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Taurus - Sun, Moon, & Rising

Hello, other native Tauruses!

I am Nancy, the owner of Astrology and Angel Mediums. I love astrology, so it felt like a natural effort to help people understand their own astrology a little bit better. I hope that with this effort, I can bring you some easy to comprehend astrology information. Plus, having an appreciation for what qualities, challenges, obstacles, and common characteristics are typically ingrained within your astrological makeup and personality, will assist you in being able to be more personally aware.

I am a native Sun Sign Taurus, one of my children is also a native Taurus, and some of my closest and most enduring friendships have been with other Taurus natives. This a great article to show you how to work with what you got, how to understand what Taurus is, where the mythology comes from, and how to better create a picture of what it is like to be a native Taurus. So, welcome to my third installment of this ongoing series.

Image Credit to @colour_cult on Instagram

Taurus Mythology

“And gradually she lost her fear, and he

Offered his breast for her virgin caresses,

His horns for her to wind with chains of flowers

Until the princess dared to mount his back

Her pet bull's back, unwitting whom she rode.

Then—slowly, slowly down the broad, dry beach—

First in the shallow waves the great god set

His spurious hooves, then sauntered further out

'til in the open sea he bore his prize

Fear filled her heart as, gazing back, she saw

The fast receding sands.

Her right hand grasped

A horn, the other lent upon his back

Her fluttering tunic floated in the breeze.”

— Metamorphoses, by Ovid

The Abduction of Europa, by Jean-François de Troy, circa 1728

Taurus (Ταῦρος in Greek) is a distinctive constellation, with star-tipped horns and a head defined by a V-shaped group of stars. Two Greek bull-myths were associated with Taurus. Usually it was said to represent Zeus in the disguise he adopted for another of his extramarital affairs, this time as the bull that carried away Europa, daughter of King Agenor of Phoenicia. On this occasion, the god had fallen in love with the beautiful Europa, as she strolled with her companions on the seashore.

Europa liked to play on the beach with the other girls of Tyre. Zeus instructed his son Hermes to drive the king’s cattle from their pastures on the mountain slopes towards the shore where the girls were playing. Adopting the shape of a bull, Zeus surreptitiously mingled with the lowing herd, awaiting his chance to abduct Europa. There was no mistaking who was the most handsome bull. His hide was white as fresh snow and his horns shone like polished metal.

Europa was entranced by this beautiful yet placid creature. She adorned his horns with flowers and stroked his flanks, admiring the muscles on his neck and the folds of skin on his flanks. The bull kissed her hands, while inwardly Zeus could hardly contain himself in anticipation of the final conquest. The bull lay on the golden sands and Europa ventured to sit on his back. At first, she feared nothing when the bull rose and began to paddle in the surf. But she became alarmed when it began to swim strongly out to sea. Europa looked around in dismay at the receding shoreline and clung tightly to the bull’s horns as waves washed over the bull’s back. Craftily, Zeus the bull dipped more deeply into the water to make her hold him more tightly still.

By now, Europa had realized that this was no ordinary bull. Eventually, the bull waded ashore at Crete, where Zeus revealed his true identity and seduced Europa. He gave her presents that included a dog that later became the constellation Canis Major. The offspring of Zeus and Europa included Minos, king of Crete, who established the famous palace at Knossos where bull games were held.

An alternative story says that Taurus may represent Io, another illicit love of Zeus, whom the god turned into a heifer to disguise her from his wife Hera. But Hera was suspicious and set the hundred-eyed watchman Argus to guard the heifer. Hera, furious at this, sent a gadfly to chase the heifer, who threw herself into the sea and swam away.

He suddenly appeared amongst them as a magnificent white bull, but one which was so gentle that they felt no fear. Europa and her maidens gathered flowers and made garlands which they hung around the animal's neck and, such was their trust in his docility, that Europa climbed upon his back. However, at this moment, the bull plunged into the sea and swam away furiously with the terrified girl.

The Scriptures of Delphi give us another possible explanation of the Taurus constellation, one that I find a bit more satisfying.

According to the alternate myth, the mythology of Taurus begins with a wandering bull known as Cerus. Cerus was a large and powerful bull who villagers were terrified of because of his tendency to trample their villages to pieces on a whim. He was owned by no one, and none of the farmers knew where he came from. Though he was not immortal, most people assumed him to be because of his sheer size and strength and the fact that despite all of the destruction he caused nobody was ever able to stop him.

