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Card Drawing April 29, 2018

Good day, soul friends! Hope your weekend was fabulous. Happy Full Moon in Scorpio, my dears! I can't believe May is almost here!

Today's guidance comes from the Crystal Mandala Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you selected Card 1:

Goddess Sekhmet & Fire Agate - Passion of the Lion Heart We bring you the empowerment of passion of the lion heart. Through passion you will dedicate yourself with an intensity and discipline that may surprise you. Passion is love activated. It is energy that moves you from within and empowers you to act in the world in ways you would not otherwise dare to even consider. Passion gives you strength, plugs you into the eternal energy of sacred fire, and generates the ability to accomplish tasks you once may not have believed possible. With great passion there can be great pain. The heart that loves wild and open, is also the heart that can feel disappointment and doubt most keenly. The empowerment of the lion heart strengthens your heart to recover from any pain through the power of courage, commitment and bold, loving devotion to what matters most to you. There are those that will be led through life by the cool light of their inner knowing, and whose that will be led by their heart, by their dreams and aspirations. Those led by their heart need passionate purpose, a sense of meaningful motivating desire, to gain energy and accomplish great things. They have tremendous divine potential because they are less limited by the constraints of the mind. Where the mind may analyze and reflect and choose to opt out of a particular task, the heart will be moved by compassion and engage fully and completely with what needs to be done, no matter if it seems unlikely to succeed. This is when the bold daring heart is at it’s most beautiful - pulling off what seemed to be unlikely, or even impossible, by sheer force of commitment to what it loves the most. The passionate heart needs reassurance too however. It needs to know it is allowed to love dreams that don’t make sense. It is allowed to be daring, to take risks and to put faith in what can be, even if more logic-oriented minds question the sanity of such an action. Great changes happen when wild dreamers let their love loose in the world. The passion of the lion heart can inspire a meeker soul to find the sassiness and the spirit they didn’t even know they had, and join the wild lion army of sacred soul warriors fighting with peace for love on Earth. This oracle comes to you with a message. Trust your passion and your heart. Believe in what moves you most. The desires in your heart are there by divine design. They are as they are meant to be. You are here to further your journey of trusting in the heart. Whether that means you have been a raging divine lion for many years, or are just starting to wonder if you can turn your quiet truths into a mighty roar, you are being invited to go deeper into the passion of your heart and live your divine purpose with courage and conviction. If your heart is tired, broken, overwhelmed, despairing, doubting or suffering from compassion fatigue (where you know you still care but you can’t summon the energy to feel anything in that moment), this oracle brings you comfort. Rest. Heal. Replenish. Your passion has not faded, but you must give yourself the time you need to recover from your remarkable exertions. Allow your passion to motivate you, not burn you out. Take the time you need, allow the Divine to heal you, and know your shining lion heart shall burn bright with energy again soon. The oracle also brings you comfort if you feel you are lacking in courage, passion or emotional motivation, and perhaps suffering not only from fatigue, but apathy, depression or despair too. You are going to overcome anything and everything that stands in the way of your loving heart, burning bright with sacred fire. The fierce face of the Divine Mother is upon your precious heart and she will intervene on your behalf. Do not doubt the extent and power of her love for you. Nothing can overcome it. She always wins. Empower her to help you with the following healing process. Do it as often as needed until you feel the fire of her in your heart. Do not force; be patient, but give yourself the support you need by doing the healing process. The Divine Mother will take care of the rest.

If you were drawn to Card 2:

Goddess Matangi & Heliotrope - Already There Is Value

We bring you the empowerment to see that already there is value. It is natural for creative energy to become excited by new possibilities, new ideas and new forms. It is also possible however for creative energy to become engaged in liberating the undiscovered value within that which already exists, polishing it until it shines with divine light. Sometimes there is a need to shed the past and all associated with it completely, starting afresh. However, at other times, there is something of value from the past that can, if allowed to bask in the light of your creativity, become very valuable for your future. In your enthusiasm to move forward in life, don't forget to take the value that already exists in your world along with you.

The Innovative, creative mind tends to be future-oriented. It can see how things could be. There is excitement for what is yet to be in the desire to embrace the new, and brats the feeling of excitement for what is unusual and stands apart from what has been. This can be healthy and helpful. Newness can bring energy and uplifting change. It is wise, however, to not rapidly cast sway all the husband to make space for the new. It is a question of discernment and degree. Sometimes it will be appropriate to take extreme measures to purge the past.

At other times it is simply not necessary, and if you do not pause to consider the value of what you are releasing, you may lose valuable resources that will support your future. Perhaps it is an idea that will need to be further worked upon for the full design brilliance to be revealed, or a connection that already exists and is going to unexpectedly rise up and support you and your divine work in some way. Whether there is an old idea have completed, and opportunity not yet acted on, or important not yet taken in and digested, the oracle says that something valuable is right under your nose.

