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Card Drawing September 16, 2018

Good day, soul friends! I hope your week was lovely and that the weekend brought you some much needed rest. I have been busy trying to get things in their place (physically and mentally). This year has brought many changes, but I feel the deepest ones have been within my soul.

This is the Sacred Rebels Oracle by Alana Fairchild and the artwork is breathtaking!

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you selected Card 1:

Come To Life - You are the most sacred of all sacred artworks. You are bringing yourself to life now and this is how it must be. Of course something being essential doesn't mean it will always be easy. You must support yourself and have courage during this process. Your monkey mind is not to run the show. It will have a lot to say and at times it seems very convincing, but it is not the one in charge. Your mind can inspire you with ideas. However, it is a real you that speaks to your rebellious sacred heart and is living your life, not the monkey mind. The mind is not much more than a swirling cacophony of habitual reactions. Beneath habitual thoughts there is a deep sensual, creative and energetic awakening happening to you. It is so far beyond what the mind is now capable of controlling. Others might not like it because it shakes things up - coming to life tends to do that. However, it is happening now and the only real choice you have to make is how to deal with it. Coming to life means feeling. It might bring joy but it could equally bring sadness, rage or fear. It could bring all of these and more. Feelings will come and go quite swiftly when allowed to flow. You might need to paint, write, enact ritual, sing or dance your feelings to help the energy flow. Don’t hold back. Create the space for yourself to do it. In this process you are uncovering the artistry of the universal creator. You are honoring the sacredness of life by exploring it without restraint and that includes the flow of your feelings. You don’t have to do anything with them other than express. You may want to analyze or you may not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are getting in touch with feeling. Learning how to access your feelings allows you to learn how to access your intuition, creative inspiration and genuine internal guidance. These aspects flow from the same place and are often couched with in your feelings in the form of emotions as well as physical sensations. The journey underneath the mind and into a sensual, emotional connection with your feelings, emotions and body is for a sacred purpose. It is a part of your path. You are one of the sacred but powerful minority that have chosen to come into a body and live consciously within it. That may seem like it applies to everybody but when you experience it for yourself, you will realize that this is actually rather rare. There are plenty of bodies without a spirit really residing within, to care for, love and honor them as a sacred animal. Fortunately this minority is powerful enough that it can keep human culture and balance. But only just! We need every single one of us that is capable, to be aware of the task and move beyond the mind and into the body. The message of this oracle is to be alive. Don't imagine you can go back to sleep. You are too awake for that now. There is no falling back into old ways. If you do so, it will be short-lived and won't feel the same as it used to. You may grieve this. You will certainly (eventually) celebrate it. You have crossed the threshold from an old way of being in an old life and try as you might, you cannot return. It is better to let go. Grieve if need be, celebrate if need be or do both and move on into this moment. There's another adventure awaiting you now. You need a deeper connection to your own instincts, body, feelings, and intuition so that you can receive this new calling. You can trust in it too. Embrace it and it will embrace you.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

What You Want, Wants You - Do you dare to believe that what you want, is also wanting you? The genuine desires of your heart are the sacred purpose of the soul, swathed in pleasure. Yet, if you have been shamed, judged for, made to feel guilt over, or denied your natural desires or pleasures in anyway, you may have developed a very tricky and complicated relationship with the yearnings of your heart. We often learn to distrust our own desires and come to believe that they are something to be overcome or avoided. We may even try to want second best, disbelieving that we are worthy of our first choice, of what we really, genuinely want, and would fulfill us deeply. Perhaps we have conditioned ourselves to believe that getting what we want is for others, not us. This card comes with a healing message for you. First, trust in what you truly want. Not the substitutions and make-dos, but what would truly bring a sense of passionate , playful purpose and fulfillment to your life. You might not know anything more than "I want to sing!" or "I want to write!" or "I wanted to help animals!" or "I want to paint!" Start with what you know and hold it in your heart as you do the healing process necessary. If you genuinely do not know what your heart wants, you will very much enjoy the process of exploring your desires by making gentle and persistent inquiries of yourself. Ask yourself, what it is that truly moves you. Give this matter consistent attention without forcing a response. Your answer may come in a sudden flood, or slowly, over time. As you get to know your genuine desires and give yourself permission to feel and receive them, a powerful sequence is set in motion. From the depths of the Universe, your desire hurtles its way towards you as the perfect manifestation. It is coming to you even now - manifesting itself as the best situation or relationship or circumstances to bring fulfillment to your heart and radiance to your life path and creative awakening. So don't give up. Keep dreaming of your fulfillment, but don't imagine it as always awaiting you in some distant future. Instead play with what it will feel like to be so fulfilled, right now. How will you feel different? Will you be more grateful, more peaceful, and more content? More confident? More trusting of your ability to create and in the loving responsiveness of this wild universe? Cultivate those feelings. Get to feel what genuine desire and the meeting of that desire - that can then generate yet new desire - is life for you. Give yourself permission to go there, right now. Remember that if you have people in you life who are shutting you down, suggesting that what you want is not possible or that you are aiming too high, then they need this healing too. Perhaps you can inspire them by giving yourself permission to heal. This will naturally open them to the idea that the could give themselves permission to know and fulfill their unique desires, too. Whether someone chooses to be inspired by you, or to be fearful of your innate creative power, is completely up to them. This card brings you the message that whether you see it coming or not, your desire is already on its way to you. It is closer than you think and soon you will be able t see it, touch it, feel it and enjoy it. You will then become inspired for your next manifestation based on the true desires of your heart.