The bull is wild and out of control, choosing to follow his emotions on a whim. One day the Spring goddess Persephone finds him trampling through a field of recently-bloomed flowers and goes to him. Though he cannot speak, he seems to understand her and her presence calms her. They form a bond together, and the bull learns to behave himself. Persephone teaches the bull patience and how to use his strength wisely.

After In fact, every year in the spring when Persephone returns to the land, Cerus returns to the land to join her. She sits upon his back and he runs her through the fields, allowing her to set all of the plants in bloom as they ride by. In the fall when Persephone returns to Hades, Cerus returns to the sky as the Taurus constellation.

Taurus Information The Bull, 2nd Sign of Zodiac

Modality: Fixed

Element: Earth

Ruler: Venus

Season: Spring

Metal: Copper

Stone: Emerald

Color: Green Anatomy: Neck, throat

Keywords: persevering, down-to-earth, stable, stubborn, prosperous, dependable, physical, sensual, patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determined, placid, security, jealous, possessive, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent, greedy

Hey, baby....what's your sign?

Sun sign astrology is the form of astrology most commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. It is a simplified system of astrology which considers only the position of the Sun at birth, which is said to be placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs. This sign is then called the sun sign or star sign of the person born in that twelfth-part of the year. Most people are familiar with their sun sign, and always identify strongly with this image.

It is the sign that when people ask, is the one they know from magazines, newspapers, or being told by others of how *insert sign name here* they are being. Oh, you are being secretive and sexy.... pssshhhh... what a Scorpio! Wow, you're such a dedicated worker and you love having nice things, but you act so old.... what a Capricorn! Oh, you are being such a cry baby, drink like a fish, and can't deal with reality......Just blame it on my Pisces, baby! So on, and so forth! That is just scratching the surface! I am sure you have heard it all about being your sign. Well, astrology dives in a lot deeper than that.

When we are born the planets are all aligned in certain signs and angles. When someone asks about your natal chart, this is what they are asking about. What does your personal snapshot look like? Or how can you figure it out? Natal Charts are calculated for the exact time and location of the native's birth for the purposes of gaining insight into the native's personality and potential. Commonly used alternative names for the natal chart include birth chart, horoscope, natus, nativity, radix, geniture and genethliac chart, among others. The chart shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and potentially other celestial objects, all referred to as the native's "planets," within the frames of references defined by the astrological signs and houses.

This is a sample chart with the ruling signs, planets and houses included. You can see quick descriptions of the house descriptions.

One of my favorite free chart services is through Cafe Astrology. You will need your date, time, and place of birth in order to get the most accurate information.

Think of your birth chart as a 12 sliced pizza (see image above). Each slice may have it's own special toppings or flavor, or not much on there at all. This is important to remember. Each pizza (or every person) has different slices working in their favor (or challenging them). In this article, I will be discussing Pisces and how they can work their mojo in a way that is in line with being a native Pisces Sun, Moon, or Rising sign.

Taurus Sun

"I'm really happy to be me, and I'd like to think people like me more because I'm happy with myself and not because I refuse to conform to anything."

- Adele, Taurus

"I find that the danger of giving too much away excites me, so I give you everything."

- Sam Smith, Taurus

(The Sun is in Taurus from April 20 to May 20, depending on the year).

As a Taurus, I have always loved what my Sun sign represents. I feel that it resonates with me so deeply. My Taurus friends have been enduring, loyal, and generous in all of the years I have had them in my life. They are funny, stubborn, and extremely supportive. Plus, who can't enjoy someone who is always down to go have some awesome meals?

This is what the Sun Sign (or glyph) looks like in your natal chart.

The Taurean's characteristics are solidity, practicality, extreme determination and strength of will - no one will ever drive them, but they will willingly and loyally follow a leader they trust.

For centuries, the bull has been a symbol of strength, tenacity, virility, and power. Left alone, a bull will happily graze; but if it is bothered, it will charge! Similarly, the Taurus personality is thought to be calm and peaceful, but when their anger is aroused, their temper can be wicked.

