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Angels and Ancestors Oracle by Kyle Gray

Hello, soul friends!

Today's review is covering a beautiful new deck from Kyle Gray. I love his other two decks and use them quite often with clients and in my personal readings. I find that the messages are gentle, encouraging, and also mesh very well with other cards.

I hope you enjoy my review and generous pictures!

Angels and Ancestors Oracle cards

I purchased this deck last year online from Hay House during one of their sales, as I was interested in the artwork and know that I do enjoy Kyle's other decks.

Amazon's description of the Angels and Ancestors Oracle:

A one-of-a-kind oracle card deck that combines Angelic guidance with Aboriginal, Native American, Celtic, and Earth based spiritualities. We are surrounded by countless guides who want to share their knowledge with us to bring healing and change. Among them are the Angels and Ancestors. In whichever culture or religion they appear, Angels have always had one mission: to love, help and guide humans. On the earthly plane, Ancestors are the wise ones, healers and warriors who have offered to share their knowledge, experience and magic with us. In this empowering 55-card oracle deck, Celtic, Native American, Aboriginal and Earth-based spiritualities bridge the gap between this world and the next. The Angels and Ancestors know what you need to know, and by using the accompanying guidebook you'll learn how to unlock their secrets and messages, and live a life touched by divine, magical guidance.
About the Author
Kyle Gray has been blessed by the presence of angels since he was four years old, receiving their guidance as he worked tirelessly to develop his talents. He became the UK’s youngest professional psychic medium at the age of sixteen, and continues to amaze his clients with his startlingly accurate readings. Kyle regularly speaks in front of large audiences, including Hay House I Can Do It! and Ignite! events, and teaches workshops around the world.

My Personal Review

The Angels and Ancestors Oracle deck is a 55 card deck and is meant to be used as an Oracle deck. Oracle cards are just meant to be a little less restrictive than Tarot, while allowing you to devise your own meanings of the cards, as well. The dimensions of the deck is 3.8 x 1.2 x 5.2 inches and published by Hay House, much like his other decks.

The lift top box is beautiful and thick. It is a traditional size for Hay House and what they usually publish. The artwork throughout the decks just incredible and beautiful. I love the way Lily Moses puts things together for all of these decks. The art is vibrant without being overpowering, there is a beautiful strength in the cards where the figures are powerful and evoke the themes from each of them. The cards have very smooth finish and so this is a departure from the previous decks they have collaborated on - no shiny card stock here. The card stock and even the box have been finished to be more matte - which photographs really well, but it does attract stains and such more easily - especially if you use oils on your hands.

The card backs are a simple compass with an owl and seem to include a lot of the symbolism throughout the deck. Reversals are up to the reader, but not necessary and the guidebooks do not provide a reversed meaning. The fronts of the cards feature the beautiful artwork by Lily Moses, and have a golden banner across the bottom with the card name and a small sentence with keywords for the card meaning. The card stock is not overly thick, semi-matte finish, stickier to shuffle, and allows you get a nice bend without cracking the card stock. I am surprised these were not gilded on the edges and they are not finished either. The finish really helps make the cards shuffle a little less smoothly than the other decks, but like I stated above the cards photograph so well, no shiny reflections. I still prefer a more matte finish for aesthetic reasons, so these will do well for my personal use and in my photography. I don't appreciate how hard they can be to shuffle at times, but with time the card stock should be less stiff. I haven't noticed scratching, yet so that must mean the card stock has a finish on them to protect the images from flaking up, or peeling.

The size of the cards is a much larger than the average Tarot deck size. Hay House cards all have a similar size. So this keeps in line with their other decks. The guidebook is meaty, and each interpretation gives a lot of information on each of the Ancestors with their stories. It really does lead one to using their intuition and also diving into all of the details in the cards. This may be one of the easiest deck to pick up for those who are not used to having to rely too heavily on intuition. With practice and an open mind, they can quickly become great resources for tuning in and connecting with these deities and also to connecting to the Angels and Ancestors realms. I think this would even be perfect for younger generations that are learning to read cards. No harsh or garish messages here, so I feel comfortable using this deck with any client.

The images are clear yet, they convey mystery. It's an interesting effect, that I have not seen in other decks. It is such a beautiful way of connecting with these Angels and Ancestors, as well as learning about them. These decks is perfect for those who are exploring other higher vibrational dieties and figures from various cultures to connect with. There are Ancestors from various cultures, so this is a fun addition to the other decks by Kyle Gray.

There is a beautiful mysterious vibe to a lot of the images, and there is a lot of personality by each of the cards. I find that I can use these decks with any client, as the images are soothing, but also offer amazing and applicable advice.

Here are some extra pictures of this gorgeous creation:

Overall, I think this is another well-executed themed deck. I love the colorful and powerful imagery, but also very straight to the point. I highly recommend it!

My overall opinion is that this deck is a 4.5 star choice.

Artwork - 5 stars

Card stock - 4 stars

Ease - 4 stars

Guidebook - 5 stars

I hope that you enjoyed my deck review, and also enjoy other deck reviews that I add to this site. I have a passion for exploring new decks and also finding various ways of connecting to my intuition. I appreciate you checking out my site and taking the time to read my review.

Happy Reading!


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