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Truth Speaker Challenge: Days 3, 4, & 5

Hello, lovely soul friends!

This is a continuation of the Truth Speaker/People Pleaser Challenge by the amazing and divine Thomas of Hermits Mirror. Check out his drool worthy photos, lovely captions and fun ways he brings Tarot to Instagram. I love connecting with other creators and just admiring their presence and work. His pictures are stunning, the way he interprets the cards is unique, and he is also so generous with his connection. You can check out my interpretations for Days 1 & 2 HERE if you are interested.

Okay, let's get on with it.

I wanted to share my own personal spreads and interpretation of the work I need to do with this current energy going on. He developed this challenge to help us connect with the energy of Libra season.

His caption includes:

"My Libra challenge will focus on both the Justice aspect of Libra - speaking truth that stems from objectivity, lots of input, and thoughtfulness - and the Venusian side of Libra - using charm to attract and to nurture relationships (the non-judgy meaning of ”people pleaser”). You may be more drawn to one side of Libra or the other, but here we’ll try to balance the scales."

As someone who has Saturn and Pluto Retrograde in close conjunction in Libra in my Third House, I thought this challenge would be perfect for me and how to connect more to the "Truth Speaking" aspect within myself.

I have attached a picture below that links up to his Intagram account and also his website is linked above on his name. He developed this Tarot challenge, with these fascinating spreads and gladly shared it with all of us. I thought it was beautiful and so accurate for all of what I have been currently setting up to work through. You can use Tarot, Oracle, or a mix. Or be like me and just use whatever deck you feel drawn to for the day! There are no rules! As it is a Tarot challenge, I would suggest sticking to Tarot decks, but you can mix it up however you like!

I am slowly doing the challenge daily, so only going to post a few days at a time - following through on his pictures he created to go with the challenge. Here are my Days 3, 4, and 5.

Check out my interpretations below of the cards I pulled for myself and also how I am processing the questions and their cards. I have found that this has made me so introspective, as far as how I communicate and connect with others.

Day 3: Self-Assessor

I decided to use one of my beloved decks - The DC Justice League Tarot as I figured hello - JUSTICE is in the name and that is the card associated with Libra and this is a Libra season challenge. So yeah, real original - I know. But I thought these were interesting - as the High Priestess showed up AGAIN, ya'll!

So moving on to the questions associated with the card placements:

What should I know about recognizing truth?

Page of Pentacles

"Field of blossoming dreams and inspiration."

While most of the Pentacles suit deals with material wealth, the Page is a symbol of spiritual bounty. Use your heart to make decisions. It can mean taking time to reflect, preferably close to nature and away from distracting technology. Cultivate your intuition. Pages represent a level of taking risks in order to succeed at something. It involves being willing to be in a subordinate role and to learn about commitment, even when commitment involves taking risks to reach a new level. It's about really challenging yourself, developing your inner resources, and taking something to a greater stage of development. There may be some hesitancy, or a feeling of not being fully prepared for the task, but you hope that the situation will turn out as you anticipate. Pages are youthful, immature energy, allowing us to still be pliable and not as rigid as other Court cards. We must allow space, but understand we can't know it all. We build brick by brick. Step into your world.

Perhaps this is to point me to just trusting the truth for what it is and not trying to make it something that it isn't. I often hide little parts of myself away, to accommodate others, or to not be seen as hurtful. I can be quite blunt and just raw at times and over time I have learned that this is not always appreciated, much less understood. I am learning to commit to MY truth - which hasn't always been comfortable for me. I have struggled a bit with who I am, how I was raised, what was expected of me, and who I have become along the way.

I don't feel ready. I don't feel mature enough for what I am meant to share in this world. I also try to always prepare - no matter what prior. Sometimes I don't put anything out because I am afraid and I would much rather do nothing at all than to do mediocre. Going to continue to remain pliable, but also a little more stable in what I want to do when it comes to speaking my truth in this world.

And also, trusting my intuition to what does and does not ring true.

And about recognizing others' desires?

The High Priestess

"Studying your wisdom within."

The High Priestess card represents a link to the subconscious mind, which cannot be accessed through the everyday world but only through dreams and symbols. She is here to remind us to pay attention to your dreams and intuition. Look for areas in your life that may be out of balance or that require greater foresight and wisdom. Knowledge of how to fix it will not come through logic or intellect but through your intuition so put aside a time when you can meditate and listen to your own inner voice. Your intuitive sense right now is providing you with useful and helpful information and is assisting you to become more in touch with your subconscious mind.

The High Priestess is a card that reminds me that you are comfortable with your magic, you are aware of your power, you use it as needed, and all things are a part of your presence. Balance is always important, but so is knowing what you intend to create, coming from your intuition, and trusting your soul in the process.

Well, well, well... ya'll thought I was playing about the stalker cards? LOL. Yes, this is what my life is like. It is almost like they know how hard headed I am. I don't be listening or paying attention.

Now for this placement, recognizing others' desires - I am not too sure what this could mean. The HP is all about intuition and listening - so perhaps this is about listening more than responding. Perhaps in understanding others and their desires, I will be able to show up as they may need without having to drift too far from my truth. I can still speak my peace AND be loving and compassionate in those interactions. Like the PoP says, this is commitment while also still remaining flexible. I have the opportunity to be intuitive and using my heart to connect.

