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Truth Speaker Challenge: Days 6 & 7

Hello, lovely soul friends!

This is a continuation of the Truth Speaker/People Pleaser Challenge by the amazing and divine Thomas of Hermits Mirror. Check out his drool worthy photos, lovely captions and fun ways he brings Tarot to Instagram. I love connecting with other creators and just admiring their presence and work. His pictures are stunning, the way he interprets the cards is unique, and he is also so generous with his connection. You can check out my interpretations for Days 1 & 2 HERE if you are interested. And here is my post for Days 3 through 5 HERE.

Okay, let's do the damn thing.

I wanted to share my own personal spreads and interpretation of the work I need to do with this current energy going on. He developed this challenge to help us connect with the energy of Libra season.

His caption includes:

"My Libra challenge will focus on both the Justice aspect of Libra - speaking truth that stems from objectivity, lots of input, and thoughtfulness - and the Venusian side of Libra - using charm to attract and to nurture relationships (the non-judgy meaning of ”people pleaser”). You may be more drawn to one side of Libra or the other, but here we’ll try to balance the scales."

As someone who has Saturn and Pluto Retrograde in close conjunction in Libra in my Third House, I thought this challenge would be perfect for me and how to connect more to the "Truth Speaking" aspect within myself.

I have attached a picture below that links up to his Intagram account and also his website is linked above on his name. He developed this Tarot challenge, with these fascinating spreads and gladly shared it with all of us. I thought it was beautiful and so accurate for all of what I have been currently setting up to work through. You can use Tarot, Oracle, or a mix. Or be like me and just use whatever deck you feel drawn to for the day! There are no rules! As it is a Tarot challenge, I would suggest sticking to Tarot decks, but you can mix it up however you like!

I am slowly doing the challenge daily, so only going to post a few days at a time - following through on his pictures he created to go with the challenge. Here are my Days 6 and 7.

Check out my interpretations below of the cards I pulled for myself and also how I am processing the questions and their cards. I have found that this has made me so introspective, as far as how I communicate and connect with others.

Day 6: Queens for a day

I busted out the beautiful Ostara Tarot for this one, as I find that the whimsical artwork is really lovely, the thick cardstock and lovely silver gilded edges make it beautiful for photos. It is also really chilly here this week so I am hoping it will warm up just a tad so I can enjoy autumn and be a happy spooky witch.

Plus, I love the "Queens" in this deck.

So moving on to the question associated with the card placements for Day 6:

What card will help remind me that

true power resides within me?

The Star

The Star is a card that focuses on the qualities of hope, faith, healing, aspirations, success, and finally, enlightenment. When this card appears, know that a special wish you have made may be fulfilled in time. It will help show you that the impossible can indeed become the possible. The force that works through your soul - determining what is possible and the difference between success over failure, and above all, who we are - is the power of your belief.

This card signifies perseverance and belief in yourself finally paying off. The Star helps the embers of positivity and possibility burn even in tough times when things feel like they are not going as planned. It’s what keeps us going, moving slowly and surely towards our goals, even when feeling slightly less inspired than we would like. Hope motivates you to take progressive action, little steps taken that add up cumulatively over time to success.

Well, that was unexpected. I have a connection to the Star card but it is because my spouse is Aquarius and this card is associated to that sign. It is also my 7th house ruler, so how I connect with others (Libra ruled house) is via more Aquarian methods. Star reminds me of the unconventional, the internet, and of course the impossible coming to form. Most of my "success" has been via my online platforms (Instagram, the most), and it has been a very fun and different experience.

I think Stars don't realize their brilliance and I deeply feel that way. I am just here - exisiting - and this lets me know that I need to move with motivation towards my connections. I am learning that it is okay to connect in a progressive manner instead of always "going with the flow". It is a delicate balance of control and flow. I also am always very hopeful, so it is my wish to leave others feeling hopeful about what is to come in their lives, as well.

The more I believe in me, the more I can connect to the divine Queen communicator in me.

Day 7: peace, sorrow, truce

Here is another one of my all time fave decks (AGAIN) which features the gorgeous artwork by the talented Lana Zellner who is an amazing tattoo artist. I can't wait to see her upcoming astrological themed deck and I know it will be a beautiful and complimentary deck to this one.

