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Card Drawing May 26, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Hope your weekend has wonderful. I want to take a moment to bring awareness to all the lives lost in battle for this Memorial Day weekend. So many people in the armed forces have lost their lives and this weekend is meant to honor their sacrifice. As a veteran, I know many amazing battle buddies of mine that have been lost in conflict. I want to honor their memories and families.

Today's guidance comes from the Sacred Spirit Reading Cards deck by Anna Stark.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you chose Card 1:

Shield Your Energy -

Look beneath the surface. Cleanse your space.

The frog is a diverse amphibian. Living all over the world, the frog thrives in clean habitats. Its life is a process of metamorphosis from egg to tadpole and then to adult frog. Frogs are often seen as the ultimate rainmaker with the exotic and intrinsic sounds of their beautiful sacred song echoing through their native bushland.

This slippery creature cannot endure a toxic environment and requires unpolluted habitats to thrive. In order for you to succeed right now you must clear and screen your surroundings. Closely connected to the moon cycles, the frog encourages you to release your emotions in a healthy way; washing away any negative physical or mental energies that restrict you from having a positive and peaceful life.

Encouraging you to look deeper into a situation to find the truth of the matter, the frog will challenge you to release anything that is holding you back from success. You may be feeling swamped right now, swimming through murky water but just like the frog, you may need a long rest or to hibernate from others while you gather your senses and a fresh perspective.

Right now, the gentle energy of the frog totem is requesting you to look deep beneath the surface. Not everything is what it appears. Influence from toxic environments is suffocating your natural gifts and talents that need to be nurtured. You require a healthy, supportive and loving environment for you to grow and thrive as an individual.

Now is the time to take care of your health, releasing emotions and examining your own energy and how it interacts with others. Use the element of water to unblock your energy fields and create a smooth flow of kundalini for personal healing and growth. Find your own sacred song. Call to others who share your passions and interests where you can support and renew your inner fire.

Shadow Aspect: Stagnation, untidy, hoarding Sacred Crystal: Black Obsidian Angel Assistance: Archangel Uriel - Clear focus, mental clarity, shielding negativity Affirmation: I sing the beautiful sacred song of my heart, clear and loud for all to hear.

If you picked Card 2:

Sacred Divinity -

Honor your divinity. There are two paths ahead.

Embracing your sacred divinity is honoring the divine feminine and masculine that resides within you. Every person shares both aspects of divinity. These are not stereotypical versions of what it means to be female or male. The divine feminine incorporates aspects of unconditional love, compassion, and gentleness, but these are also qualities of the divine masculine.

Having expanded our intelligence and consciousness, human beings are no longer critical survivalists. We have evolved and adapted as a collective group.

With growing intelligence and awareness, human beings regardless of gender can achieve these divine qualities. Men are able to embrace these inner gentler qualities and women outward qualities of strength. Connecting to our divine self is to align with the divinity of Source. Divine balance occurs when these dual aspects are in harmony within the body, resulting in a feeling of wholeness.

Currently, distortion of the divine feminine and masculine has occurred within you. You may be feeling highly analytical or overly emotional. Now is the time to address this issue as you are weighed down with imbalanced energies. You may feel emotionally disconnected from either the masculine or feminine side.

Right now, you are being asked to honor the sacred divinity that exists within you. Expressing the divine traits of creativity, expression, gentleness, confidence, and strength is what is required now. Feel the beauty and love that is uniquely you and honor it. Give yourself a special gift to remind you of this inner journey and how much you care about your divine self and well-being.

Connecting and creating a strong sisterhood or brotherhood is fantastic but you must remember you radiate with energetic duality. If you find yourself ignoring or judging this side of yourself, ask yourself what you are hiding. Identify these qualities without judgement and work on healing or balancing these aspects.

Shadow Aspect: illogical, exploitation, oppression Sacred Crystal: Crocoite Angel Assistance: Archangel Chamuel - Love, tolerance and personal boundaries Affirmation: I honor and respect the sacred divinity that pulses through me.

If you selected Card 3:

Ground Your Light -

Shine your light in the world. Let your soul shine.

The method of grounding our energy bodies, auric fields and consciousness is to solidify our being in the present. Through the grounding process, our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies become unified, bringing balance and wellbeing to our soul and spirit. While this practice can be challenging, it is important for you to remember you are influenced energetically by your environment.

Grounding anchors your energetic fields and connects you to your emotional body while being present and mindful within those moments. Strengthening your aura and emotional and physical body is the primary goal of mindfulness, as we feel everything that we experience through this energetic space.

You are doing yourself a disservice if you refuse to honor your own shining light. Embrace the inner spark that sets you apart from everyone else. Claim and accept who you are as an individual, so you can thrive in life! Embrace yourself with this new confidence.

Currently, you may be feeling sluggish, unmotivated and energetically flat. Your energy is distributed across different areas of interest and therefore is making you weaker. Pay close attention to how your body reacts around certain people, places and situations. It is up to you to develop healthy personal and physical boundaries.

Right now, you need to ground your own light, come back to your heart space and center yourself in the present moment. Make yourself consciously aware of your breathing. Is it slow? Is it fast? Is it intermittent? Integrate your physical space, your physical body, with positive charge by grounding your new and current experience with breath work.

Bringing in new light energy through your crown and anchoring your sacred self through your earth chakras will assist the grounding process. More importantly, never give power to anyone to dim your light! You are a lighthouse and deserve to shine your light across the night!

Shadow Aspects: Shyness, people pleasing, self-sacrifice Sacred Crystal: Red Jasper Angel Assistance: Archangel Sandalphon - energetic grounding, being the present Affirmation: I anchor and ground my divine light in my heart. I am free.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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