The HP also brings another layer - a facet. She is kind of her own thing, an enigma. She is an energy, not so much just a personality trait. She isn't always easily understood, and I feel that is a common thread in my life. Being out of sync, being ahead, and moving on when I didn't feel the reciprocation - which may seem callous, but I don't like putting out effort to receive nothing in return.

So, this may be just to be comfortable with my own weird girl status. Listening will be the best tool in my arsenal.

Day 4: Objective observation

Here is another one of my all time fave decks which feature the gorgeous artwork by the extremely talented Matt Hughes. I missed out on the Kickstarter edition of this deck, but it somehow made it's way to me and it was number 240 - which I love the number 6 and I just felt it was absolutely divine that it found it's way into my collection. It is a stunning deck.

This is the Ethereal Visions Illuminated Tarot and is available for purchase through U.S. Games, as well.

So Day 4 of the Truth Speaker Challenge brings some new prompts and cards to ponder over - and here we go:

A powerful and clear speaker of truth

Three of Pentacles

"The Depth and Breadth of Growth, Success, and Achievement"

Many hands make light work - so goes the saying. And in many ways the Three of Pentacles embodies this idea. Progress has been made with an initial plan or goal and celebration is in the air! The vision and inspiration behind the initial idea has been concreted within the physical world and you are now being called to move into the next phase of the project, enlisting the expert assistance of others.

Trust that you have all the skills you need to navigate forward and accomplish what you have set out to do. Yet, know that collaboration is a powerful way to energize and amplify your venture and message, so call upon those you trust and reach out to others who may be able to offer you knowledge, support, and guidance.

You may feel called to brainstorm (soul-storm) and develop strategy and plans that tend to your heart's creative desires and your mind's eagerness for action and implementation. This will ensure you stay true to your originality and passion.

As this is the first card that popped up, I thought it was interesting. I have a hard time connecting with others easily, as I have stated before - and I find that I am better understood via written communication than physical connections. I will do best if I can reach out to others in an honest, real way.

So while I can be successful on my own, I succeed in connecting with others and collaborating with others who may be much better speakers or truth tellers. This is a physical card, so it would point to the physical things I need to incorporate in order to connect. This is also a card of connection and union - and that is something I will have to add in more into my life.

How can I develop and apply this skill?

The Moon

"Illumination, psychic, and intuitive strength, shadow self"

This card represent emotions, sensitivity, and a reminder that nothing in life is at a standstill - this is a world of constant flux, and one this is certain: Everything changes. It is calling you to action; the time is now when you may have to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your soul. You must learn to confront what you've avoided and walk courageously through it. Always know that life naturally revitalize itself and as it does, so do you. The energy behind this card is strong and wild. Like the tides you may feel that emotionally you are being pulled in many directions and unable to settle down. Realize that all things come in due time and that right now you are on a natural cycle. Wait for things to calm down in your love life before making a decision.

This is a card that really tells me it is time to confront and deal with the shadow aspects of myself. It is also another reminder to use my intuition, and not be afraid of being psychic to some extent. There is illumination from the moon, but she also moves into a dark phase, which brings that movement to myself. Having to be connected to all parts of myself in how I express myself in life.

What cautionary lesson can I learn?

Three of Swords

"Sadness, pain, sacrifice."

This card may also represent the need to release something you have been carrying. This may be material, situational or emotional. You have been holding on to something that has been inhibiting your potential and it is time to let of of the heaviness. Express how you are feeling, seek the support of others if you need to, create a release ritual. Honor yourself - while this may feel as though you are walking into unknown, you are ready to go. You are nearing readiness for what lies on the other side.

A card of disappointment and pain. Sadness is a natural part of growth and while walking through a time of discomfort or rejection, know that you will come through the other side stronger. Contrast experienced as pain lets us move towards its opposing energy: joy.

This card is one that I have an odd relationship, so trying to understand this as being okay with the things that are disappointing. Not everyone will understand, not everyone will appreciate what I have to say, but some people may really connect. As this card shows a heart with three swords piercing it, it reminds me that all the pain that comes into our lives can be something that could give us the potential to do something with it.

It doesn't mean all things are meant to work out, but it does give us an opportunity to grow from the experiences that bring us heartache. Once the swords fall away, we have a chance to heal. Swords without the initial S, is just words. Words matter. Words can hurt. Swords can be used to cut, but they are also double edged - so be mindful to not cut yourself in the process.

The caution here may be to not be afraid to share my hurt and pain. But also being mindful that not all things will connect for all people.

Day 5: Like Attracts Like

This is the John Bauer Tarot, one that kind of found me by accident and I am still trying to figure out if I even want to keep it and use it in my practice. I like the whimsical and interesting images, although they don't really scream Tarot in the RWS sense - since that is what most people are familiar with and rely on. I think this is just more fascinating for the interpretations and artwork in the deck. There is a fantasy aspect that reminds me of the Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, the Last Unicorn - that sort of 80s fantasy movie vibe. Interesting, nonetheless.

