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Answering Your Questions

Hello, dear friends!

I have missed writing and decided to make a space on my website where I answer your questions from Facebook and Instagram.

I posted this graphic a few times on my social media accounts to collect some of your questions and answer them. For those of you who don't know me, I am Nancy, the owner and admin of Astrology and Angel Mediums on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy (plus this website).

I am a highly evolved Intuitive Practitioner and Reiki Master who offers my clients daily inspiration and Spiritual Guidance.

Working in the field for almost 20 years, I have worked on aiding others in finding closure, gaining clarity, and receiving verification of their current path and soul's journey. My business was born in 2013 and growth has been magnificent, fun, difficult, and expansive. I offer myself as a channel to deliver messages from higher intelligences to my clients. I am able to hone in on details relevant to my clients’ personal experiences and offer validating messages from loved ones who have crossed over - providing clarity and closure and validating their Soul’s intended path.

As a perpetual student of life, I always continue to approach all of life's obstacles with a sense of humor, open heart, and the hope to spread what I have learned throughout the years. This is why I thought it would be vitally important to share and answer some of your questions.

I have selected a few of the questions that were submitted and hope to take some time weekly to do a few more. If you have some questions, please submit them below in the comments or you can send them to me at

Thanks for being a gorgeous part of my journey! Okay, now let's get chatting!

The first question that was received was from user @marisa.jai.lyn:

What are some good tips or resources for someone who is beginning their journey with no real mentor?

Thank you for your question! I actually love this as it is a topic that is very near and dear to me. When I first started on my journey, this is something that really was difficult for me. I felt lost, alone, and also as if I would never find other like-minded people to help guide me. The ones that were similar to me were unfortunately only after one thing - money. Their intentions didn't vibe with me. This left me feeling defeated and on the other hand, it also motivated to make my own path.

It hasn't been unique but I went to the only outlets that I had available to me at the time - the internet. I read as much as I could. I bought books on various subjects that struck an interest for me (astrology, psychic development, crystals, etc.). We are so lucky that we have so much information at our disposal, and also the convenience of social media to connect us in ways we never had available before. My best advice would be that you need to find things that work for you and that you enjoy.

There have been some really great resources out there that I have come across and also affordable options for those looking for more structure. Find what vibes with you and feels right with your intuition. Everyone's learning style is unique and we all have the opportunity to find what works best for us.

The second question was submitted by user @paarul15:

How does one heal from past relationships? What tools can one use for healing from past pain?

Thank you for your question and I understand why it is important to find some solace in approaching it from a spiritual perspective! I believe that everyone's healing journey is specifically designed so that each person can bloom at their own pace. The relationships that come into our lives allow us to learn different things or grow through certain lessons our soul has decided we needed.

I am a firm believer in soul contracts. I feel that once we understand the reason for the how the relationship shapes out, then we can start the healing process by looking at ourselves. Introspection, journaling, meditation, reiki, and also therapy have all been beautiful tools that have aided me on my journey to healing. Without all of these tools working together for me, I don't think that I would have been successful at coming to terms with some discordant relationships from my past.

Does this mean that every relationship that has caused me pain is no longer an issue? Nope. I am still very much human - and so are you. Be gentle with yourself. Process what you're feeling AND why. Find healthy outlets for your pain and how to heal yourself on your own terms. And even when you think you have healed and moved on from it, if you have a moment where you have a shadow of these relationships pop up again, or a memory that hurts, process once again. Like I stated above, it is a process of healing. The more you check in with yourself during the process, the less painful it can be once you truly move into healing.

The third question is from user @lovelyladylynn:

This may be too broad but when I discovered this spirituality I was so drawn to it but I also felt (and still sometimes feel) so lost. I found myself asking "How do I get started? Where do I go? Where can I find more information? How do I go deeper?" a lot. I came from a strict Catholic upbringing and when I turned away from that to start researching astrology and crystals, and Pagan spiritualities I was really overwhelmed and felt sort of alone. I'm still finding my way slowly but surely.

Thank you for your question and for sharing your story with me! It actually is very similar to my own path into spirituality. It was overwhelming at first and there are a lot of options out there to find what works and vibes with you the best.

My development sort of flowed in a natural way. I started with astrology as that was something that was acceptable in my culture and also old wives' tales, brujeria (hispanic witchcraft), herb medicine, and tarot. It wasn't easy all the time, and there were many moments where I felt overwhelmed and alone on my journey. I can recall many moments where I felt as if no one would know what I meant or where I was coming from, or as if I was going crazy. It isn't normal to "know things, feel things, and heart things." I was often ostracized from people I loved because of my seemingly odd and spazzy behavior.

Like I stated above, we are lucky to have the internet and social media become such a prevalent part of our lives, as it affords many of us solidarity, empathy, and also understanding - even it is just through a screen. Find your group, your tribe, share your story and give yourself a healthy outlet to reconnect with your gifts. We are extremely benefited by the magic of the internet these days, so I always recommend people get out there and research. Find what calls to you and makes the most sense with your own personal experiences.

And it is totally okay to be lost. Shit, here I am 20 years into this journey and STILL get lost. I am just gentle with myself and know that when I am ready, I will find my way to where I need to be at that time.

The fourth question I would like to address is from @lataavin:

Trusting your instinct, especially when making decisions.

Thank you for your suggestion for a topic! Trusting your instincts is something that should come naturally, but as we grow up many of us are taught otherwise. We have a big disconnect with the self. To me trusting your instincts is about connecting with yourself and figuring what your intuitive voice sounds like. Sometimes it is a big roaring voice that stops you in your tracks. Sometimes it is a gentle little nudge. I have it come and go as needed for every moment. It doesn't feel "normal" at first, but with time it becomes second nature.

I look at my instincts as me at my barest self. My simplest self. Removing the titles, labels, and expectations imposed on me from my family, myself, and what I have learned. So, reconnecting to that can be difficult to some. I suggest meditation as a first step. I think it is an important connection to make with yourself. I used to find it difficult to make it a priority, but now look at it as an act of self-care. I rebalanced certain aspects of my life to make it an important part of my life. I have tried to simplify this process as much as possible. I don't make it complicated and don't have to spend numerous hours meditating.

Then I had to connect and figure out what my own intuitive voice sounded like. Once I was able to overcome my own limitations and reservations about this, I was successful in being able to listen to it without my own preconceived notions of what it was supposed to look like. If I get that nudge, I listen. To me, your intuition is like a muscle. The more you use it - the stronger it becomes. So with time, making decisions will feel easier and more divinely guided.

Remember, your intuitive voice, your spirit guides and your Angels will never lead you astray. You are always divinely guided and protected.


I appreciate you letting me answer a few of your questions. I will continue to go through the submitted questions to answer and hope to have some time next week to do another post like this. If you have a specific question that you would like me to address, please comment below or send me an email at As always, I deeply appreciate you all!

- Nancy

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