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Card Drawing October 16, 2016

Hello! Good day, soul friends! Today's guidance comes from the Ascended Masters Oracle by Doreen Virtue, and the Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray.

Which set of card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

1, 2, or 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you chose the set of Cards 1:

Trust - Vishnu

You can trust the situation you're inquiring about. The solid foundation of your situation gives it a trustworthy basis. Keep purifying your motivations so that they're completely about love and service to elevate the energy and experiences even further.

Additional Meanings For This Card: The person you're inquiring about is trustworthy. Trust that your prayers are being answered, even if you don't have yet evidence. You're on the right path. Trust your gut feelings and intuitions.

Vishnu is the Hindu god who works alongside the gods Brahma and Shiva to preserve the world. He brings about harmony when powers become unbalanced, and provides protection and mercy to all. A benevolent and loving deity, Vishnu can help you feel safe about your current and future life.

Commander Ashtar - Call to Action

Take charge. Lead by example. Walk your talk.

Ashtar, also known as Commander Ashtar is a multidimensional being who promotes truth, peace, and harmony between planets. He is said to be an extraterrestrial but appears in human form so that he can communicate at heart level with all those on Earth, who call to him. He is part of the Great White Brotherhood, a congregation of light beings who work to bring healing to the world, and is a wonderful guide to those who are feeling the call to bring positivity, healing, and inspiration to those around them. He lifts up the hearts of leaders and inspires them to walk their path with complete integrity.

You are receiving a call to action and being asked to step up and create the changes you want to see in the world. Divine inspiration is all around you and Ashtar and his legion of cosmic angels are standing by to offer you loving support. Know that you are being encouraged to be honest, assertive and true in a loving way. You may feel your ego trying to hold you back, but know that when you take the first step , the next one will soon follow. Take some time to connect with the Universe by looking up at the stars, knowing that there are loving beings of light gazing back down on you. You are not alone.

If you picked the set of Cards 2:

Serapis Bey - Go Now

It is a time for you to go, either away from a toxic situation or toward something desirable. This card signals that it is the right time to make your move. The conditions are ripe and perfect, and the Universe is poised to support your move

Additional Meanings For This Card: Quit your job. Leave a toxic relationship. Move to a new location. Start a new project without delay. Take a vacation. No more excuses – just do it.

Serapis Bey is an Egyptian God of ascension and a bridge between Heaven and Earth. He is the ultimate life coach who motivates people to take good care of themselves physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Call upon Serapis Bey whenever you need additional energy and motivation to take action.

Diana - Focused Intention

Think about what you desire. Set your sights high. Expect the best possible outcome.

Diana is the Roman moon goddess of the hunt. She is also known as Artemis in Greek mythology, where she has similar attributes. She is often depicted with wild animals around her, and as she is associated with the moon, she connects deeply with the wild beasts that come out at night. She is often seen holding a bow and a quiver of arrows, which signifies her ability to help us focus on a vision. She also helps us tune into our intuitive side so that we can listen to the wisdom that will guide us towards our goal. In particular she encourages women to move into their true power, and promotes equality for all souls.

Move forwards with unwavering faith, knowing that the universe is supporting you. Diana is helping you awaken your divine ability to manifest what you deserve. Any fear is only a reminder that whenever you are working on or through is an important issue for your growth. Your focus is strong now and will be particularly powerful at the full moon. You may be aware of night owl tendencies - this is because your angels and guides are sending you important messages you may be missing during the day due to a busy schedule. Set some time aside to do a deep meditation to receive the guidance.

If you were attracted set of Cards 3:

Persistence - Lugh

Through persistent action and positive thinking, your dreams are manifesting into form. This is a time for you to stay persistent. Give any discouragement to Lugh and the Angels, who will buoy your faith and give you signs of your progress. You're almost there, so keep going. It may help to break large projects into smallest steps so that you'll feel the thrill of accomplishment with each step that you take. Persistence pays off. Stick with it.

Additional Meanings For This Card: Overcome procrastination tendencies and take action today. Stick to your priorities and promises. Chip away at your dreams and desires with daily action steps. Stay positive and visualize your dreams as already manifested. Commit to your dreams for the long haul.

Lugh is a Celtic sun god of harvest time whose name means "the shining one". His Celtic festival, called Lughnasa, is celebrated worldwide at the end of every summer. Legend says that Lugh was renowned as a master of many crafts including art, poetry, and healing. Cal upon Lugh to help with mastering anything you're learning, as well as for enjoying bountiful harvests of abundance.

Quan Yin - Care and Compassion

Choose to be love. Do what is right for everyone involved. Offer a helping hand.

Quan Yin (sometimes Kuan Yin) is a bodhisattva (Budda-like being) and the goddess of mercy, compassion and love. Though she's acknowledged in Buddhism and the traditions of China, she goes beyond religion and warms the hearts of all who call on her. She has a strong connection to healing energy, in particular Reiki, and encourages people to offer care, forgiveness and compassion to themselves and others. Compassion is about recognizing the spirit in others - it's about seeng that they come from the same source as you do.

First of all, the Keepers of the Light want to acknowledge all the service and commitment you have offered to others. You are all love. If you are finding it difficult with anyone at the moment, the best way you can move forwards is to go beyond wanting to understand why or how they are the way they are. Just move beyond their behavior, mistakes, and challenges. This card brings a message of friendship and care, helping you see that those around you do have the best intentions, even if it doesn't always seem that way. Move into compassion and develop a greater understanding - this will elevate you spirit and connection to love.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for today. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!

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