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Full Moon Energies - Collective Reading - February 9, 2020

Hello, friends! I decided to do something a little different and get out of my comfort zone by posting a video on my IGTV last month and decided to try it again for today's Full Moon.

I will be the first to admit that I am still a little technologically impaired and as I did it on a whim, I don't know how to do a full captioned video for the hearing impaired. Decided the best course of action was to create a blog post on my website with the information and some quick pictures of the cards I pulled today.

Continue reading below for a somewhat lose interpretation of the cards that slightly follows along with the video I posted on my Instagram account - you can view that HERE. Or check out the video on my new YouTube channel - that I hope to get a bit more active and start posting some fun content on there, as well.

I hope that this reading allows you to find something to work with and that you take what you need and leave what you don't.

The Full Moon is an interesting time for many of us, and as always I do say to take what you need and leave what you don't. Try to follow on what instinctively and intuitively feels right for you. Re-ignite your self-belief and don't be afraid to really show up for yourself at this time. The Full Moon in Leo is fiery, and also brings the focus on ourselves.

Look at where your pride is, and release it from the spaces and situations that are not serving your highest good. Connect to the Solar Plexus - intuition, sense of self, ego, and understanding your true needs. Full Moons illuminate what is come to completion and also give us insights on what we can focus on in the future.

To kick off the initial energies to keep in mind, I pulled the Knight of Pentacles and also the Nine of Cups cards from the Ethereal Visions Tarot (it hasn't been reviewed yet, but working on it!).

The Knight of Pentacles is a reminder of our determination and efforts. Slow and steady wins the race, so if you feel as if things haven't been moving fast enough, he is here to remind us that we must follow through. Be thorough in our efforts and aspirations. It is time to be methodical and meticulous in your actions and plans. Be patient with yourself at your step into the unknown of your developing dreams. We are being called to be dedicated, but avoid stubbornness. What do we want to accomplish and what pace are we going to use?

Don't be perfectionistic to the point of stagnation. We may never encounter the "right time" so we have to make the moment materialize now. Trust is also a big theme with this card, so we must re-commit to our dreams and desires. Don't be headstrong, and remain flexible as things are shifting and changing around us. My lovely friend Nikki of Magical Soul Bitches, wrote an amazing blog post describing this moment of transformation - descent in order to ascend. We are being called to go beyond the surface and illusions right now and commit to what we truly want manifest. We must address what we have long held within and also address what we have kept below. Knights know what they are fighting for. They keep going until what they have committed to comes to pass.

We have to put our ideas into action. We must focus on the right things. We have to be aware of what we want. Avoid stagnation and inertia. If you say you can do it better, then actually get up and DO IT!

The Nine of Cups is a wishes fulfilled card. Bringing us gratitude and abundance and all things coming together. Nines are also linked to endings - but this is an emotional and beautiful ending to things we have gone through. Look at the energy surrounding you at this point in time. What is significant in your life at this moment? There is a lot of joy, happiness, contentment, and being present. These are all qualities I associate with the sign of Leo.

This card is all about harmony, abundance, and satisfaction - you are now experiencing the emotional and material reward of going within and aligning yourself and your life. The Nine of Cups reflects happiness and dreams come true. The fears you once held in regard to whether you would succeed in creating a life that reflects your soul have now disappeared. You've done it! And you are now spurred on to continue to create with vitality and light.

Use the Knight of Pentacles to stabilize your dream fulfillment of the Nine of Cups. Dreams come true when we move towards them.

The third card that decided to make an appearance is the Labradorite card from the Mystic Rebel Crystal Oracle deck (which you can find the review HERE).

Labradorite is here to announce CHANGES! We have to understand that by grounding ourselves as we move through these things that shift, we can truly move into them with grace. Even when a shift is desired, it can still be difficult and challenging. We may have unforeseen obstacles that arise, so we have to be receptive to what is being released in our lives, what is changing for our development and betterment. Even when we enjoy change, we may still struggle as we settle into these aspects. Remember, even if things are difficult while you move through them, there is always something better on the other side. Whether that is a new sense of self, forgiveness for what has crossed you, or even just a whole new way of being - it is all for the growth of your big, beautiful soul! Connect to your intuition as these things shift. There is support around you, so feel confident as you begin to shed the things that no longer fit into your life.

Practicing small, subtle changes can be a big help as you move through this time. Every change that we are led to is for our highest good. Know that you are safe, as things continue to shift. Using Labradorite may be beneficial at this time, to ground your fears and bring clarity to the things that you may not understand that are shifting around you. Even when things feel dark or confusing, ground into the moments and realize what you're being led through.

The last card that wanted to come out to play is an affirmation card from the Empowered Visions Affirmation Mandala deck by Michelle Pazicni (this also hasn't been officially reviewed as of yet, but will soon).

"You are a force to be reckoned with. Remember that!"

What a Leo statement and affirmation, if I have ever seen one! I almost couldn't help but giggle when I saw this one pop up!

Don't forget how truly magical you are. We are all unique and amazing! We have to understand our life-force. Remember that you are spirit in physical manifestation. Really step into the force that you are and really step up your personal power at this time. Don't hold back how you choose to express who you are at this point in your life. We are here to live in our magic!

Even if we don't feel prepared for the shifts, they are happening! It is time to step into all of ourselves and shine brightly!

I hope you enjoy this post and that I am able to be a bit more consistent in showing up in my business. If you also enjoy a more virtual experience, you can purchase your own personalized video reading via Cameo:

As always, thank you for allowing me to do this work! It is a pleasure connecting with others and finding new ways to bring clarity, peace, and loving guidance to others. Hoping this eclipse season brings you incredible magic!

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