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Tarot - Major Arcana

Hello, lovely soul friends! Hope that life is treating you all well and that you are enjoying the content on my website, thus far.

I would like to dedicate a space to Tarot on my website. Tarot was the gateway drug for me. Bringing me to where I am now. Without discovering the Tarot, and the magic of it, I would have continued to be lost! I can't even think about my life being any different than it is now.

I love Tarot. Maybe not as much as Oracle cards (let's be honest, ya'll), but they are like riding a bike for me. I can recall learning them, finding it challenging and wanting to be successful. I vividly remember when I first started to use them. I picked up my first Tarot deck at 14. Now, Tarot was not something my parents were into, or really allowed in our home. I am rebel, and I was obviously a bit of an unruly teenager. I grew up very strict Catholic. Being of hispanic heritage, my culture allows for certain magical elements to play into regular life. Limpias (cleanses) were a typical thing to get rid of the Ojo (the evil eye), using Tiger's Eye bracelets to release negative energies, using crosses, holy water, and other wiccan principles all in conjuction were the norm in my household. I still was expected to attend church, do my sacraments, confess regularly, and be an active part of my church community. So, I grew up in this world that balanced two very different aspects of religion and belief. Spiritual and religious. Inter-mingled, married, and used in conjunction in order to bring healing of spirt and soul. Given all of this, Tarot was still something that was a bit taboo.

Using Tarot was something that I had a hard time with in the sense of trying to memorize the meanings, positions, and how to read them for each individual situation. I liked to read them more intuitively. I preferred to do things my own way. Always the rebel, right? Hahahaha....

In this post I wanted to cover the basics of the Major Arcana. The Minor would take forever, but with an understanding of the Major cards, perhaps we can look at how things really play out. If you are asking what Major and Minor Arcana is, look no further.

The Major Arcana Tarot cards (also known as the trump cards) form the foundation of the Tarot deck and consists of twenty-one numbered cards and one unnumbered card (the Fool). Trump cards go from 0 to 21. They represent a path to spiritual self-awareness and depict the various stages we encounter as we search for greater meaning and understanding. In this way, they hold deeply meaningful lessons. I like to also view them as representative of certain people we encounter on our journey, and ultimately often depicting certain aspects of ourselvesa that we must face.

Pay attention to these cards when they show up in your reading, honestly.... pay attention to all of the cards, but the Trump cards can be a bit of the "meat" of where you are. When a reading is predominantly made up of Major Arcana Tarot cards, you (or your client) may be experiencing life-changing events which will have long-term influences. There are important lessons which you (or the client) must pay attention to in order to progress further in your (their) spiritual and personal quest.

Keep in mind, that if many of the trump cards are reversed, however, it is indicative that you are (or the client is) not paying attention to these important life lessons and must return to the lesson of the previous card before moving forward. They can teach us so much about what energy we need to focus on and how to really look at ourselves in the archetypes that these cards symbolize.

I will be featuring photos from the Lumina Tarot deck by Inner Hue. Lauren of Inner Hue has developed two of my favorite decks. One being the Connected and Free Alchemist's Oracle and this beautiful Lumina Tarot. You can purchase your own Tarot deck here. The site is in AUD, so please take into account the currency exchange difference of USD to AUD.

I hope you enjoy my compilation of quick interpretations from some of my favorite sources and can view this as a resource to help you understand your own Tarot deck better. Also, always use your own intuition to lead you in the right direction. If there is something that the cards tell you, then listen to that little voice. Follow those little breadcrumbs to understanding your own deck!

I have added a few new reading styles to my Etsy Shop!

0 - The Fool - 0

"Going your own way"


Keywords - beginnings, innocence, spontaneity, a free spirit

The Fool denotes the new beginning of a journey. Often, to those around you, what you're embarking on often seems reckless and foolish. For you, it may feel like you are reaching for the stars - unclear and with little knowledge regarding what's at hand, yet you're filled with an unexplainable knowing that this is the right way to go. Innovate, naive, and with your heart full of light, you step into the Unknown. Butterflies may fill your stomach and you may ask yourSelf often: "What am I doing?"

But something has changed deeply within you now. You are listening to our own drum beat. This journey takes courage, determination and independence. You are made of all this and more! The Fool may represent the beginning of a new relationship, job, traveling adventure, study or business. Whatever it is you are being called to do, do it your own way on your own terms.

Trust your intuition. Be spontaneous. Follow your inner being. Beauty and wonder await you.


Keywords - naivety, foolishness, recklessness, risk-taking

The Fool card suggests that you may be acting in total disregard of the consequences of your actions and indeed acting ‘the fool’. You are trying to live ‘in the moment’ rather than planning ahead. You are acting recklessly, wanting to break free of the usual routine in order to ‘find yourself’ but doing it in a way that completely disregards others.

It cautions you about potentially being taken advantage of or entering into a deal where you do not fully understand the consequences of your decisions. It is really important that you do almost a ‘due diligence’ on the opportunities presented to you to ensure that you are making the right choice and not simply going with the most enticing offer at the time.

Be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead so that you are not taken by surprise.

Astrogical Influence:

Uranus was determined to be the planet of uprisings & revolutions was assigned rulership over Aquarius. But in Golden Dawn Astrological Tarot Interpretation, The Fool is the Element of Air, which rules Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Takeaway:

You need to trust that you are a spirit born into flesh to enjoy life and grow in experience. Take a chance & see what happens. Do your research & ensure you're prepared.

I - The Magician - 1



Keywords - power, skill, concentration, action, resourcefulness

The Magician appears in your life when you have the creative power and energy to create a new life cycle for yourself. You have the ability to take the power of the Universe and manifest your desires. It suggests that a situation has been (or soon will be) presented to you that has all the inherent components to allow the manifestation of your desires.

You are inspired to apply skill and initiative to accomplish all your goals. You have a strong desire to begin something new, to ‘do, act, or go forth’. A ‘can-do’ attitude and strong sense of optimism will dominate a new beginning and thus the decisions that you make will have positive results. You have all the tools at your disposal to create whatever you desire. Before using these tools to manifest your desires, take some time to be clear on exactly what you want.

A magician is always focused on his her her intent before working magic. Take a moment so there's total clarity. What you truly need and want? Is it in your highest good? This is a good omen when you have a specific wish, when you begin a project involving creativity, or when you need to make a transformation of any kind.


Keywords - manipulation, poor planning, latent talents

The Magician may indicate that you hold a great many skils and talents within you that are lying dormant - often due to your own fear of them and of yourSelf. You are being encouraged to explore yourSelf & your uniqueness.

It may also mean that you are aware of your abilities - especially spiritual and intuitive abilities - but you're not using them to support and serve you! Why are you holding yourSelf back? What are you afraid of? Now is the time to make that change. If you have allowed yourSelf to be taken to great yet illusionary heights, bring yourself back down to reality. Your power is potent only when grounded. Bring your attention within. It can indicate greed, deceit, manipulation and using one’s skill and ability for negative ends. It can reflect trickery and cunning, untrustworthiness & mental confusion. There may be confusion, impatience and lack of a clear plan. You need to return to the lesson of the Fool.