Taureans are often quite disturbed by sudden changes--they prefer their lives stable and secure. They are thought to be persevering, strong individuals, who can also be quite "bull-headed". They can be dogged and determined when they have a goal in mind. Native Taurus is also quite sensual and, often, self-indulgent "beasts".

The glyph for Taurus, quite simply, represents the bull's head and horns. The bull's stubbornness, strength, and quick temper, are also well known Taurus traits. They are stable, balanced, conservative good, law-abiding citizens and lovers of peace, possessing all the best qualities of the bourgeoisie. as they have a sense of material values and physical possessions, respect for property and a horror of falling into debt, they will do everything in their power to maintain the security of the status quo and be stupidly hostile to change.

There is something very solid about Taurus natives, no matter what the rest of their charts say about them. Though they are dependable most of the time, this generally shows itself more in habit than in outright helpfulness.

Taurus natives are sensual folk--and this includes sex, but extends to pleasures in all areas: they delight in the sensual pleasures of food, a comfortable blanket, a richly colored aquarium to look at, the smell of flowers or spring rain, pleasing melodies coming from their stereos, and so forth. Some might even say they live through their senses more than most.

When Taurus natives work, they work hard. They do it with a steadiness that may rarely be considered quick--rather it's a dependable, plodding, and steady effort that has its payoffs. Security is immensely important to Taurus--some of them actively seek wealth, while others are content to be "comfortable". The Taurus definition of "comfortable" may not be exactly the same as the rest of the signs, but comfort is definitely a driving force.

Although hard-working, their fixed and comfort-loving nature sometimes makes them appear lazy. This is only because they separate work and leisure so well. When they work, they work hard, and when they play, they don't really "play" as such...they relax. A Solar Taurus who has kicked his or her feet up is rooted there--you'd be hard-pressed to get them to move. On a mental level, you'll likely have the same problem. Taureans stick with things and ideas, and therein lies one of the reasons why they are known for their stubbornness. Taurus is a fixed sign, and they have a fair measure of tradition and steadiness in their make-up that keeps them rooted.

Mentally, they are keen-witted and practical rather than intellectual, but apt to become fixed in their opinions through their preference for following accepted and reliable patterns of experience. Their character is generally dependable, steadfast, prudent, just, firm and unshaken in the face of difficulties.

Their vices arise from their virtues, going to extremes such as being too slavish to the conventions they admire, obstinately and exasperatingly self-righteous, unoriginal, rigid, ultraconservative, argumentative, querulous bores, stuck in a self-centered rut. They may develop a brooding resentment through nursing a series of injuries received and, whether their characters are positive or negative, they need someone to like their egos with a frequent, "Well Done!" They are faithful and generous friends with a great capacity for affection, but rarely make friends with anyone outside their social rank, to which they are ordinarily excessively faithful.

In the main, they are gentle, even tempered, good natured, modest and slow to anger, disliking quarreling and avoiding ill-feeling. If they are provoked, however, they can explode into violent outbursts of ferocious anger in which they seem to lose all self-control. Equally unexpected are their occasional sallies into humor and exhibitions of fun. Although their physical appearance may belie it, they have a strong aesthetic taste, enjoying art, for which they may have a talent, beauty (actively recoiling from anything sordid or ugly) and music. They may have a strong, sometimes unconventional, religious faith.

Allied to their taste for all things beautiful is a love for the good things of life pleasure, comfort, luxury and good food and wine and they may have to resist the temptation to over indulgence, leading to drunkenness, gross sensuality, and covetousness. In their work, Taureans are industrious and good craftsmen, and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They are reliable, practical, methodical and ambitious, within a framework of obedience to superiors.

They are at their best in routine positions of trust and responsibility, where there is little need of urgency and even less risk of change, and a pension at the end. Yet they are creative and good founders of enterprises where the rewards of their productiveness some from their own work and not that of others. They can flourish in many different trades and professions: banking, architecture, building, almost any form of bureaucracy, auctioneering, farming, medicine, chemistry, industry Taureans make good managers and foremen surveying, insurance, education and, perhaps surprisingly, music and sculpture. They make an ideal trustee or guardian, and can attain eminence as a chef.

