want to have around me. I am still nowhere near a minimalist, although I do have a lot less stuff than I did when I lived in Texas and had a home that was almost 2700 sq ft. I have downsized to just a bit over 1400 sq ft - but we do have a garage full of items, and a basement that stores a lot of our stuff. It's a work in progress! I am just WAY more intentional about what I do have and keep. Do I have more than 30 books, as per the suggestions that Marie makes? Of course. Do I still have about a thousand of them that just collected dust and I wasn't interested in? Nope. Do I still have too much of certain items? Yes. I am still working on releasing the fears that I grew up with being below the poverty line and always afraid of throwing things out, just in case I may need it someday. It is a lot of work, but all of these books allowed me to see what I was hanging onto that just didn't make sense for who I am and what I want in my life.

Using these books to make a clear plan for what it was that I actually wanted really helped me in order to create a routine, and stick to it. It is very seldom that I am allowing things to get so crazy (like they used to) that I can't manage it. It also has helped me get very clear on what I actually want to surround myself with.

Okay, so you have done the cleaning, organizing, and now you want to know what does one do next?

P.S. - Let's say you don't have time or the energy to "clean" - you can still do these other things, to shift the energies, but just know that you may still feel a bit overwhelmed if the physical space doesn't "look clean."

Option 1:

Smoke cleansing is an option. I like using blue sage, white sage (but please note that this is a sacred herb and closed to many), and also Palo Santo (another one that can be considered closed) to smoke cleanse my areas. If the weather permits, I open a window and just go around every corner and entryway of the home while stating my intentions for the space. You can also use lavender, roses, rosemary, and cedar. Sweetgrass is nice, if you are able to use it. For those without indigenous roots, please ensure that you are using herbs (especially white sage) that either you have grown and harvested. Using wormwood, mugwort, St. John's Wort, resins, or other florals that you enjoy is a wonderful way to do smoke cleansing. Any plant you use can be used to cleanse with the smoke - just be sure it isn't toxic. Some people call this smudging, but please understand that smudging is a practice that requires a lot more than waving a bundle of burning herbs. Smoke cleansing is not perceived as a closed practice, but ensure the herbs you use are something you feel comfortable working with and using. Resin is another option here, as is using incense.

If you are allergic to smoke - you can also use a diffuser with essential oils. If you have pets, ensure they are pet safe so that your pets do not get ill. If you are not comfortable with that, I like to add in plants to my space (#plantmomlife), fresh flowers, and also growing herbs. I feel like the plant energies really help clean up a space.

Option 2:

Sound! Music is also very cleansing! This is why I like to bump it while I am cleaning. It shifts the energy. You can use different tones, rhythms, and genres to change it up. I like finding different music and using it depending on my mood. Some days are for Cumbias, and others for 90s. Sometimes we blast the Jazz, and most times I like to play some Lofi beats. I like to play it on my speakers and let the vibrations do their thing.

Dancing is also a great way to shake up your own energies if you are feeling a bit off or don't like the overwhelming sense of cleaning that many of us have. I have tried to change my views on cleaning and also not look at it in a negative way. I take my time and take breaks as much as I can. Listening to music and not putting too much pressure on myself has helped me shift this perspective of having it all be perfect in order to be good.

As I allow these songs and beats to go through each of the rooms, I intentionally imagine the vibrations shifting - not just where I can see it, but also energetically.

Be kind with yourself and jam out!

Option 3:

Spells! This can be a simple thing - like saying out loud to your home that you are cleansing and blessing it. Or you can do something a bit more complex. I think all spells can be as simple as you want it to be. But for the sake of some transparency for those who are new or maybe not too comfortable doing their own spells I will share a more intricate and detailed House Cleansing Spell that you can personalize and use in order to call in the energies needed to make sure your space is aligned for you.

There are various ways to use spells. I have listed a few that I find to be very helpful. You also make your own. Spells are literally just words with intention to create magic. There are different ways to call in the higher self, Spirit, Ancestors, Angels, and Deities to work with you or on your behalf with your House Cleanse.

  • A really fun, intricate spell to use is the following:

For this House Cleanse Spell, you will have to name it. You can either use your name, your fave things i.e. colors, crystals, or whatever you feel drawn to. Like "Amelia's Black House Cleanse" ,"Scrubby Bubbles", "Nancy's Fabuloso House Cleanse", etc.