Moving on to the interpretations of the questions!

A Magnetic personality that fulfills desires

King of Pentacles

"Final fulfilment."

It is important to think methodically, embody generosity and passion coupled with steely determination, while keeping an open mind to opportunities that will come your way. The clearer your vision, the more power you hold at being able to take it the whole way, fulfilling your creative desire and eventually turning all you touch to gold!

He is known to be an expert or hold great knowledge and wisdom in particular areas of his profession, business, and life. This card can symbolize the final fulfillment of a creative or endeavor, business venture or life project, leaving you satisfied and accomplished in your goals, allowing you to enjoy your success with the close and important people around you.

Another card to try to connect to and understand a little deeper when it comes to this challenge. A Magnetic Personality that would fall under the King of Pentacles, which means like attracts like - so I have to embody this personality in order to call this energy into my life. I am methodical and I would like to believe that I am generous. I do describe myself as a determined person. I need to be more clear so I can move forward in the creative ways I want to connect with others.

I hope I bring forth relationships with King of Pentacles energies so that I can grow into my potential a bit more, while also bringing the energy into their life, as well.

How can I develop and apply this skill?

Ten of Cups

"Limitless Potential."

You are radiating out to the Universe beautiful vibrations of gratitude and joy for the prosperity and abundance in your life and you're willingly sharing what you have with others. Close friends and family and the surrounding community feel safe within your arms and the love you've given to them is returned two-fold to you. You are a guiding light and an inspiration for what is to step into your power and truth and become who you know you are. It tells you that you can reach for the fulfillment you deserve, and it will come to you. Look for ways to realize joy and create peace. You may find the key to happiness in your family. Your family is the group of people you are attached to emotionally - for better or worse! It is the card of breakthroughs.

I am a very introverted and socially awkward person, but really blossom when I am around my family and those that I know understand me. So with this card popping up saying I can develop and apply this skill might pertain to creating a new level of comfort in how I show up in my community.

I have always felt like I am other - the black sheep of my family, and also a little bit out there as a whole. I don't always have the best social skills when connecting with others and do better in one on one interactions that don't have a lot of pressure put on them. Understanding that I am here to share the love I have within, to speak honestly, and to just be accepted as is, will really help me reach my limitless potential.

I recall being irritated for being the only daughter out of my siblings and always being called too emotional in my interactions - Cups rule the emotional aspects we have and the 10 is the ending, bringing us a new beginning. Ten of Cups is about overcoming and working through all of the emotional lessons necessary to strike a balance in your emotional state.

Being more emotionally balanced will serve me well.

What cautionary lesson can I learn?

Ace of Wands

"Go for it!"

The Ace of Wands is inspiration and action! This is a card of great creative energy signifying potency and power! Wands are fiery yang energy - evoking passion, will, vitality, and momentum. You are entering a significantly powerful phase of your life will consume your being, igniting you to step towards yourself and embrace the leader within. This is a time to listen to your instincts and potentially even bend the rules a little. Trust that the inspired idea or intuitive hunch coupled with action will grow and develop, allowing you to use new structures and game plans as this venture, relationship, or endeavor evolves. The important part is for you to take action now, rather than mull on it further. You are being supported by the starts at this time and it is imperative you work with the current energies at play. This can also signify a ground-breaking "a-ha" moment, allowing you to finally "see" through a situation or life even with clarity. This is especially so if you have been lingering in the darkness for too long, feeling uninspired and confused.

The thing I have struggled the most with is just getting out there. I have often questioned everything I do and also stop myself often. Aces bring a lot of potential and Wands brings movement and passionate/fiery energy. Perhaps this is a warning to be mindful before rushing right in and not really thinking things through.

Or maybe this is even just a reminder that thoughtful communication that honors everyone involved would be the best way to communicate effectively in all matters. Aces bring that instinct and this is action. So, I will need to trust my instincts, bring things forward, but also be mindful of how things may be received. Rushing forward isn't always the healthiest thing to do, especially when it comes to communication. I like to mull things over and make sure all things are coming from a place of balanced emotions - but it isn't always easy and not everything pauses waiting for our response.

Perhaps this is a reminder to not always pause so long that the moment passes me by. Grounding myself in the energies of the King of Pentacles, using the emotional balance of the Ten of Cups, and the momentum of the Ace of Wands should really help me to bring much clearer ways of connecting with others in a way that is mindful of my truth, and not too stuck on people pleasing.

All in all, I love how all these cards have given me so much to think and process over. Communication that honors us isn't always easy for us to understand or bring to form. These little challenging questions are allowing me to peel back a few layers and find a new way to connect with others and what I put out there.


Phew! Isn't this just amazing?! Doesn't it make you want to take a step back and really relish this beautiful energy that Libra brings? I know that this challenge and these spreads have helped me really focus my energy and intent on what I need to work with. I also am being shown weak spots, and how to redirect my energy into the right things.

So, let me know how your personal readings went. Did my reading resonate for you, as well?

Thanks for joining in for this beautiful reading. Have an amazing Libra Season!

Much love, light, and a multitude of blessings, soul friends!


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