Some Taureans are gifted enough in singing to become opera stars or to excel in more popular types of music. They are more than averagely amorous and sensually self-conscious, but sexually straightforward and not given to experiment. They make constant, faithful, home loving spouses and thoughtful, kindly parents, demanding too much of neither their spouses nor children.

They can be over possessive and may sometimes play the game of engineering family rows for the pleasure of making up the quarrel. If anyone offends their amore proper they can be a determined enemy, though magnanimous in forgiveness if their opponent makes an effort to meet them halfway.

The possessiveness associated with Taurus shows up in all areas of life in some way. Taurus likes to own things (and sometimes people). A nice home, a piece of land (this can be modest), a paid-off car, that aquarium mentioned earlier, a couple pets, maybe a solid business...In love and relationship, there is an earthy kind of possessiveness that may be considered jealousy by some, but there is actually quite a difference between being possessive and being jealous. Taurus natives are rarely jealous and petty. They do, however, think of the people they love as theirs--it adds to their sense of security.

Taurus by Yuhon, source

Taurus Moon

"And I'm afraid, in this day and age, trust, which I count so, you know, I love loyalty. I love trust."

– Elton John, Moon in Taurus

"I have always been one to encourage perseverance.”

– Christina Aguilera, Moon in Taurus

Explanation of Moon Signs and the Significance

This is what the Moon Sign (or glyph) looks like in your natal chart.

Your Moon sign describes your emotional and instinctual energies. Another key component in the makeup of the basic ego/personality, your Moon sign reveals those things you do instinctively, how you are likely to react emotionally, how you give and receive nurturing, as well as the genetic or cellular memories carried within the unconscious mind. It describes your emotional, instinctual, genetic and intuitive makeup.

Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why we do what we do. This is where we retreat for comfort, childhood memories, and peace. This can also be the place where anger, hate, jealousy and fear may be found. The Moon also influences our senses depending on its placement in the birth chart. Most people will have their Moon in a Sign that is different from their Sun. This is why many people with the same Sun Sign can be so different from each other. They may feel that when they read a description of their Sign, that it is not representative of them. It may feel incomplete, or even completely inaccurate. Moon Signs may be a much more accurate description of what a person is like.

The Moon is said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden. On points where your Sun and Moon Signs are compatible, they will work together to help you get through the hardships and accomplish your goals. Where they are not compatible, you will feel conflicting desires or be at odds with yourself in some way.

Familiarity is important to Lunar Taureans. These people are earthy and strong-willed. They feel with their senses and they are pretty much rooted in their ways. They revel in material comforts--in fact, building a solid and comfortable home and foundation helps to keep them feeling safe and content. It isn't wise to try to push Lunar Taureans into doing anything, but once they have made a commitment, they're persevering.

Taurus Moon likes the familiar instead of the exotic. They will be prepared to put up with just about anything to preserve this familiar sense of security. Strong-willed, they are set in their ways. They want to create a solid, comfortable existence so they feel secure and happy.

Moon in Taurus is steady, and makes those near them feel comforted. They can be very conservative and set in their ways. Sociable, Moon Sign Taurus loves companionship. They are emotionally balanced, and like to finish one thing before starting another. They don’t like unpredictable or messy situations or emotional outbursts. They take their time before committing to anything, but once they do, they are reliable and persevere, no matter what it takes. You can usually trust their instincts. They analyze every move first to find out what is the safest course. They can become predictable and slaves to routine, since this gives them a sense of security.

The Taurus Moon Sign is very romantic. They are affectionate and are faithful and unwavering, warm and sentimental. They are sensuous and love the good life. They will stand by their mates even through the worst of times. Their loyalty is a quality to treasure, although they have been known to test their relationships to see if they will survive a challenge. They are gentle, thoughtful and kind. They like quiet reflection, good music and gourmet food.

Possessions are important to Taurus Moon they may become a collector of antiques or other valuables. The urge to collect usually begins when they are very young. They have the ability to get a bargain or a lot for their money. This may give others the impression that they must keep up with your lifestyle to be your friend. They prefer people who offer the same level of energy and sincerity than those who may be well-connected financially. They have a serene quality that tends to calm those around them. It takes quite a lot to rattle them. When their favored routine is interrupted, however, they may not be the most adaptable one in the crowd. They can be stubborn and are seldom spontaneous. They have a talent for speaking before they think.

