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You've asked.... I have answered.

Have some questions about my work, services, or about me? Check out this section and see if your burning questions have been answered. 

If they haven't - shoot me an email at to see if I answer your specific questions.

"How did you start?"


I started all of this in 2009 (Astrology and Angel Mediums), but really have been curious about the metaphysical since the mid 90s when I was in my early teens.

I, like many other young Hispanic girls in their household, grew up watching the magnanimous Walter Mercado, daily. His astrology reports, coupled with his charisma, really sucked me in. I learned so much about myself and the found something that really called out to my curiosity. I remember seeing my first Tarot deck when I was 14 and instantly falling in love with the story. I didn't know anything about the spreads, card meanings, but to me, it spoke about the common themes throughout life. 

These two things have added so much structure to my practice. 

"Are you a witch?"


Yes and no. I consider myself a bruja (Spanish word for witch), but I don't have a traditional coven, or anything of that nature. I am connected to earth and kitchen magic. I also use various divination tools in my magic. While my curiosity has always allowed me to go out and find the information that speaks to me, I don't follow a traditional path. I do observe the changing of the seasons, the moon phases, and also do spells to aid me in overcoming whatever is crossing me, I don't always do everything with a particular practice in mind. I prefer to be a bit more free-flowing and use my own soul's calling to lead me forward.

"What gifts do you have?"


Like so many others, I identify with empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), but also have clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, and clairsentience gifts to assist. I started by having pre-cognitive dreams that would come to pass - also known as deja vu.

I consider myself an Angel Channeler - meaning, I connect with angels and speak with them. I also have mediumship abilities where I can connect to spirits who would like to connect. I talk more about Angels on my blog - if you are curious.


You can learn more about the "Clairs" gifts HERE.

"Can you read my mind?"


As cool as that would be (to a certain extent) - nope. My gifts connect me to the ethereal and bring it into form. My gifts are more about reading the energies around you, coming your way, and how one can best utilize them. I consider myself an Intuitive Practitioner. I have yet to meet anyone who can read minds, but that would be an interesting gift to develop.

My natural gifts (plus those that I have "worked out") might be the reason it may seem like I can "read minds" - when in reality it is more about the subtle detection of energies shifting, things being shared with me from Spirit, and understanding all of these things simultaneously.

"I am new to astrology, could you please explain my chart to me?"


My passion for astrology runs all the way back to my childhood, and it has taken me a long time to feel more comfortable sharing my own astrological readings. For years, I was a bit apprehensive, as I have a deep love for the study and practice. I am so passionate about astrology and have a deep respect for the intricate work it entails, so I hope the readings I am slowly adding to my shop can help others learn more about it, as well. 

My suggestions will be to get a natal chart reading done for free via Cafe Astrology. If that doesn't answer your questions, or you find it too difficult to understand - find a reputable astrologer within your budget.

Some of my fave ones can be found on my FAVES page.

"If your gifts are free, why do you charge?"


While many of my gifts came naturally, others have been developed with experience, time and energy invested in my interests, as well as enhanced with studies. I have over 25 years of study with Tarot, over 27 years of practice with Astrology, and over 15 years of study with my mediumship skills. I have paid to educate myself further, I purchase tools to assist my work, and have spent a lot of time doing work for free until I felt ready and capable of charging.

I take my work very seriously and it is extremely close to my heart. I do a lot of free work now, and also do plenty of giveaways to balance things out.

P.S. It costs money to live and exist in this realm. 

"Where did you learn how to do what you do?"


Which part? LOL... but seriously - it has been a whirlwind. I am a curious, researching type of person by nature - I love to learn, so whenever I don't understand something or don't know much about it, I go and get on Ascended Master Google... hahahaha, but in all honesty, I feel so blessed to live in this time and age where we can search whatever we want and find information. But I also love using my local library, using YouTube, and asking questions.


If I don't know something or would like to learn more, then I search out the information. Don't be afraid to learn on your own or to study by yourself. Be a forever student! I also have a HOW TO/DIY Section to my blog, where I share a lot of ways t o connect to your own magic.

"How do you learn Tarot?"


Through experience. Get a deck you like and feel comfortable using, sit down and study it. I love using an Intuitive Tarot Journal to help me grow in my understanding of this divination method. I have also posted some different card spreads to help you connect with your deck. Practice and patience go a long way. I will be offering Tarot classes online and in-person in 2022 - so I hope you can join me there!


There is no right or wrong way to use it. Find what connects for you. Get curious!

Here are some TAROT posts on my blog to help you connect more to your own practice.


My Story

I am an Intuitive Practitioner with over 25 years of experience in various modalities. I use cards, runes, crystals, Reiki, astrology, and my intuition to bring healing, guidance, and encouragement to all of my clients. I feel so blessed to play with magic and help others find their own!

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