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Card Drawing January 3, 2017

Hello! Good day, soul friends! I hope your holiday season was enjoyable. Let us celebrate the beginning of this New Year! Cheers to a successful 2017! <3

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Today's guidance comes from the Goddess Guidance Oracle deck by Doreen Virtue.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

Left - 1, Middle - 2, or Right - 3..

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you chose Card 1:

Sedna - Infinite Supply "You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows.” This is an abundant universe, filled with more than enough for everyone. Yet, the energy format of this planet is about polarities. In this instance, it is about giving and receiving. The key is to balance the two. If you only give, you will feel drained, resentful, and experience lack. If you only receive, you will not enjoy what you have. Balance comes from fearlessly giving as you are guided, and then receiving with joy and gratitude. It is exactly like breathing: Both the inhale and the exhale are identically important. Practice giving and receiving daily , and you will never want for anything. Various meanings of this card: Do not worry about the future. Know that you will always have enough to eat. Your needs will always be provided for. Spend time at the ocean. Swim with the dolphins. Move to a beach or island community. Go swimming, sailing, or surfing. Give time or money to a cause that protects the ocean. About Sedna (pronounced SED-nuh): She is the Inuit Eskimo and Alaskan goddess of the sea who provides sustenance for the body and the soul. Sedna lost the tips of her fingers in a tragic boating accident, and the digits transformed into whales, seals, and other sea creatures. As a result, Sedna is intimately connected with the ocean’s inhabitants. Call upon her for plentiful supplies, especially for your family. Sedna can also help you with any ocean related ventured, including interacting with whales and dolphins. She is very appreciative of those who give time, money or efforts to protect the sea and its creatures.

If you picked Card 2:

Diana - Focused Intention "Keep your unwavering thoughts, feelings, and actions focused on your target, and you will make your mark." Tenacity means sticking to a decision and not allowing outside forces to sway you. Imagine yourself to be like a mighty oak tree, with your roots deeply planted into Mother Earth. Feel your solid strength and steady upward growth. Know that, no matter what happens, you will succeed! Your branches may twist and turn as you flex toward the light, yet your unwavering intentions will ensure that no faint wind will sway you from your mission. Be in charge of your body, your schedule, and your mind, and keep them focused upon your target! Various Meanings of This Card: Stay positive. Know what your priorities are and take action on them. Take control of your schedule. Release all doubts. Avoid naysayers and skeptics. About Diana (pronounced Dy-AN-uh): This Roman moon goddess carries the silver bow and arrow given to her in childhood by her father, Jupiter. Because her mother bore Diana and her twin brother painlessly, Diana is associated with healthy childbirth. Diana loves to spend time out in nature, and is particularly fond of oak trees and watching over wild animals. You can call upon her to help you with animals, painless childbirth, and connecting with nature and the elementals.

If you selected Card 3:

Rhiannon - Sorceress "You are a magical person who can manifest your clear intentions into reality.” A large part of my power stems from my connection to animals and nature. If you have been indoors too long, you can recapture your personal power by simply stepping outside. This simple motion will do you a world of good in reawakening your sleeping, magical, spiritual nature. Allow the light of the sun, the moon and the stars to stir ancient memories that may be dormant. Recall the times of your magical abilities, and then put them to use immediately for the good of the entire planet. Resume the mission that was once aborted through the misdeeds of past time leaders. Take up your spiritual arms and move with swift speed into the night, awakening one and all to the magic that is life itself. This is a mission that must be accomplished, and you are the one who can help us with it. Various meanings of this card: Have absolute faith that your dream is manifested. Make a clear decision. Put your energy into manifesting your dreams. Know that you deserve to receive good. When you win, others win too. Keep your thoughts focused on your desire and away from fear. About Rhiannon (pronounced Ree-ah-non): This lunar Welsh goddess’s name means “great queen”, as she serves the important functions, including being the muse of inspiration for poets, artists, and royalty. She lovingly carries souls from Earth to the afterlife plane upon her trusty white horse, helping them adjust to the transition of life after death. A shape shifter, Rhiannon can appear to you as an animal, bird or song. Call upon her for help with manifestations, spirit communication, transitions, or artistic inspiration.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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