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Card Drawing June 4, 2017

Hello! Good day, soul friends! Happy JUNE! I hope your week was fantastic and that your weekend brought you some rest! How is it already the middle of 2017? Slow down, already. I am still not even used to being 2017 and this year is halfway gone.

Good day, soul friends! Today's guidance comes from the Keepers of the Light and the Angel Prayers Oracle decks by Kyle Gray.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3..

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you chose the set of Cards 1:

Inner Power - The Divine Father -

"Divine Father, thank you for co-creating my world with me."

You are blessed to receive the support of the universal father today. You have the power within you to create your world and you are being encouraged to see that this power is only in place when you are coming from a space of love. Release any toxic feelings and feel blessed, knowing God as with you today. You are so powerful when you share your love with the world.

You are being encouraged by God and his Angels to be a powerful leader of love. There are two ways of accepting power: you can use it to instill fear and overpower others, or you can use it to guide and empower yourself and others. Lead by example and be the powerful loving leader you desire to see in the world. You are powerful and filled with love.

Shiva is the Hindu god of strength and power. He is the ultimate father figure and is known for his leadership and fiery energy. He is known as "the destroyer" and "the cosmic dancer," but it is important to say that he is another expression of love. When called upon, he does destroy the negative energy in our lives, but he can lighten up our world like the sun. In this deck we have focused on him as the Divine Father, as he gives us support and strength as a representation of our father in Heaven, God.

Hilarion - Divine Healing - "Honor your sensitivity. Retreat to recharge and heal. Your light can support others."

Hilarion is a spiritual master who lived int he Middle East during the 4th century. At the age of 15 heft the call to go to the retreat of Saint Anthony in the Egyptian desert. This was busy with people needing healing, after a while he went back home with some monks. During that time his parents passed way and it is said that Hilarion was so devoted to service he gave all of their estate to his brothers and the poor. For the rest of his life he lived as a hermit in a cave and was said to perform miracles with his prayers and touch. To this day he is dedicated to healing but he also helps spiritual people who feel overly sensitive to overcome their challenges and integrate with the normal world.

The world can seem overwhelming to you and it's okay to retreat to a safe space every now and then to cleanse and recharge your energy. You may feel called to serve others or share your healing with them, but please ensure you are filled wit light and love and energy first, so that you are not sacrificing your own development for others. You are surrounded by the healing light of Hilarion and the healing angels at this time so that you can recharge and feel whole.

If you were drawn to the set of Cards 2:

Take A Step Back -

"Thank you Angels for helping me to step back from what's not serving me."

The Angels are guiding you to step back from any harsh energies or situations in your life at this time. You're being encouraged to remember that you are a sensitive being and if you are around harsh energies, you will pick them up. If you feel that there are certain people, places or situations in your world that don't resonate with were you are right now, take a step back from them.

If you're jumping into a new project at this time, you're being encouraged to step back and think about the effects it will have on your life. The Angels are encouraging you to slow down and to reassess the situation in your heart and mind before proceeding any further. Step back and allow things to develop naturally and without force. Everything will happen at the right time.

Archangel Michael - Trusting Heaven -

"You are safe. Angels stand close. Surrender your concerns and allow a miracle to occur."

Archangel Michael (Saint Michael) is one of the four major archangels in the Abrahamic religions. His twin flame is Faith. He is loved all over the world because he is the patron saint of protection. He wields a bright sword of light to help us detach from drama, challenges, or fears. His name mean "he who is like God," and his fiery presence helps awaken our leadership to connect with heaven. If challenges are present in your life, call on Michael to bring his sword of light to energetically disconnect from what's no longer serving you.

Your angel team is with you now. You are not in this alone. You may be feeling sensitive or overwhelmed, but your angels are inviting you to take a step back so that they can come in and share their light of miracles. You may feel that your prayers aren't heard, but that doubt blocks solutions from entering your life. Now that Archangel Michael and his legion of angels are here to help clear anything that's not serving you so that you can allow in the miracles of change that you deserve.

If you selected the set of Cards 3:

Transformation - Archangel Zadkiel -

"Thank you Zadkiel for supporting me to transform from my past challenges."

The Angels are encouraging you to see that there are many opportunities to transform at this time in your life. You may feel emotional or overwhelmed by your feelings or even angry, but please be assured that this is the process of transformation taking place. Your energy is now being stripped of anything that is no longer serving you and you may feel open and vulnerable, but please know the Angels are looking after your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Right now you are a caterpillar tucked inside its cocoon, but soon you will be vibrant butterfly.

The Angels are here to acknowledge the emotional and physical transformations that have taken place in your life. They can see you more clearly now that you have released the old and dusty thoughts, actions and situations from your life. You are moving to a space where you are comfortable in your skin that ever. You have transformed yourself physically and emotionally, and this is seen through the strength of your very divine and aligned spirit.

Zadkiel's name means "Righteousness of God". He is the Angel who brings emotional balance and helps us transmute any negative experience into a focus for love and learning. He is the keeper of the violet flame, a spiritual energy space where we can go to release and surrender anything that is no longer serving us.

Diana - Focused Intention -

"Think about what you desire. Set your sights high. Expect the best possible outcome."

Diana is the Roman moon goddess of the hunt. She is also known as Artemis in Greek mythology, where she has similar attributes. She is often depicted with wild animals around her, and as she is associated with the moon, she connects deeply with the wild beasts that come out at night. She is often seen holding a bow and a quiver of arrows, which signifies her ability to help us focus on a vision. She also helps us tune into our intuitive side so that we can listen to the wisdom that will guide us towards our goal. In particular she encourages women to move into their true power, and promotes equality for all souls.

Move forwards with unwavering faith, knowing that the universe is supporting you. Diana is helping you awaken your divine ability to manifest what you deserve. Any fear is only a reminder that whenever you are working on or through is an important issue for your growth. Your focus is strong now and will be particularly powerful at the full moon. You may be aware of night owl tendencies - this is because your angels and guides are sending you important messages you may be missing during the day due to a busy schedule. Set some time aside to do a deep meditation to receive the guidance.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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