Free yourself from the current situation in order to give yourself some perspective and reassess the situation. Ask yourself, where am I focusing my energy? Are my objectives clear? What skills and abilities are needed in this situation? How am I communicating with others? What do I want others to believe or see about me? Astrological Influence:

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, is associated with the Magician. Mercury rules communication dominance, skill, logic, information, and organization.


I have all the power I need to create the destiny I desire. Magic happens when I live in consciousness and my eternal truth. No more procrastination! Magical occurrences. Concentrated efforts. Unexpected resources.

II - The High Priestess - 2

"Studying your wisdom within"


Keywords - intuition, higher powers, mystery, subconscious mind

The High Priestess in a Tarot reading can also point to the unknown and can indicate that your life is changing. Things that once seemed certain can no longer be taken for granted. Some puzzling mysteries become clearer but all is not yet revealed at this point. On the plus side, you will find that your intuitive powers are increasing and you may be inspired to be creative. It therefore a particularly good card for poets and writers.

She represents wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. She is often described as the guardian of the unconscious. She sits in front of the thin veil of awareness, which is all that separates us from our inner selves. She knows the secret of how to access these realms. She represents spiritual enlightenment and inner illumination, divine knowledge and wisdom. She has a deep, intuitive understanding of the Universe and uses this knowledge to teach rather than to try to control others. She generally appears in a reading when you need to listen to and trust your inner voice.


Keywords - hidden agendas, need to listen to inner voice

The High Priestess reversed can signify that you are not listening to your inner voice and may need to take time for reflection and meditation. It is as though your intuition is calling out to you but for some reason you have switched off and are no longer really listening to what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

The reversed High Priestess also suggests in a Tarot reading that you are normally an intuitive person who is connected with your inner self but in recent times you have lost this connection. You may be rushing around and worrying excessively about external issues and other people’s problems that you have lost focus on your own needs. You are not listening to your inner guidance anymore and this is leading you further astray. The strong message here is that you need to take some time out for YOU and you only, so that you can tune into your inner voice and connect once again with your subconscious mind. Meditation or spiritual study may help. This card can also represent repressed feelings, an over-reliance on the opinions of others and an excessive need for approval and validation. What is needed is greater confidence in yourself and a deeper ‘knowing’ that you have the answers already within you and do not need the validation of others.

Astrological Influence:

High Priestess is represented by the Moon. It is the ruler of emotions, intuition, secrets, and our instincts.


Knowledge of how to fix it will not come through logic or intellect but through your intuition so listen to your own inner voice. All the guidance you need is deep within your heart.

III - The Empress - 3

"Flourishing growth"


Keywords - fertility, femininity, beauty, nature

Powerful feminine beauty is pushing up through your fertile inner worlds, offering warmth and strength to those around you. You are accessing the Empress within - a majestic and magical force who thrives on aligned living, grounding, connection and appreciation of the beauty that surrounds you. You may find that your experience of such rich growth in your life stems from your own state of consciousness and abundance within.

You are noticing that your creations and connections are blessing under your fingertips. A continual sense of fulfillment energizes you, allowing you to share this wealth with others. The Empress is an archetype of feminine power; she is watery, hard to fathom, mysterious, fertile, and sexual. She asks for us to be in touch with our feminine side, to listen to our intuition, and to give priority to our emotions an passions. She can signify coming abundance.


Keywords - creative block, dependence on others

She suggests a loss of personal power through placing too much emphasis on another person’s emotional or material needs, thus neglecting your own. The reversed card deals with indecisiveness concerning others and confusion about the direction a relationship may be taking.

You may also be finding it difficult to work cooperatively with others. The reason for this lack of harmony is likely to be within you and therefore introspection is required. It indicates that you are feeling unhappy because something is missing or lacking in your life, or because you want to find something creative, meaningful or fulfilling to do but you do not know what. This card can indicate a creative block. You may find your mood is depressed or negative. You are overloaded and mental pursuits will not give you what you need.

Further attempts to follow your intellect or reasoning mind will only cause frustration or lead you astray. Don't mother others and want overdependence on others.

Astrological Influence:

The Empress is linked to Venus. This planet concerns itself with love, romance and harmony in our emotional attachments, marriages, friendships and other unions (like business partnerships).


The Empress encourages you to connect with others by nurturing, caring and supporting those around you. Find ways to support dialogue and open communication, creating a space to openly express your feelings.

IV - The Emperor - 4

"Personal authority and responsibility"


Keywords - authority, father-figure, structure, solid foundation

The Emperor is the masculine to the Empress' feminine. He is authoritative, decisive, and stable. Loving and compassionate in his actions, yet firm and protective. He is a strong and fair leader who is able to reach clarity with ease and implement strategy. At his best he acts involve, holding the desire to improve the lives of those around him. When he is misaligned he can be rigid, stubborn and overbearing.

You are being called to create structure and stability through your own means and on your own terms within your world. It is time to stand strong within yourself, owning who you are and what you represent, blend in your visions and life rules. It is vital to have authority over your own life before you contribute to others within an organization or your own business. Others are recognizing your knowledge and ability to be able to cut through chaos and create order.


Keywords - domination, excessive control, rigidity, inflexibility

You may have allowed your thoughts to be misguided, falling into low vibrational energy outwardly has potentially led to frustration, anger, and loss. While you can sense you're out of balance, you may feel unsure of how to restore order and calm, both within and without. It would be wise to temporarily step back from your duties and roles.

This card may also appear if you are feeling controlled and dominated by others - be it within a workplace or relationship. You are seeking freedom or space from this person or institution, as they are not aligning with your core value and beliefs. You may have non-conformist ideals which are needing to be expressed. It is time to stand up and assert yourself. Complaining about the situation will solve nothing. Neither will allowing yourself to be downtrodden.

Astrological Influence:

The Emperor is linked to Aries. This sign deals with initiative, courage and determination; most are unafraid of stepping onto new terrain.


Within yourself, there is also a force that governs your actions. These forces are will power and self-control.

V - The Hierophant - 5

"A guiding authority."


Keywords - religion, group identification, conformity, tradition, beliefs

The Hierophant suggests that you may be wise to follow established social structures and traditions. You may be involved in some sort of ritual, ceremony, or the trappings of religion. There is also a need to honor some tradition in your life, or maybe start some traditions of your own. Consider also exploring your spiritual or religious heritage. The Hierophant is very much about "doing the right thing." You may be struggling with an issue & are unsure about what is "right" for you to do. Know that the answers are within you. Remember that the "right" thing is what is right for you also.