Taurus Moon loves the pursuit of pleasure, although they will not follow this if it threatens their sense of security. They like material comfort and may become too concerned over social status. They may appear proud or unapproachable because they are so contained within themselves. If you break a promise to a them, be prepared to pay… they have a long memory. Slow to forget, they are also slow to forgive.

While they are demanding of their friends and partners, they hold themselves to the same standards. They are not very familiar with the concept of compromising. Taurus Moon is self-reliant and independent. They like to spend lavishly at times, but can be rather miserly at others. There is no middle ground. They are charming and diplomatic, and make unselfish parents..

There's a steadiness to this position of the Moon that is comforting to those close to them. But the conservative streak in these natives can be maddening to more progressive personalities. They tend to go out of their way to avoid "messy" or unpredictable situations, crises, and emotional displays. Instead, they focus on creating a reliable and secure life around them. In relationships, Lunar Taureans may not easily recognize their partner's need for change, growth, or emotional stimulation.

Moon in Taurus natives are generally very romantic. Their affections are strong, deep, and unwavering. They are sentimental and warm. Since Taurus is a practical earth sign, the placement of the Moon in this sign suggests an ability to protect themselves and their own interests. They will rarely make a move without first determining that it is safe and that there's something in it for them. Generally, Taurus Moon people have reliable instincts. They are very much tied to the physical world, and they often have a particularly well-developed sense of smell. Relationships with people born with this position of the Moon are often quite enduring.

Many Moon in Taurus people hang onto their mates, even in the face of serious conflict. Taurus is a fixed sign, so break-ups don't happen easily. There is a serenity to them that is calming. In fact, it takes a lot to really get to them. However, they do get off-center every once in a while. They are not the most adaptable people when their own routine is interrupted, for example.

Though some Lunar Taureans might be considered anal, most simply have a stubborn streak that keeps them rather resistant to change. Rarely are they spontaneous sorts. Uncomfortable with surprises, these natives value stability. Their needs are strong but quite simple at the same time--they love the "good things" in life. The world of the five senses is all-important to these natives. Their love of stability and steadiness can make them slaves to routine. However, they are loyal and capable people.

Taurus Rising

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

- Mae West, Taurus Rising

"You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead."

- George Lucas, Taurus Rising

What does Ascendant or Rising mean?

This is what the Ascendant (or Rising) Sign (or glyph) looks like in your natal chart.

The Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Perhaps it is most aptly thought of as the automatic responses to one's environment. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. The Ascendant shows an individual's first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

The rising sign, or Ascendant, (the external self) is second in importance only to the Sun-Sign (the inner self). For most people who know you less than intimately, it may be the determining factor as they see, identify, and know you. It also influences how you view, act, and react to others and the environment. While your Sun-Sign is determined by your birth date (and in some border-line cases the time), the rising sign (ascendant) must be calculated for the exact birth time and place. Theoretically, the rising sign advances one degree (of 360 degrees of a full circle -- a 24-hour day) every four minutes, meaning each 30-degree sign takes about two hours to move upward -- due to counterclockwise axial rotation of planet earth -- across the ascendant point: the eastern horizon.

The Ascendant sign will always be the First House (or slice) of your chart. This house rules the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum (brain). The 1st House (or pizza slice) is about identity. This house also rules the personality, attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It describes how you see yourself and how others see you. It can also describe your physical appearance. Other keywords include: the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life, the aura.

BIG TIP TO REMEMBER --- Anyone who has the same Sun Sign as your Rising Sign will automatically feel like or become your competition. So all Taurus are your competition. Notice how you act and react in a group when a Taurus is present. Both of you will be competing for the attention of anyone else present. This should not turn into a dual. This is something you should know and use in order to build your character and personality. You should be a better person because of this information and you should leave all people better than you found them, including your competition. After all, your Rising Sign is all about your personality, appearance and worldly outlook. These competitive people can be just about anyone - spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family members, children, co-workers, etc. It's just downright fascinating!

TAURUS MOTTO - "I HAVE, THEREFORE, I AM" - This is your motto for this particular house. If Taurus is your "Rising Sign" aka "Ascendant". Your Rising Sign is the sign that rules your 1st House cusp. If you look at your chart, there is a graphic (or glyph) at the beginning of the Natal Chart that will show you where your Ascendant is located. Because Taurus is on your 1st House cusp, you would take on the nature, characteristics and tendencies of Taurus in this particular house.

