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February 2017 Monthly Energies

Hello, lovely soul friends! I can't believe February is here already! I wanted to do a general energetic Tarotscope for February and see what this month will bring for us. I hope that 2017 is treating you well and that you are enjoying it. Also, don't forget to enter my Sacred Sisters Loop Giveaway going on through February 10th. I have teamed up with 11 other amazing shops to bring you some lovely goodies.

I am using the decks by Inner Hue called the Lumina Tarot and the Connected and Free Alchemist's Oracle.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the magic going on this month.


February Monthly Energies Spread

Featuring the Lumina Tarot and Alchemist Oracle.

February 1 through 8

For the first week of this month, we have the High Priestess bringing us the energy magic of intuition.

"Studying your wisdom within."

The High Priestess represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. She is often described as the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of awareness, which is all that separates us from our inner selves. The High Priestess knows the secret of how to access these realms. She represents spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination, divine knowledge and wisdom. She has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. She generally appears when you need to listen to and trust your inner voice.

This card assures you to trust your gut, to be passive and wait to respond to provocations instead of provoking responses. The world has many secrets in it to be unlocked and taking the less obvious path to any or all of these answers is the route favored by this card. Be sure to tend to your relationship with yourself. Nurture your soul by giving yourself the grace to be who you really are, and love yourself for it. Take a few moments every day to connect with the Divine. Nurture your mind by engaging in activities that stimulate and engage. Use your creativity in some way every day.

This card is our guide to all that is - in both dark and light. She teaches the secrets of awareness not by control or reference but by deeper understanding of the inner voice.She is the model of symbolism, synchronicity and dreams, a teacher of moving beyond the conscious into the unconscious in seeking balance.

This card could be pointing towards a secret being revealed, it suggests that the entire truth is not out in the open. Or that perhaps what you are experiencing is not all the truth.You must go within, you must step aside and wait till the truth is revealed. This card is asking you to allow time and space in a love situation so the whole truth can present itself.

As we move away physically from a situation it allows our inner self to reconnect to our conscious selves - in hiatus of the minds control. This in part allows genuine truths to reveal themselves. Truths of the heart.

This is a time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge, rather than your conscious mind or intellect. Pay attention to your dreams. Synchronicities are likely now.

February 9 through 15

For the second week of this month, we have Judgment Reversed to bring us the energy of inner knowledge and truth.

"Use your judgement and higher power in service not destruction."

Stop for a moment....Take a breath. Feel into yourSelf. Do you need to realign? Are you placing too much emphasis on something or someone? Are you being self critical and judgmental of yourself or another? What is the internal discomfort you are feeling? his is a little message asking you to come back into your center and power. You are generating a momentum of energy around a certain thing that is causing you unease and now is the time to explore it a little and move back towards the Truth. This will be something you will feel. And the feeling will be good.

The reversed Judgment card may appear at a time when you're being faced with past actions. Perhaps you are considering a significant change yet are feeling contained by your past. Or perhaps is holding you responsible for something from long ago. Whatever it may be, know that it is easy to lose a low energetic response. Instead, raise yourself higher!

Judgment can be a card about jumping to conclusions, which are too hastily made. If you are prone to such things, this is a clear signal to slow down and give things more thought and to give people "more chances."

In general, Judgment reversed tells you to look carefully at how you are making decisions and judgments. If you are the one tending to “jump to conclusions,” you can, and should, change this. If others are making these kinds of decisions about you or about someone you care for, there is really very little you can do, apart from realizing that it’s their problem, not yours. Sometimes even judgments which look at first to be completely unfair, actually work out to be for your highest good. Control what you can and ignore the rest.

Again, this card reminds you of the need to be open to new ideas and new experiences. Change is a constant in life. That doesn’t mean that you should just change everything willy-nilly, and get rid of any practice that comforts you completely, only that you will benefit from looking at new and different approaches. They can benefit you in ways that you can’t imagine at this point. And you’ll never gain these benefits unless you are open to a certain amount of change.

Reversed, it suggests that you may be indulging yourself in doubt and self-judgement. Your deliberation is causing you to miss the new opportunities that await. A certain amount of momentum has accumulated behind what you have achieved, which could propel you further. If actions are taken now, such momentum will not be lost. Therefore now is not the time for being cautious or introverted, rather it is time to move onwards with confidence and pride.

