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The Full Story

Mission + Vision

I consider myself an Intuitive Practitioner, which is just a way of trying to encompass all of the things that speak to me. I put my Intuitive self first in my work and I want to ensure that all of my clients, students, and followers/supporters understand that I lead from that space. I always strive to provide a safe space for anyone who allows me to do this work for them. Thank you for trusting me with you!



I believe that all people are here to live in their whole soul's truth. My mission is in helping those who seek me out, whether that is with my Intuitive gifts, teaching them how to discover their own personal magic, or just being a presence on their journey. My personal mission is to just show up in love with grace and hold space for those who need it. I will meet you where you are.


I started all of this work without much guidance and direction. My vision with my business, social media pages, and my work is to be a beacon for those who have felt lost or disconnected from themselves. I am constantly being encouraged to share what I have learned with you. I hope that you are able to discover what speaks to your soul with my work!

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