If you chose Card 3:

Diving For Light - How brave you are You are diving for light. It can be so much simpler to seek light in the heavenly, in that which is blissful, sweet, loving and kind. To look for the light in that which is dark is an advanced task that only a rebellious and brave heart will attempt. You may not feel that you have taken such a journey by choice. Yet you have taken this wise challenge on from deep within your soul. Your innermost being has evoked this situation in your life with the intention that you grow in power, wisdom and creative juice. It also wants you to experience a bold and fearless trust in life and become further empowered to live it with zest and courage. The oracle of Diving For Light speaks of a time when you are called into the darkness through life circumstances, situations, relationship challenges or inner struggles that defy clear understanding. That darkness might be a creative block, a sense of being in a void or feelings of depression, rage, sadness, fear or anxiety. There may or may not be an obvious cause. The darkness might be generally accepted and socially acknowledged because there is a socially acceptable or obvious reason for it - such as a death, divorce or retrenchment. However there may be no obvious justification for your experience of darkness. You might not need a ‘reason’ to be able to accept it, likewise you may struggle to find an unconditional acceptance of your experience. Just know that you are actually on track and right where you need to be. Our creative process and our spiritual path go through a similar ‘turning of the wheel’ progress. There is spring and summer, in the seasons of our soul, as well as in the earthly ones. There is the autumn harvest and there is the death inherent in winter, when energy is concentrated and pulled within to seek out the darkness where it can rest, regenerate and simply be, until the time is right for new life, energy and creative inspiration to burst forth. When diving for light, one must be willing to bear the darkness and understand it has a purpose, much like winter does upon the earth. It is not in error or through lack of consciousness that you are here now. It is testament to your spiritual growth and creative process, not a sign that they are lacking or stalling. This oracle brings particular guidance that although you are powerful, you are also vulnerable at this time. You need to be alert to sabotage and criticism that may make your progress more difficult than it already is. That would be rather unnecessary. At least some of the people around you might be more attached to their fear and doubt than to their faith in your process and the ways of the creative, rebellious, spiritual path that asks us to trust unconditionally. They may be frightened due to a lack of understanding. You don’t need to carry their fear for them. You have your own process to attend to and they can choose to be inspired by your journey, or frightened by it. They are free to respond as they wish and whatever those responses are, they are part of their journey, for them to work through. You also need to be vigilant against the darker forces within you. These are the voices that you may not expect, particularly if you are a pure-hearted being who typically resonates with love. These voices or feelings might surprise you with their dark intensity. They may be feelings of hate, terror or of wanting only to sleep because anything further is all just too hard. They may contain vicious criticism of yourself or tell you that your inner creative work is pointless, unoriginal, not worth it or stupid. These dark forces might try to tell you that you are on the wrong path, suggest that you will fail, or ask with great condescension, ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ You must stay in your heart and not believe these dark forces. Stay in compassion. Fear creates the energy of anger, hate and destructiveness. These forces are a part of life. We don’t have to be frightened of them, nor do we need to deny their existence or try to ignore them in order to find light in the darkness. We just need to hold compassion and be intelligently aware so we can avoid being seduced into the trap of needing to prove ourselves or into the mistaken belief that we need to fight against darkness. It is too easy to get caught up in trying to heal the dark. Darkness just is. Recognize it when it is there and be in your compassionate heart. All you need to do is make a choice - will you stay in your heart or will you be seduced by darkness and overcome by hate or sleepiness? Diving for light is a spiritual test and a threshold for all true creative work. We successfully navigate our way through this test and pass the threshold into new creative birth, by staying connected to the light of compassion in our own hearts. It is not an easy test, but it is one that you must be ready for -otherwise it wouldn’t be coming to you now. Just remember, it is the light of the heart that sustains. It exists within us always, even in the darkest depths of unknown terrain. This oracle also comes with a special message. There is a darkness within or around you that could become problematic if left unchecked. If, for no particular reason, you find yourself feeling angry, irritated, hopeless or tired more easily than usual, unable to rest or it is just too much effort to exercise or take care of yourself, then this darkness is having an unnecessary effect on you. It is time to end that now from a place of compassion. The healing process below will empower you for that task. Don’t be afraid. you are learning this lesson and the unending power of compassion because you are ready for it. Feel honored by the lesson and stay humbly centered in your powerful, rebellious heart that refuses to be conquered by fear and remains faithful to love. All will be well.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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