The following is from the website on Taurus Rising and characteristics of this Ascendant -

"Beautiful, harmonious, friendly, affectionate, sympathetic, refined, fond of pleasure, social, artistic, sensuous, lazy, vain, vulgar" are words/terms which describe people born with Taurus rising. The powerful sub-influences of this fixed sign give you so much stability and staying power that you are willing to persist to accomplish whatever you set out to do. You must exercise care so that one of your greatest strengths does not become your greatest weakness. You'll probably want to control your determined nature so that you don't got to the point that others, quite fairly, accuse you of being outright stubborn or bullheaded in your behavior. Externally at least, you are very practical and levelheaded. You tend to identify with your environment through the five senses; if you can't see, hear, smell, touch or taste something, it may be difficult for you to understand or cope with it. You have a strong money awareness and you like to be rewarded for your accomplishments. You also tend to reward others in the same manner when they please you. You are normally of medium height or somewhat below the average. The body is thick, stocky, "squarish," with a large trunk and comparatively short limbs. The head normally is round in shape. The chin and face are rounded, chubby, and often dimpled. Hair may be thick, soft, and in many cases naturally curly. The nose may be short, turned up at the end -- with distended nostrils. The skin is creamy, soft to the touch, and opaque in nature. The teeth typically are small and even. The voice is quite musical. The manner of speech is slow but friendly. Normally, there is distinctly something sensual about the appearance. Both sexes are rather conservative in taste but buy only the very best quality and take care to make garments last. You are fond of expensive, ornate jewelry and just about anything made of gold. There are two perhaps unconscious mannerisms which betray the Taurean's bovine-ascendant rulership. When irritated or angry, females may tap the feet nervously; males tend to move the head slowly and noticeably from side to side. These are signals that the "bull" is about to charge -- often blindly. Additionally, the nostrils may become noticeably enlarged. Your basic character may be described as materialistic and can be considered as essentially pragmatic. There is much caution, tenacity, practicality, and an abundance of patience. You tend to be a somewhat slow thinker and may be in some way limited in certain mental activities and interests. Once an opinion or notion is formed, it seldom is changed. There is a robust sense of humor which may even border on grossness at times. You may be artistically inclined, especially in the fields of music and design. The emotions are both very deep and very stable; however, you are not normally emotionally exuberant. Where the affections are involved, the tendency is to be very generous. The sex urge is pronounced; and even though you like to flirt, you are basically loyal when in love. You should be quite strong health wise and blessed with a stable nervous system; however, being upset can affect your health negatively. Fortunately, illness is rare. You may dislike exercise but may need a lot of it because of a tendency to put on extra weight. While your progress is normally slow, it's a steady process working ever upward. The 24th and 42nd years are usually especially important. The main characteristics of a desirable nature to cultivate are endurance, steadfastness, trustworthiness, persistence, composure, kindness, generosity, humor, sympathy, practicality, carefulness, and fearlessness. Some less-than-desirable characteristics suitable for correction are stubbornness, conceit, covetousness, laziness, exactness to a fault, dogmatism, greed, and self-centeredness."

Taurus Rising is steady and capable. They are stable and responsible, and they are loyal to the core to those they love. They radiate presence… there is no doubting when a Taurus Rising is in the room. Resistant to change, it can be hard work to convince this sign to try something new. They have a strong stubborn streak and become set in their ways. Before they try anything they must feel it out. Security is the most important thing in the world to them, so they don't want to do anything that would jeopardize it.

Taurus Rising is a very self-governing and self-reliant. They are very persistent and work extremely hard. Their ability to work diligently and hard comes from their desire to accomplish their goals. They are not bound to time because they are patient and persistent; thereby knowing full well their goals will be attained.

Taurus Ascendant is careful and cautious. They can be inflexible and single-minded. Think more of the oak tree and less of the willow. They love the good things in life, and may tend towards the self-indulgent. Material possessions can be very important to them, and they may become collectors of some type of object.

