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Card Drawing February 9, 2020

Good day, soul friends! Hope your weekend has wonderful. I have been a busy bee and still have a long list of things to complete before the new week arrives. I hope the Full Moon in Leo has found you well and that you see things shift for you as we continue on in 2020.

Today's guidance comes from the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected Card 1:

Ascended Master Yogananda & Rhodonite - Empowered Service

We bring you the blessing of empowered service. It is your time to assume your place in the world, at the table of the masters, who serve the loving hand of the Divine. You have been asking for your purpose to be more clearly unveiled and manifested in the world. You have endured lessons of patience. You have learned that spiritual progress can be made even without results being immediately obvious. You have learned trust and a willingness to surrender your personal desires into a larger plan. We know that of which you are capable, and we now invite you to step into the next level of empowered service available to your soul in service to the greater plan of divine love unfolding.

There are moments on the spiritual path that are something like a divine graduation. You may not realize you have been making much progress in the lead-up to those moments; in fact, it is often the times when you mind tells you nothing much is happening that, at another level, you are making the greatest strides. Some of the most difficult and most spiritually empowering lessons you will master on the Earth plane are those of endurance and continued effort in the absence of immediately perceivable result. It may not seem very glamorous or radiant, but being able to labor for the light when you are in darkness is one of the most advanced lessons your soul can master. It defines you as a light that can be relied upon to shine where it is most needed - which is of course, in darkness - with total faith and unconditional trust.

Trust in your abilities. You do not have to compare or compete with any other. The people, places and situations you are here to help this lifetime have been selected at a higher level, long before you incarnated. By following your heart, taking soul-satisfying steps on your journey and believing in yourself enough to take risks to allow for your growth to happen, you will fulfill your destiny. This oracle asks you to be open to the changes you feel are happening now - or soon will be - including the opening up of new opportunities, changes that need to happen within your work or your life to better honor who you are and what you are attempting to do through your life purpose. You are stepping up to a new level. You will be empowered to obtain what you seek.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

Goddess Freya & Amber - The Untamed We bring you the empowerment of the untamed. To be untamed is to be true to oneself, without condition. It is freedom but it is not always easy! There are many belief systems, some of which are considered to be essential and beyond question to mainstream human society, which would mark an untamed spirit as a dangerous and suspicious creature, even though that untamed spirit serves unconditional love. Yet to be untamed is the only way to discover who you are and live your divine destiny. Behind clothing, the social masks and the stories you tell yourself (or that others tell you) there is a beautiful, wild divine creature that wants out! Uncage that divinity and watch your wild beauty emerge, as you - and your world - transform through raw grace. You can have your freedom, but you'll need courage. You'll go through loss. Admittedly, it's loss of what would ultimately suffocate your soul, but that might include people or places or things to which you have become attached. You may know it is the right thing to do to move on, yet you will need to grieve the loss. You will eventually be strong enough to free yourself from the conditioning and belief systems that once hampered your heart and diminished your dreams.

Do not allow fear-based reality to temper your spirit, tame your heart, or dull your dreams. There are so many people who will tell you no, call you crazy and say you are "living in a dream world." That is what they need to believe because your increasing aliveness is too much for them as yet. They aren't ready for it. What they say and believe is about them, not you, or reality. Part of your process involves reclaiming the power you have given to any other person to hold an opinion that means more to you than the truths of your own heart.

When you choose to step into the light fully your new growth and expansion will begin and you will have more clarity of your path. As you have allowed your soul to release what is no longer serving you. Don’t worry what is released will be recycled into new energy and move towards the two big trees and connect with them and transform into new energy. It’s like you're not losing a part of you as you are part of the trees and the light. It’s time to break free and let your soul flow the energy and you will see the path you are on is true.

If you chose Card 3:

Ascended Master Lady Nada & Rhodochrosite - Sensitivity We bring you the blessing of sensitivity. Being sensitive in this world can be touch sometimes, yet your sensitivity is essential if you are to consciously feel and work with subtle energy. Receiving and sending telepathic transmissions, feeling and releasing energetic cords, tingling with exquisite blessings of divine love, sensing the whispers of divine grace, and seeing the luminous sparkling particles of life force dancing wildly and the beauty of shimmering auric fields in dazzling and colorful display… to be given the gift of sensitivity to perceive the energetic worlds is like being invited to the most special and extraordinary exhibit of sacred art. You may have struggled with your sensitivity, found it difficult to bear during time so emotional suffering, yet you have a great gift and it will bring you so much joy. If you are learning to develop your sensitivity, we will help you so you too can feel uplifted as you witness the energetic beauty of creation.

The world of energy is very real. Its effect on all people, even those that cannot consciously perceive it, is also very real. As you consciously perceive subtle energy, you more skillfully manage how you are affected by the energy of the world around you, the energy of spirit, and how you use and project your energy in the world. There are those - such as you - who understand this and want to see, know and perceive these energetic realities. The Universe loves you and knows you do not want to be afraid to see the diverse and fascinating world of energy. To increase your ability to do this, you will need to grow your sensitivity.

Finally, if you have been sensing that something is not quite right, that there is an energy of fear or darkness around you or another, and are worried tat your imagination is working overtime, do not despair. Yes, you are sensitive to light but also to the presence of darkness. There is no need to fear. How you choose to respond to it is what actually matters most. Recognizing when you sense something that doesn’t feel like unconditional love and choosing to use the following affirmation will protect, empower and ground you in the loving embrace of the light. There is no need for fear, but there is a need for a response. A firm but loving, “No thank you. I choose love today - move on please,” is more than enough to keep you safely held in love. In this way you can see that your sensitivity does not make you vulnerable, but rather more aware, and if you respond to what you sense without second-guessing yourself, much more powerful too.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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