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Card Drawing May 12, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Happy Mother's Day to those who celebrate! I can't wait to see the shifts with Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer this upcoming week. My birthday is coming up, so excited to being in another solar return.

Today's guidance comes from the Mother Mary Oracle Cards deck by Alana Fairchild and The Mother's Wisdom deck by Niki Dewart and Elizabeth Marglin.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you selected the set of Cards 1:

Our Lady of Sacred Sisterhood - "I manifest in spirit and in flesh. I am the love that falls from the stars, and the light of the sun that gives life. I am the warmth in the hug from the dearest friend. I am the scent of the rose, and the roar of the lioness. I am the tender care in the touch of your loved ones. I come to you in physical form. I bring you the gifts of loving and being loved, of speaking and being heard." Even with our human quirks and idiosyncrasies, we are divine beings. Even with our darkness and struggle, we are still divine beings of light. Although it is sometimes easier to imagine the Divine as being of the light, and somehow above or beyond this material world - with its paradoxes of joy or pain - we miss out on so much if we think that way. This oracle of Our Lady of Sacred Sisterhood has come with a special gift. It is the gift of experiencing the divine blessings and miracles of the Holy Mother in your physical life. You were born to live heaven on earth. This doesn't mean stepping away from the world, with its challenges. It means applying the light of your heart to those challenges in order to see to see the way through them; transforming something that was perhaps once fearful but is now drenched in love. This oracle comes with particular guidance. There is someone in your life, or who is coming into your life, who will be helping you connect with the divine feminine. They will be helping you heal your relationship to your body, your emotions and other facets of your life, such as your financial life and issues around sexuality, eating and food. Be open to the people who come into your life now: who will help you connect to the divine feminine. They will aid you in healing your relationship to your body, your emotions, & other facets of your life. Queen of Sheba - Wisdom - Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, made Wisdom her beloved. She respected the knowledge but was smitten by the search for truth in vast territories of the Unknown. Catching wind of King Solomon's legendary wisdom, Makeda imagined a meeting bristling with insight. Her elaborate preparations for the fourteen hundred mile trip from Ethiopia to Israel included a caravan of camels carrying precious gifts. During her visit, Makeda found King Solomon's wisdom great enough to gratify her search. Blessed with newfound reverence for the holy of holies within, she left with a gladdened heart and a renewed trust in the power of her own discernment. Wisdom resides not in the answering of questions, but in the asking. Keep your heart open to welcome in wisdom as a revered guest. We can allow Wisdom - as the Infinite Mind of Being - to move through us. We come from a place of unhindered responsiveness, as state that many teachers call enlightenment. Queen of Sheba reminds you to stay on your toes! When we get lazy and rely only on past experiences - the "I know" deception - we thwart our wisdom. If we choose to ignore changing signs, we'll be blinded by ignorance. Wisdom is dynamic. Be willing to become a perpetual student.

If you were drawn to the set of Cards 2:

