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Card Drawing May 13, 2018

Good day, soul friends! Hope your weekend was fabulous. Hope your weekend was fabulous. Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate! Next week we have the New Moon in Taurus and also Uranus moving into Taurus.

Today's guidance comes from the Mother Mary Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild and the Cosmic Affirmation Deck.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you selected the set of Cards 1:

Our Lady of Sweet Rest & "I am empathetic." - I know how hard you have been trying, how much work and effort you have been summoning. Even if you judge yourself for not having done enough, I see how much struggle you have been enduring, how much you have been trying to overcome. You will succeed. You are capable. But even the earth requires retreat and rest in order to replenish and continue in time. For now, beloved, it is rest time. Be with me. Suspend your activity and your judgement, and let go. Solutions me come to you too, and this time, but is a time to simply be with me. Come, let us rest together in the sweetness of divine love. The world is one that requires balance. While many of us know this intuitively, to live it is another thing altogether. Many of us have been taught, and still believe, that effort and striving are the most valuable behaviors, and that if we are not yet successful, we just aren't trying hard enough. The Divine mother appreciates hard work, especially on those things I have meaning to you, that fill you with passion, even as they perhaps demand everything from you. But while she loves that you will not hold yourself back from the tasks at hand, she also knows that, and this world, there are seasons of rest and seasons of activity, and that is a natural law of the Earth. It is in rest that we cannot only replenish ourselves, but stop thinking about our problems for a while, to perhaps gain a different perspective (and to give life a chance to continue, maybe even run during our problems no longer problematic!). It is also in rest that we can allow the Divine Mother to help us. In rest we become receptive. We need to be open in order for her wisdom and light to permit our body and mind, to infuse with an S or guidance so that we feel it and know it. It is hard to be open if you are huddled into an exhausted ball on the floor, completely overwhelmed by stress. Or perhaps you're not so affected by stress, but have been sometimes not-so-useful trait of being able to simply, and continuously, just carry on. If you have a tendency to just keep on going, unless an injury or accident or illness slows you down, then the message of Our Lady to you at this time as to stop for a while now, before it comes to that. You may feel that you are on a roll, that you have momentum and you don't want to stop. That is fine of course, and always your choice, however you are being given guidance here that you will not undo any good works by slowing down for a moment or two, taking a short break, or a longer one if needed. Good rest brings energy, and helps us avoid pursuing a path that would perhaps not lead anywhere interesting or helpful, despite our initial enthusiasm. The Lady of Sweet Rest comes to us when we will gain through stepping back, pausing or just letting life move on around us as we slow down for a moment or two. She comes to confirm to you that rest will help your body, mind and soul. That rest can be in whatever form works for you. If you're not sure what works for you, perhaps start with some time in nature, or a nap, if practical. Know that you deserve it and if guilt or shame comes up about having a need for rest, or taking that time for yourself, and it over to the Divine Mother and allow her to help you let go in peace. If you have been praying about something happening in your life - a resolution or a manifestation - and wanting it to appear, this Oracle comes to the guidance that all creation happens in time. Even in the stillness of winter, when the earth is resting, there is much invisible preparation happening in the flowering and buzz of activity, as new life emerges in the spring. So do not lose hope. Just have patience and know that all things come in time.

If you were drawn to the set of Cards 2:

Our Lady of the Whispering Heart & "I am focused." - I want to be close to you, my cherished child, so I dwell within your heart. From that sacred place, I speak to you daily. Can you feel my presence? I am the voice within that assures you all is well. I am the feeling in your heart that tells you it is alright to trust, no matter what appears to be. I am the knowing in your heart, that every prayer you speak is heard, and answered by me instantly. I am the joy and relief in your heart as you realize that your answered prayers are already unfolding in divine perfection. Listen for me and know peace within. The clearest guidance is not always the loudest voice. Sometimes fear and doubt yell, where love and trust speak quietly but consistently from deep within the heart. You are being asked to trust in the truths of your heart, even if they seem quieter than voices of fear from within you or coming from those around you. The truths of the heart cut through emotional reactions and mental anguish. The heart simply speaks of what is, without distortion. When we hear the heart speak, we know in our bones that what is spoken of, is true. Hearing the heart truths may necessitate an action that we would rather not take. Perhaps we need to wait for more of the picture to become clear to us, for a way forward to be shown, when we would dearly just love to act and have the whole situation over and done with! Or perhaps the time for action has come, and we can see the invitation to move forward opening up. To accept that invitation may require a deeply saddening goodbye, a great loss or a temporary loneliness, even whilst we may sense the wonder and happiness of that which calls us to move on. Lady Of The Whispering Heart speaks to us of courage, of trust and of inner knowing. She tells us to trust our inner truths above and beyond any opinion of any other. You will know deep within what needs to happen, and when. The details are held in the loving genius of the Divine Mother, and revealed through your heart in the perfect way at the perfect time. All you need to do is listen and apply, with patience and trust, the wisdom that is felt from within. If you are finding it hard to hear that wisdom, the Divine Mother says this to you, “What would your heart say if it was completely free from fear? This oracle also speaks of an important message that is coming to you now, or will very soon. This message is either in answer to a prayer already uttered, or an answer to a question you didn’t even know that you held within! Your world is changing beloved. You have all the guiding light that you need for this change to be a healing one, even if some sadness is a necessary rite of passage into your greater emerging happiness. Have faith, the Mother is with you, guiding you through your heart, always. This oracle has come to remind you of this and to let you know that now, in particular, she is whispering to you and what you feel in your heart is truth.

If you chose Card 3:

Our Lady Of Great Power & "I am authentic." - My robes form the heavens above. In my sacred feet, the earth spins. In my eyes, the stars of the night sky are born and shine. My hair forms galaxies, and in my heart, many suns burn with divine love. What is there that could be greater than I? I that am all. I that am love. Any fear? Any doubt? Any problem of concern? I hold you in my being so vast. There is nothing more powerful than I. I am the love that is all that you are. Fear can loom so large at times that it might seem impossible to conquer. Doubt, despair, grief and rage may take possession of our being, and all of a sudden, there is no way out of the negativity or horror that we may be brave enough to feel. As part of our honest, emotional, human journey, we are asked to feel these challenging emotions. They are part of what helps us rally the courage and strength to make choices that are helpful and healing to our planet, whenever we can. If we cannot feel the horror of what is happening around us, we might lack the passion needed to summon all our strength to act, to heal, to help and to speak out. It takes a truly great leader to be a great warrior for love on this planet. This leader does not give us false hope, or imaginings that all the problems that need solving will just magically ‘go away’ if we close our eyes and hope hard enough. Instead this leader inspires us with genuine encouragement and empowerment. This leader is honest about our healing light really being needed on this planet. There are environmental and socio-economic problems on this planet that are not alright, and will need to fall apart so that healing can occur for the greater good. Without that honest conscious acknowledgment that there is great wounding in our world that needs repair, we can be left with an undercurrent of anxiety, a feeling that something is wrong but it is not being openly acknowledged. Without this acknowledgment, constructive solutions are not being implemented. We must be careful that we do not allow our genuine optimism, which keeps us open and active, to become a source of falsehood. We must not allow it to tell us that nothing need happen and everything is fine, when the Divine Mother tells us that this is not true at all! We need to be honest with ourselves and our suffering. We need not fear it, we nee dot be aware of it and through that awareness, healing can occur. Yet we also need that leader to inspire us with genuine hope and self-esteem, which helps us feel empowered to be able to make a difference. This will prevent us from collapsing into despair, believing that nothing can change - whether in our own lives, or in the world around us. Our Lady Of Great Power comes with a special message from such inspired spiritual leadership, which is the leadership of the heavenly Mother herself. She tells us that no matter what we may be trying to accomplish upon the earth, she has power to assist us towards success and that power is beyond any obstacle. No matter whether a personal matter, a social matter or environmental issue, legal or financial issue, spiritual crisis or beloved other that needs helps, we can pray to her and she will provide us with what is needed. Our job is to act on that with trust; praying, listening, responding, waiting, acting, reflecting. This is how we live with her, in her grace, and in the magnificence of her great power. She asks now that you dispense with any habits or beliefs that it all must be accomplished on your own. She knows that you have struggled to find the support you have needed at times in your past and she asks you to put that behind you now. It helped you grow strong and develop self-reliance but your task is different now. You have that strength and enough self-awareness to know who you are and what has meaning for you. You know to remain true to yourself, even if you are in partnership or collaboration, joining forces with others. You are beings asked to allow yourself to be helped so that you can become an empowered channel for her grace to reach the world. So pray. Be open. And know that she is powerful beyond measure.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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