This is also a card that is very much about spirituality - everything from traditional religion to earth-centered spirituality and any other spiritual notion that you can conceive of. There may be a tension between your idea of spirituality and the "right thing" and the ideas of others around you. Stand up for your own beliefs. The "rules" and the "system" of doing things are probably playing a major role now. There may also be an opportunity to learn right now. This could take place in many ways, through conversations, observations, or even reflection. Take a moment to reflect on what you have already learn about your relationships and what you still want or need to understand. Then seek a teacher who will help you arrive at that understanding.


Keywords - restriction, challenging the status quo

This card reversed indicates that you are feeling restricted or constrained by structure and rules, and as a result, you have lost a lot of flexibility and control in your life. You have a strong desire to go against the grain and break free from convention. You may be tempted to go about your business in an unorthodox manner, to do something that is out of character or against social norms. It is about breaking the rules and challenging the status quo. You no longer accept the rigid structures, tradition and dogma surrounding you, and now seek out opportunities to rebel and retaliate. You want to challenge ideas and concepts that you once thought of as written in stone.

It is about questioning tradition and asking yourself whether what you are doing is really the right thing by you. You may have been running on automatic, but now you realize that perhaps things are not the way they seem and changes need to be made.

Astrological Influence:

The Hierophant is linked to Taurus. The qualities of this sign are dependable, persistent, loyal, working, patient, and thorough.


You will need to do what is expected of you. Sometimes we need to follow a program or embrace tradition, while at other times we need to trust ourselves.

VI - The Lovers - 6

"The love of choice through the adventure"


Keywords - love, union, relationships, values alignment, choices

The Lovers card is all about choice - the power of choice we have in the love we invite into our lives. This stretches from romantic and intimate love to loving oneself and one's life. It represents that you are calling in aligned vibrations of love and union, whether it be that you are ready for a romantic union that reflects your soul's desires, or simply fun company. It suggests uplifting and radiant heart surging feelings of connection and mutual appreciation.

You may have reached a place within yourself where you are loving and accepting of your journey and yourself. This can feel like a spiritual experience of the deepest kind of love, leaving you in full appreciation and gratitude for your life. It may also be confirmation that a decision or new decision or new direction you are considering embarking on will lead to fulfillment and abundance.


Keywords - disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of value

Reversed it indicates that you are avoiding responsibility for the consequences of your own actions. You have made a rushed decision based purely on your desire for instant gratification and now you are trying to lay the blame on others or on fate. You must do what you can to make amends but if this is not possible, let the past go and resolve to make better choices in the future. It can also indicate inner conflicts and being at war with yourself rather than with external forces.

It suggests disharmony and difficulty in being able to balance your own inner union. Perhaps you are punishing yourself for something you have done or feel responsible for? To help you out of this situation, you will need to focus on clearly articulating your personal belief systems & values.

Astrological Influence:

The Lovers are linked to Gemini. The qualities of this sign are brilliance of mind, communication, diplomacy, vivacity, tact, wit and versatility.


Love comes in an array of forms. It is a wonderful time to begin to ask yourself how you want to feel and what kind of love you desire across the depth and breadth of your life. Make choices that are your own truth.

VII - The Chariot - 7

"Align your energy"


Keywords - control, will power, victory, assertion, determination

The Chariot represent your inner strength, confidence and willpower. It is a card of action and momentum. You are being called to focus yourself. Use disciplined and determined action to bring to life your vision and desires. It is a time of summoning all of your energy and intent towards not only your physical journey but also your spiritual one, to achieve the kind of fulfillment you are seeking. It is aligned energies.

You will be successful at pursuing your goals, so long as you maintain focus, determination and confidence in your abilities. You need to focus completely on the task at hand, get in the race and win it. You have to dominate and beat the competition. You must cultivate the ability to withstand the rigours of what is required. In fact, striving towards your goal can be as satisfying as attaining it. This is a time to be strong and in control. You must also draw upon your willpower and self-discipline.

The more you are able to stabilize your vibration, the greater the energy and momentum you will create. From a place of inspiration and vision you can ride on the back of wild horses to reach the heights of success for which you are ready. This card may come as confirmation that you are indeed co-creating with the Universe in a dynamic and powerful way toward you end goals. Enjoy the adventure you are on!


Keywords - lack of control and direction, aggression

Reversed, it suggests that you are feeling as if you have very little control over your life. You may have lost steering power over the opposing forces and you are now at their mercy. You may feel dragged through time, in whatever direction fate takes you. If you are someone who likes to have some control over your destiny amd to know where you are heading, this is the time to tighten the reins and become more disciplined and focused on what you are doing.

The loss of power can be quite demoralizing, but the key is to look at what you can control and what you can't control. Don't allow yourself to be worried about what is out of your control as there is nothing you can do about it. Focus your energies on what IS in your control. Examine what you can do to change the situation. You need to be able to feel as if you have at least some direction, because currently you feel pushed and pulled around in the sea of fate. It suggests that you are collapsing under pressure and losing your self-control. Your aggression is being channelled in the wrong direction.

Astrological Influence:

The Chariot is linked to Cancer. The qualities of this sign are caring, dependable, adaptable, responsive, but also moody with misguided aggression.


Challenges and obstacles will be a source of opportunity and growth, diversifying and experience and developing additional strength and wisdom within you.

VIII - Strength - 8

"Inner strength of spirit"


Keywords - strength, courage, patience, control, compassion

Leading with your heart and building your life from the core strength, compassion, and courage you possess will lead you to achieving all your soul's desires. You are transcending your attachments to fear and fickle emotions, instead of relying more heavily on your own internal knowing and integrity. Soon you will see how life works for you.

You give others space and you are tolerant of their needs. You are accepting and can easily forgive any imperfections. In doing this, you create a safe and trusting environment where you can then gently influence others. This demonstrates a level of ‘soft’ control, persuading and coaxing others to your way of thinking.

Living in this way takes practice, but transforms. Trust in your instinctual knowledge and act from love. You have what it takes to take the beasts within yourself and others with gentle kindness, understanding, and truth. You are accessing you own confidence and relying on your intuition and spiritual wisdom more, trusting in the journey & holding conviction for what you know is right.


Keywords - weakness, self-doubt, lack of self-discipline

Are you feeling inadequate and weak? Or, are you trying to make change, but with force, aggression and manipulation? The reversed Strength card is asking you to look deeper within yourself. Access the rich, ancient sunlight that exists within the core of your being to navigate the challenges at hand. Do not doubt your power and strength and do not give it away. You have a ll the skills and vibrational qualities within you to create positive change for yourself and others.

With courage and self determination you can turn the situation around. Let the magic begin! It indicates weakness. You may have recently experienced a setback, or you are questioning your own journey and whether you are on the right track. While these feelings may seem very real when you are in the moment, you will soon come to realize that they exist only to remind you that you are only temporarily out of touch with your inner strength. You need to remember that your core strength will always be with you.

Astrological Influence:

Strength is linked to Leo. The qualities of this sign are warmth, generous, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired. Confident, but can be domineering.


From this position you are able to influence others in a connected and conscious way. A true leader shines from within, creating a soft place for others to feel safe and help within, no matter their armor.

