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Tarot Del Fuego by Ricardo Cavolo

Hello, soul friends!

Today's review is covering a deck that caught my attention for it's beautiful and vibrant artwork. I loved the details, color, and overall theme of the cards. I couldn't wait to get my paws on it and work with this beauty.

I hope you enjoy my review and generous pictures!

Tarot Del Fuego

I got this deck via a swap group and just loved it. I have a lot of different Tarot decks, but this artwork was just too beautiful to pass up. It was a bit different from my other Tarot decks, so I thought it would be a good addition to check it out. I also had gotten this with the intention of gifting it to a special and fiery friend. She has enjoyed it and I can't wait to see her use it more! Swap groups are a lot of fun, and help you check out decks and find decks you have never heard of. Plus, it is fun to send your decks off to someone who could love them, too!

Amazon's description of the Tarot Del Fuego:

Featuring high-energy art that pops with bold colors and fiery motifs, Ricardo Cavolo’s Tarot del Fuego is a deck that invites you deep into the heart of the spirit in a unique way. With rosy-cheeked figures and omnipresent eyes of fire, nothing escapes the notice of one who reads with this adventurous deck.

The companion booklets for most Lo Scarabeo decks are in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

About the creator

For illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, the eyes serve as the centerpiece of any story, reflecting the power and insight of the embodied souls and giving way to the future.

Cavolo is equal parts artist and storyteller, weaving intricate narratives with detailed brush strokes and vibrant colors attracting emotions from curious glances. Each of Cavolo’s portraits are smeared with personality, emphasizing not only his keen storytelling but the astuteness and depth with which he creates personas.

My Personal Review

This 78-card deck is meant to be used as an Tarot deck, allowing you to devise your own meanings of the cards, as well. The dimensions of the deck are 2.5 x 1.2 x 4.5 inches and published by Lewellyn Publications and Lo Scarabeo Decks.

The simple tuck box came a little beat up to me, which is okay. I think most tuck boxes aren't made for regular use. I love the images on the box and boldness of the colors. This is definitely a vibrant and colorful deck, full of powerful images and visually satisfying colors. As the name implies, there are a lot of flames throughout.

The card backs are as lovely as the images on the front of each card. Reversals are up to the reader, as the image doesn't really allow for reversed cards. The cards are high quality with a nice feel that makes shuffling smooth. The card name is printed on the front of each card which corresponds to descriptions in the guidebook. Some of the images are a little intense, and full of beautiful details. But I loved the surrealism and different approach to some of the card images. The card stock thicker, semi-matte, slick to shuffle, and allows you get a nice bend without cracking the card stock. The finish really helps make the cards shuffle easily without sticking or scratching. Truly soothing and almost slippery. This card stock is very different, but it is enjoyable to have. I love the smooth and easy way this deck shuffles.

With an inherent Spanish influence and particular attention to colors and moods, these pieces of artwork tell an amazing story. There is passion, bravery, and a vibrancy that makes the Tarot so much more musical to me. The details

The size of the cards was an average Tarot deck size. Not too large, and not too small. The guidebook is simple, but gives enough to encourage you to develop your own special meanings of the cards. It comes in a variety of languages. It really does lead one to using their intuition and also diving into all of the details in the cards. This may not be the easiest to just pick up for those who are not used to having to rely too heavily on intuition, but with practice and an open mind, it can quickly become a gentle favorite. That being said, it is a beautiful deck.

For anyone familiar with Tarot, this would be a lovely addition that brings beauty and comfortable images to the RW traditional tarot. The colors are beautiful, and there is almost a sense of humor that shines through. Tarot with a smile. The visually stunning colors, viscerally evocative artwork, combine to create a provocative deck that brings more than just a splash of color to your readings.

Here are some extra pictures of this vibrant deck:

Overall, I think this was a much needed and well-executed deck. Simple, but straight to the point. I highly recommend it!

My overall opinion is that this deck is a 4.5 star choice.

Artwork - 5 stars

Card stock - 5 stars

Ease - 4 stars

Guidebook - 2 stars

I hope that you enjoyed my deck review, and also enjoy other deck reviews that I add to this site. I have a passion for exploring new decks and also finding various ways of connecting to my intuition. I appreciate you checking out my site and taking the time to read my review.

Happy Reading!


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