"Spirit, if it is in the highest good, please remove all contracts, promises, vows, curses, spells, magic, or mirages... except what I actively have in place that are not in my home's highest good or would be binding any darkness to my home. Wrap it in love, light, and forgiveness, and return it to it's rightful owners at this time. Please remove the darkness from my home. Wrap it in love, light, and forgiveness, and return it to it's rightful owners at this time. Please open and close safe entrance and exit portals for all who need it. Please solder close all entrance and exit portals no longer in the highest good. Please unlock all locks, break all chains, and demolish all cages no longer in the highest good. Please release and return all soul fragments, held within the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and décor. Wrap it in love, light, and forgiveness, and return it to it's rightful owner at this time. Please merge all entities with their correct dimensional forms. Please shine light throughout this home. Please calibrate this home. Please put the polarities of this home in Divine balance working order. Please put the hemispheres in Divine balance working order. Please put the estrogen (feminine) and testosterone (masculine) in balance Divine working order. Please put the skeletal system of this home in balance Divine working order. Please put the circulatory system of this home in balance Divine working order. Please put the plumbing of this home in balance Divine working order. Please put the foundation of this home in balance Divine working order. Spirit, please add all that to my house cleanse."


"Spirit, if it is in the highest good and all soul's consent, please apply (INSERT YOUR NAME)'s house cleanse to every person, place, thing, or energy I am allowed."


"Spirit, please apply (Your House Cleanse Name)/my house cleanse to my vessel, my muscles, my organs, my blood cells, my DNA, my astral pathways, my Akashic Library, my Astral dreams, astral realm self, dream realm self, nightmare realms, and nightmare realm self."

Once you have done this once, you can use the smaller middle paragraph to re-set the house cleanse. It is like a short hand version of everything you intended before. If this all seems a bit too overwhelming here are a few simpler ones to start with.

  • Here are a couple simpler versions for those who don't have too much time and just want to call back their personal power:

"With love to all and harm to none, I call back my power from every person, place, or thing in this lifetime, in this universe, in this galaxy, in this dimension, or any other. I call back my power clean, recalibrated, and only belonging to me. I am loved. I am protected. I am in alignment. So mote it be."

"I release any pain, trauma, anguish, or resentment with (fill in the blank) from this life or any past life. I release, cancel, clear, and delete any vows, karmic contracts, or commitments with (fill in the blank), from this life or any previous lifetime. All is forgiven. All is well. We are free to be happy and thriving in love and successfully.

"I now clear in all directions of time the energy that was never mine to carry. I am making room and welcoming new energy and all forms of abundance in good health, joy, love, resources, creativity, and magick."

"I surrender all feelings of doubt, fear, and mistrust to source and ask for support and divine alchemy to transmute these energies into healing light for all." - This is great to use with the candle magic below!

  • And another example for grounding the self:

"Thank you, Spirit and Ancestors, for removing anything and anyone who does not serve my highest good and has my best interests at heart. Close the door on those energies that will not serve to help me thrive, be easeful and prevail."

Option 4:

Candles! I like using candle magic - which I hope to explain a bit more in another post soon. A simple candle magic spell you can use is the following:

House Blessing Candle

  • Black or white candle

  • Salt

  • Firesafe plate, baking sheet, or foil

  • Candle holder, votive, or fire safe glass

  • Paperclip, or pin to carve into candle

  • Optional - Essential or Spell oil of choice: like House Blessing, Van Van, Protection, Rosemary, Cedarwood, Palo Santo, Deity oils, or even something you have put together that you enjoy

Before we start - FIRE SAFETY. Don't burn a candle unattended. Keep water close by, use foil, fire safe plate or baking sheet to keep wax off your furniture and stay with your candle until it is done burning.

I always tell people to use their intuition and what you have access to. It doesn't need to be super complicated and expensive for it to work. Witchcraft was the original DIY. Witches made do with what they had at their disposal and made it work! Any candle from anywhere will work. Any color you prefer will work, too. If you don't have access to oils, or just not something you can find or want/can spend money on - don't worry about it.

Take your candle and carve what you would like on it. Protection, cleansing, you can use symbols, the names of the people in the home, runes, sigils, or anything you feel drawn to do. Remember this is about YOU and your intentions. That is what will make this work. If you don't or can't carve into it, just talk to the candle - give it a job to do. "Hey, candle! I want you to energetically and vibrationally cleanse this space and bless my home." Again, it doesn't need to be complicated to work. If you work with deities, angels, ancestors, spirit - this is the time to talk to them and call them in.

