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Eclipse Energies - Collective Reading - January 10, 2020

Hello, friends! I decided to do something a little different and get out of my comfort zone by posting a video on my IGTV for the first time ever. It is covering

the Eclipse Energies for the upcoming Full Moon Eclipse on January 10th. I will be the first to admit that I am still a little technologically impaired and as I did it on a whim, I don't know how to do a full captioned video for the hearing impaired. Decided the best course of action was to create a blog post on my website with the information and some quick pictures of the cards I pulled today.

Continue reading below for a somewhat lose interpretation of the cards that slightly follows along with the video I posted on my Instagram account - you can view that HERE. Or check out the video on my new YouTube channel - that I hope to get a bit more active and start posting some fun content on there, as well.

I hope that this reading allows you to find something to work with and that you take what you need and leave what you don't.

I know a lot of people get confused about what eclipses can bring and the energies that they usher in. Eclipses are known for bringing swift changes, even if we aren't always aware of how they will affect us or when they will go into effect. The eclipses are really bringing this shift which is perfect as we switch from 2019 to 2020.

Many of us like to start off the year with New Year's Resolutions (mine is to be more of a heathen... lol!), and to perhaps try to work with what we feel needs to improve in various areas of our lives. The eclipses can help us really shift, as they bring in that amplified energy of change. I know that 2019 was a loaded year for many of us - it wasn't the easiest or gentlest energy for many. So we want to move towards leaving certain things behind. It is time to be more clear and also more aware of how we initiate changes in our lives.

To kick off the initial energies to keep in mind, I pulled The Magician from the Tarot Mucha deck (review on this deck can be found HERE).

The Magician is the card that allows us to understand how we can manifest with awareness. It is major energy that focuses on our big aspects in our lives that are ready for magic!

Focusing our flow on our creativity and also working with the energy in a creative way to manifest our physical reality and realm. It is here to call us back into the awareness of our own divine magic. What do we really want and desire? From the inner world and understanding ourselves by redirecting that flow of energy into much more focused action. What is at our core of who we are? Do we understand the part of ourselves where our creative energy flows from?

Eclipse season can bring unexpected things happening, changes, and also what we need to see more clearly, which is actually really necessary to make us uncomfortable enough to initiate changes. A good magician understands what tools are at their disposal in order to manifest the life they truly desire. They know what they can use to make magic. We need to take this into account. What experiences and knowledge do we already have available to us that we can utilize in order to create what we need? This is also here to encourage us to move out of being surprised by elemental shifts brought to us by the eclipses. We have to know what we really desire and how to create it. That is what the Magician brings us. What are we manifesting for ourselves? What webs have we weaved with others? What show are putting together? How can we show up?

The second card that decided to make an appearance is the Waxing Gibbous 6 - Action card from the Queen of the Moon Oracle deck by Stacey Demarco (which I haven't reviewed just yet).

The Action card is here to push us out of our comfort zones. Let go of the burdens and paralyzing aspects that continue to make us shrink who we are. It is a fabulously paired card with the Magician, as it helps us move out of conception to creation. Movement forward in our behavior and decisions. We are all usually afraid to make sudden moves. It can be very frightening to make the first move: especially if we have been hurt or failed in the past. It can be daunting to just throw caution to the wind and really put yourself back out there in a new way. Without a clear understanding of how to get from point A to point B, we can feel very discouraged and also aimless in our path. It can feel safer to hang back, and it is totally normal to want to be comfortable or to want to stay on the path of least resistance. But this eclipse is calling us to action. We have great magic to share and it is time to get out there - even if you don't feel ready. That is the beauty of eclipses - they push us out of our comfort zones, especially when we don't feel even close to ready!

The thing with this card is that this is about taking joyful action towards the things we truly desire. Be responsive and ready to take action. Don't freeze. Don't balk. Don't forget to take a step towards that seemingly impossible dream. Don't remain stagnant. It is time to grow!

Don't freeze up when something new or a different opportunity shows up in your life.

The last card that wanted to come out to play is the Veiled card from the Sacred Symbols deck by Marcella Kroll (3rd edition and also hasn't been officially reviewed as of yet, but will soon).

The Veiled card is here to remind us that we don't always see everything as clearly as we might believe. Some things are better understood backwards but life can only be lived forward. We might not see something for what it is. Eclipses can bring these energies that don't always see how deep the changes will affect us. The changes aren't always surface shifts. The things we aren't seeing aren't always a negative thing or to hold you back. Release fears of not knowing everything that is going on with something. We may not like not always knowing everything, but sometimes it is in the discovery of what we don't know that we learn what is necessary. We gain understanding in the things we don't always see right away. Like a good Magician on stage, they guard their secrets so it appears that they are performing impossible and magical feats. By having an understanding of how a trick is done, it removes the mystery. Eclipses have mystery that sometimes is needed in order for us to really enjoy the things we experience.

There may be an element that we have to protect while we are creating. What is hidden at this time within you? What are you holding back? It is time to be aware of what we don't want to see at this time. There will be changes and we are ready for it.

Even if we don't feel prepared for the shifts. Ready or not, it is happening the way it is supposed to!

I hope you enjoy this post and that I am able to be a bit more consistent in showing up in my business. If you also enjoy a more virtual experience, you can purchase your own personalized video reading via Cameo:

As always, thank you for allowing me to do this work! It is a pleasure connecting with others and finding new ways to bring clarity, peace, and loving guidance to others. Hoping this eclipse season brings you incredible magic!

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