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Card Drawing February 3, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Happy February! Tomorrow, we have the Aquarius New Moon and to celebrate I am doing another Ceremony. I am quite excited to do the Aquarius New Moon Ceremony and Reiki session tomorrow and share the magic again. You can still join in and purchase in my shop for only $3.33. The guide will be completed tomorrow night, after the session and sent out by Tuesday evening.

I hope your week was fantastic and that your weekend brought you some rest! The weather has been frigid here!

Today's guidance comes from the Mystic Rebel Oracle and Mystic Rebel Crystal Oracle decks by Zoey Greco of The Merhipsy @the_merhipsy.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected the set of Cards 1: Detach and Move On - Tough love, babe, but love nonetheless. It is time for you to Let. This. Go. Whatever it is that you are inquiring about is no longer in alignment with your highest good. So why would you want it anyway? Well, humans form attachments easily, afraid that nothing better can ever be found, and those bonds can be difficult to break. Spirit is asking you to trust and know that if you can detach yourself from this (situation, person, habit, job, emotion, etc.) that it WILL be replaced with something better. That's how the Universe works! You release something good to create space for something great. What you are holding on to has run its course, and just like the flowers need souls rich in nutrients to grow, you have to seek new soil that will truly nourish you the way you need and deserve. Give yourself permission to first cut this cord emotionally and spiritually, and watch how the Universe helps the rest fall into place! Know that you deserve more than what you have now, and invite new blessings into your like now by claiming that you are ready to release the old. Phew! That feels better already! Affirmation: Out with the old, and in with the awesome. I willingly and gratefully let go of ________. I am now open to new blessings beyond my imagination. Clear Quartz - This is here with some tough love: it's time to get crystal clear with yourself and with the Universe. Clear Quartz helps in organizing thoughts and magnifying issues or experiences in life so that you can more clearly see what the heck is going on! By giving yourself time to bring things to the forefront of your mind, you will be able to be more laser focused in on what you truly desire and wish to manifest into your life. This sensible stone is here to ask: What is important to you? What do you value? What pieces are missing form the puzzle of your experience? Fun Fact: Clear Quartz is also known as the master healer! So it can not only help you become more transparent with yourself, but it can also assist you to find solutions, peace, and healing in any situation that you can't make sense of at this moment by bringing your energy centers in alignment. Give yourself some time and space to make a pro con list and become firm on a decision or action you haven't been able to nail down. Affirmation: I am clear in my speech, actions, decisions, and emotions. I know what I desire and need, and I know exactly how to manifest it into reality.

If you picked the set of Cards 2: Forgiveness - Plain and simple: Unforgiveness is poison to your body. Holding onto grievances within your being goes against your true and authentic nature. Embracing forgiveness is not excuse me what has happened, but rather, it's about being willing to choose happiness and freedom, and to view the transgressor Through The Eyes of compassion. In some cases, that transgressor may very well be you (Ouch. Hard truth, incoming!). The past cannot be changed. It can be healed from and learn from. Instead of holding onto forever to the experience you wanted, you have to learn to accept the experience you had. Not what happened, but that it happened. Ya dig? In truth, every being is innocent and it's doing the very best with what they have. The only thing any person is guilty of is not having the right tools and their emotional tool belt. Choose compassion for yourself and others so that you can live a life rich and love and spiritual liberation! Affirmation: I accept that the past has occurred and cannot be changed. I forgive (insert name) and release (myself, then, us) from the prison of unprocessed emotion. I choose to see all involved through the eyes of unconditional love. Peridot - Peridot is a perfect pal for empaths, and you, baby, or an empath. You are one of the many individuals who have been blessed with the honor of being a finely-tuned emotional instrument. You. Feel. EVERYTHING. Sometimes to an extreme (oh well!). You are a natural giver, reluctant receiver, and innate nurturer. Every experience you have is visceral. This makes you a spiritual and emotional sponge! Peridot has come to let you know that you have retained emotional material that doesn't belong to you. You are lovingly invited to wring yourself of the misplaced emotional baggage you've been holding. Take a moment to consider what is truly yours and what you may be harboring for others. The truth is, just because you take it on doesn't mean the load is lightened for the person that truly belongs to. Learn to shield yourself in the green glow of Peridot, so you can still be a sympathetic listener and support to others without soaking up the energy that doesn't serve you! When you are in an emotionally stimulating situation, visualize yourself in case and luminous piece of Peridot. Know and affirm that only that which serves you may pass into it, and only that which serves others may leave it. Invite your angels to surround this giant gem as well to add an extra layer of loving guardianship. Affirmation: My empathetic nature is a blessing. I taken only what is meant for me, and I lovingly release the rest to its proper place.

If you were drawn to the set of Cards 3: Self-Care and Integration - Don't pretend like you didn't see this coming. You know you've been running on fumes. You're being asked to tune back into a practice of self-care. Self care extended beyond the typical thoughts are bubble baths, massages, and mani-pedis (although those are totally count!). It is, first and foremost, about valuing yourself enough to carve time out of your busy schedule so that you can take intentional actions to refuel, recharge, and resend her. It includes everything from proper sleep and healthy eats, to a spiritual practice, and even to making sure you backup your important documents to avoid future stress. It's both a little and big steps that you take to ensure that you feel balance in your life. Self-care is asking yourself what you need everyday and making sure that you get it! Not sure where to begin? Tune back into your body, baby girl. Your physical vessel requires rest, movement, nutrients, hydration, and attention in order to fully thrive! When you give the body time to rest and restore, you are better able to emotionally and mentally process and integrate all that you are experiencing which makes for a happier, healthier, higher-functioning you. Affirmation: I choose to be kind to myself today and act in a way that serves my greatest and highest good and always mental, emotional, and physical. I choose to love and care for myself because I deserve to thrive. Vanadinite - It appears as though you've got some writing to do ( as if you didn't know!). You have a story inside of you that is bursting to come out and see the light of day. The life you have lived and the experiences you have had are uniquely your own, and the message and Medicine you have to offer the world do the written word is powerful and profound. Your angels and guides know that you may not know yet what your story will be and that you have some fear around putting it out there for the world to see. So, they have sent you the muse in the form of Vanadinite. This stone helps to lift the weight off writer's block and clears away any creative obstacles you may be facing. Vanadinite is a messenger stone, here to help you turn your mess into your message and you others through your written work. It's not just helpful in little writing, but also with eliminating limits and blockages when conjuring the story of your life as you co-create its manifestation with Spirit. Get to gettin', mama! Your story is just beginning! WRITE. WRITE. And, oh yeah, WRITE. Even if you aren't sure what you want to say, simply putting pen-to-paper or fingers two keys will get your creative juices flowing and open the floodgates for your imaginative energy! Set aside time daily, even just five minutes, to do some journaling and metacognitive writing. Just make room for the flow to happen! Affirmation: I write and share my message with ease and fearlessness. The words flow from me as if they are channeled directly from Spirit's infinite abundance of wisdom.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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