IX - The Hermit - 9

"Illuminate your heart and mind"


Keywords - soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance

The Hermit card suggests that you are in a phase of introspection where you are drawing your attention and focus inward and looking for answers within. You have a strong need to understand, not just at the surface level but to really know why life is the way it is.

The Hermit reflects that your consciousness has moved inward and you now realize that the truth and understanding you seek is within yourself and not in the distractions of the outside world. This is a perfect time to take a step back from your day-to-day life and deeply contemplate your motivations, personal principles and values.

It is a reminder of how important it is to pause, still the mind, meditate, reflect, reevaluate, and discover the wisdom and answers within the very soul of your being. When you become more aware of your soul and heart, you strengthen the link to the Divine Source; and you're able to once again remember your true perfection. Meet your soul halfway and schedule some alone time to commune with your soul and also to give the power of spirit the opportunity to reinvigorate you with life force and vitality.


Keywords - isolation, loneliness, withdrawal

The reversed Hermit can go one of two ways. You are either not taking enough time for personal reflection, or you are taking too much. If you are struggling to connect more deeply with your spiritual self, it encourages you to create more time and space so that you can meditate and reflect on your spiritual self.

It is time to go more deeply into your inner being and rediscover your greater meaning and purpose on this earth. You may have been so busy dealing with the day-to-day issues that you have forgotten to reflect inwardly and listen to your inner voice. You need to search deep within your soul to help you find your way again and to focus on rebuilding yourself on a spiritual level. It may appear to you today asking you why you continue to deny to calling your own truth.

There is a fine line to walk when you are seeking connection with oneself and All That Is. It may also be acknowledging that, while pulling back from the world to create solitude and stillness can be helpful, too much withdrawal is harmful too. Do not isolate yourself. You are you, but you are also all the family, friends, and beauty around you.

Astrological Influence:

The Hermit is linked to Virgo. Quite undemonstrative and introverted, the Virgo-born represent waters that run deep. Wise, witty and well spoken. Can be overly critical and too analytical.


Do not allow yourself to be influenced by the external world and the opinions of others. Trust your innate wisdom and your connection to Source. It will never lead you astray.

X - Wheel of Fortune - 10

"Birth, death, rebirth: cycles of life"


Keywords - good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point

You are being reminded of the continual flow of life and to move with it rather than against it. There will always be deterioration and death followed by stillness at first. then the warm and fresh growth of birth and new life. Night follows day and Spring follows Winter. You are exactly the same. You are made of the Earth and Stars. You and your life have a beautiful and unique cycle is calling for your attention. Positive and exciting change is afoot. In fact, change is always afoot in some form. It is wise not to resist this.

The Wheel of Fortune is about keeping optimistic and having faith in the Universe that it will take care of the situation in the best way possible. You need to remain optimistic yourself, thinking positively and keeping as upbeat as possible. Through meditation and visualization, the Wheel of Fortune can assist and reinforce your intention to bring increased abundance, good fortune and prosperity into your life.

This archetype allows your life to turn in more positive directions if you are willing to grow and expand. This is also a ‘lucky’ time in life when you are sensing the action of fate and destiny working in your favour. You may even be witnessing miracles or a very fortunate series of events. The Wheel represents karma and reminds you that ‘what goes around comes around’. In the upright position, you are likely to be at the positive end but again, do not become complacent. You still need to act in ways that are fundamentally ‘good’ to ensure that luck or positivity stays on your side.

This card may also speak of your chakras, encouraging you to explore them and attire yourself to the wisdom and knowledge they store. This will allow you to process and integrate information with confidence, connection and ease as you move with Life. Do not simply stand still and accept what life delivers you. You are by far more powerful than that. Be the course creator! Intentionally move the spinning wheel of You to the beat of our own heart's guidance. Know that wherever you are on the wheel - it will pass.


Keywords - bad luck, negative external forces, out of control

Your outlook, mindset, and energy are needing adjustment. You are out of sync with your own flow and it is causing havoc and harm within yourself and life. This may present in a low lying feeling of disconnection, fogginess or confusion as to why your life looks and feels the way it does. If we do not let the past hurts go, we use them as shields to protect us from our present experience. We assume when offered a new opportunity that things may turn out the same as they did in the past. We give away our power as we don’t trust ourselves to make healthy decisions. We fight anxiety and experience fear when we go against the “red flags” put out by our bodies.

When the Wheel of Fortune is reversed, luck is not on your side. There has been a turn of events that are not in your favour sending you into a tail spin and changing your world significantly, seemingly for the worst. Oftentimes, the reversedWheel of Fortune indicates that there are negative forces at play that are outside of your control, leaving you feeling helpless and powerless.

However, while there have been some unfortunate circumstances that are outside of your control, the run of bad luck that you are experiencing may also be as a result of poor decisions you have made in the past. Think about what actions you have taken recently and whether these may have contributed to your present circumstances. What can you do to improve your luck and regain control of your destiny? Despite the setbacks, learn from the cycle of life and be prepared for such ups and downs in the future. Accept responsibility for your current and future situation, and look for ways that you can create more positive outcomes.

It suggests that you should not simply stand still and accept what life hands you. You can take an active hand to try and remain on the upside of the Wheel of Fortune, or even Destiny. When things are down, instead of waiting and hoping for things to get better, you can work actively towards improving your situation, thereby speeding up the recovery process. Finally, this card asks you to not become discouraged when faced with adversity. It is a natural part of life and should be expected from time to time. The fact that bad times happen should not worry you. Accept them as natural and not necessarily indicative of problems. Instead, look for ways in which you can face and conquer the adversity. If it cannot be addressed, then that might be taken as a suggestion of a problem.

Astrological Influence:

The Wheel of Fortune is linked to the planet Jupiter. It is the thinking-person's planet. As the guardian of the abstract mind, this planet rules higher learning, and bestows upon us a desire for exploring ideas, both intellectually and spiritually.


We must believe in ourselves; strengthen the connection to our intuition. We must take back our power and trust in our instincts. They will never let us down if we truly listen. They will always guide us on our highest path.

XI - Justice - 11

"Conscious awareness within decisions"


Keywords - justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law

You are being called to take responsibility for your thoughts, words, and deeds. This is a powerful card to receive. It speaks of seeking balance between your higher and lower bodies, ensuring that your choices will also be balanced and in harmony with the greater good. It reflects truth, honesty, and fairness and extending these ethics towards no only oneself but also others. Perhaps there are decisions to make. You may be at a crossroads and are being called to make choices that require conscious awareness.

Consider all aspects of the situation while looking within at your own beliefs and values. There is not necessarily a wrong or right choice, simply a cause and effect. Remain objective at this time and use your internal compass as a means for guidance. When you are aligned in your own truth and love, your decision will reflect this. It may appear today regarding a legal matter or personal situation. Do not allow yourself to be exploited by others and do not be fooled into believing you can exploit others without and equal return of energy. This is a time to remain objective & to base your judgement on fact and not on heresay. It indicates that the fairest decision will be made.


