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Ascension and Shifting

Hello, my lovely soul friends!

How is Ascension treating you? This shifting has been unreal, right?

I know a lot of us have been going through the wringer with some of these symptoms of ascension and shifting. To this I say, let us understand what we should be doing! I am huge on understanding myself so that I can properly self-regulate and have a better awareness of what I need to be working with, instead of fighting it so hard. Fortunately for all of us, I have used this list of eloquently explained and perfectly articulated symptoms from Dana, the owner of She is also the owner of one of my favorite Instagram accounts: @empaths_and_hsp. I have featured her writting on here before and have enjoyed so much of her work. She has a wonderful way of explaining things that you can actually understand and also resonate so deeply with. She has taught me so much in the short time that my soul has found hers. I highly recommend her accounts to anyone who is an empath, whether familiar or not, to go and explore the beautiful information she has compiled. She is also beginning a magnificent new project of an Empath E-Course that is to kick off in March. You can go sign up for that here. Also, if you are just looking for some monthly reminders on how to deal with life as an Empath, and how to harness the energies in your favor, sign up for her monthly newsletter here. I have been fortunate enough to learn so much from Dana, and I love sharing her information.

I hope you guys enjoy the collaborative effort, as I work with her writting and help us understand how to make it all work in our favor. We are all powerful in our own way, it is really about manifesting that energy into a direct manner. The following excerpts were used with her permission and are her writting.



Get in your Feels.

Allow whatever you feel to just be felt. You may want to be near people not in your life, reconnect with those you lost touch with or you may absolutely want to "get rid of everyone" and feel an intense desire to move mountaintop or to a desolate island. Journal all these thoughts and feelings and revisit your writing each week to gain insight.

Release the toxins.

Your body is clearing out generation after generation of trauma from the cellular and DNA genetic levels of your physical body. You may not be aware of the traumas your ancestors went through but the genes you carry that link you to them, they DO remember. Your body might seem like it hates you - it doesn't. It just needs your patience and acceptance as it releases mass build up of toxins preparing you for high vibrational frequencies.

Water is sacred.

Right now your body needs a lot of water to help it filtrate the toxin releases properly. Think about a toilet bowel filled with shit and no water... It doesn't go down very well!!! Give your body the sustenance of life it needs to rejuvenate and cleanse you. Alkaline based waters are preferential.

Energy surges.

You may feel random bouts of guttural release or gas buildup, heart palpitations, sudden on sets of anxiousness, major emotional bouts of crying that come on hard but leave just as suddenly, random thoughts of "ah-ha!", twitching hands/feet, intermittent bouts of hyperness and fatigue, etc. Allow all these unblocking a to occur.

Inner Children Tantrums.

Your inner child needs you most right now. It's desperately going to be drawing your attention inward and asking you to validate and nurture it. To revisit painful traumas of emotional and physical - to reassure your younger self it's ok and you made it, they don't have to be scared and you're ok as an adult, at least very proactively focusing on evolving yourself.

Physical Symptoms

More rest, exhaustion, a desire to separate from the crowd, more focus on career and purpose than day to day jobs, more sensitive to others, more sensitive to hard and dense or low vibrational beings/environments, low tolerance for people's bullshit, a deeper desire to understand, migraines, sinus pressure, weight gain or water retention, rejection to certain kinds of water and thirst for others, salt cravings, need for decompression, deeper longing for genuine human contact, shakes and random twitching, changes in eye sight, impulse desire to do something you always wanted, lower back pain, pulsating pain on the neck where it attaches to the body, teeth hurting, clothing preference changes, and low grade fevers.

Get Your Sensitive Shit Together

Here’s a few things to remember as you push through those down spirals of emotional overload so that you can get your sensitive shit together.

Stop looking towards others to make you happy.

Only you can make you happy… This same advice goes towards others. No matter how Unhappy others are - it is their job to choose their own happiness. Stop making yourself feel responsible for the happiness of others. Keep moving forward.

Every single second you are making thousands of decisions. And every single second, you have thousands of chances to choose who you are and what you believe in. There is not one solitary moment in time of which you only get one chance where you make the right or wrong decision - you always have another opportunity to choose to be a better, more evolved you. Take pride in your intelligence.

Whether you are book smart, street smart, emotionally smart, empathically smart or any other kind of smartie pants - be proud of yourself, your interests, your understanding. Never stop trying to learn more about that which interests you - stay curious. Find your passion.

We all have careers and those jobs we go to that we collect paychecks from. If you haven’t found what you are passionate about - its that thing you do because you love doing it so much you are willing to make time for it outside of the monetary system requirements. Find that thing - and then figure out how to make a career out of it. Be patient.

