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Card Drawing March 3, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Hoping your week was amazing and your weekend full of loveliness. We have the New Moon coming up on March 6th and Mercury Retrograde starts on March 5th. A lot of things are shifting, so pay attention below the surface of things.

Today's guidance comes from the Inner Landscape Oracle deck and the Empowered Visions Affirmations Mandala deck by Michelle Pazicni.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected the set of Cards 1:

"I am exactly where I need to be."

You are exactly where you need to be in this moment, in this time and in this space. You have so many things you want to accomplish and this is admirable, but allow yourself to enjoy this moment. This moment is all you have right now. Notice what brings you joy, right now. Feel grateful that you get to experience this.

Descent - spirituality, intuition, different perspective, immersion, dreams

Go down within, immerse yourself in your subconscious mind, connect with your intuition, open up to your dreams. Be receptive to hearing your inner voice and seeing what’s hidden. May be also about gaining a new perspective.

It is good to remember that no time of darkness lasts forever, either in the cosmos or in your immediate surroundings. It might feel like forever if a crisis or difficulty appears to have brought all your efforts to a standstill - perhaps even including any effort on your part to change your circumstances.

This is a reminder to go deeper into who you are. Trust yourself and what you know within yourself and in your soul. Take time to process each step of your journey back. Find yourself in amongst the challenges, the heaviness, the discomfort. Find what is really important to you, what really matters. Reevaluate yourself, your intentions, your creations. Gain as much clarity as you can, step by step as the illusion falls away.

If you picked the set of Cards 2:

"I release the need to prove myself to others."

You no longer need to defend yourself. You no longer need to prove that you are worthy. You have always been ok just as you are. Those that made you feel less than were struggling with their own stories that they never healed. And as a result, they projected their own insecurities onto you. It was NEVER about you, it was always about them. So do not carry their burdens anymore. Imagine rolling all of their crap up into a ball and pushing it into the white light of the divine. The white light absorbs and transmutes it, so that you no longer have to carry their stories. Feel how light you feel now.

Uncensored - built up anger, frustration, anger management issues, inappropriate behavior, lack of diplomacy

With the energy of this card we may be dealing with intense emotions, whether positive or negative. It can be anger managements issues, frustration, built up disappointment or even extreme joy that may seem somewhat inappropriate for an outside world. Those extreme emotions need to find a vent to be released steadily or will let to uncontrollable outbursts.

It means to not hold back your anger and frustration and stop pretending that everything’s fine, just let it out! You get to decide if you want to censor yourself or if you want to give vent to your feelings. Let them out and express your emotions openly. It is okay to have intense feelings, vent your anger, or feel strongly about things. Why do you need to censor yourself?

Stop controlling yourself, sometimes you may want to dress up your words in a nicer shape but say what needs to be said.

If you were drawn to the set of Cards 3:

"I honor the wisdom of my soul."

Your soul has been with you through so many journeys, in this life and in past lives. All of the knowledge and wisdom you have ever gained is contained within your soul. Sometimes we forget how badass we are! Take a moment to give reverence to your soul. Thank it for all that is has learned. Thank it for carrying you through so many difficulties and joys. You are a soul having a human experience. When we doubt ourselves, it is our ego talking, not our soul. Get rid of the “what ifs”, “I have to’s”, “I should/shouldn’t”. Listen to what your soul is telling you. It contains all of the answers you will ever need.

Past - memories, nostalgia, being sentimental, flashbacks, déjà vu

Maybe answer to your question is hidden in the past and you must go down memory lane to find it. Or maybe you are stuck in the past reliving your good or bad experiences over and over again. Cherish the happiest memories but don’t hold onto them. The present day will become your past, make it memorable.

It is time to arise from the past. Patterns that have inhibited confidence and joy for life are revealed and - if you are ready - released. Remember that we are the physical manifestation and expression of our soul’s light here on earth. It encourages us to learn to play and enjoy life, to celebrate the goodness and sweetness of all the earth has to offer. When we release the old, we allow space for the new.

Even if it feels like nothing is happening, profound transformations are occurring at this very moment. The only way to embrace the now and make space for the new is to receive with an open heart.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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