Keywords - unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty

Are you acting irresponsibly and making rash decisions, ignorant of the potential outcomes of your actions? Or perhaps you are simply putting your head in the sand and ignoring the consequences of your actions. You are being called to be mindful the domino effect you are setting in motion. When you are still within yourself, are the decisions you are making a true reflection of you and your desires?

It may be wise to take time to reflect and gain perspective. While it may be satisfying momentarily to act impulsively, you could regret it later. It may also be defective of obstacles or challenges you are currently dealing with. Stay within your own integrity at this time. Truth, fairness, and justice will be served. It indicates dishonesty to yourself and others.

It shows an unwillingness to understand the deeper meaning of why an event has occurred and shows that you are missing some opportunity for a greater understanding of yourself in life. You are not actively accepting responsibility for your actions and may be trying to ‘dodge the bullet’ and blame others for your mistakes. The key here is to take responsibility for your own situation and realize that you are here through your own past choices, and therefore, whatever it takes to get out of the situation is fair and just according to Universal principles of karma and justice.

Astrological Influence:

The Justice card is linked to the sign of Libra. The qualities are kind, gentleand& lovers of beauty, harmony and peace, justice, fairness, and truth.


Justice reflects the search for truth. You need to know and speak the truth and perceive it in the words and deeds of others. Be fair and just with all and you will soon be able to detect dishonesty in yourself and others. Learn the rules that govern what you are involved with.

XII - The Hanged Man - 12

"Release expectation to reduce confusion"


Keywords - suspension, restriction, letting go, sacrifice

The Hanged Man appears often when you are feeling suspended between action or decision. There is often the sense that something Higher is calling you to pause a moment. To suspend in time and really SEE. This card may appear to you today in relationship to a situation or decision you are being called to make. It may even be in regard to your current perspective on yourself and life. You are being asked to elevate yourself a little higher and look at what is going on with a fresh perspective.

This may feel uncomfortable or new at first, like a soft summer breeze, but the answers to the questions you have been asking the Universe lie within this pregnant pause. It will be calling for you to make what will seem to others like a sacrifice. It may even seem this way to your lower self as well. But the larger aspects of your soul know that you are consciously choosing to flow with the creative force that will achieve greater good. It reflects a need to suspend action, and as a result, a period of indecision may be indicated.

Decisions or actions that need to be implemented will be postponed, even if, at the time, there is a sense of urgency to act. This is all about suspension and waiting, and suggests that this may be just what you need to do in order to allow new possibilities to arise. Sometimes not acting will help to shed more light on what other options are available to you and will allow more attractive opportunities to emerge.


Keywords - martyrdom, indecision, delay

The Hanged Man reversed represents a period when you feel you are sacrificing a lot and getting nothing in return. You may have felt things were at an absolute standstill, with no movement or resolution. It is as though you are suspended in time and unable to make a move forward, backward or even sideways to get out of your current situation. Your own goals and dreams are put on hold because of external realities or internal issues. This is an energy that is passing out of your life and you can now expect things to start happening once again and major changes to occur.

This period of suspension is like a catalyst for what is to come. You may be putting off making a decision, in the hope that it will all sort itself out eventually. This is often just wishful thinking. You are simply stalling the inevitable and you will at some point be pushed to make a final decision and to make a sacrifice in the process. The Hanged Man reversed suggests a loss of faith in your ability to surmount life’s obstacles. You may be refusing to go within for spiritual nourishment. It is very important at this time to look within through meditation and restore your faith in your ability to get over life’s challenges. Know that this difficult time will soon pass. Accept your circumstances and be at peace with yourself.

Astrological Influence:

The Hanged Man card is linked to the element of Water, and also the planet Neptune. The qualities are feeling; the action of the emotions; love and affection, dreams, desires, fantasies; pleasure, friendship, social activity, romance, receptivity.


Let go of whatever it is you are holding on to. release this energy and invite in what the Universe is offering you. In this state, your awareness is at full bloom.

XIII - Death - 12

"The transition and transformation of life"


Keywords - endings, beginnings, change, transformation, transition

Naturally, what has once been vibrant vibrant and energized dissipates and falls away. Death is the word we use to symbolize this life process. Something in our life is beginning to fall away and transform. At first this will feel like loss. Sadness and the instant to salvage and cling to what energy remains is natural, yet when the death process is underway nothing can hold it back. Flow with this energy of transition and transformation. The life of what once was will always leave strong lessons and structure to build life upon.

It contains elements of a sudden and unexpected change. You may feel as though you are caught in the path of sweeping change and cannot escape its effects. Though the immediate thought is toward the negative, an end need not mean failure. The loss could be a series of unexpected surprises that bring an end to a period of turmoil or problems. You feel you can no longer go along with the status quo and want things to change radically. Many changes are going to take place to enable a new direction to emerge.

Yet, it is up to you to see it this way. You be faced with a major life phase coming to an end. Whether it be an aspect of yourself, your career or relationship - honor this time of ending for what it is. Celebrate what you have been gifted. Lean back on your soul's guidance and knowing when you are in need of strength and courage and ready yourself for what is to come. New beginnings are afoot, bringing with them exciting change and renewed vitality and vibrancy. It is not to be feared, but embraced.


Keywords - resistance to change, unable to move on

Death is a card of transformation and new life, and typically shows a need to start completely over by letting go of the past. It typically reflects that you are on the verge of major change but for some reason, you are resisting making that change. You may be reluctant to let go of the past or you may not know how to make the change you need.

You are still carrying harmful aspects from the past that may interfere with the opportunity you have for a new beginning. You are refusing to accept change and you are resisting any element of change that may arise in your life. As a result, life has stagnated and you are feeling ‘stuck’ in limbo. Assess the way in which you are approaching change. You may find that you are in fact halting the very change that will be to your benefit. What is important, too, is that you address and resolve whatever issues are blocking your acceptance of change as soon as you can so that you are then free to start your new journey.

Astrological Influence:

The Death card is linked to the sign of Scorpio. This sign's qualities are desire, passion, regeneration, renewal, and decay.


Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. You need to profoundly transform yourself and clear away any of the old in order to bring in the new. You may fear the new but rest assured the time is right to accept the new.

XIV - Temperance - 14

"Balance and harmony in life"


Keywords - balance, moderation, patience, purpose, meaning

Temperance is the card of practice. It appears when you are consciously choosing to harmonize yourself and your life to create balance and order. This is a very fluid process. When we reach higher to ourselves and the cosmos to which we are connected to, we are very easily and seamlessly able to make the changes needed to once more feel like ourselves. If you have felt the inspiration and calling to move back into alignment with yourself and your purpose, see this as a confirming sign that you are being guided. Listen to the feelings, inner knowing and direction you have been given

Temperance indicates that you are learning to bring about balance, patience and moderation in your life. You have been able to take the middle road, avoiding extremes and maintaining a great sense of calm in your life. You have learned to keep calm in situations of great stress or anxiety, and you give the impression of being a swan, paddling madly underneath the water but appearing so graceful and elegant on the surface. You do not let things get to you, and you have found a place of peace where you can put things into perspective when things get hectic. Your respect for balance and tranquillity is what will help you to achieve and experience fulfillment in your life. Your temperament will be well balanced and you demonstrate good management and balance in your outlook on life.