Not everything happens overnight, except your decision to keep moving forward. It’s important that you are patient with yourself, with the slow process of progress, with others, with time. Learn that everything will work out exactly as it should if you have the courage to be patiently persistent. Embrace your sensitivity.

Your sensitive being is not a flaw, an imperfection, a hyperactive response to heartfelt moments or an over-reactiveness to sensory stimulus. Your sensitivity is you. All of you. Like the color of your eyes - you can’t change it and it dates back to generations and generations of ancestry in your DNA that lead up to the composition of you. You see the miracle in that? It’s only a disability if you allow it to deter you instead of learning how to accept it as who you are instead of what everyone else tells you it represents. Seek solitude.

When you feel everything and everyone you need to allow your mind, body and soul time to process the information you are constantly receiving so you can make sense of it all… you can absorb the insight and understanding you need to and transmute the low vibrations into higher ones. This is hard on the you as a human being even though it is the very essence of your spiritual self’s design. Lose the Victim Mentality.

Whenever you are feeling like you are cursed by your Sensitivity or that you just can't get right, STOP. Focus in on what exactly triggered this response from you and proactive Positive Self talk to walk yourself through being so harsh and unforgiving of yourself and be compassionate towards your own struggles - Trust Your Struggle. Challenge your belief system.

Critical to the sensitive is realizing that our brains play a powerful role in how we interpret everything around us. My own anxiety subsided when I began to challenge my own belief system - to challenge every anxious, catastrophic, and fear based thought that came in - I asked myself if I truly believed the likelihood of it being my truth.. or if my own mind was trying to force me into believing something that doesn't pose an actual DANGER to my being. Again, having a method of self talk to reassure myself that I am safe within myself is a great way to ground yourself when challenging your systems. Journal.

I cannot express the relief that comes from purging your thoughts in the beginning or the end of a day. If you like a quote - write it down. Find lyrics appealing? Write it down. Have a thought you want to revisit? Write it down. Keep a little book of thoughts with you at all times and use that to prompt a more elaborate journaling session later. I also do this with anxiety - I would write down the thoughts of anxiousness I was having and then schedule a time to revisit all my thoughts - realizing how irrelevant they were several hours later. Tell Yourself the Truth.

Look in the mirror EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Don't just look in it for vanity reasons... Look in it to SEE YOURSELF. The very core of your being. Focus in on yourself like you do others and tell yourself you forgive yourself, that you are beautiful, that you are thankful for having endured all you did, that you love yourself. If you are mad, say those things to. Share the depth of your struggles with yourself. You are keeping your own secrets and inner traumas from the world so you might as well use yourself to feel confident that you won't judge yourself and open up enough to speak your truth slowly to the one who already knows it. It's not easy but its amazing. I remember looking at myself in a mirror for everyday for 6 months - saying "I love you"... and in the beginning I couldn't even mutter the words - i cried for several months speaking it out loud to myself... And then just one day you will wake up and truly believe what you are saying.

Grant Yourself Permission to Heal - every single night.


Whew! If that doesn't help you get your sensitive shit together, then I have no clue what will! Hahahaha! I love how Dana writes. She just gets it out there and it makes so much sense to me. Not a lot of fluff and fillers. So many wonderful "A-ha!" moments and being able to look at the truth of the matter in a way that not only encourages me to look more so within and start my own beneficial trip to healing, but also understanding.

Just reminding yourself that you have permission to heal is one of the most POWERFUL statements to recall every night. How many times have you given yourself the permission to move past something that has occurred to you? It is allowance to remove yourself and not blame yourself for what is not yours to carry. How long do you carry around the baggage and emotional trash with you into what you try to do with your life? How many times have you forgotten to remind yourself that it is okay to release and not be responsible for other people's reactions?

How often have you felt like the victim? Trapped in a situation or circumstance, even perhaps your own doing? How often have you felt like the burden of a situation is solely yours to carry? No more of that, hunnies. Not todaaaaaaay! No more taking on what isn't yours. No more feeling like the sole responsible party for whatever goes awry in your life. This year is one about refocusing our energies on real energetic healing. We are getting into the nitty gritty, and while it can be difficult and sometimes rather uncomfortable, it is time. No more putting off for tomorrow what we should have started on last year. Let us begin this trip to self-healing and self-awareness by removing the emotional triggers and energetic roots that are not beneficial or healthy for our growth.

Okay, so that is all fine and dandy, but what the heck is Ascension?! Why am I Shifting?! Are these questions you are asking yourself. Well, here is a wonderful explanation that can help you further understand why you are feeling all of these crazy things. Plus, it is validation, that nope... you aren't crazy, boothang. You're just rising up! Like an energetic level up! Boom! You got the Universe and your Guides raising your vibration up, helping you shift into high gear to bring some much needed healing and understanding into this world.

