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How To - Manifestation, Dream, & Vision Boards

Hello, friends!

I have been trying to add more educational posts to my website, not just as a resource for myself but also to help those who are on their journey. There is a lot of information out there and I am a research junkie. And with so many years discovering so much, I want to be in a spot that allows me to share information to those curious souls out there. Honestly, I am wondering if this is more of a problem being this way - always researching, but I enjoy diving deep into various topics and learning as much as I can about them. I say - get curious, stay learning!

I recall starting my journey and not knowing where to start. I wanted a mentor, but it never truly worked out. The first place I relied on, after seeking ANY spiritual friend who was into the woo woo stuff, were the local libraries/ bookstores/ metaphysical shops and finding various books on different subjects. I found blogs, websites, online journals, and such to help me understand myself a bit more thoroughly. It can feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what is what and where you fit in the spectrum. Now we have YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram as just a few other ways to connect with others who are into the same things that we are interested in, or who can at least make us feel not so alone in the world. We can find our own communities!

One of the easiest and helpful practices that I have added to my practice was manifest & vision boards, especially to help me focus on what I would like to call into my life and bring into it. Not just for myself, but also for my family. I think it is a wonderful way to connect to my desires, goals, and dreams. I remember plastering my door with images of things I wanted, places I wanted to visit, outfits that inspired me, makeup looks I was obsessed with, and even pictures of 90s music artists, models, and actors that I wanted to meet or very much had crushes on! I had a mirror in the middle of it and would sit on the floor doing my makeup and dreaming of a future life for myself. Vision boards have been thought of for years but have grown in popularity in the last 10 years - especially with online vision boards like Pinterest taking over and becoming very mainstream by allowing users to pin things to online "boards" and letting them create different aspects to focus on. I will admit that since I have used Pinterest, I stopped making physical boards. I recently was inspired to take up the old practice once again. There are a lot of free things online that can help you find a suitable method that works with you and your specific needs. I am all about keeping it simple.


So let us start off with some vocabulary, first:

Technically a Manifestation, Dream and Vision board all have the same purpose and meaning. A manifestation, dream, or vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of one's dreams and desires, designed to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. It has been popular with celebrities, spiritual "gurus," influencers, and many successful business owners.

The approachability and universal sense that you can create a collage of the things you desire and work towards building a life that matches that is probably why it is so successful and useful!

Dreams are something we all have and either work towards or hope to see come true. Using the visuals, words, affirmations, and putting those dreams to physical form by creating a board is a wonderful way to really redefine our desires. Some people like working with virtual visual boards on Pinterest, and I do suggest you do that, if you don't have access to finding stuff for a collage. But after seeing how things come together, I find it easier and better to physically create my vision boards and to really make a whole ceremony about it. If this isn't something you can do or have access to, then please follow through on what feels right for you and your situation. Magic is all about intention - not the tools you use.

As with all things, take what you need and leave what you don't.

So, with trial and error, I developed a few methods that worked really well and quickly for me - two things that I really need.

Remember, consistency is key. It is a practice, not perfection. Some days it will be easy to accomplish, other days you may have other things weighing on your mind that need a little more space. Be gentle, be receptive, and be consistent. Witchcraft, practices, and spellwork are literally just crafting, practicing, and working. They take time and most importantly, they require intention.


First off, I like to do a whole big thing before I even get down to the manifesting. But before that, we need to do some house cleaning of sorts. And by this, I mean cleaning up our mental state, making space in our souls to manifest, and surrendering our dreams to the Universe.

I have come to realize that I block myself a lot of the time. From opportunities, options, and even just not allowing myself the possibility of things being different than I have grown accustomed to. My life growing up was not that great - in a lot of ways -while also filled with a lot of beauty, at the same time. My life as an adult has been arduous, but also magical. These two things co-exist within me: good is hard. I always have felt that it had to be hard to feel worth it. So that affected relationships, work, and even things that I wanted to enjoy. I struggled with this concept of ease and allowing and surrendering. As a woman of color, who is also queer, and has had numerous mental issues throughout my life... ease has been an uncomfortable thing for me to work on understanding and also trying to accept. Journaling has been an eye opening experience. This is going to be what takes a bit of time and dedication.

I recently finished the book Big Miracles: The 11 Spiritual Rules for Ultimate Success by Joanna Garzilli, which had a lot of interesting information but the best takeaway I want to share here is journaling. Working through those thoughts that are tough and stuck and keep you stuck while making you feel it will be tough. Garzilli suggests keeping a Miracle Journal to work through all that mental sludge and also focus. I loved the idea and will be including it into my own practice, as a means of processing the heavier stuff I have held onto!

So, how does this help you? I would suggest getting some thoughts collected and working on how you view your dreams.

If you have negative thoughts about what you can accomplish, deserve, can do, or are capable of getting - then I want you to really just sit with those thoughts to understand where they are coming from.

Try to change those negative thought patterns into inverted questions. And answer them honestly. Look at what comes up. What are you resisting here?