It may come as you are stepping toward creating something potent and powerful. Yet you are not in a hurry because you understand that you are simply the vessel for what is moving through you and that harmony and balance is foundational for its success. Move into the energy that is being gifted to you through each phase of the process.


Keywords - imbalance, excess, lack of long-term vision

Temperance reversed reflects a time when something is out of balance, in conflict or excessive, and is therefore creating stress and tension in your life. Look to the other cards in the reading to understand what is out of balance or contributing to this feeling. It can also be a lead indicator that, were you to follow a certain path, you would create imbalance in the situation.

You may be acting impatiently or refusing to take the moderate, gentle approach. Be wary of hasty action as this will only lead to further imbalance. It can suggest that you lack a long-term vision and/or purpose and, as a result, you are feeling out of balance. This is a time when you need to reflect on what changes are necessary in your life to create greater purpose and fulfilment. Return to the energy of the Death card to understand what you need to leave behind you in the past and what changes you need to embrace in the future.

People you are dealing with are proving to be uncooperative or you may feel as though your interests are in conflict or competition with each other. Getting the ‘flow’ right between you seems an impossible feat. You are both striving to express your individuality in very different ways. There is a lot of energy around now but none of it is being used positively. Unresolved conflicts in both of you have yet to be expressed clearly, indeed you may not be conscious of them, although you are aware that something is wrong.

These conflicts may manifest themselves as role reversal. In the beginning one of you was dominant, now the other seeks to take control of the union. An old fashioned argument may be necessary to clear the air and establish new ground rules.

Astrological Influence:

The Temperance card is linked to the sign of Sagittarius. This sign's qualities are expansion, transformation, and spiritual awareness.


Temperance asks you to be patient so that you can act with timing and precision. Patience and moderation will result in good management of all things. Do not feel that you need to rush, just let the situation evolve at its natural pace.

XV -The Devil - 15

"Warning to be watchful"


Keywords - bondage, addiction, sexuality, materialism

Your natural state is to be vibrant, happy, full of inspiration and joy. Yet, part of the human experience lends itself to the experience of pain, lack, addiction, and disease. Often we are unaware that it is our very own self that invites and accepts the opposite of what we know and desire into our lives. The Devil represents our fear and disconnection which often leads to self-destructive and self-sabotaging behaviors. Where are you feeling trapped? Where are you sabotaging yourself, preventing your from achieving and receiving what you desire? It is a time for total honesty. Hide behind the scapegoat of others or excuses no longer.

This card requests that you ask yourself where you are feeling stuck or restricted in your life. You may be tricked into believing that you are being controlled by external forces when in fact you have created your own chains of imprisonment and powerlessness. A sense of hopelessness can accompany this card..

The card of the Devil represents the hidden forces of negativity that constrain you and that trick you into thinking you are imprisoned by external forces ultimately out of your control. The Devil is an inner force within each of us. He represents our fears, addictions, and other harmful impulses. He is a master of deception and creates the illusion that you are involuntarily bound to him.

You feel despair and have a pessimistic view of life because you feel that so much is outside of your control. You fear the worst, and this means that your fears have a hold over you and prevent you from leading a more fulfilling and optimistic life. What are the addictions or attachments restraining you from experiencing the freedom? Are you giving yourself over to the illusion of helplessness and despair? Know that you have the power within to free yourself from the bondage of your own thoughts.


Keywords - detachment, breaking free, power reclaimed

The Devil appears when you are feeling trapped by things such as unhealthy or co-dependent relationships, financial debt, unproductive careers, unhealthy lifestyles or addictions, or consumerism and materialism. It indicates a growing awareness that you are currently in this state and you desire freedom from these harmful bonds.

It often reflects actual addictions and dependencies in your life, such as alcoholism, drug-taking, unhealthy relationships, over-spending and the like. You think you need something and you are willing to go against what you know to be right and true in order to obtain it. You need to break free of these negative patterns of behavior by acknowledging the hold that they have over you and the negative impact they are having on your life. Often they are behaviors that are immediately gratifying but which cause longer-term damage to your inner fulfilment.

You may now be more willing and able to accept changes in your life and you may be more open to taking on new perspectives. However, it is not going to be an easy journey. You will need to battle your inner fears and anxieties to free yourself from the chains that bind you to your unhealthy habits. You need to conduct an audit of your life and eliminate those things that you know are harmful to you and your inner psyche. It may be about creating a healthier diet, watching less television, quitting smoking, spending more time with your loved ones, or focusing more clearly on your goals.

Take this opportunity to bring about positive change in your life by providing yourself with ongoing encouragement and motivation. You must remain faithful to your goal of freedom.

Astrological Influence:

The Devil card is linked to the sign of Capricorn. This sign's qualities are materialization, order, structure, sacrifice, and achievement.


The despair and sense of hopelessness you may feel is only reflective of the stories you continue to buy into and make true.

XVI - The Tower - 16

"The crumbling of old paradigms"


Keywords - disaster, upheaval, sudden change, revelation

The Tower appears often when it seems as though your world is crumbling. Perhaps you've lost your job, maybe your relationship is breaking down or is it that you can no longer view the world as you once did. Regardless of what it is, the momentum of what has started is building to a crescendo.

Destruction is in the air! Do not shy away. Stand up to the beauty and electricity of a storm, breathe in the freshness of life it is offering and exhale and let go of all the decay and immorality of what once was.

When you see the Tower in a reading, you may feel afraid, shaken and insecure. It is a time of great turmoil and destruction as you seek to understand how you could have been so wrong, so naive, or so blind about a particularly situation. And now, what will you do and how will you manage in the face of this shocking truth? You may be experiencing sleepless nights, depression, grief, anger and confrontation. These are normal reactions to major changes in your outer and inner worlds.

As the structures of your internal and external world crumble, ask yourself - what do I really want? What does my heart desire? What no longer works for me? What do I need to let go? What direction must I move towards? You may be feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and insecure at this time, especially if the change was unexpected. Yet, do not step outside your power for there is a powerful awakening occurring within you and your world. Stagnant patterns of thinking & being are breaking up, gifting you the opportunity for liberation and freedom to pursue your soul's desires and transform them into physical reality.


Keywords - avoidance of disaster, fear of change

Reversed, the Tower card indicates that you are simply delaying the necessary ‘destruction’. You need to go through this difficult time in order to learn an important lesson. Do not resist it. Even though it is shocking & hard to deal with, it is a very important part of your life journey. It suggests that, while you consciously want change and transformation, you seem to be afraid of these two things. You may feel that change and transformation may bring with it destruction and pain, and you are resisting.

