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Card Drawing December 21, 2016

Hello! Good day, soul friends! I hope your holiday season is going well. Happy Sun in Capricorn and Winter Solstice! Let us celebrate the closing of this year! <3

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Today's guidance comes from the Enchanted Map Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid deck.

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

1, 2, or 3..

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


Did you choose your card, yet?


almost there!

If you chose Card 1:

Magical Map Shifter -

"Spirit orchestrates everyone's destiny." When the Magical Map Shifter card arrives, it comes wit a mission - to make you aware of the people who into your life to impact your personal growth. Perhaps you may meet a soul mate whose presence invites you to be the best "you" that you can be, or someone who leads you out of difficulty and into a place of safety or success. Pay attention to those individuals who cross your path today and cause you to reflect on your journey. Be awake and aware, and you'll recognize them for the important change agents they are. Your whole persecutive about who you are and why you're here will shift. The Magical Map Shifter always initiates you into a better version of yourself.

If you picked Card 2:

Compass -

"As long as you orient your compass to True North - the direction of your higher power - you will never be lost." You're entering uncharted territories right now and can expect wonderful new experiences. To stay on the highest path of your destiny, you'll need to keep your compass pointed to True North, Only Spirit, or a higher power, can serve this function. Money, property, prestige, romance, and other material achievements can't help you find your true path. They are simply things you may experience along the journey. Know that Spirit is working in your life, so even if you feel lost temporarily, it will be easy to find your way. Have faith and trust , for your compass, with Spirit as True North., will ensure that you'll never be lost - even on a starless night when all seems dark.

If you selected Card 3:

Spirit of Place - "Authenticity is the essence of power." Our ancient ancestors believed that every place has a Spirit looking after it or embodying it: just as we have a soul, the plants, trees, birds, mountains, and rivers have their own essences. When the Spirit of Place arrives in your reading, it says that the answer to your query is in the overarching theme of your circumstances. Is your question about a struggle? The answer is to relax and let go of your need to control the situation. If your inquiry relates to finding love, then EMBODY love rather than long for it. Once you find the essential truth that underlies your question and then name it, you'll discover the answer you've been seeking. Your greatest power is your authenticity.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about.

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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