By allowing yourself sufficient time and space to really get to the heart of the matter and draw from your lessons of the past, you will find that things will flow much better this week. Additionally, this card suggests that you may be overly hard or critical of yourself and not allowing yourself to truly learn from your mistakes. You may have made some mistakes in the past but see these as learning experiences rather than failures or faults. We are not our mistakes or choices, but can learn from them and move with the new experience we have gained.

Oracle Advice For These Two Weeks


Now is the time to call upon your inner Visionary, cultivating connections and collaborating on projects using your instincts and strong intuition as a guide. Visionaries are excellent communicators who have highly attuned senses, enabling them to navigate their surroundings with precisions. They choose to live in alignment with a much deeper force found within. This card appears to acknowledge the composed and visionary aspects of your. You, the master of focus, strength, and compassion. You are being called to actively reach out building contacts and networks in sharing your Vision while harnessing and using your intuition as a compass.

When you are really tuned in and paying attention to your intuition, it is much easier to make the simple decisions regarding people, places and situations that may be in your best interest… or not. This card is not about looking into your past experiences and basing your decisions on what has happened to you before. It is about moving through life in the present, trusting your instincts as you go. It is not about looking to others for your guidance, asking for advice or direction. It is about trusting in yourself. Your instinct is finely tuned, so why doubt it? Your journey is guided. Previously unseen sights may now be revealed to you. Questions to ask yourself - How can I master letting go, and move on? Do I trust my inner guidance?

Our instincts are a powerful ally when we are finding our way to our Soul path. When we waiver or lose confidence, they are there to lead us forward fearlessly, and back to the protection and security of the pack. If you have been feeling like a “lone wolf” lately, use your instincts to lead you to your pack; your Soul Tribe. This is a powerful time to co-create with others who have the same focus and intentions as we do. What we could create alone can be amplified with the powerful energy of a group of focused individuals. It is important for us as humans to feel that we belong, and this is the perfect time as the veil of separation is slowly lifting away. If you have been feeling lonely, frightened and like you don’t fit in, that is all about to change…. if you allow the change to take place. Watch for like minded people, as they are coming your way in the very near future; use your instincts and intuition to recognize them.

February 16 through 22

This week will bring us the Knight of Pentacles. After that otherwordly energy from the previous two weeks, we move into this matured earthly energy. We begin to gain momentum.

"Slow and steady wins the race."

It is time to be methodical and meticulous in your actions and plans. Be patient with yourSelf at your step into the unknown of your developing dreams. Pay attention to the finer details, staying true and authentic to yourSelf and the vision. Take pleasure in the routine and even the tediousness of tasks, knowing that the more you energize them with your attention, the more momentum and vitality is given to the fruition of your goal. You are to nurture the process to ensure the outcome reaches the standard you originally envisioned.

The Knight of Pentacles may also be a person who demonstrates unwavering strength and commitment, slowly but surely attending to the foundations of future creations. This person is loyal and dedicated, often quiet in nature and connected to the earth. They can have a tendency to be stubborn, cautious and resistant to change, with a level of perfectionism that may get in the way. Perhaps these are traits or qualities that represent you?

It often shows a time when you will have to assume responsibility and take charge of a situation. You may be assigned a project or given a task to do, and you will have to commit your time to see that project through to the end successfully. With the Knight of Pentacles, you will be required to accept responsibility without any complaints or grudges.

Sometimes, the Knight of Pentacles points to the more mundane elements of life. It represents routine, day-to-day activities, and general hard work that can sometimes be a ‘slog’. It indicates a conservative approach that is risk averse and very ‘safe’. This card also asks you to continue doing what you are doing, plodding along and making gradual progress. There is also no need to change your approach, just ‘more of the same’. Go with the flow, stick with your usual routines, and over time, you will reach your goals.

This may not be a very interesting period of creation, but a necessary period. Yes, your visions may be in their infancy, yet you can clearly hold the picture of where you're going.

The Knight of Pentacles points to messages, often with regard to money and finance. You are likely to finally receive news that you've been waiting on, and this news is likely to be good. This Knight is a very practical card. The news in question is unlikely to be that you've won the lottery.

The Knight tells us to pay attention to the mundane and normal parts of our lives. A wise man once said, "Take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place." The Knight of Pentacles asks you to look at how you are handling your affairs, and is a grounding influence.