You'Ve got big things to do, step into your greatness!

Reason and Purpose for Ascension

The ascension process is an evolutionary process, which on a spiritual level, involves the raising and expansion of human consciousness. This will create a much more highly evolved planet and a much more highly evolved human being.

Everything is energy and nothing is at rest. Ascension involves the raising of one's energetic vibration, or 'personal energy signature'. This results in the development of a more fine-tuned awareness of the interconnectedness of all things; it also allows one access to the higher dimensions/planes of reality (levels of consciousness) beyond the physical 3D level of awareness.

Ascension, and the signs and symptoms associated with it, are occurring on a personal and planetary level. I have even seen something going around on Facebook, lightly explaining the actual planetary energies and how they are changing.

At a molecular level, you are being affected. We are all energy and respond to the energy in our environments. As it changes, and as things are amplified, we experience physical symptoms in reaction to these energetic pulses and differences.

Sources of Ascension Energies

The ascension related energies that we experience may come from a number of sources: Cosmic energy from the galactic center; solar energy and energy from celestial bodies and astronomical events such as eclipses and solistices. Other ascension symptoms are a result of the energy centers of the body (chakras) opening, activating and expanding with higher frequencies of energy; negative symptoms can also indicate a block or imbalance in the chakras and can occur when cleansing/clearing the chakras and whenever lower frequency energies are being released.

SThis can cause a few uncomfortable physical symptoms. It can also bring forth a lot of releasing of energetic and physical toxins being released suddenly.

Human and Planetary Ascension

This conscious evolutionary process is rapidly accelerating on Earth at this time. We now have access to new higher vibrational energies. LEVEL UP!! Since everyone is wired a bit differently, each person is experiencing these changes in their own way and in their own time. In a way, the ascension process is related to how we each work with our own individual energy, beliefs and experiences.

There is no right or wrong way to ascend because it is an ongoing and unique process for everyone. For the highly sensitive or psychic individual the ascension process can be a bit more challenging, and the energies that are involved can be much more intense.

The planet, animals and environment are also going through major physical changes and are ascending in their own way in their own time.

Some of these ascension symptoms are quite noticible while others are subtle and happening at a molecular level (as are some of the subtle changes in the human body). Just take a look at the changes occuring on the earth with the strange and intense weather patterns; many are also noticing the peculiar behavior of many animals at this time. The planet as a whole, including the mineral, plant, and animal kingdom are all releasing toxins that humankind has caused for centuries. The unexplained symptoms that humans are experiencing is also about the releasing of toxins. These toxins have been accumulating within our minds and bodies for so long on an individual and collective level.

The Spiritual Ascension Process

Ascension symptoms happen on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Spiritually, it is about energy and consciousness. As one begins to experience the Ascension process, old patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that have limited one's perception in the past, and kept their vibration in a denser state of being, begin to re-emerge and change. A lot of moments of renewed clarity and finally understanding some universal truths that have been denied in the past.

Negative thoughts and emotions that had previously been 'swept under the rug' and repressed may begin to re-surface so that they can finally be acknowledged and released. Old energy that is 'stuck' within us can create blocks which prevents new energy to flow through us, while also limiting our awareness. Throughout the Ascension process, these old energies get pushed up to the surface allowing us the opportunity to clear the blocks within our physical, mental and emotional bodies, and to transmute the negative energies; we begin to let go of denser thoughts, emotions, and behavioral patterns which no longer serve or assist us. Soon, the planet itself may no longer support these older, dense energies since Earth itself is ascending to a higher vibrational state of being.

We are being tasked with clearing the way for newfound understanding and also being able to assist others as they have some of these transitions that aren't quite as easy for them.

The Expansion of Consciousness

These old energies can no longer remain and must be released if one is going to raise their vibration and expand their consciousness to a higher degree. It is as if we must get rid of the clutter and old baggage that has been weighing us down for so long, keeping us stuck in old repetitive or self defeating patterns and limited perspectives. The goal is to become lighter and to percieve reality for what it is, instead of what we were programmed or conditioned to believe it is. It is about taking our personal power back in one sense, and in another sense, it is about learning to cooperate and co-create with others on the level of humanity, and with the Earth itself.

There is a lot going on inside of you on many levels. It is as if your system is rebooting, being tuned up or upgraded. Old patterns start to fall away as one starts to embody much more light. As we allow more of the light of awareness into our being we begin to raise our energetic frequency as a whole. Out with the old and in with the new. There is a purifying and releasing of the blocked energy that is vibrating at a 3D level, while you begin to vibrate in a higher dimension or at a higher frequency and level of awareness.