The reversal of the Tower can also lessen the degree or impact of change that is about to enter your life. You may be forewarned or you may have an intuitive sense that something major is about to happen, and you can therefore plan in advance and avoid the destruction that lies ahead. You may be lucky enough to narrowly avert disaster.

You may be aware that in order to create the BIG change you are seeking, you need to go through a period of significant discomfort but you seem to be afraid of this discomfort. Sure, the stakes are high and it is risky territory but if you really want to achieve the scale of change you aspire to, then you need to take some risk.

Astrological Influence:

The Tower card is linked to the planet of Mars. This planet rules vital energy, sexuality, and ambition.


This is a card of personal breakthrough, where new worlds begin. Now is the time to think BIG and to not be afraid of taking BIG leaps ahead of you.

XVII - The Star - 17

"The crumbling of old paradigms"


Keywords - hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration, serenity

The Star is a card that focuses on the qualities of hope, faith, healing, aspirations, success, and finally, enlightenment. When this card appears, know that a special wish you have made may be fulfilled in time. It will help show you that the impossible can indeed become the possible. The force that works through your soul – determining what is possible and the difference between success over failure, and above all, who we are – is the power of your belief.

This card signifies perseverance and belief in yourself finally paying off. The Star helps the embers of positivity and possibility burn even in tough times when things feel like they are not going as planned. It’s what keeps us going, moving slowly and surely towards our goals, even when feeling slightly less inspired than we would like. Hope motivates you to take progressive action, little steps taken that add up cumulatively over time to success.

Soon others will be attracted and drawn to your inner light. Learn to share your experiences and lessons, for those around you will also realize that by having faith and pushing forward where one may have felt no hope at all is the key to success.


Keywords - lack of faith, despair, discouragement

Reversed, it suggests that your spiritual mission is distorted. Instead of hope, you are feeling despair or discouragement. Instead of being filled with positive possibilities, you find yourself dwelling on negative issues. Negative thoughts will wear away at you to the point where you may give up control of the situation and concede defeat. To remedy this, it suggests you identify what is making you feel discouraged or overwhelmed and work on moving past these issues.

It also indicates that you are beginning to feel disengaged and uninspired with life or components of your life (for example, work, hobbies, relationships, personal projects, etc.). Perhaps you started out with great vision and enthusiasm but you are now finding yourself overwhelmed by day-to-day routines that are boring and dreary. You may find life a chore now, when it used to be such a pleasant experience. This card is particularly relevant for career readings, when you are feeling that you are no longer connected to the work you do and you feel that you need to move on or make a significant change to your career. Perhaps a change of pace, or refocusing your career into a much more energetically aligned place will be the best way to solve the feelings from this card.

They can take on an importance far greater than they deserve and can hold you back. It also indicates that you are beginning to feel disengaged and uninspired with life or components of your life.

Astrological Influence:

The Star card is linked to the sign of Aquarius. This sign rules higher mind, relatedness, selflessness, unity, & consensus.


It serves as a reminder to use your natural ability of intuition, the language of the soul, as you reach for your goals and desires. The future can be yours when you have hope, and trust in everything you do.

XVIII - The MOON - 18

"Illumination, psychic, and intuitive strength, shadow self"


Keywords - illusion, fear, anxiety, insecurity, subconscious

This card represent emotions, sensitivity, and a reminder that nothing in life is at a standstill - this is a world of constant flux, and one this is certain: Everything changes. It is calling you to action; the time is now when you may have to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your soul. You must learn to confront what you've avoided and walk courageously through it.

The energy behind this card is strong and wild. Like the tides you may feel that emotionally you are being pulled in many directions and unable to settle down. Realize that all things come in due time and that right now you are on a natural cycle. Wait for things to calm down in your love life before making a decision.

This card of is about illusion and deception, and therefore often suggests a time when something is not as it appears to be. Vigilance and clear perception will be necessary to find that which is hidden before it is too late. There are still hidden forces at play that may unravel your success. You may be idealizing the situation, and ignoring the fact that potential for failure exists among success. It also suggests that you are letting your imagination run away with you, and that things are not nearly as bad as they seem. In both cases you must open your eyes and see what it really going on. Guard against accepting illusions as they may cause an error in your judgement..

Always know that life naturally revitalize itself and as it does, so do you. It promises that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Recognize that by no longer denying your past and letting the tears fall, you'll discover the treasure chest of your soul. This is a cleansing process to wash away and clear out what was once avoided, ignored, and pushed aside. It indicates that this is a time when your psychic sensitivity may be quite intense. Learn to open up to it or if need turn it down.


Keywords - release of fear, unhappiness, confusion

Introspection and clarity are important at this time. Feelings that have lain dormant are now coming to the surface. They have been part of your subconscious for some time. They're referred to as your "shadow" self and represent all of your fears and delusions. You may have concerns about examining these issues but know that when an issue raises to the surface, it's ready to be faced and healed.

This card reversed indicates that you have recently experienced a time of self-deception, illusion, fears and anxiety but these negative energies are beginning to subside. You may have also been dealing with some deeper emotional issues that have previously been sitting beneath the surface. While this has created some discomfort and turmoil as you deal with these deeper issues, you are starting to feel as if a weight has been lifted and that you can be less fearful and anxious about your life situation. You are beginning to work through your inner fears and anxieties, understanding the impact that these have on your life and how you can eventually free yourself from these limiting beliefs. This can be a wonderfully liberating and transformational experience.

Have the courage to acknowledge and confront these newly emerging feelings. Look at them from all sides, and try to determine where they first came from. When and how were they planted in your subconscious? It indicates a fundamental unhappiness with your present situation but also confusion over what else you could do and what you really want to do. It may be that you believe that what you really want to do with your life is impractical or unrealistic, or your past experiences in life have convinced you that you are stuck with what you have and it is too late to change now.

Astrological Influence:

The Moon card is linked to the sign of Pisces. This sign rules spiritual waters, the psychic realm, dreams, faith, and sacrifice.


Your body is one big psychic antenna, so just remember that you're in control of how high or low you want the reception to be. Mother Earth can assist you in this period of change, sensitivity, and healing.

XIX - The Sun - 19

"Radiate who you are, soak up life's rays"


Keywords - fun, warmth, success, positivity, vitality

You are reaching a period in your life where you are able to shine! Light radiates from you, you are energized and vital and able to give your light to all those you come into contact with. The Sun is a card of warmth, blessings and success. It is when you can really feel your own power and see the bright and grand vision of what makes you truly happy. You are beginning to recognize, explore and harness previously untapped or underdeveloped talents. It feels exciting and liberating to know that there are landscapes within you that remain untouched!

