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Card Drawing January 25, 2021

Good day, soul friends! Black Lives Matter! I can't believe that we are almost done with January already. I hope your week was fantastic and that your weekend brought you some rest! We have the Full Moon in Leo this week, too.

Today's guidance comes from the Mystic Rebel Oracle and Mystic Rebel Crystal Oracle decks by Zoey Greco of The Merhipsy.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you chose the set of Cards 1:

Inspired Idea - Let's be real. You've got a good idea that you have been hiding in the recesses of your mind for quite some time. Guess what? It wants to come into the light of day, to be born into fruition! This thought is a little overwhelming and intimidating, but in your heart, you know that it is worth pursuing. Please know and trust that you are hearing Diving Guidance clearly, and your Angels and Guides gave this inspired concept to YOU for a reason! This idea is GOOD... like, really good! You have everything you need to make this a reality. Once you decide to take one forward step toward bringing this to life, the Universe WILL help you recognize the next steps and best actions until you are living this dream.

Affirmation: "I embrace the inspired ideas that my guides and angels bless me with. i easily act upon them with fearless faith and unwavering focus."

Selenite - Your body houses seven centers of energy known as the chakras. You need an open channel along your spine from crown to root for these centers to pass energy to one another and to communicate with each other, your Higher Self, and with Spirit. This card comes to you as a sign that it is time to detoxify your precious and perfect being beneath the luminous light of the Universe. In order to deeply accelerate into expansion and clear yourself of useless lower vibes. Selenite serves as your vehicle to clarified, balanced energy. Trust Selenite as a channel for the healing energy of Spirit to surge through your being and dislodge any energy, connections, thoughts, or habits that no longer aligned with your highest good.

Allow yourself the pleasure of a detoxifying activity like safely fasting, enjoying a salt bath, or even visualization. And visualization, see that your crown is opening up at the top of your head, and a soothing white light is entering you through this portal. See that light shining through your entire being all the way down through the soles of your feet, flushing out dark spots or cloudy energy.

Affirmation: "I am clear and free of any energy, thoughts, habits, patterns, obligations, and relationships that cloud my energetic body!"

If you picked the set of Cards 2:

Speak Your Truth - This card comes to you with a message that you need to heed. You have something that you need to speak out. It's time to speak YOUR truth with love and release a burden you've been carrying. Don't ever be afraid to express what is inside you, babe. Remove the filter through which you're regulating your words, and ask your Guides to be by your side as you navigate the repercussions and responses you face from sharing your truth. It is soooo much more important for you to be at peace with yourself and maintain integrity than it is to gain the approval of others. Ask yourself why you are subduing your brilliant truth and keeping yourself quiet. Similarly, if you are not being honest with yourself, now is the time to come clean. Trust in the fact that you will feel better and your declarations will be heard by Spirit like strong and clear affirmations.

Affirmation: "I confidently and lovingly speak my truth. My Guides are with me in every moment, helping me to express myself with clarity and courage. My words are well received, and I am truly heard by others."

Moldavite - Ever felt like you were from another planet? Find it hard to be a human being? Moldavite is the cure! Formed when a meteor hit the Earth, Moldavite is a symbol of where the Cosmos met the Earth. As if that poetic purpose weren't grand enough, it is here to help humans transition into an age of unity, healing, and oneness. It forms a line of connection for communication between the human mind, the higher self, and the Universe. Your Guides have presented this card as a metaphor for you yourself. YOU are a significant link in this chain of Divine dialogue. No wonder you don't quite feel at home. You are a child of the Cosmos! You are here as a spiritual teacher, destined to bless the Earth with your wisdom, knowledge, and insights. Even if this calling feels foreign to you now (which it likely doesn't!), trust that you will be able to fulfill this assignment in exactly the way you are meant to. It will find you. In the meantime, call upon the energy of Moldavite to clear all of your energy centers and expedite your spiritual growth to prepare you to step more fully into this role.

Feed your spiritual appetite! Whether it's music, yoga classes, events, or spiritually-based books, fill yourself with cosmis content. As you do, important truths will be reawakened within, and your message will become clear!

Affirmation: " I am a starchild, here to do great things! I am a spiritual teacher, and I willingly channel vital information to those who need to hear it!"

If you selected the set of Cards 3:

Seek Within - Have you been looking to your squad for validation on something? It can feel too easy to lean on the world around you to answer your questions, give you the answers, and point you in the right direction. Spoiler Alert: the truth is, the answer you are seeking has been inside of you this whole time. You may be too scared to face the facts that your Higher Self is trying to tell you. Trust that when you let yourself become quiet enough to listen to your own intuitive insights and feel your feelings, you will know exactly what you need to do. You are so much more wise, intuitive, and conscious than you give yourself credit for. You can count on yourself to make good decisions and use your powerful discernment. If you needed any further validation, consider this card the sign you have been waiting for. You know what to do. Now is the time to act on it and make moves!

Affirmation: "I am connected directly to the infinite knowledge of the Universe and I comfortably consult my higher wisdom to find the answers I seek from within myself."

Mookaite Jasper - This message is a simple one, though you may find it hard to act upon! Spirit is asking you through the majestic messenger of Mookaite Jasper to PLAY! You've been working far too hard for far too long without any time for fun and play is not a luxury reserved for some and not for others. It's a necessity! Pleasures and pastimes are required for your spirit to operate at its highest frequency. It is the nourishing soils for the seedling of your soul, babe. Neglecting your need for fun is like neglecting your body's need for water. Your Guides have sent Mookaite Jasper to help you recognize the importance of reconnecting to your childlike sense of wonder, imagination, and fun-loving freedom. Tune yourself to the frequency of this stone to help you align with the vibrations of play and joy.

Take action right now to make a plan to do something FUN. Set up a playdate with a friend, book yourself into a class you've been wanting to try, or create a time to volunteer to play with some shelter pups or kittens. Create a plan dedicated to play, even if it takes you a bit out of your comfort zone!

Affirmation: "I create ample time to have fun and joy! The Universe provides me with all that I need to enjoy myself and experience the replenishing power of play!"

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!


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