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Card Drawing October 4, 2020

Good day, soul friends! Black Lives Matter!

Hope your week was magical! Please don't forget to enter my WitchCamp giveaway - you can enter on FB or IG but only one winner will be selected. I am loving the cooler weather and also just knowing that it is October.

Today's guidance comes from The Spellcasting Oracle Cards deck by Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejeohn-Free and artwork by Liabeth Cheever-Gessaman.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you chose Card 1:

Wellbeing -

Concerns about your wellbeing have been flagged and you're being reminded to take steps towards healing aspects of your current state of being. Changes call you to adapt. Whether this is on a physical, mental or social level, the prime concern is looking at how to achieve the optimum levels required to feel, and be at, your very best. By doing so you'll emerge with a positive self-esteem, so you can live and work productively while feeling engaged with the world around you. Happiness, health and comfort support you as you take steps towards personal fulfillment.

Magical Meanings:

- Lifestyle meanings need to be revised.

- A welcomed energy shift is occurring.

- Try to consume healthy foods and beverages.

- You're about to turn a corner.

If you picked Card 2:

Answers -

You already know the answers to your questions. So why do you pursue the opinions of others? It's time to trust as you journey to the dark chambers within and boldly ask for the truth to be revealed to you. As the answers shine forth you'll find all the advice and knowledge that you need at this time. There's no need to seek the approval of anyone else, for the answers are all around. So keep a keen lookout for signs and signals from the natural and mystical world as messages appear to you through cloud formations, falling feathers, and the dreamtime.

Magical Meanings:

- Visit a psychic medium for answers.

- Investigate before proceeding.

- Return to studying.

- Somebody spills the beans.

- Be open to receiving esoteric information.

- Come clean!

If you selected Card 3:

Forgiveness -

It's time to set yourself free from hurt, anger and betrayal, and let go. Be kind, forgive yourself and give yourself permission to be forgiven. Others may be reeling from your actions, or you could be a target of judgment, shaming, or disapproval. Soothe your wounded heart by radiating love out to those who have injured you. This is not about giving them permission for bad behavior but rather heals your hurts instead. Resentment is a prison door that harbors emotional distress, while forgiveness holds the key to freedom. So make peace with your pain as you release attachment to the situation, and move on.

Magical Meanings:

- Stop being the victim.

- Tell someone if you're being bullied.

- Seek peace of mind.

- Look to the future and remain positive.

- Forgive and forget.

- You've been let off the hook.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!


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