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Ostara Tarot

Hello, soul friends!

Today's review is covering a deck that caught my attention as soon as I saw it in a Swap group. I purchased it in a Facebook Tarot group, and just really was drawn to the funky artwork and the color scheme. I figured it would be something different than the other 15 or so Tarot decks I currently own. I am eclectic and don't like to purchase similar decks.

I hope you enjoy my review and generous pictures!

Ostara Tarot

I purchased this deck from a Facebook deck sale group and thought it was going to be a lovely new addition to my current collection. After seeing a few posts on Instagram showing these gorgeous cards, I was very drawn and curious to find out more about this mass produced deck. I found it to be an intriguing and interesting deck. After seeing a few pictures here and there, I knew I needed to get a set and check it out for myself. Loved the simplicity and also the fact that it is an artistic and different Tarot deck, than what I already own.

The Amazon Description of the Ostara Tarot Deck:

The Vernal equinox, Ostara, wakes the city after winter. Through 78 stunning Tarot cards and an accompanying guidebook, delve into the fantastical world of traditional symbolism and contemporary themes that will return you to the wilderness and explore the feminine. With a unique synergy of artistic styles and perspectives, discover deities and mystical archetypes in the Major Arcana that convey 22 core lessons, while the Minors employ the help of animal guides to illuminate their diverse messages connecting them to your life. Identify your relationship with the Earth and pay homage to the natural world and those romantic moments where you can again be part of the nature around you. Use keywords as well as upright and reversed card explanations to manifest your deepest spiritual renewal. Perfect for both novices and collectors. Includes cards and book.

About the authorS

Molly Applejohn, Eden Cooke, Krista Gibbard, and Julia Iredale are four illustrators living in Vancouver, Canada. After meeting at art school and discovering a shared love for the occult, they decided to tackle the ambitious task of illustrating a Tarot deck.

My Personal Review

This 78-card deck is meant to be used as a traditional Tarot deck. I wasn't really aware of what to expect with this deck, so upon opening it up I was a bit surprised at the artwork and the details in each card. The backs are some of my absolute favorite design for a card back - ever. They are beautiful, deep, and have a lovely reversible design. The teal color is really what draws my eyes to this deck, as it is one of my favorite hues - soothing and relaxing. I think the artwork throughout the deck is varied - it is different artists who did each of the suits and also various cards from the Major Arcana, but still - they blend so well together, making this a beautiful and cohesive deck.

The artwork was something that had called me with this deck, as I stated above and why I was excited to get my hands on a set. It was variously different from anything else I have seen and I loved the unique approach to the whole deck. Each suit has a unique vibe, each of the Major cards was interpreted in such a beautiful manner. I love nature. I am a spring baby, so yes - this deck is all about the unique beauty found in nature, while blending an ethereal quality. It is like stepping into some fairy world and watching the Tarot story unfold. The artwork is really standout and stand alone with the interesting interpretation of each of the cards. I believe these are digital images, but they look so incredibly detailed, finished, and also beautifully layered. There is an enigmatic quality to all of the cards that really draws the eye in. The artwork stands out but isn't overpowering - the themes from traditional Tarot decks is present - so I think this deck would be lovely for a newer reader who looks for the familiar aspects to help guide you. There is also the lovely layer of adding the story brought into each suit.

All of the artwork is absolutely magical. The images are whimsical, evoking a sense of true mysticism, and also embrace some of the lovely symbolism from various influences. I loved the details and the blending of animals, people, and also the lovely symbols throughout. There is a bending between reality and fantasy. Some cards have almost a realistic approach, while others are surreal. There is a multi-faceted approach that still allows all of the cards to be cohesive and they work well throughout the deck.

The images remind me of traditional RWS tarot imagery but with their own spin, that does stand out from other traditional decks. There is a looser interpretation, but the familiarity is still available. There is the symbolism from Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords. The fascinating Major Arcana has the typical players showing up, but with a new facet - some of them dancing between the ethereal and surreal. The cards were easy to pick up and use, and also I enjoyed seeing the interpretation of some of these well-loved cards from a different lens. The images are lovely, they are familiar, yet new.

The card stock is not very thick, semi-gloss finish, smooth to shuffle, and allows you get a nice bend without cracking the card stock. The finish really helps make the artwork truly stand out. All of the cards have a lovely white border that is on the edges of the images, and also the card name or number. The size of the cards was an average tarot size. Not too large, and not too small. The cards also came with a nice and thick lift box, that fits the beautiful deck and also the full color guidebook. The deck box is larger than traditional decks, but I enjoy this fun and odd size and love that the cards and the book fit nicely for storage.

The included Guidebook is one of the bigger books I have seen for decks and has information on the artwork as well as quick interpretations of the cards. It has 112 pages, and is in full color - which I found to add to the luxe feel of the deck! It is longer than some Tarot books out there, not including the deck. I enjoyed some of the explanations for choosing certain images and symbolism for each of the cards, as well as the unique definitions that have been used. As with all Tarot decks, I don't buy decks for the guidebook - I buy them for the artwork.

I do use this deck quite a bit, and love the messages that come with the guidebook. As a working deck, I have enjoyed showing this off with clients and have found that the imagery is striking in a new way. The artwork is ethereal, and the messages included help me to connect in a new way to the Tarot. This is my first deck that I had purchase from Schiffer and found that it was a good introduction to this publishing house. I will definitely try to see if I can pick up some of their other decks and learn more about them, as a company.

Given that this is a Tarot deck, I don't typically get too bent out of shape without a good guidebook, but this is a viable choice. The beautiful quality of the print, as well as full color option is quite a unique find. Sometimes just having a beautiful deck to do readings with is enough to satisfy my curiosity - so this was an added bonus that really allowed me to connect further to the deck.

I find that this deck is one I reach for often in my client work, as I enjoy the images, have found that it is well-received and doesn't have anything too scary or garish included to spook others. Even some of the more difficult cards, aren't spooky. I find that even my children like to use this deck, so I do recommend it to anyone looking to connect with a unique and artistic deck.

Here are some extra pictures of this beautiful creation:

Overall, I think this was a beautifully executed deck. It is still available to purchase through Amazon, I highly recommend it!

My overall opinion is that this deck is a 4 star choice.

Artwork - 5 stars

Card stock - 3 stars

Ease - 4 stars

Guidebook - 4 stars

I hope that you enjoyed my deck review, and also enjoy other deck reviews that I add to this site. I have a passion for exploring new decks and also finding various ways of connecting to my intuition. I appreciate you checking out my site and taking the time to read my review.

Happy Reading!