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Uranus in Taurus - May 15, 2018

Hello, soul friends!

If you have ears, I am sure you have heard about a little something going on tomorrow that is sure to rock us out of our comfort zones. Uranus is moving into Taurus and remain there until April 2026. Uranus has not been in this sign in the last 80-ish years and the last time it was, we had a bit of a crazy ride. As someone who has so many planets in Taurus, I have been a little weary of what this placement would bring me for the next 7-8 years. But to be forewarned is to be forearmed!

In order to truly understand what this means for all of us, we need to look at what Uranus represents and what it rules.

Uranus, God of the sky and the heavens, is the ruler of Aquarius, which rules over the 11th house of global consciousness. In Astrology, the energies of Uranus are electric and crammed with change. Uranus is forward-looking. It resists tradition, and celebrates originality and individuality. It is associated with technology, innovation, progression, and ultimately discovery. The positive traits that Uranus is associated with are enlightenment, objectivity, novelty, and ingenuity. The negative expression of Uranus is rebelliousness without a cause and irresponsibility.

This is the human element that breaks apart old paradigms and forces growth in collective thinking, all with awareness and action. It is the planetary tipping point. Uranus brings revolutions which ultimately better human conditions and they need to be born from chaos. Chaos naturally inspires order. With this transit affecting the global masses, a sobering reflection on the condition our lives will be hard to ignore. Uranus represents that which drives global radical action through the individual to become authorities over our own lives. It is the voice of the people, rules over humanitarian activities and challenges oppression no matter the cost.

Uranus is a highly intuitive and represents the spark that activates movement and progress. This is the planet that encourages further study and innovation. This is the planet that looks to stir things up, put a new spin on situations, and go against established thought or order. Uranus requires change!

Whenever a slow moving planet like Uranus moves signs, it creates a ripple effect that is felt throughout the entire cosmos, and brings a new energy for all of us to explore. As this super non-traditionalist planet moves into the sign of stubborn and ordered Taurus, we see why this will be such an electric 7 years of this placement.

Taurus is the sign that encompasses our relationship with the physical world. This includes our bodies, the earth, animals, food, resources, money, and how we assign value to these things. What we pay to get our basic needs met belongs to Taurus and the 2nd house of personal wealth. The ruling planet Venus likewise rules over the physical luxuries and sensations experienced on the physical plane. Our food, shelter and water are all things we pluck from the earth. Since Taurus also rules the toddler stage in life, it shows our dependence on forces that give us life. We are dependent on the resources we harvest and are vulnerable when we don’t adequately protect them.

The Taurean's characteristics are solidity, practicality, extreme determination and strength of will - no one will ever drive them, but they will willingly and loyally follow what they trust. Pair this steady energy with the electricity of Uranus, and we are bound to see things in a new light. Taurus rules the material (earthly possessions), as well as love, sensuality, beauty, and worldly comforts. These are all things that will be affected by the energy of Uranus moving into Taurus. ​​Uranus comes in to shake up the comfortable reliability of Taurus with the electric revolutionary energy that is the backbone of Uranus.

While Uranus is in Taurus, we’re bringing changes and shaking things up, particularly related to how we’re enjoying our lives, what we own, and how we arrange our things. We may be approaching money and personal possessions in a new, exciting way. New ways of doing business, as well as making, viewing, and handling money are likely during this cycle. Income and perhaps the energy we put into making money can be variable as we seek to find ourselves.

To further what this energy represents as a whole, let us look at what Uranus in Aries did for us and how we can move forward with this transit. Uranus in Aries was all about making changes so you could step into your power and into the driver’s seat of your life. Uranus in Aries called forth our spirit of individuality. Uranus in Aries brings the self forward in ways to create revolution of self and require new, innovative ways and means.

The events resemble the force of change and hammering similar to a rusted bolt that doesn't move, doesn't change. The hammering begins to knock the rust off in order to make the transitions necessary. The hammering began in early 2011 with the uprising against old regimes and old patriarchial dictatorships. This uprising will continue to knock the rust off of the bolts until change happens. The epic times of change began when Uranus moved into fiery Aries. Uranus in Aries sets the stage for change, breakthrough and freedom.

