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Visionary Cards by Noa Knafo

Hello, soul friends!

Today's review is covering a deck that caught my attention as soon as I saw it on Instagram. I have been so busy with unpacking and getting myself settled here, I figured a small break to do another card deck review might get my mind back to straights.

After checking out the website with the artwork, I thought it would be something different than the other oracle decks I own, so it would be a fun addition to my collection. I am eclectic and don't like to purchase similar decks. Plus, I love seeing other Indie decks, and checking them out!

I hope you enjoy my review and generous pictures!

Visionary Cards

I purchased this deck when I spotted it in an ad on Facebook for Noa Knafo's art, after a bit of digging I found this deck and thought it was quite fascinating. It is an interesting process to watch the art pieces coming together and I enjoy supporting others who are into the same stuff I love and use. As stated above after seeing a few posts on Facebook showing these gorgeous cards, I knew that I wanted to get my own. I found it to be an intriguing and interesting deck. I love the colorful, vibrant artwork, and also the fact that it is an independently published deck.

The Visionary Cards description:

This set of visionary cards, featuring original artwork by painter Noa Knafo, invites you to be part of a spiritual journey, unlike any other Tarot deck.

You can use the cards as a guide to open up new life paths or simply for inspiration.

Each card represents a story and holds specific energy and comes with its own description that links to a knowledge hub, where you are invited to not only read further into each meaning, but also to become part of the meaning by adding your own insights.

The deck was created with the intention that everything in life can be solved from a positive perspective.

Together, the readers of the visionary cards will co-create a spiritual universe unique to their own experiences with the deck.

The pack contains 35 cards feat. 35 original Noa Knafo paintings.

About the Artist


I am an artist who focuses on spirituality and on how the world is right now, but in ways that we cannot necessarily see.

My paintings contain certain energies which allow viewers to experience these realities in similar ways, each in their own personal ways.

I envision my paintings in my mind, often spontaneously; entire paintings can occur to me all at once.

These visions can happen at any place or anytime.

In order to materialize what has come to me, I begin by drawing the composition on a canvas, which eventually becomes the painting. At other times I paint intuitively from my subconscious, allowing the visions to occur to me as I paint.

My early paintings involved many feelings and were focused on the Jewish religion. I would sign these paintings anonymously, because I wanted people to judge the paintings for themselves, and not because I was the one who painted them.

After a while, I began to think about things in larger more all-inclusive ways, understanding that all human beings have a lot in common, and that spirituality can be expressed in many ways.

My ongoing journey has taken me from religious painting, based on my history; through intuitive painting, which comes from my heart; to visionary painting, which comes from my mind.

My Personal Review

This 35 card deck is meant to be used as an Oracle deck. I wasn't really aware of what to expect with this deck, so upon receiving the deck, I loved the vibrant tones and illustrated artwork. Noa has an amazing talent and her paintings have been turned into very delightful cards that can be used as tool to bring a new level of healing. They are unique and so detailed that they capture your attention, as soon as you see them. They stand out from other decks

The artwork was something that had called me with this deck, as I stated above and why I was excited to get my hands on a set. It was vastly different from anything else I have seen and I loved the unique approach to the whole deck. Although, I wasn't sure how I would use this deck, I have found it to be a beautiful and striking addition to utilize in my work. This deck is fairly versatile and very easy to pick up and go, and I find it inspiring and well-received by clients. The images can be a bit intense, but there is nothing that is going to horrify those who scare easily. There are some darker colored cards, but again, the images are all very symbolic and beautifully illustrated with a lot of details that is nice to use.

The cards have titles on them with a black border. The backs are a simple design but not reversable. The artwork is beautiful and breathtaking, and completely worth getting this deck. The cards were easy to pick up and use, and also I enjoyed seeing the interpretation of some of the familiar symbols from a different lens, or with more interesting explanation. I enjoyed studying the cards and working through the symbolism used, as well as all of the amazing details included.

The card stock is not very thick, semi-matte finish, extremely smooth to shuffle, and allows you get a nice bend without cracking the card stock. The finish really helps make the artwork truly stand out. The cards are actually one of my favorite types of stock for this thinner type of card. They smoothly shuffle, they don't crack, and the edges are still together. A big plus! Also, the simple black border brings uniformity to the deck and allows the eye to be drawn in to the vibrant artwork. The size of the cards is an average oracle card size. Not too large, and not too small. Great even for small hands like mine. With only 35 cards per deck, it is easy to shuffle and keep in the hand.

The beautiful artwork is perfect. There are various types of images and even art styles. I like the flow and shift between the crisp images that bring together so many symbols, themes, and also beautiful colors. While some of the cards are a completely different energy, a blend of amazing colors coming together to create a unique image. The cards stand out, and have an incredible energy that bring a lot of magic to readings.

A box was included with a lift top box, but as you can see mine is a bit bent up and has not been too helpful in keeping it's shape. As I did buy the initial run of this deck, I always expect the quality to be a bit off until the creators can get a better edition going, so I don't knock any points off regarding some of the hiccups that can happen due to a first run edition. It is interesting to see people put their creations together.

I am not sure if they have improved on a few things since the deck originally launched, but I do hope that they continue to print new versions that allow for subtle changes and improvements. I think it is a fun addition to my collection and a great tools for those looking to utilize something not mass produced or tired. The meanings are fresh, interesting, and also the artwork is completely different from anything else I have seen. It is simple, yet so intricate and also subtle once you start studying each of the cards.

This deck did not include an actual guidebook, when I purchased, but was sent a link to the "guidebook" online. It is in a Google Notes type of style where people can add their own interpretations of each of the cards for everyone to access. The information does help a bit to connect to the cards, but I wish there was a bit more to follow through with when it comes to certain cards and their inspiration or even addition to the deck. While I do enjoy it for the art piece that it is, I am not sure that I could use it in my day to day work with clients. It is a striking image centric deck, artwork in card form, and it really does evoke a whole new level of connection for me. I really would have preferred a nice booklet or guidebook, but I do realize that as I bought the first edition run, that it may not have been n the budget of the artist to invest in it.

Overall, I think this was a fascinating work of art, and interesting deck.

My overall opinion is that this deck is a 3.5 star choice.

Artwork - 5 stars

Card stock - 4 stars

Ease - 3 stars

Guidebook - 2 stars

I hope that you enjoyed my deck review, and also enjoy other deck reviews that I add to this site. I have a passion for exploring new decks and also finding various ways of connecting to my intuition. I appreciate you checking out my site and taking the time to read my review.

Happy Reading!


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