Our Lady Of Blessing Bestowed - “I am offering you a spiritual gift now, the gift of a heavenly blessing. This blessing may come through a person, place or thing, or vest from within your own heart, unfolding like a blooming rose. I ask that you trust me because, in receiving this blessing, things will change. The changes are a shedding of that which would hold you back from fully receiving my blessing. My blessing asks you to have trust and courage as I help you to leap into your Divine fulfillment more swiftly than you could do without it.” A blessing sounds like a marvelous happening, and it is! However we can forget that divine energy, which is concentrated like spiritual vitamins, will cause healing and this may move circumstances and situations along, often at a rapid pace. A blessing is like a divine volcanic eruption from within our heart. It can start with a rumble, but when the time is right, we can ignited and cannot be held back from an explosion of divine love that might change everything that is in the way of our next heavenly steps upon the earth. Rest assured that a blessing from the Holy Mother is only given when we can handle it, though you can also expect that there will be times, as the blessing begins its work, when you may wonder if you are really up to what you feel is being asked of you. You may doubt yourself at times, questioning if you can really handle what is happening in your life without falling apart completely. You will succeed, through the Holy Mother’s grace of course, but sometimes you might wonder if you aren’t just cracking up inside, to be broken apart, never to be repaired. This is a sign that we are really growing, and especially outgrowing a past that is too small for our soul’s future. As we heal spiritually, our wants and needs can change, sometimes quite dramatically. We might outgrow some relationships or life situations as this happens. Other relationships or life situations will be able to bear the change and come with us. Either way, a blessing speeds up and intensifies this process and helps us accomplish in a short time what may have taken much more effort over a longer period. It is a helping hand-up to our next level of awareness and embodied consciousness by the Divine. With the onset of this blessing, you might have a subtle reorientation, or you might suddenly feel like you are heading in a very different direction. Either way is perfect for you. Trust. All will be well. And soon the chaos of change will be replaced with great joy, gratitude, and and even deeper loving trust in the tender genius of the Divine Mother’s grace. Pajapati - Patience - If patience is the card that life is dealing you at the moment, downshift and hold steady. Pajapati, stepmother to the Buddha, learned this lesson all too well. Again and again, she asked her son if she might join him and his monks in a life committed to enlightenment. He refused her request. But instead of reacting imprudently, Pajapati followed the Buddha 150 miles on foot in hundreds of aspiring nuns. Finally her patience paid off, the Buddha relented, and Pajapati earned the right for women to seek enlightenment. The root of the word patience means "to suffer," and we can do so with more (or less) grace. Certain periods in life are earmarked for service. n Buddhism, patience is one of the six paramitas, or virtues. It requires assiduous cultivation, and we learn it with frustrating slowness. Impatience builds because we love to complete and accomplish. But patience, like mindfulness, demands tat you do only one thing at a time. The splendid, unhurried moment is arrival.

If you chose the set of Cards 3:

Our Lady Of New Vision - “I place my sacred eye, opened, in your heart so that you may see. Let go of small dreams and become receptive to fresh vision. My eye in your heart sees great beauty. Can you see the new vision emerging? Now is the time to dare to dream, and to pray boldly and with conviction, that the most beautiful vision you can receive will come to life, in service to all.” There comes a time in our life when new vision is required. Perhaps what we have once imagined would fulfill us has been experienced and we are ready for something new. Or perhaps old dreams have not manifested as we thought that they would, and there is a reason for that – the vision was incomplete or in need of adjustment. There are plenty of times in life when we have to grow to meet the vision. Sometimes, however, the vision has to grow in order to be worthy of us! Our Lady Of New Vision tells us that the vision we once were holding for ourselves is not all that it could be. She tells us we can benefit ourselves, and others, by opening up and preparing to receive a greater vision, believing absolutely that it can, and will manifest through her hold grace, in service to all. If you are confronted with issues of self-worth then you may believe that this guidance means your vision should become smaller, but in all likelihood, it is actually the opposite that is required of you. Build a vision that is more open, more generous, more supported and more involving of those around you. Whether you know your soul tribe now, or are waiting to attract and be attracted to, those souls who will assist you on your life path, holding the vision is like flicking the light switch on. It makes you energetically more visible and magnetic to those who can assist them too, helping them to fulfill their spiritual destiny. Holding a vision of lightness and happiness can benefit all. No matter whether you are waiting for your true vision, or your heart has already shown you what it wishes to manifest, this oracle comes with a message for you – this is your time to pray to receive, and to act, on your intuitions and instincts, no matter how small they may seem to be. The Divine Mother is a genius of manifestation and she will have her creations come to life through the simplest and most ordinary of steps that somehow combine to manifest extraordinary beauty. if you cannot see yet, trust that she sees and is guiding you towards receiving, and realizing, the new vision. It is a time for inspiration and hope. It is is time to dream and receive, knowing that what is dreamed now, is under the blessing of the Holy Mother. Pachamama - Earth Honoring - Earth Mother of the Andean Indigenous people, Pachamama's body is our world. She asks you to recognize that you are within her and she is within you. You are inseparable from Pachamama. Sitting among the trees, you can feel this bond. Bu how long has it been since you paid her a visit? Pachamama comes calling, awakening you to the life breath that you share with her. Nurturing a direct relationship to Pachamama, as the ground of respect for the earth, is important. Listen to the call of the wild. Learn to be at homes in the woods. Become better acquainted with Mother Earth. You will soon find yourself in conversation with Pachamama and will turn to her when you are stuck in the human mire. Every hike can be a scared walk if you pay attention to the signs along the trail and trust your inner knowing to interpret the messages they carry.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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