Prepare for a time when you re-evaluate your connection, as well as the value of where and with whom you network. You will soon begin to shift your focus of communication to a place that will see you prosper, grow, and thrive. It is time to capture some of your dreams by placing your efforts in the right place and by speaking to people who can help you. You will need to initiate this activity yourself and stop relying on other people.

February 23 through 28

The Chariot reversed brings this month to close. We are reminded to tap into the energy within ourselves and remember to align with our own purpose and direction.

"Align your energy."

Have you been driving yourSelf too hard? It may be time to pull back and reflect upon yourSelf and your actions. Perhaps you have slipped into overdrive, restricting flow and working from a place of resistance and push.

This card reversed may also represent that you are experiencing confusion and misaligned thoughts. Your thoughts may be darting from one place to the next, seeking a solution. It is time to come back within yourSelf and begin to explore what it is you desire. Practice attuning your energies to a feeling that is reflective of your being. From here, clarity and inner knowing will be able to lead you forward.

Reversed, the Chariot suggests that you are feeling as if you have very little control over your life. You may have lost steering power over the opposing forces and you are now at their mercy. You may feel dragged through time, in whatever direction fate takes you. If you are someone who likes to have some control over your destiny and to know where you are heading, this is the time to tighten the reins and become more disciplined and focused on what you are doing.

While the feeling of loss of power can be quite demoralizing, the key is to look at what you can control and what you cannot control. Do not allow yourself to be worried about what is out of your control as there is nothing you can do about it. Instead, focus your energies on what IS in your control. Examine what you can do to change the situation. At this stage, you need to be able to feel as if you have at least some direction, because currently you feel pushed and pulled around in the sea of fate. The Chariot reversed also suggests that you are collapsing under pressure and losing your self-control. Your aggression is being channelled in the wrong direction, wildly at other people, at fate, at external circumstances. This is a complete waste of your energy and resources. Redefine your aggression as determination and willpower, stop clinging weakly to unrewarding ideas, habits, people, and objects and move forward. You may be feeling that up until this point, you have been at the beck and call of others and have been forced to deal with other people’s issues. You may have felt a loss of personal control, as if life was just being ‘done’ to you. As a result, you have lost some of your confidence and personal power, and you may be feeling directionless. You seek greater control over your life and you are determined not to let others influence you as significantly as they have in the past. You want a mind of your own and you want to steer your life in the direction YOU wish to, not what someone else wants. The Chariot reversed may also suggest that you need to be more comfortable with not always being in control. There are going to be moments in the future where you feel as though aspects of your life are out of your hands. Be open to spontaneity and new experiences, even if it is not aligned to your original plan. Do not be afraid to let someone else steer for a period of time and take you on new adventures. You do not always have to be in the driver’s seat!

It can indicate that you need to take a hard look at where you are going and why. Don’t allow yourself to engage in movement just for the sake of movement. Purpose and direction is important at times. In reversal, the Chariot is still a card about movement. This movement can be literal from one physical place to another or metaphysical - a change in where you or someone close to you needs a change in their heart and/or mind.

The Chariot requires you to assert yourself and be bold. You may need to look after yourself at this time and be confident in expressing your needs and wants, otherwise you will not get your way. You need to have faith in yourself and know fundamentally who you are and what you stand for.

Oracle Advice For These Two Weeks


You may be experiencing internal conflict and energy leaks due to unresolved tensions between your beliefs (head) and your heart (soul). This is depleting you and your ability to clearly see how to harmonize the internal war and take confident steps forward in the areas concerned. Excessive mind chatter, distraction, and mood swings are the result. Accept where you are at, do not try to avoid discomfort for it is passing. Stop judging, and questioning your motives. You are not discovering yourSelf, but creating yourSelf. Do not seek who you are, but determine who you want to be, and the conflict will be resolved. Opposing forces come together to create a turbulent atmosphere. But consider the value of chaos that serves you well, as you become unmoored by it. Scattered to the winds, you leave behind the parts of yourself you no longer need to disperse seeds to reinvent yourself anew. Although the conflict appears to exist externally, its essence is also internal, projected outward and causing disarray. You may find yourself at cross-purposes with someone else, facing a storm you feel you can' control. Yet every storm passes, and chaos leads to a reordering of things. Conflict provides a way to see more than one side of a situation. Look upon this as just a moment in time when you may need to take shelter and step away from the fray. Don't be too eager to fight. This is a time to understand rather than to be understood. This is an advantageous moment to restore order and recognize the opportunity for negotiation. Even in the seeming chaos, there is a kind of Divine order, a complete re-sorting of elements. This is powerful, If your intention is to find the best solution for the highest good of all, there is positive news: the times is perfect. Things are already stirred up, don't be afraid to jump into the mix. You'll discover everything you need to know about how this situation affects you long-term. Be present in the eye of the chaos. This moment is valuable. Don't waste it. We can only control how we react to situations around us; how we feel, how we think, and what we do is all up to us. Often there are situations or events in our lives that we allow to frustrate, annoy or anger us; yet it is up to us to manage our emotional responses. It’s easy to lash out at the people or situations that anger us; things that we wish to change but feel powerless to do so. Blame, resentment, irritation, jealousy and rage live only within us; not outside. You can’t change someone else, but you can change yourself.