This is the Eight Coins Tattoo Tarot and is available for purchase through U.S. Games, as well.

So Day 7 of the Truth Speaker Challenge brings some new cards to work through and discuss.

The first row are for the following cards from the Suit of Swords: Two, Three, and Four. The second row asks the question:

Two of Swords: What lessons can I take

from such ups and downs?

Queen of Cups

"Nurturing all aspects of your life successfully." You are likely to be very in touch with the inter-relatedness of all beings now. The Queen of Cups can indicate marked increases in clairvoyant experiences. Be open to the magical energy of life and feel the love flowing all around you. The Queen of Cups also reminds us to treat ourselves with love and compassion. No matter who and where you are, there are things in you that are worthy of love and respect.

So the Two of Swords brings energies that we refuse to see, and it teaches us that we have the opportunity to grow due to the decisions we make. Avoiding situations helps no one, so the Two says we must address the choices we have.

The Queen of Cups can teach me to relate to the divine feminine energy within me, and trusting my intuition more often. Treating myself with love and compassion as I make tough choices (especially within my communication and how I connect with others) will really assist me in moving forward.

As this is a Libra challenge, this is about learning to balance which Twos in Tarot rule and give us an opportunity to process. We can balance and work through the magic of Two. It also brings unions. Coming together. The Queen of Cups may be the energy I need to connect more physically and energetically.

Three of Swords: What lessons can I take

from such ups and downs?

Five of Swords

"Winner or Loser."

This represents significant learning and change, and how you handle yourself at this time is vital to your overall well-being. This card could related to a lack of sensitivity in taking action or in response to conditions or situations around you. This need for sensitivity could relate to you or someone else in your life. Even though a battle can be won, it's important to evaluate the cost and pain to both parties. Sometimes its best to surrender and walk away if no answer or victory can be achieved. Don't assign blame, become deceitful, or set out to get revenge, of this results in the negative energy becoming a part of your. You are being tested on how delicately and gently you take your next step. Remember, everything in your life is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Well, this was the card for the lessons I can learn from the Three of Swords - a card that speaks about sadness, isolation, and disappointment. I know for me, I involve lot of my heart into my connections, so it stands to reason that the great highs, do also bring deep lows. I have often experienced disappointing loss in relationships and the first thing to go and suffer is communication.

As the Five here can talk about the challenges and conflict that most fives bring in the Tarot, this points to the mental conflict that is associated with this card. And it is giving good advice to just walk away with my own personal peace than to be cutting with my words (Swords and my own natal Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the 3rd House). My intention is always to be loving and kind with all those who cross my path, although let's be real it isn't always like that. So, to take away what is necessary, leave what I don't.

Four of Swords: What lessons can I take

from such ups and downs?

Two of Pentacles

"Keeping an even balance."

You are busy at work and play, juggling the many facets of your life, actively laying the foundation for what is to come. From your internal to external worlds you are feeling uplifted and yet stretched. The Two of Pentacles speaks of balance - and the finding of balance inside your world. Connect with and listen to the energies of your projects, work, and home life, and move with their currents and tides. Keep the balance. It may be a time where it feels as though you take one step forward and two steps back, or two steps forward and one step back. Do not fret, this is what it is like to move with the creative currents of your life. Trust that this will harmonize and balance out as you adjust to the blossoming changes in your life.

Well, the Four of Swords rules resting and taking a break. Coming out the other side of the pain you have experienced after the heartache of the Three of Swords. So the Two of Pentacles brings this energy of bringing things back to balance. Perfect energy for Libra season. Resting and reconsidering is important when it comes to how we speak our truth and gauging our people pleasing.

I think this card is here to remind me, that after everything the most important is to bring everything back to an even balance in my world. Externally reflecting the peace within. There can be beauty in the pain we experience. Transmuting the moments that break us open, and let the light out from within.


Phew! Isn't this just amazing?! Doesn't it make you want to take a step back and really relish this beautiful energy that Libra brings? I know that this challenge and these spreads have helped me really focus my energy and intent on what I need to work with. I also am being shown weak spots, and how to redirect my energy into the right things.

So, let me know how your personal readings went. Did my reading resonate for you, as well?

Thanks for joining in for this beautiful reading. Have an amazing Libra Season!

Much love, light, and a multitude of blessings, soul friends!


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