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Card Drawing August 23, 2020

Good day, soul friends! Black Lives Matter!

Hope your week was magical! Hoping all is going well in your world. I have been busy and feeling grateful for the moments that allow me to pause. My shop is open, so go check out the options available to get your own personalized reading from me. I also offer fun video readings on Wisio - so check it out!

Today's guidance comes from A Jane Austen Tarot Deck by Jacqui Oakley.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you chose Card 1:

Jack of Diamonds/The Star - Hope

Money changing hands. Someone in need. Needy. A service provider, co-worker or employee - ask for help

The Jack of Diamonds represents a messenger who will bring important news.

The Star is a card that focuses on the qualities of hope, faith, healing, aspirations, success, and finally, enlightenment. When this card appears, know that a special wish you have made may be fulfilled in time. It will help show you that the impossible can indeed become the possible. The force that works through your soul - determining what is possible and the difference between success over failure, and above all, who we are - is the power of your belief.

This card signifies perseverance and belief in yourself finally paying off. The Star helps the embers of positivity and possibility burn even in tough times when things feel like they are not going as planned. It’s what keeps us going, moving slowly and surely towards our goals, even when feeling slightly less inspired than we would like. Hope motivates you to take progressive action, little steps taken that add up cumulatively over time to success.

If you picked Card 2:

Seven of Clubs - Challenge

Invasion of privacy - stand up for yourself. Developing a green thumb requires vigilance; keep watering your garden. This card evokes an important question with no answer. The Seven of Clubs shows a form of doubt that you may feel. Unlike the other Clubs cards, the Seven does not bring well-being and satisfaction but uncertainty. You feel under attack when this card appears. The attack could take many forms including teasing, questioning, criticism, nagging, or an invasion of personal space or privacy. You are in defensive mode to ward against some outside threat.

Sevens bring choices - but don't be overwhelmed by what is being presented to you at this time. You need to make choices that align with yourself and your needs, instead of just going for the first thing that shows up. As this card also deals with an invasion of privacy - perhaps you feel you will need to give up certain things or need to go through some sort of exposure. Don't be afraid to be a bit more receptive to these things happening.

If you selected Card 3:

Ace of Clubs/Strength - Courage

Nothing bolsters the soul like a good spot of tea.

An offer or invitation - start a new project. Every Ace brings new energy. When this one arrives, it brings an opportunity for an exciting new adventure. You are usually restless when this card appears. There’s a burning desire to begin something or break free from restrictions. The Ace of Clubs relates to a state of well-being and peace of mind. The Ace of Clubs relates to a state of well-being and peace of mind. It also announces great spiritual satisfaction and a period of prosperity. It is a very good omen in every sphere of your life, and brings down the negative power around you. You can look on the bright side, as the Ace of Clubs announces serenity through the success of your projects. You should soon learn some good news that will bring joy and comfort. Your future is bright: the cards are with you.

The meaning of the Strength card is about knowing that you can endure life’s obstacles by drawing upon your inner strength and confidence. You have great stamina and persistence, tempered by an underlying patience and inner calm. You are focused on what you need to do, and you go about it in a way that demonstrates great composure and maturity.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!


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