OVerall Advice For This Month

Oracle Card for the Month:

High Flying - You are in the creative zone and on the way to experiencing success. Your head has been taking instructions from your heart and you've actively lifted your vibes, focusing on creating momentum towards your goal. Hooray for you! Can you feel the Universe and your guides happy dancing? Take note of the personal tools you used to shift up to this gear for future reference to draw upon. What was the quality of your thoughts, how did you move out of funks, and what inspired you? You're high flying now wild heart, and shining ever so bright!

It is very possible to go through major changes calmly and willingly when you view them as natural and hold relentless positive expectations. Whether in the darkness before the storm of emergence, the process o coming out the self-created cocoon (which occasions some struggle at times), or the full and glorious expression of the new “you,” it is faith in the wisdom of Great Spirit and your conscious resonance with Source that will be your guiding force. There is no need to identify with or feel constricted within the cocoon or by the darkness before the light – it is only a phase! The truth is that you are birthing each and every moment. Yet sometimes there are larger cycles that incorporate so many unexpected twists and turns that it can at times seem momentous and frightening. You may feel scattered, uncertain, flitting from this to that, with seemingly no thread of continuity that you can grab hold of. It is worth it to pause at those times, enjoy the richness and beauty of it all, and have absolute trust that this is a natural progression for your soul’s development. What is coming to fruition each and every time is more and more of the true Self that is your destiny.

Your only danger is being sidetracked by old, outmoded belief systems… coming from the outside from those who may have your highest good in mind, but not necessarily at heart. People may mean well, but they sometimes do us more harm than good, by giving advice that comes laden with their own fears and limitations. Guard your dreams like tender shoots in a sudden storm right now! Don’t go around telling everyone your deepest desires, for they may just talk you right out of them. Stay true to you!

Tarot Card for the Month:

Three of Pentacles - "The Depth and Breadth of Growth, Success, and Achievement"

Many hands make light work - so goes the saying. And in many ways the Three of Pentacles embodies this idea. Progress has been made with an initial plan or goal and celebration is in the air! The vision and inspiration behind the initial idea has been concreted within the physical world and you are now being called to move into the next phase of the project, enlisting the expert assistance of others.

Trust that you have all the skills you need to navigate forward and accomplish what you have set out to do. Yet, know that collaboration is a powerful way to energize and amplify your venture and message, so call upon those you trust and reach out to others who may be able to offer you knowledge, support, and guidance.

Effective planning, management and organization are also key components of the Three of Pentacles. In order to accomplish significant goals, it is imperative that detailed planning occurs to ensure that all the components are progressing well. This card therefore reflects a time when it is essential to create a detailed plan and to follow a schedule. This is when good project management will pay off. This is a positive card which indicates job satisfaction and taking pride in your work. Look at the big picture and how your work can benefit others. What is the purpose of your work? This card has the energy of being a specialist or expert at something of use for others.

This card tells you that the people around you appreciate you and your efforts, and notice the quality of what you do, even if you don't get a paycheck. The Three tells you to keep doing what you're doing as you are on the right track (although there is always room for improvement.) You don't need to scrap something and start again.

You may feel called to brainstorm (soul-storm) and develop strategy and plans that tend to your heart's creative desires and your mind's eagerness for action and implementation.

This will ensure you stay true to your originality and passion. Enjoy the success you have achieved so far! And build upon this energy to move forward.


Well, I hope that you guys enjoyed this overview of what this month will bring. Challenges serve as a reminder that we have room to grow and also that we need to push outside of our comfort zones. It is time to really reconnect with yourself and really start getting your goals out in the physical world.

Let me know what you guys think and don't forget to enter my giveaway ending next week!

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