Now, if you are confused by what an inverted question is - here are a few examples from my own personal journals and passion proposal brain dumps. This is me getting a bit vulnerable and real here, so I hope it helps you see how these inverted questions go and help you see the process of changing these thoughts.

What if:

  • instead of always being afraid to be poor again, I allow myself to actually be successful?

  • instead of being scared to let people in and make actual friends that love and support me, I try to find those that align with who I am?

  • instead of hating how I look and feeling ugly/unhealthy, I treat myself like someone I love?

  • instead of being anxious about how much money I make, I value the work that I do and the privilege to be at home with my kid?

Find strength in little ways. Learn to unstick yourself and release the notions that just won't leave you alone or allow you to really reconnect with the divine energy in the Universe trying to conspire in your favor.

Like attracts like. If we are in fearful mode that we don't deserve or can have what we desire, so it makes it even harder to get those things to flow into our lives.

The next thing I like to focus on is letting go.

Of what?

Perfection. Of getting it right the first time. Of thinking I am not good enough. That this all has to be hard to be worth it. Of the fears that I won't know how to be successful. Of being seen and judge for it.

It isn't fair to keep playing small and hiding myself away. My best friend passed away in September of 2021. She had so many dreams but didn't really live life as she had intended. It is now my push to stop playing. To really do the things that make sense for me as a person. To show the FUCK up. Because we always said, when we could, we would. But we never prioritized it because we didn't see how we could. And it was a bunch of trauma fueled stalling that kept us from creating, showing up, and just living the best that we could while she was Earth side.

I know I said the next step is letting go, but I forgot to mention that when you ask yourself those inverted questions, you just let them sit. Don't worry about envisioning an answer. Just let them register in your body. Our mind might understand completely, but our bodies take a little time. Imagine how things can change and be different. How would that feel? How would it look? These simple things can really open you up to manifesting intentionally, focusing directly on what it is you want, and getting clear on how you desire your life to be for you, with you.

The thing I love about vision boards is that you are given a chance to course correct. If you feel like life has got you upside down, you can use a vision board to focus on what you want and need. It allows for you to redirect that energy on what you desire.

This all aligns with my desire to live my life in every capacity with full intention. From magic, to items, to thoughts, and dreams. I want it all to be intentional. And I hope it helps you start working towards what aligns for you.



So, what are you thinking? Literally... how good could you stand it?

Alright... you did all the hard and dirty work of asking yourself the tough questions, you have been working on getting your mind right, and finally want to start getting on that Vision Board realness. I promise, I will get into it.

Remember to let this process take the time it needs. It works best when we are able to commit to what we really want. This is about changing your life. It will take a bit of time to get to a place where you feel ready emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually to have the life of your dreams fall into your lap. I can promise you that it is a daily practice for me to get those thoughts in check, refocus, and express what I feel is currently keeping me from my current goals and desires.

So, be patient.


The following are suggestions to keep in mind when trying to get your manifestation boards going.

  • They should be done seasonally. What does this mean? It means to align yourself with visions and desires you want for that season. Allow this to follow what feels best for you. It is currently winter here in Colorado, and I am focusing on ease, feeling of home, freedom, opportunities, and also adventure. While my current seasonal vision board has a strong emphasis on ideas, I did want to ensure I was supporting myself in new ways. Find what you need for this season, and focus on that.

  • They should physically exist. It is time to bust out the creative self, and the glue sticks! Some people like using poster boards, I used a planner sheet that fits in my current classic sized Happy Planner, and it helps me to flip back and forth in it to really get back in the groove, as I do dedicate time every morning to review my day and also journal a bit in my planner. By physically creating what you want, it allows you to really focus. Making it with my hands also allows me to be that much more intentional about what I am doing. Can you still make a virtual one? Of course, but also have a physical one that is made by you.

  • Refine the board as you change. This is why it helps to have seasonal ones. Since my current seasonal one is a planner sheet, I am doing more refined ones by months, as well. Just to help me refocus and refine what I really value and desire.

So now you are ready to FINALLY make your vision board? Here we go.

  • Meditate on what you want. Write those things down, and then pair it with statements, images, and words that align.

  • Draw in the emotion of what you want. This will help you call in what you want. How would your visions being IN your life feel for you?

  • Make a ceremony out of creating your board. I light candles, smoke cleanse my space, bought some fun markers and stickers, and played music, while I perused magazines I had on hand (and also check out your local libraries/thrift shops/used book stores for old ones). I used newspapers, as well. I just dug around for phrases, words, and images that made sense for my keywords and phrases for my season.

  • Put it on display! This is to help you see your dreams daily.

  • Be in gratitude and use the Grads Method! Gratitude is gonna have to be the attitude here. On old manifestation boards, you need be able to write what you are grateful for of the things that came to pass and all the good/bad that happened with that board. What did or didn't work out? But can you answer these questions with gratitude? Release what you no longer need and see the manifestation through. By acknowledging what you are grateful for, it allows you to ask and receive other things. Be grateful every day. Look at your own abundant places.