The uprising, revolts and upheaval will continue to displace the status quo, intensifying during the exact squares of Uranus to Pluto. The last time Uranus was square to Pluto was April 1932 to December 1934, which also give us another level of understanding that events from the current time are also tied into events that correlate to that time in history. There were major events of power struggles internationally, leadership transitions, rise of power regimes and financial adjustments globally. Change and revisions are needed, yet through the eyes of history, the elements are shifted to give us a chance to respond and direct the energy into positive times of change.

Integrating a whole new energy into events and circumstances, Uranus brings in change, breakthrough and freedom in the Aries arena and will stayed in Aries through 2018. Moving the innovative Aries energy into the current tasks and projects, Uranus provides a major flow of new energy. This energy of Aries requires that we break out of the old ways of doing things. The fiery sign of Aries determines that we have to become our true self and no longer play a role. Uranus shifted into Aries and we began to shift our focus and were propelled to go into our true Aries directions.

So, now we see what we have had to focus on for the last 7 years and why it is relevant to the energy we are moving towards tomorrow. As Uranus moves to Taurus, we will feel the tension of opposites. Uranus is all about change, and Taurus is not known for it's love of change. There may be problems with independence and seeking freedom, especially when focused materialistic pursuits, so we need to not be distracted by the physical world. We’re learning how to free ourselves from certain material constraints, and Uranus in Taurus is here to teach us how to remove ourselves from the traditions of the past.

Whenever a slow moving planet like Uranus moves signs, it creates a ripple effect that is felt throughout the entire cosmos, and brings a new energy for all of us to explore.

Uranus is giving us an opportunity to take direct action as individuals in protecting our earth. Taurus the sign of abundance, nature and biodiversity will open the eyes of the masses to these issues. The health of ecosystems depends on the existence of a diversity of plant varieties and animal breeds on farms. Biodiversity will also need to increase in urban areas and neighborhoods. Additionally, we could also see more aggressive promotion of genetically enhanced food and seed sterilization. Intellectual property rights of seed varieties will come to a head as well. How appropriate; intellectual (Uranus) property rights (Taurus).

While Uranus is all about change, growth, and awakening, Taurus is all about consistency, security, and stability. Uranus longs for change, whereas Taurus longs for things to stay the same. This is the dichotomy of this placement. These two energies are not exactly the perfect match, so there may be a push-pull feeling, and you may find it difficult to make or accept certain changes. Uranus may be removing the safety blanket and pacifier, and telling us to step out with more freedom and confidence in ourselves. Baby bird has to leave the comforts of the nest eventually. Uranus tells us it's that time!

The more we try to understand the lessons and the potential framework we can do, the easier it is to move with the changes. Don't resist the power of Uranus in Taurus, as it is here to help us break out of cycles that no longer benefit us as a whole. Our stability and comfort will come up to question; we must rise up to the challenge and changes. We are being called to dig a little deeper and learn to cultivate feelings of stability from within, regardless of our material and external circumstances.

Uranus rules over the sum of all individuals making change in their own lives. It is the driving power and desire to build empires of good will and higher Aquarian consciousness. When we meld together in groups, the group itself becomes its own entity and has tenfold the influence of one isolated voice. If we act with social unity, we can build grassroots movements that move mountains.

Celebrate yourself for how far you have come, and celebrate the changes that have occurred in your life so far. Try to see them with a positive mindset and just how they have shaped the person you are today. Remember, these planetary influences are meant to help us discover a new layer within that needs to be addressed. Rise up to the challenges and shift what is no longer beneficial.

Don't fear change, but embrace it. If we learn to be adaptable and resilient in the face of these electric innovative transitions from the comfortable to the real, we will learn that in all actuality the Universe is always serving our highest good.

My wish is for this transit to bring you many valuable and constructive changes!

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