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Card Drawing January 13, 2019

Good day, soul friends! Happy 2019! Hope your week was wonderful. I can't believe Monday is already a few hours away! I have been healing most of the weekend, as I am trying to slowly become more mobile. We are in between eclipses and I find the energy to be quite charged.

Today's guidance comes from the Sacred Power Oracle deck by Anna Stark.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected Card 1:

Transformation - Emotional freedom brings growth and positive change. The Phoenix, much like the caterpillar, transforms into new life after experiencing the end of an earth cycle. Just as the phoenix rises from the ashes, what you have perceived to be a negative outcome is actually filled with positivity. Now is the time for rebirth and rejuvenation. You have come so far on your journey and have reached the end of this cycle in your life. The sacred fire bird is a conscious creator, choosing to accept inevitabilities and using them to produce positive experiences. Within each negative experience - such as physical trauma and spiritual and emotional suffering you have reached a precipice, where new life is forming. Right now, the Phoenix has returned to remind you to leave the baggage behind, to let go of your past and move forward. Use those negative experiences as motivation towards future goals and achievements. During this transformative process, you will emerge with confidence, strength and direction. If you are currently experiencing hardship, emotional imbalances such as depression and melancholy, know that the hard times are almost over and a new life is on the horizon. If you are in a relationship, the Phoenix represents strong change, encouraging you to look within to find self-confidence, independence and mutual understanding with your significant other. This change represents the formation of a new relationship including the relationship we have with ourselves. The energy of the Phoenix requests that we asses our daily rituals and habits for their necessity. Are they serving us? Do we need to cut them away and release them? Just like the Phoenix, you will arise from the ashes stronger, powerful, and energized. Affirmation: I am able to transform, conquer, and resolve past issues with strength, courage, and willpower. I choose to transform my life now.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

Truth - Disarm your ego. Face your fears. Habitual thoughts and fear-based emotions are related to us through our ego. Fear is a primary action of the ego and causes us to hold on to our intellect, habits, impulses, and instincts. Like a dedicated actor sticking to a script, the lower self creates obstacles when you attempt to nurture yourself, grow your spirit, or support your souls potential. Forcing thought when you actually want to be still can either drive the exploration of ideas or paralyze day-to-day activities. Paralysis can cause feelings of stagnation -being stuck in the past, trapped within your circumstances. Ultimately, the lower self takes us out of the present moment and we stopped truly living. Focusing on the past causes barriers to reaching our highest self's guidance and inner being. It's common for people to assume that the ego is an all negative and bad Persona that we should lock up and never let out. In fact, that you can push people to take risks, be adventurous, and entrepreneurial. So, who are you? This knowledge will empower and inspire you to push past ego boundaries and fear base of conscious thought patterns. Train your ego to take a back seat. Right now you need to disarm your ego! Focus on the now and what you can physically achieve in the moment. Push past the fear and face it head-on. Feel the fear and do it anyway! The eagle mask is a mental Shield that is neither a good nor bad aspect of you; the ego is not something that can be destroyed, so we must make peace with it. Remove the mask and see what is hiding behind it. Be mindful of others masks; you are not seeing or accepting the reality and truth of the situation. Assess your emotional reactivity. What is your lower self teaching you right now? Recognize your emotions when they arise, accept them without judgment, release them with love and gratitude and act appropriately. Affirmation: I am creating peaceful experiences. I acknowledge and accept emotions as they arise within me, without judgment.

If you chose Card 3:

Intuition - Look beyond the surface. Listen carefully to your inner voice. The third eye is located in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows. Understanding your needs can be difficult if you spend too much time listening to others and not listening to yourself. The third eye forms a bridge between your mind, body, and spirit. Everyone has a potential to utilize the power of their third eye. Awakening and strengthening that third eye increases Clarity, intuition, and concentration. Intuition can be strengthened by listening to your "feelings" and your body's messages. What is your body trying to tell you? What are your first impressions, thoughts, and feelings about a particular situation? Listening to your base instincts build a relationship of trust with your intuition, senses, and higher self. Learning to trust your inner feelings will give you a greater source of confidence and future decisions. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it! Right now you must acknowledge your inner knowing. While you may have lacked confidence and trust in your natural gut instincts in the past, now is the perfect time to clear away any doubt. Acknowledge your gifts that were given at birth. You can access these at any time through meditation and a developed practice. Your third eye is open. Pay attention to visions, thoughts, and impressions of those around you. Strengthening your third eye will help you look deeper into a situation. I learning to trust your gut instinct, you tune into your body senses. Spiritual realization is a focus now. There is no need to compare yourself to others. See this as a confirmation of your unique gifts. Which can be used with passion and purpose. Listen to your senses so you can approach circumstances and people with caution, enhancing your personal power. Clear and balance your energies regularly to maintain accurate vision. Affirmation: I am able to see clearly and accurately through divine assistance.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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