It may well be the very thing that helps you bridge the past and the future. You are guided to sit with your creative efforts and what already exists in your life, with your relationships, your possessions, the information you have at your disposal. Is there information, a project, situation or inner guidance you have already received that you are yet to fully integrate and apply in your life? Is there something within that could be beneficial to you? Use your intuition. Allow yourself to feel for your inner guidance. Is there anything you have to quickly dismissed as trash that could actually be transformed into treasure? If you are inspired to reinvigorate a pass practice, to revive a reinvent yourself, a brand or project, then the oracle brings encouragement for this process.

If you are going through a creative process of growth - perhaps having completed a body of work with a certain lots of fear approach and now feeling to head in a different direction, or perhaps as a parent now stepping into a professional arena, for example - this oracle brings you guys. Do not dismiss the value of what you have done up until this point. It is in no way to diminish because you are growing. You are growing because you have done all that you have done! Your past efforts can continue to have a positive impact in the lives of others even while you move on with your own life into the next phase of your journey.

If you chose Card 3:

Ascended Master White Matthew and Danburite - Original Self We bring you the blessing of original self. As you progress through your life, learning and growing, you gain wisdom and strength. You grow more radiant and authentic, true to who you are, and as this happens, many of the layers of identity begin to fall away. What you once believed yourself to be is shown to be not much more than clothing your soul wore for a time. You have outgrown it. It is no longer a good fit. It constrains too much - doesn’t reflect your personality, vibrancy, uniqueness, and beauty - so you discard it. Perhaps you are able to be more spiritually naked? The sense of who you are becomes simpler. You are just you. Others may or may not ‘get you,’ but nonetheless, you are still just you. You are freeing yourself from the projections of others, of the world, and simply living as your original, radiant Divine self. “The blessing of the original self empowers you to free yourself from the expectations, judgments, control and manipulations of others. It helps you reclaim any power you have ever given to another to determine how you should feel about yourself and who you are supposed to be. You have tried to fit into roles and identities in the past, based on how you thought you should behave rather than how you authentically felt. At times, you have tried to bend and mold yourself to meet external expectations, and this felt constraining to your soul. You might have done it for what you felt were good reasons, but you have grown to the point where you understand there is never a reason that makes distorting who you are worthwhile. Now you are ready to break free of constraints, expectations and projections and dare to be yourself, unapologetically, truthfully, lovingly and proudly. As you take that step, you are honoring yourself and you are honoring the source, the great creative intelligence that designed you to be as you are in truth. Shaking off projections from others takes sacred anger and compassion, courage, and a will to love others. One way to be empowered to do this is to remind yourself that projections are not about you. They are about the wounded fantasies of the people making the projection. These wounded fantasies prevent real connection and real love from taking place. They are an invisible wall of expectation that keeps love at bay. People will often give opinions very decidedly about others they have never personally met and know nothing about! Then there are the projections from those we are in personal relationships with, which can become so powerful that over time, we begin to believe in what other want us to be rather than what we know ourselves to be deep within. If you have people in your life whom you love, but who try to change you, manipulate you, or have become angry when you do not meet their expectations of who they believe you should be, you must take care of yourself. You have been created by divine design for perfect purpose. For you to be able to live your life purpose, you have to be who you are! If you are an open sort of personality, as many on the spiritual path are striving to be, you must be sure you are strong enough within, so the openness you have to others doesn’t result in you becoming confused about who you are and what you are here for. Don’t feel guilty about saying no to the projections of others about you. You don’t need o convince anyone of anything, nor have you anything to prove. You can say no firmly but with loving kindness in your heart as you feel safe and secure in claiming your true self, your true values and your wants and needs as your own. Others may choose to live in their fear-based need to control and manipulate. That is their choice and you must respect their right to choose. But that does not mean that you have to agree with them. You are allowed to choose to have people in your life who see you and love you for who you are. No one else can choose you if you do not choose yourself. Do not wait for permission to discover and be your real self. You are beautiful! Be you now! If you don’t know who that is, take time to get to know yourself and find out. You are worth the time and effort and the world needs you to be you, no matter if others think they know better than the Divine about how you should have been created. If you are yet to find clarity in those matters of who you are and why you are here, then this oracle brings you a blessing. This is the blessing of confirmation that your original self, your innate divine essence is intact, untainted and will be revealed to you in full beauty. To help you discover your true self, why not go back to the original you through the years? What has always had meaning for you? What did you love to do as a child? What do you dream of now? If you could fantasize your perfect life into reality, what would it be like? Get to know you, and you will find that the original you shines through. Like the sun being seen more clearly as the clouds clear, with this blessing, it is only a matter of time before the innate, real, authentic and original you that you have always been deep within is revealed.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!