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Card Drawing December 17, 2017

Good day, soul friends! Hope your week was wonderful and that you are resting before the chaos of the holiday season. Hope you are gearing up for the last New Moon of 2017. I can't believe this year is almost over!

Today's guidance comes from the Sacred Symbols Oracle deck by Marcella Kroll.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3..

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you were drawn to Card 1:

Transmute - Snake is a powerful symbol of Transmutation. Accept its gift of shedding the old ways, and the ability to make magic by transmuting new. Meditate on this symbol when you need some assistance in changing the energy in your life. Not to be taken lightly, this is HEAVY MAGIC.

Symbol: The Snake totem represents our ability to let go of the old by shedding its skin, and allowing constant evolution.

You can transmute your limiting belief systems and baggage that you carry around everywhere with you. Release them to be transmuted into freedom and possibility. This ascension process, it’s not easy. There is so much coming up that needs to be cleared, released, transformed, and transmuted. It can be exhausting. Just keep processing it one day at a time like you are.

There is no need for a guru to take you through the process, for we all end up at the same place in the end, traveling the path as only we can. We can ask for assistance or advice, and then we can decide whether or not it resonates with us. That’s the great thing about good will.But there are an abundance of gurus out there right now. Many cashing in on the process of leading you through it. Beware of all that. Tune inwards instead. It’s free and readily available. Trust yourself.

The serpentine path to power is through transition and trust. Changes are flowing through you. Relax and know that you have the power to be what you want to be!.

If you selected Card 2:

Boundaries - Stand your ground, be your own guardian, and take up space! This is not he time to play small. Honor your space, and create healthy boundaries in your situation. Meditate on this symbol when you want to set a healthy boundary and stick to it. Jaguar can also help you keep your integrity and standards high.

Symbol - The Jaguar is a totem of integrity and impeccability. It has a healthy sense of boundaries, and respects magic and the unknown.

A sincere desire to give of service is wonderful. However, there is a distinction between giving of yourself and giving up yourself. If you feel tired, guilty, or resentful while helping others, then you are not truly helping them, are you? Step back and reassess the situation. As you respect your own boundaries, others will begin to recognize and respect them within you, and within themselves as well.

Not everyone wants to put in all the hard work that you have put in. This Jaguar totem is empowering you and facilitating your soul work. It is important to know the difference between inspiring and empowering others, and being taken advantage of.Boundaries are so important and it is imperative that you work on yours now. You cannot let your energy be zapped by others, or by spreading yourself too thin.

This is a powerful time of manifestation, and you will become a beacon of light to those who wish to have what you are creating..

If you chose Card 3:

Power - A powerful ally or connection. You are granted permission to display your strengths for all to see. This is a great time of personal charisma and magic. Meditate on this when you want to call your power back and feel your confidence.

Symbol - The Crown of Isis is made up of the Sun disk and cradled in a cow's horns. The Sun and the cow were both worshiped in Ancient Egypt as a symbol of the different but equal powers of the Feminine and the Masculine.

If you are feeling blocked, having trouble moving forward or seem to be stuck in the same endless pattern, you may have some karmic lessons at work in your life that need to be released. There is a measure of security in clinging on to old patterns of behaviors, which is what often holds us captive; the fear of the new and unknown. Yet gently letting this all go and trusting in your Divine plan will serve not only you, but everyone around you as you find peace and balance in your life. You can rest assured that anything you need to know in order to heal will come to your awareness.

You may or may not see the whole picture and if you do not, then it isn’t necessary for healing. We are always given more than enough to be able to heal. It is just a matter of being attentive and aware of what is happening right before us in our lives and realizing that if we follow any pain, we will find what needs healing.When we find our true inner power, it will set us free.

When we no longer feel the need to control or dominate others. When we feel that we are completely equal to all other forms of life on this planet and beyond. When we see our own true divinity within ourselves, and know that we are absolutely worthy.

When we meet others and there is only Love, only receptivity. This is when we know that finally we are empowered.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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