This might cause a lot of releasing in unexpected ways. Relationships, careers, and other vitally important things in our lives might not work out. We have to remove and release what is no longer ours to carry.

The Energetic Shift in Vibration

A majority of the ascension symptoms occur on a conscious level. When we are ready we can begin to process and move through the old energies that were holding us back and keeping us down; as this shift of perception occurs we can then begin to allow new energies to flow through us and move us forward into a new and higher vibration of thought, feeling and being. Each level of ascension helps us to let go of what no longer serves us and equips us with tools for the next phase of the process. Ascension symptoms also occur on a subconscious level, as there is much cleansing and releasing during deep sleep phases and within dreams; this allows old thought patterns and energy to be worked through while integrating new energies in a more subtle way that is less shocking to the conscious mind and body. As one advances through the Ascension process there are going to be periods where the energy and symptoms become more intense for days at a time, and then periods where symptoms cease altogether. The process is different for everyone.

I know personally for me, I just feel like I am constantly being hit with another symptom as soon as one clears up. I am trying to honor myself a lot right now, listen to my body, and have a clear understanding that this is for my betterment, and not my detriment. I am also being more mindful of what I am doing, more aware of what energy I am allowing while I am in this vulnerable state.

Please ensure that you are aware and listening to your intuition during this process. I know my children have also been experiencing some of this sensitivity, and just being a little more patient with them. I understand that they are feeling some of these shifts and as children, it must be even more confusing.

Be patient with yourself and be kind. Listen to what your body is telling you and honor that part of yourself.

Advice About Ascension Signs and Symptoms

Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process. Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed. If you are experiencing a majority of these symptoms it is a good indication that you are experiencing the ascension process more fully. These symptoms should not be putting you in a state of fear or worry; trust your body and your intuition. Many of these symptoms are occurring for individuals despite having ruled out any medical conditions or causes after visiting a health care professional. Remember that we often create and/or attract what we think, feel, believe and perceive. If we are experiencing a minor symptom that is due to the ascension process and the body readjusting to new freqnecies and patterns, it is often the case that individual who doesn't understand the process will go into fear or worry about the symptom and actually create a more negative or intense physical/medical/3D condition as a result.

I actually have a few people in my life that are having some of these symptoms are so convinced that they have something medically wrong with them. They have been going to specialists. They have been taking medication with little to no relief. I just have to let them know that there might not be a physiological issue at hand and to just take care of themselves better. I know for me, I was a bit worried of the heart palpitations and blurry vision, as well as some of the other stronger physical symptoms. Some of these symptoms can have multiple '3D' causes. But on a higher vibratory/dimensional level, for example, something as minor as fatigue or anxiety can simply be due to the body clearing old energies and readjusting to new frequency patterns. Use common sense as something like fatigue or anxiety can be due to an extreme lack of sleep or an upsetting event in the persons 3D life. Please use discernment but remain as much as possible in a state of peace and positivity, and trust your inner guidance by not allowing yourself to enter into fear or obsessive worry; relax and allow the experience with understanding and acceptance, and the symptom may disappear on its own. If one chooses to go into fear or repeating thoughts about 'worse case scenerio' about a symptom on a '3D' level of thinking, then they so shall it be, and that very 3D condition may manifest. You have a choice.

*DISCLAIMER* The statements and opinions expressed herein are those of the author. This article and the listed links are intended for informational and general education purposes only. This information can by no means replace medical diagnoses or advice and are solely meant to bring awareness to you of alternative healing modalities meant to work in conjunction with your current well being practices.


About Dana of Empath Rising

My name is Dana and through my journey as an Implicate Empath, I have revealed to myself that my purpose is to serve as a Self Awareness Advocate, empowering the infinite self evolution of Awakening Sensitives, Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and Empaths.

Being an Empath is a great responsibility and a Divine Blessing. Our journey towards understanding the totality of our gifts is often seemingly cruel, plagued with addictive behaviors, self destructive habits and abusive (mental, emotional, physical and sexual) relationships.

My name is Nancy and I am an intuitive angel channeling card reader. I have an interest in the esoteric, ethereal, and also in bringing forth new information and modalites of understanding to others.

Through my own personal journey into comprehending myself better, I am experiencing new ways to help others be receptive to what I continue learning. It's been a beautiful trip, touching lives, being touched by the souls of other beautiful humans who seek out new ways to educate us, and also in diving deep into myself.

Thank you for showing up and enjoying my accounts. I was waiting for you!


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