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Card Drawing November 12, 2017

Good day, soul friends! Hope your week has been great. I am learning, resting, and trying to be patient with myself. I hope you are all taking care of yourselves.

Today's guidance comes from the Lightworkers Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you were drawn to Card 1:

Initiation By Water - "Your spiritual path this lifetime involves you becoming a clear channel for Spirit. You are meant to communicate with higher guidance from the loving spiritual worlds. Your initiation by water will further open your receiving channels, dislodge lower vibrational material and sensitive you to the subtle realms of light. You are being opened to a world of which you may only have dreamed, such is its beauty, grace, and love." Situations have been arising in your world that evoke emotional reactions and challenge your opinions and beliefs. You may not feel in control. You may feel like your world, your own emotions, have become like a stormy sea in which you are tossed about - and you are doing your best to not drown in the chaos. Yet you are not to fear it. It is stirring that which has been held within so it can be released. The storm will pass and the waters of your emotions shall become more serene. You could compare the process to a glass of water with muddy sediment at the bottom. The water appears clear as the mud is left to lie. Yet once that water gets stirred up, the mud rises. Then it can be filtered out, and the water will be clearer than ever before. The turbulence was a step that led to greater clarity. The waters in the glass are comparable to your emotional waters. And the fixed opinions, beliefs, or long-held emotional patterns based on unresolved past pain are the sediment at the bottom of the glass. Hold the glass up to the light. Can the light shine through the sediment? No. But it can be seen through the clear water. Remove the sediment, and the water will be clear enough to allow light to shine through without obstruction or distortion. The light is the light of Spirit, of higher truths, unconditional love, of peace, wisdom, and joy. You know that you are meant to be a channel for the truths of the spirit. As an advanced soul, you are capable of successfully enduring the process of filtering out whatever would obstruct the clear flow of higher consciousness through your being. Perhaps, tired of emotional swings, you have suppressed your emotions and believe you feel nothing - yet you are acting out unwanted emotions behaviors or suffering from apparently random physical accidents or maladies, which is your subconscious way of expressing your hidden feelings. If this is the case, you are encouraged to be kind to yourself, to give yourself time to reflect upon your true feelings. Releasing emotional blockages doesn't have to be a drawn-out process. It is often the resistance and fear of the feelings within that is more difficult than expressing the actual feeling underneath that resistance and finally letting it go. Whatever pain you are feeling right now is a sign of emotional healing and recovery. You are encouraged to accept and process your feelings, especially those that do not make much sense to you. Your emotional truths will make more sense as you heal. If you can get help from a healer, therapist, counselor, or mentor, they will support you and help you resolve your part of the process more swiftly. Know that even though it challenges you at times, this is a good thing that is taking place, necessary for you to more fully receive the divine connection for which you yearn. Invocation: "I choose to lovingly, gratefully and kindly let go of that which I no longer need to hold on to emotionally. Forgiveness is easy for me. I forgive myself and all others for our human mistakes. I choose to honor a mistake as a chance to learn and an opportunity from the Divine to grow more loving. I ask for protection, assistance, merciful grace, and tender compassion to bless me through this initiation so that I may thrive in joy. May all those who are divinely destined to become clear channels."

If you selected Card 2:

Spiritual Decree -

“You have been wondering what will happen next in your life, not realizing how much power you have to decide that for yourself. What do you wish to have happen next? Are you willing to use your divine birthrights of free will, voice and empowerment to set the cosmic wheels in motion? If your answer is yes! then it is time to speak your truth to the Universe. Decree it, and you shall be it.”

You have been praying for help, asking for a map and wanting directions. You are wise in the ways of the receptive, responsive approach to life. It is spiritually mature to trust the greater guiding power of the Divine to direct your course - and yet the wishes in your heart are part of how that happens! Divine destiny is not something that just happens to you, but it is something that you co-create as a living, spiritual being with free will and divine love beating in your heart.

You are being honored for your ability to ask for guidance and wait for signs. You are also being asked to set intention and develop faith in yourself - to trust in what your heart yearns for, what you love so much that you are willing to go through the discomfort of growth to see it come to life.

It is time for you to have the experience of seeing your intention blossom into manifestation. This does not mean that you have to make things happen. You are not responsible for how your manifestation occurs. The Universe unfolds according to its own genius, of course. But you are responsible for the words, beliefs and intentions you express that are the seeds of your personal creations. The Universe then responds in its own wise and powerful way.