  • Envisioning versus Visualizing. What are you focusing on and why? Envisioning is seeing yourself there - in the middle of what you want and need. It is like stating, "I am healthy, wealthy, successful." instead of just saying, "I will be happy, rich, and love my life." It puts you in the same energetic vibration of what you are looking for and want. Visualizing is like daydreaming of change, envisioning is seeing your life change and you in it!

  • Always be receptive and believe. Again, this is to align you with what you want. Showing the Universe that you are really open and ready for it.

  • Really look at your blockages. It seems tedious, but this is what can be the thing that keeps you from seeing certain things come together. If you don't think you can handle a steady, romantic partnership, then how can you allow love to work out in the long-term for you? This is why the first bit was all about addressing and opening up to healing those blockages and limiting beliefs.

  • Share your vision boards. Manifesting needs belief.

  • Speak against the nay-sayers. If someone doesn't like your dream or desire, then this is where you have speak up. Your dreams may not make other people comfortable, but you have to be able to believe in your dreams and share with the world why you want it.

"If someone can negatively impact your dream, then it isn't something you truly believe in. Inspect why you are affected."

  • Protecting your vision boards. It is all your energy, so do what you feel is needed. Put protection symbols, sigils, or whatever you need to keep it sacred. I like to put Uncrossing, Road Opener, Van Van, Fast Luck, Prosperity, Evil Eye, and Money Oils on my planner sheets.

  • Keep it sacred.

  • Look at the triggers coming up. What about your dream feels unrealistic to you?

Alright, so keeping all of that in mind - you are ready to make your own vision boards and start manifesting the dreams into your life. Keep it fun, keep it real, keep it magic!


I wanted to expand on what to do with old manifestation boards, and how to properly get rid of them. It is easy to get caught up on what we are wanting and once we receive it, we forget to release that energy. I often forgot this with my virtual pin boards on Pinterest and recently got back into it only to see that there were many things that have come to pass in my life that I only once dreamed of. I now have slightly different pin boards going that promote a new life for myself. Not so focused on how it looks externally, but how I feel internally.

Regarding old physical manifestation boards (and even affirmations), I like to make time to go back and thank the things that have come to fruition.

The Grads Method above does explain this a bit, but I think we need to expand on how to release that energy. Get rid of what you no longer want from your old boards, but keep what you are still trying to manifest, and for the visions that came to pass - show gratitude. You can create a gratitude box to store things in, or you can burn what worked for you. I like the gratitude box as it allows me an opportunity to go back and see what I need to be grateful for. We used to have a gratitude jar in our home many moons ago and review things at the end of the year that we enjoyed throughout the year. From big or small moments, it was beautiful to get back into that attitude of gratitude and seeing how much had shifted.


Okay here are a few journal questions to keep in mind and maybe add to your practice - especially when trying to manifest and work through blockages.

  1. How would I act if I already had everything I ever wanted?

  2. What would someone who already loves themselves do?

  3. How good could I stand it?

  4. If I could not be rejected, what would I do?

  5. What have I dreamed about doing but haven't taken any or enough action on?

  6. What am I trying to manifest that hasn't shown up, yet?

  7. What do I really want?

I know they are not easy to answer but they are so vital to understanding what is going on, where you are coming from, and what you really want.

I hope you enjoyed all of this and that it helps you create vision boards that allow you to bring forth all of the magic within you.

Here is a quick video of my seasonal manifestation board! Also, follow me on TikTok!

Here are a few wonderful clearing and energetically powerful mantras to help you bring back your power.

"I release any pain, trauma, anguish, or resentment with (fill in the blank) from this life or any past life. I release, cancel, clear, and delete any vows, karmic contracts, or commitments with (fill in the blank), from this life or any previous lifetime. All is forgiven. All is well. We are free to be happy and thriving in love and successfully.

"I now clear in all directions of time the energy that was never mine to carry. I am making room and welcoming new energy and all forms of abundance in good health, joy, love, resources, creativity, and magick."

Okay, those are just a few options to help you make your dreams come true. As always, I recommend doing what feels right and natural for you. Literally, anything can be used as a magical working and manifestation magic. So get out there and get curious. Find what works for you and your dreams.

As always, follow and trust yourself and what works for you. There is so much information out there, so find a method that allows you to feel empowered and peaceful in your practice. I am here to manifest my best existence and help others learn how to tune into their own magic, too. The right people come to my spaces, I am allowed to feel supported by the divine in my life, and I also feel like it brings so much peace to know how supported I am by the Universe.

I just follow what feels right, and in these matters I always recommend that you do what fits your own style and comfort level.

Let me know if this worked for you, or if you have a different way of creating manifestation boards. I am always receptive to trying new ways or just learning from others. I hope that my suggestions allow you to find something that makes you comfortable, feel empowered in your own practice, and also know that it doesn't need to be too complicated. Find methods, suggestions, and tips that make you feel like you can do it easily, too!

And like I continue to repeat here, do what makes you feel best! You can do it!

Remember: practice - not perfect.

I love you. Always. All ways.


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