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Card Drawing March 31, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Good day, soul friends! I can't believe that March is over already. It feels like it flew by. Mars moved into Gemini so I already feel the scattered energy affecting me. We will also have the New Moon in Aries on April 5th, so if you would like to join in on my New Moon Reiki Ceremony you can purchase in my shop for only $3.33.I hope your week was fantastic and that your weekend brought you some rest! The weather has been all over the map here and I am waiting for the warm up. Let us end March on a good and fun note!

Today's guidance comes from the Spiritual AF deck by Spiritual AF @spiritual_af and the Mystic Rebel Oracle and Mystic Rebel Crystal Oracle decks by Zoey Greco of The Merhipsy @the_merhipsy.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected the set of Cards 1:

"Life would be a lot more fun if everyone's middle name was "motherfuckin'." Make today fun by silently inserting "Motherfuckin' " into the name of everyone you come into contact with. Ben Motherfuckin' Franklin! Grandpa Motherfuckin' Bob! That lady from accounting she's now Carole Motherfuckin' Cooper from accounting, yo! Somehow this makes those financial spreadsheets more bearable, right?! It's going to be a great motherfuckin' day! Kunzite - You are a spiritually sensitive being and always have been. But that's not news. You are even more so when you are just a tiny tyke. Odds are, your sweet Spirit wasn't nurtured in the ways you needed back then, and it's got you hiding parts of yourself, tucked away from the world. Kunzite comes to help you open back up to life. You've definitely felt the survival Instinct to close off and protect yourself, especially emotionally. Even if you aren't fully connected to this consciously, some of this stems from issues and your childhood. Your child self is the embodiment of your higher self here on the planet... still part Angel, trying to acclimate to the Earth. Was your child self not honored or heard? Are they still being ignored now? Call on the healing power of Kunzite to re-open your heart from childhood traumas. Honor your authentic bean and return to a sense of youthful freedom. Satisfy both your inner child as well as your current spiritually sensitive self. Do some playful partner yoga, galavant and the great outdoors, or use your imagination to create a personalized ceremony to honor your inner child's uniqueness! Affirmation: "My inner child is honored, heard, and loved. My inner child helps me to navigate the world and peaceful playfulness and open-hearted wonder." Seek Within - Have you been looking to your squad for validation on something? It can feel too easy to lean on the world around you answer your, and point you in the right direction. Spoiler Alert: the truth is, the answer you are seeking has been inside of you this whole time. You may be too scared to face the facts that your Higher Self is trying to tell you. Trust that when you let yourself become quiet enough to listen to your own intuitive insights and feel your feelings, you will know exactly what you need to do. You are so much more wise, intuitive, and conscious than you give yourself credit for. You can count on yourself to make good decisions and use your powerful discernment. If you needed any further validation, consider this card to sign you've been waiting for. You know what to do. Now is the time to act on it and make moves! Affirmation: "I am connected directly to the infinite knowledge of the universe, and I comfortably consult my higher wisdom to find the answers I seek from within myself."

If you picked the set of Cards 2:

"Fuck what they think." Put this card in your pocket and use it as your mantra today. All day. And tomorrow too while you're at it. "Fuck what they think." "Fuck what they think." "Fuck what they think." All together now: FUCK. WHAT. THEY. THINK. Let freedom ring! FWTT for the WIN!!! Fluorite - The flawless guidance of Fluorite is no joke! The stone comes forward to let you know that you've got to connect to the head, heart, and soul. You can't make fully informed or Discerning decisions from just one of these places of processing. Fluorite was designed to perfectly connect mental cognition, into the division, and emotional intelligence. These are the three most fruitful and essential points of your being for converting insight into action. Operating from just one of these points gives you only a partial picture. It's like trying to drive to your destination with one eye open... in the dark... without a map. Not going to work! You must align the mind, third eye, and heart in order to act from a place of pragmatic, empowered, compassionate wisdom. When making a decision, create three short lists: One with your thoughts, one with your intuitive insights, and one with your feelings about the situation. Look closely to where there is overlap or places that can mostly easily link. There's your answer! For bonus points, try color coding the list according to the correlating chakras. Affirmation: " I can mind with wisdom of my mind, intuition, and heart effortlessly. I make empowered and informed decisions from these three profound places of knowledge within me." Be Your Most Authentic Self - You are not born "you" by accident! You were lovingly and carefully crafted into a work of art by Spirit to come to this Earth and bless others with your own unique brand of magic. Whoa... #amirite? Once you are born, human life makes it pretty hard to remember and rediscover all the special things that are exceptional about you. This card comes to you as a reminder that it's time to tune back into your most authentic self and shine your light! When you do, you help eliminate the way for others to find themselves as well. If you can't connect to what that looks like, that's okay! That's normal. People forget all the time how to be themselves. First, give yourself a big hug and know that you have done nothing wrong by forgetting. Next, create a bit of time everyday to do things you know you used to love, to try new things to see what you enjoy, to journal and communicate with your inner self, and to explore your gifts and talents. Not everything is going to hit the spot, and your authentic self is prone to grow and change, but that's part of the fun! The world needs YOU because no one else can do what you do. You're the best! Affirmation: "I love and honor my true and authentic self. I am a gift to this earth exactly as I am. I enjoy learning more about my authentic self each and every day."

If you were drawn to the set of Cards 3:

"Meditation. (aka Shutting the fuck up for a few minutes.)" Lots of people say they don't know how to meditate. You are no longer allowed to be one of them. Shut up for a few minutes. See what happens. Yep, that's what the Buddha did. Then do it some more. Selenite - Your body houses seven centers of energy known as the chakras. You need an open channel along your spine from crown to root for these centers to pass energy to one another and to communicate with each other, your Higher Self, and with Spirit. This card comes to you as a sign that it is time to detoxify your precious and perfect being beneath the luminous light of the Universe. In order to deeply accelerate into expansion and clear yourself of useless lower vibes. Selenite serves as your vehicle to clarified, balanced energy. Trust Selenite as a channel for the healing energy of Spirit to surge through your being and dislodge any energy, connections, thoughts, or habits that no longer aligned with your highest good. Allow yourself the pleasure of a detoxifying activity like safely fasting, enjoying a salt bath, or even visualization. And visualization, see that your crown is opening up at the top of your head, and a soothing white light is entering you through this portal. See that light shining through your entire being all the way down through the soles of your feet, flushing out dark spots or cloudy energy. Affirmation: "I am clear and free of any energy, thoughts, habits, patterns, obligations, and relationships that cloud my energetic body!" Use Your Personal Power - You are SO much more powerful than you realize. But hey, that's normal. Humans often think that they are victims of their circumstances, but that's just not true. YOU have the power to reason for your thoughts, actions, efforts, and energy to create miracles! *SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK!* whether you are dealing with other humans, or the Universe at large, there is never a good reason to relinquish your power over to others. When you do, you are giving that person permission to do whatever they want with your energy, and you allow yourself to be a victim without any personal responsibility. Noooo thanks! That said, just one being can never fully control any situation, nor should they. So, look for the places where you have more control in your circumstances than you originally thought. We're can you communicate better? Where can you interrupt an unhealthy pattern? How can you draw stronger boundaries? How can you use your power to support others? Notice where you can consciously and kindly interject your power into the situation and take back command! P. S. This includes reclaiming your spiritual powers and using them in new and profound ways! Affirmation: "I am a powerful being, and I use my power fearlessly and responsibly. I see clearly where and how I am powerful and feel comfortable stepping forward to claim those moments with gratitude."

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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