If you are using a fire safe plate, sprinkle a little salt in a circle around your candle. If you don't have one, use a bit of foil to catch candle wax and to keep your space safe.

Once you are done talking and setting intentions, light it up! Do not leave candle unattended and maintain fire safety rules while doing so. After the candle is done burning, you can collect all the leftover wax, salt, and other items that can be safely discarded and get rid of them.

I like to use this on Saturdays - since it is the day of Saturn, which brings protection to structures, and also has a bit of a restrictive feeling to it, so it can keep the oogolie energies out.

Option 5:

Sigils are used in magic as symbols that hold a lot of power. They are usually an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power, as it eliminates the letters and you infuse it with your intent. Using Sigils is another way to cleanse, protect, and "seal" the energies in your space. There is all kinds of magical stuff out there, and fun books that teach you how to use Sigil magic. The easiest for me is to take a few key words that I would like to focus on and then create a sigil on my own. A sigil refers to a symbolic representation of the practitioner's desired outcome.

Here is a great article showing you a lot of different ways to make a sigil. Check out this blog.

The most common way I have seen this done is using a magick square - like the one in the picture - which helps you identify the letters and the number associated with them. Next, you would use another square (posted below) which shows you the direction you could use. The biggest thing is really intention so you take your intention that you would like to have for whatever it is you are doing, and writing it out in an "I am" or "I will be" format.

Example: "I am protected."

Next, you are going to cross out any vowels and repeated letters. So then you are left with: M PRTCD.

This would give us the following numerical sequence: 479234.

Now, we can use the square that shows you how to begin drawing your lines for your sigil. We will start at 4, move down to 7, then come up to 9, move over to 2, then down to 3 and back to 4. This should leave you with a pretty linear symbol. That is your sigil. You can add extra flair, extra lines, or swirls or whatever. Remember - this is about you following your intuition and what speaks to you.

If this is a bit too complicated, you can always find protection sigils online until you find something that really speaks to you.

Even though the square is nice, I like using a circle instead, as I like the flowing nature of it. There is also this method. They end up looking very interesting depending on the method you use and what you feel is best. I won't post a specific sigil here, as I think a lot of them can be very personal - but look around online. A lot of fun sigils are out there and I think it is all personal preference!

Burning them is optional, or you can use one to put on your candle, or even draw it on the windows, doors, or other entryways.

Option 6:

Floor washes, powders, and herbs to help you reconnect to the energies of your home. You can purchase things like Florida Water and other spiritual colognes to wash your floors with. Just add it to the bucket and call it a day.

For intention specific powders, I like to sprinkle them on the carpet (as long as they don't stain and are pet safe), and then vacuum as needed.

Another one of my favorite ways to keep out bad juju is using wards, brooms, salt, and cascarilla (which is crushed up egg shells).

I have even used ashes with a little bit of water and salt to make a "paint" for warding windows.

You know those cinnamon brooms they sell around Autumn? Scoop one up. You can sweep your floor towards a door to remove energies and then hang it up by your door to call in and sweep in prosperity and abundance - as well as have your house smelling delish. I like to use a little salt and cascarilla mixed together on my entryways.

Okay, those are just a few options to help you reconnect with your space and cleanse your home in new or different ways. Can you do all of these? Of course! I recommend doing what feels right and natural for you. Literally, anything can be used as a magical working. So get out there and get curious. Find what works for you and your space.

As always, follow and trust yourself and what works for you. There is so much information out there, so find a method that allows you to feel empowered and peaceful in your practice. House cleansing is important can be used as a tool for healing, connection to the divine, as well as providing you a space that promotes healing and peace. Cleansing my house and my spaces, allows me to show up in a much more calm and peaceful manner. The right people come to my spaces, I am allowed to feel supported by the divine in my home, and I also feel like it brings so much peace to those who live here with me.

I just follow what feels right, and in these matters I always recommend that you do what fits your own style and comfort level.

Let me know if this worked for you, or if you have a different way of house cleansing. I am always receptive to trying new ways or just learning from others. I hope that my suggestions allow you to find something that makes you comfortable, feel empowered in your own practice, and also know that it doesn't need to be too complicated. Find methods, suggestions, and tips that make you feel like you can do it easily, too!

And like I continue to repeat here, do what makes you feel best! You can do it!

Remember: practice - not perfect.

I love you. Always. All ways.


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