Taurus Ascendant likes nice clothing with a soft feel to them. They prefer classic to overdone. Always appearing well dressed, they can look good when mowing the lawn. Physically, many of them are built sturdy and strong. Their love of fine food may work against them health-wise. This sign is also prone to throat problems, which in turn may extend up into the ear in the form of infections or earaches.

Taurus' glyph is represented by the bull and Taurus' have often received a bad rap with regard to their personality, wherein they are called "stubborn as a bull." This could not be further from the Truth.

After the "charging ram" left the sign of Aries, it settled into the "melodious cow." The "melodious cow" is the true identity of the Taurus native, often giving those who are Taurus or Taurus rising a beautiful singing voice (moooooooo).

Cows are rather docile creatures and they are usually only angered when they are provoked, thereby becoming "mad as a bull" and appearing unyielding and stubborn. When they are provoked, they will definitely hold their ground. Cows are also firm in where they stand, locking those joints tight and only moving when they want to and at their discretion. Then they plod along, walking from here, to over there.

Taurus' rising natives are usually quiet individuals who may be secretive about their personal affairs only because their business is none of anyone else's. They are reserved, yet somewhat dogmatic having an opinionated belief system. Their endurance is strong and energetic, while the power is more than meets the eye. They tend to conceal their power rather well and use it when it is necessary and at the proper time. They have a keen ability to organize because they know exactly what they want. They are also very trustworthy, reliable and sincere in their undertakings and with their associations.

These natives absolutely Love pleasure and beauty because Taurus is naturally ruled by the planet Venus. They seek pleasure through beauty, nature, art, literature, music and the ultimate finer things in Life. You'll find them at the symphony, art museum, nature walks, concerts, live theater, finer restaurants or anything else that reflects beauty, art and music. Their fondness for pleasure also influences their sympathy because they want others to engage in pleasurable pursuits as well.

Taurus rising natives are so calm and docile, they are beneficial to those who are nervous, agitated or irritable. They have a very calming nature. Their calm and careful nature makes them steady, practical and cautious, thereby completing any project that they choose to engage in.

In relationships, Taurus Rising can be somewhat possessive, and they won't easily break up with someone they have given their heart to. Some even view their partners as their own personal property. They are loyal to the ends of the earth once they have given their hearts. Taurus Ascendant is also very sensual… they love all the physical sensations. They prefer the comforts found in a long-term monogamous relationship, and the passion that can be found there.

Taurus Rising is a comforting presence. They are soothing for their stability, and have an attractive inner peace. At the same time, they are rather passive and long-suffering. If you want a Taurus Rising to do something, coaxing works much better than pushing. They appreciate those who observe the rules of etiquette and enjoy socializing.

Taurus Rising wants to see their success. The easiest way for them to do this is to receive compensation. They may have artistic talents or tastes, and charisma is often a characteristic of this sign. Many born with this Ascendant are artists or musicians. Their voices are usually very pleasant. They may show off their tastes with designer labels, a beautiful home and a tasteful vehicle. On the other hand, Taurus Ascendant can be very shy, rude or anti-social. They may appear desperate to hang onto their youth, or conversely, have no interest at all in their physical appearance.

Taurus Rising natives are very ambitious, conservative and determined. They persevere and have constancy to purpose. They can be obstinate and proud, although sociable, very Loving and affectionate. At times they may appear to be completely unreasonable, prejudiced and stubborn as a bull. They know what they want, when they want it and how they want it. If a Taurus rising native is angered, they will stop at nothing until they have made their point. As a worker, they are steady, strong but slow workers. They are certainly diligent in anything they choose to accomplish. Those less mature Taurus Rising natives can be somewhat slothful and yet also very sensual.

Taurus Rising can put you in your place if you have opinions in an area they are well-versed in. They will remain polite, but you will definitely know their opinion of you. They can hold out for a long time if there is a goal in mind they can be tenacious. Paired with an amazing amount of patience, Taurus Ascendant will wait as long as needed to attain their goal.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this article on Taurus that covers the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant information that I found to be the most valuable. I love the subtle differences that Taurus goes through in the various planetary stations. How do you feel it plays out for you in your chart? I have a lot of planets in Taurus in my native chart, and know that the different placements do bring out various aspect in my personality.

Come back in June for the astrology installment covering the upcoming sun sign, Gemini. Happy Birthday, to all of my fellow Tauruses! And stay earthy, my friends!

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