When this oracle card comes to you it is time to speak your truth. What does your heart truly yearn for? Focus on it and say it aloud. Do not be afraid to speak your dreams, desires, wishes and fantasies. Sometimes it is only in daring to speak them aloud that we really understand what we want. This can be a terrifying, liberating, exciting and life-changing moment! It is the moment that we grow into a spiritual adult, becoming willing to take responsibility for our own life journey.

Will you speak your heart truths now? Feel your words moving the energy from deep within, transforming your truth into sound and releasing it as intent into the Universe! Do not worry about finding the perfect words - just speak freely from your heart. Give yourself permission to express your deepest desires and then let go and Trust.


“By The Divine authority in me, I intend to create, attract and enjoy, for the greatest good of all, a life of abundance in love, well-being, fulfillment, joy and wisdom. I am willing to take the journey to grow into the fullest expression of my beautiful and true self. May these words be divinely empowered to create my reality: Love. Peace. Happiness. Trust. Surrender. Strength. Grace. (If there is something you want to create in addition to this, express it aloud now). May the power of voice and decree, the power of spiritual authority, always be tempered by grace and divine mercy. Through unconditional love and my own free will, so be it.”

If you chose Card 3:

The Heart Transmission - "Your heart is capable not only of giving and receiving love, but of connecting you to a great network of being that resonate in the highest frequencies of divine love. Through your heart, you can receive information and guidance from networks of light that fill our universe. As you learn to open your heart to receiving these Transmissions, your ability to work with group consciousness and loving weight increases. You shall affect humanity in a loving way, influencing the collective, rather than allowing the lower frequencies of the collective to overwhelm you." Working with group energy is a leap on the spiritual path, with risk, but also great reward and turns of empowerment to manifest your life mission. The risk with group energy is mitigated when you approach it from the heart, rather than the head. The mind can argue one point of view and then immediately - and convincingly - argue it's opposite. The heart, however, either feel something resonates or it doesn't - whether or not there's a logical explanation for it. The mind can be seduced by those who tell you they have great spiritual power. But this will instantly trigger intuitive warning bells in your heart, for those with genuine power do not need to convince you of it. The heart is a key to deciding where you offer your devotion. When you offer devotion to the group consciousness that loves you unconditionally, your heart feel safe, loved and an inner knowing of the rightness of that great for you - whether that group exist on the earthly plane or in the spiritual dimension. For as long as it gives you life, broadens your horizons, nourishes your truths, and empowers you to live your destiny, that group is serving you. If you do not experience these positive effects, if you feel drained, confuse or that your issues are not resolving as you work with this group, listen carefully to your heart and question whether it is indeed the right place for you to be. It is important also work with groups that you can serve. Although you may love your family, for example, they might not be their group you can best serve. Perhaps those who are open, willing and receptive to your spiritual gifts are outside your family. Perhaps your family can benefit spiritually from you in the role of mother, or son, or daughter, but not in the role of spiritual mentor. On the other hand, some groups may want to feed off you, but not learn to do for themselves. They may wish for you to give them the answers to their problems. They may not be willing to develop the trust, courage, confidence and empowerment that is required to take responsibility for their own relationship to the Universe - which is needed so they can grow and soul wisdom through their life experiences. Your heart may guide you to withdraw your services from such people because you love them and want them to grow. Your heart will guide you to operate differently with different people. You may be got it to explore Hobbies or interests that lead you to the next group that your presents can assist. The heart wall so guide you when it is time to move on. The transmission of the heart gives a truthful assessment of the interaction of your frequency with the frequency of a group. Is it mutually raised? Then it is a spiritually constructive connection. Is it diminished? This will not be so helpful. The heart empowers you to know when to work with others, for how long and in what way. Trust it! The more you do, the more groups which can bring great benefit to you and to the planet, can enter into your world. Invocation: "I have gratitude now for the heart transmission that guides me through universal love into the group consciousness that can best serve the greatest good in my own divine destiny. I ask for protection, Insight, clear knowing and clear feeling to guide me through the many groups that I will love and work with spiritually this lifetime. May all my group involvements be constructive. May love, light and power increasing me and upon the earth through all group work, blessed by grace. May the unconditionally loving one's help all group endeavors attain spiritual success. Through my own free will and divine love, so be it."

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!