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Card Drawing February 24, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Hoping your week was amazing and your weekend full of loveliness. I can't believe February is almost over, already! We have the New Moon coming up on March 6th and Mercury Retrograde starts on March 5th. A lot of things are shifting, so pay attention below the surface of things.

Today's guidance comes from the Inner Compass Oracle deck by Evelyn Terranova.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected Card 1:

The Earth Messenger of Curiosity You are given the gift of curiosity. Remember what its like being a chid and asking questions? Remember the environment with wonder and awe? DO this now. You are gathering all kinds of information with all of your senses. Be open to the wonder, without expectations. This is your gift of beginner's mind and reaching your highest potential. We are programmed to fear the unknown in order to protect ourselves from what may potentially be dangerous for us. Often we fear what we do not yet understand, and we push away opportunity that could be exactly what we need due to fear of the unseen future. You must acknowledge your inexperience and gently allow yourself to be like the delicate new bud opening. It’s okay to admit you may not know something. You are at the beginning of things and haven’t yet hit your stride. Be immersed in the newness of it all, and do not try to rush the learning process. New life has its own timetable for maturity. Be here now. Life loves you. Explore it. These are magical times and we are lucky to be here, with a new chapter opening right in front of us. Brand new stories to be told. Brand new canvases to be painted. The sky is the limit. Stay curious!

If you were drawn to Card 2:

The Earth Messenger of Energizing You are initiating something new and this ignites an energization process for you. In this emergence, you have the capacity to be as gentle and silent as the elephant navigating through the African bush. You also have the power, voltage, and strength to crash through obstacles if need be. You have a bigger presence while stepping into the unknown. You are undergoing radical growth in your belief systems. Now is the time to challenge old attitudes and question previous expectations. You are in an extraordinary time. Great leaps forward can be made in a moment. The world you thought you knew can suddenly break open, and a new world can become your reality. As we step into ourselves we invite more love into every aspect of our lives. We are magnets for love, and it shows. There are deep connections being made starting now and continuing throughout the end of the year, and with each connection comes a gift. The connections will come in many forms, and yes there will be passion too. And it will be different than previously experienced. More open, more honest. Like we have nothing to lose; like trust is essential and why would we throw it away? The games are over, look for truth. You are powerful.

If you chose Card 3:

The Earth Messenger of Faces There are many faces you are meeting on your path. Some are more obvious than others. The past is etched in stone behind you. However, your task is to follow your instincts in the present moment. The temptation of butting heads with others, is just a distraction from using your energy to face the adventure of your new direction and the future that beckons. Our gut instincts are our soul’s way of communicating and guiding us on the path of life. While our minds produce thoughts and rational interpretation of our experience, our instincts connect to a more sensitive, intuitive wisdom that often communicates through physical sensations in our bodies. This quiet nudge is our inner knowing, our connection with the Universe. It is always there if we stop to sense it. Do we follow its wisdom? This card is a call to trust the inner feeling of your own gut instincts. The part of you that may not always seem logical or rational but nudges you with whispered guidance of what is right and true. Bring awareness to your feelings and physical sensations. Notice what happens when you act on your feelings… and when you go against them. Learn to trust yourself. Stand in your power. Find your strength, courage and confidence. Make decisions that are for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All involved. And do not ignore it when your intuition tells you to turn the other way.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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