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DC Comics Justice League Tarot

Hello, soul friends!

Today's review is covering a deck that caught my attention for being a DC Justice League themed Tarot deck. Anyone who knows me, understands my love for comics. I found this deck and just knew it would be a perfect fit. I loved the details, color, and of course the overall theme of the cards. I couldn't wait to get my paws on it and work with this fun deck.

I hope you enjoy my review and generous pictures!

DC Comics Justice League Tarot

I first saw this deck on Instagram and then harassed my husband until he bought it for me on Amazon. I have a lot of different Tarot decks, but this was just too perfect for me to pass up. It was a bit different from my other Tarot decks, so I thought it would be a good addition.

Amazon's product description:

Do you love DC Comics, but still struggle with some basic existential questions? Have you tried a tarot card reading, only to find the cards incomprehensible? The solution to all your problems (figuratively and maybe literally) lies within the Justice League Tarot Card Deck! Beautifully illustrated by Sara Richard, this 78-card tarot deck reimagines the heroes and villains of the DC Universe as all of the Major and Minor Arcana. Each character is thoughtfully paired with the cards they best represent, making the secrets of this occult pastime a little easier to divine. Of course Harley Quinn is The Fool, and Lex Luthor is The Devil. The real question is: what card is Booster Gold? Slip this deck out of its fancy velvet bag and discover the answer - while finding the secrets of your own future.

Reveal secrets and look into the future with this striking tarot card deck featuring stylized illustrations of the Justice League! Comes complete with a velvet bag.

About the Artist

I’m an artist from a little old woodsy town in New Hampshire.

I love to create and when I’m not making art I’m daydreaming of future pieces. I love to paint strange juxtapositions and sustained, borderline-awkward eye contact. I’m constantly trying to visualize in an illustration what can’t be seen in the real world. Painting wind is my favorite. I feel you can’t ever have enough colors in your art. That is what the Mesiah Lisa Frank taught me when I was a wee-nut.

While spare time can be hard to come by in between deadlines, I love traveling and while doing that I try a bit of ghost hunting. I am on a quest to see my first full on ghost. Ask me about the closest I’ve come to that craziness. It’s a fun story involving The Queen Mary in Long Beach. I wish I could live in that ship! My other life journeys involve finding the best pulled pork and wonton soup. Though not together. Then I hang glide during nice weather and art-fu the rest of the time. Currently various British comedy episodes fill in the gaps and karaoke finishes it all off. When back in New Hampshire I can be found scouring (literally) cemeteries restoring and cleaning old gravestones with my mom.

Credits of past work are that I’ve illustrated the kid’s book from Yen Press, “Kitty and Dino” which was nominated for a 2013 Eisner Award (Best Publication for Young Readers) and have been steadily working on variant covers for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series from IDW. I have also contributed interior art to a couple Pony tales. Other work from IDW includes covers for Jem and The Holograms and an interior story for Ghostbusters. I’m the illustrator of the DC Collectables’ Justice League Tarot Card Set and have done variant covers for Marvel’s Deadpool, Dynamite’s Bob’s Burgers and Oni Press’ Rick and Morty.

(Those last two titles are my favorite cartoons and Deadpool was the character to get me back into comics years ago. Life is good.)

A couple last tidbits: I’m heavily inspired by Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and 80’s Fashion. Japanese Ink Paintings (sumi-e) I love for their simplicity in composition, so much so that my signature is “Sara” in katakana. I try to emulate the simplicity and movement of my inspirations in my work.Lastly, I like saving turtles from busy roads. (Snapping turtles you need a stick to scoot those beautiful monsters across. That is my turtle wisdom to you, reader.)

And also, I’m terrified of centipedes.

My Personal Review

This 78-card deck is meant to be used as an Tarot deck, allowing you to devise your own meanings of the cards, as well. The dimensions of the deck are 3.2 x 2 x 5 inches and published by DC Collectibles.

The box is a nice addition. Larger than the deck, it included a velvet pouch with the name in silver etching, and no guidebook. The cards are stunning to look at. The art by Sara Richards is perfectly done throughout the entire deck. They are bright without being overpowering. There is a subtle quality, and yet that art nouveau vibe going on. The artist, did a fantastic job of incorporating her personal style, while maintaining the Comic book look throughout the deck. It is cohesive and yet each card has it's own energy. Some of the cards have the exaggerated nature of traditional comics.

The card backs are as lovely as the images on the front of each card. Reversals are up to the reader, as the image doesn't really allow for reversed cards. The cards are high quality with a nice feel that makes shuffling smooth. The number and symbol is printed on the front of each card which corresponds to descriptions in the guidebook. There are a few harsh, garish, or obscene images in this deck, but very typical of any DC Comic book, some violence is included, after all. It can be used to read for any client (especially those who adore comic books), without upsetting them and I found even some of the darker cards are actually really beautifully done. The card stock thicker, semi-gloss without being sticky, slick to shuffle, and allows you get a nice bend without cracking the card stock. The finish really helps make the cards shuffle easily without sticking or scratching. This card stock is very different, but it is enjoyable to have. I love the smooth and easy way this deck shuffles. I am not a fan of the unfinished edges, some gilding would have elevated this deck so much more. I have never edged my own deck, but I probably will do this one in black to really create a seamless appearance.

The size of the cards was an average tarot deck size. Not too large, and not too small. This may not be the easiest to just pick up for those who are not used to having to rely too heavily on intuition, but with practice and an open mind, it can quickly become a fun favorite to change out the monotony of RWS traditional decks.

For anyone familiar with Tarot, this would be a lovely addition that brings beauty and comfortable images to the RW traditional tarot. The colors are beautiful, the borders tie the deck together, and the art nouveau style really is astonishing throughout the deck. I have enjoyed using it not only for clients, but also my own personal readings. It also is a dream to photograph. I love this comic style tarot deck and always get compliments when I use it for daily card drawings or even client readings. The artwork elevates the significance for me, and also makes it an unexpected deck to use.

The images are clear yet, they convey mystery. It's an interesting effect, that I have not seen in other decks. This deck is perfect for those who love comic books (specifically DC), Justice League, non-traditional images on the Tarot, and art nouveau..

The DC Justice League Tarot deck presents lavishly illustrated oracle cards infused with the beauty and inspiration from previous time's art pieces co-mingled with the DC universe. The deck is rich in symbolic detail. Sarah did an amazing job expressing each of the card's energies with each character. I feel like I have found a new layer to use to connect the energies and themes to my clients by using beloved characters (and new-to-me ones, as well).

The only drawback is that no guidebook was included. It would have been a great addition to see the meanings of the cards and why certain characters were chosen or a bit on their back stories. I actually joined a study group on FB to learn more about some of the more obscure characters and understand why they were chosen to represent certain cards. I think there is a potential to create a wonderful guidebook for future purchase.

All in all, I enjoyed it a lot and have found it to be wonderful to use with clients, without hesitation, if the messages will be well-received. It is comforting, supportive, and also allows for subtle breakthroughs to be made without showing off. I highly recommend it.

Overall, I think this was a much needed and well-executed deck. Simple, but straight to the point. I highly recommend it!

My overall opinion is that this deck is a 4 star choice.

Artwork - 5 stars

Card stock - 3 stars

Ease - 4 stars

Guidebook - N/A

I hope that you enjoyed my deck review, and also enjoy other deck reviews that I add to this site. I have a passion for exploring new decks and also finding various ways of connecting to my intuition. I appreciate you checking out my site and taking the time to read my review.

Happy Reading!