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Card Drawing November 3, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Happy November! Hope your week was wonderful. I have been very busy the last few weeks and also getting ready for big changes to come.

I am so sad to read the news that Walter Mercado, the astrologer from my childhood memories and who got me so curious about it has passed on.His quote always comes to mind, "Pero sobre todo mucho mucho mucho amor." Which translates to, "But above all a lot a lot a lot of love." It is how he would sign off and it just reminds me so much of growing up and watching him on the news.

I apologize for not doing a drawing last week, but it became to be too much. I would prefer to do things when I love doing them than to be forced.

Today's guidance comes from The Light Seer's Tarot deck by Chris-Anne of Pixie Curio.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected Card 1:

The World -

The World card is one of the most positive and abundantly-rich cards in the tarot. It's filled with so much joyful energy of energy of completion. Congratulations, sweet seer! You've come so far! A large project or period in your life is coming to a successful completion, and it's time to revel in the afterglow of your success. Feel into all the feels, because it's time for fruition and abundance! If you're not quite there yet, take this card as a sign that you're on the way. Know that you are close. If you're feeling any lack around any part of your successful journey, consciously let go of the little imperfections. They are a part of you. And they are beautiful.

This reminds you to focus now, and not to slack off at the end of the long journey. Your energy at the end is just as important as it was at the beginning, and it's time to follow through with your determination and conviction. Sometimes the World comes to us as a reminder that you need to complete something. If your dreams are not being met, perhaps there are some steps along the way that you have missed? Check in with your original intention, and smile with a happy heart, because this is a positive card that signals bliss and happy endings.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

Page of Cups -

There is serendipity and magic here. Like the first breath of love or a very first kiss, anything is possible at this time. Be open and alert for unexpected miracles. This is the "when-pigs-fly-card" and holding it in your hands is a sign that unforeseen (yet totally amazeballs!) things are coming your way. Cultivate your child-like enthusiasm for the unknown, and bring excitement and curiosity to your relationships in order to welcome a quickening to these wildly eclectic and colorful twists on your journey. Be open to inspiration from the strangest of places, and pay attention to the intuitive musings that arrive. They will give your creativity and your emotions wings. As you enjoy this time of strangely unique thinking, ensure that you are not being overly sensitive with others, or blocking your flow because you are trying to control the process. Allow your emotions to follow the bread crumbs to joy. Play a little more. Do something silly. Tune into feelings of wonder and awe, and allow your sensitive dreamer to dream. Embrace magic, and believe in your own unique miracles, for they accompany you every day when you choose to see them.

If you chose Card 3:

Knight of Wands -

What have you been dreaming about? It's time to bravely pursue the things that inspire you the most. That passion project you've been tinkering with? The things you've always wanted to join but continually help yourself back from? It you allow more spontaneity into your choices you will be freer to shift your reality. You may have a new desire and a new curiosity at this time. It's okay to want new things and to run with the wind when you are feeling lit-up about a new idea. Things are about to move quickly as this card marks a time when you can get a lot done! Dance into this high-spirited and animated energy and bring adventure and enthusiasm into your world. Use this moment of inspiration to incite a wildfire of positive momentum. It does counsel against reckless impulsivity and heated outbursts. You don't want to do something you'll regret later, and you don't want all of that energy to spontaneously combust as soon as you leave the gates. Check in with your heart, and fan the flames of this inspiration in order to leave some reserves for the long haul. If you have any pent-up creative energy, it's time to make it work for you, while whooshing yourself along towards long-term success.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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