The Sun represents success, radiance and abundance. The Sun gives you strength and tells you that no matter where you go or what you do, your positive and radiant energy will follow you and will bring you happiness and joy. People are drawn to you because you can always see the bright side and you bring such warmth into other people’s lives. This beautiful, warm energy is what will get you through the tough times and will help you succeed. You are also in a position where you can share your highest qualities and achievements with others. Radiate who you are and what you stand for. Shine love on those you care about.

Know that enlightenment and energy are on their way to you! Stop holding yourself back and begin to shine! As soon as you start to emanate your own vibration you will be met with an abundance of energetic projection in return. Take time to enjoy life. Get outside and play in nature. Count your blessings and know that the adventure you have embarked on will lead you to the fulfillment & success you yearn for. Stop focusing on the clouds. Like the sun, the light of your soul shines no matter what difficulty or darkness may be clouding the horizon.


Keywords - temporary depression, lack of success

Do not force optimism. If you are finding that your efforts are being blocked or that you're having too force positivity, it may be an indication that you have fallen off your axis. This push towards positivity may actually prevent you from falling back into the natural rhythm of yourself where natural radiance and success stem from. Also, watch for over confidence or self important behavior.

You may be being too positive. That is, your perception of a particular situation is overly optimistic and unrealistic. You do not have a good sense of yourself and what you are and are not capable of. You may have become egotistical and out of touch with whom you really are. You may not be being truthful to yourself and to others, instead trying to talk yourself up when you know you cannot deliver. If this feels like you, then ask others for feedback and to give you a ‘reality check’. Are you being unrealistic? Is what you have set out to achieve actually achievable? Are you really as good as you think you are?

Yes, you are thriving and succeed, but do not become so out of touch with yourSelf and others because of it. It is important to be grounded even when you are flying high. The sun brings blessings to the earth, and this card portends blessings in your own life as well. A creative project may be blocked at this time, or you could be feeling your own creativity being stifled in some way. These challenges could be imposed from outer sources or they could actually be coming from within. Are you standing in your own way - stopping self-expression out of fear or self-doubt? If so, it's time to let go of fear & be willing to take a risk.

Astrological Influence:

The Sun card is linked to the Sun and it rules our self consciousness and the will.


Just as the sun nurtures the earth, bringing new life in the spring and summer, this is your time for a new beginning, the onset of a nurturing, new light in your life - the light of Divine inspiration and personal growth. Your power and light are always present - able to bring healing and renewal through strong, self-directed choices in any situation - so let go of the doubt, let your creativity come forth, and know that you deserve to shine!

XX - Judgement - 20

"Use your judgment and higher power in service not destruction"


Keywords - judgment, rebirth, inner calling, absolution

You are rising up! You are listening to your knowing and judgment and awakening to the power you hold within. You are letting go of all the burdens, mistakes, and regrets you have accumulated and held on to along your journey, including any anger or hurt you may hold others hostage to. Elevated and awakened, you are rising above your old self.

Judgement often appears when you are at a crossroads, needing to make a decision about which direction you are to go in or who you are to trust. Yet, you now recognize you cannot make these decisions based on your previous judgement standards. Instead, you are reaching to make a decision from you illuminated higher perspectives to which you have opened yourSelf. It may feel as though you are being rebirth into more of Who You Are, and you are able to look back on your decisions with fondness and love.

This is a card of illumination, understanding and Light. Embrace your expansion. Give yourSelf space and time to understand the internal shifts you are experiencing and then move into these changes so you may share Who You Are with others. The Judgement card suggests that you have had a recent epiphany or an ‘awakening’ where you have come to a realisation that you need to live your life in a different way and you need to be true to yourself and your needs. You have opened yourself up to a new possibility – to lead a fulfilling life that serves your higher needs and that offers inspiration and hope to others. You feel as though you have had a ‘calling’ in life, and you are getting much closer to the point where you need to take action. Something that was lying dormant within you, some unconscious knowledge or truth is finally being awakened and brought into the light.


Keywords - self-doubt, refusal of self-examination

Reversed, the Judgement card suggests that you may be indulging yourself in doubt and self-judgement. Your deliberation is causing you to miss the new opportunities that await. A certain amount of momentum has accumulated behind what you have achieved, which could propel you further. If actions are taken now, such momentum will not be lost. Therefore now is not the time for being cautious or introverted, rather it is time to move onwards with confidence and pride.

It is a card suggests that you may be overly hard or critical of yourself and not allowing yourself to truly learn from your mistakes. You may have made some mistakes in the past but see these as learning experiences rather than failures or faults.

Judgment reversed serves as a reminder that in every decision that you face, you have at least some element of control. While you may not be able to control the initial events that happen to you, it is important to remember that what is within your control is how you react to these events, and what you create and build out of them. So, while you may be feeling as though you are at the mercy of other people’s judgement, remember that you, too, can choose your own destiny and respond in a way that serves your own higher needs. This is an important time for you to make your own decisions, based on your own judgement of the situation. Do not let others push you around or dictate what should happen to you!

You may be experiencing unhappiness, isolation and difficulties in overcoming obstacles. You may be forced to deal with the consequences of your past decisions in order to learn valuable lessons from them. You may also find that you are fearful about making important decisions. Change is inevitable. If you are unwilling to accept changes, stagnation will replace growth. Unwanted changes could make you feel out of control and helpless. Perhaps you are reluctant to let go of a relationship, job, or circumstance that is no longer working for you.

Astrological Influence:

The Judgment card is linked to the element of Fire which rules our intuition, spirit, action of the will, inspiration, creativity, energy, initiative, and goal directed activity.


The Judgement card calls for a period of reflection and self-evaluation. Through meditation or quiet reflection, you may come to a point of deep understanding about the common themes throughout your life and what you can do or change to avoid these situations in the future. Judgement tells you that you are close to reaching a significant stage in your own journey.

XXi - The World - 21

"Completion, the beginning and ending at once"


Keywords - completion, integration, accomplishment, travel

A card of achievement and fulfillment - see this card as an omen. It represents of a cycle, bringing you full circle. You are now able to enjoy the experience of your vision and dream brought to life. There is a deep feeling of contentment and success, perhaps even an element of relief.

The World may also appear at the beginning of a journey or project. It is where you are able to see and feel and the whole vision or idea, knowing the adventure will come to completion, taking you to the depths and heights or Who You Are, leading you to where you envision yourself and your life. You embark knowing that you are unfailing the mystery of the Universe through your acts. It is when you see the grander picture, where unity is yours. This is clarity. Do not dismiss a knowing as clear as this.

A symbol of celebration and success, mark your achievements! Share this time with others, or privately celebrate your hard work and expansion thought ritual. It is important to lean into the deliciousness of these moments before you hurry on to the next thing.

The World signifies completion, achievement and fulfilment. All of your efforts are finally paying off and you have reached the end of a journey or have completed a major life cycle.


Keywords - lack of completion, lack of closure

Reversed, the World suggests that you are trying to achieve completion in your life but you may not be taking all the steps necessary to achieve your goals. There is a tendency to take the easiest or quickest path to attain your goal but often this does not lead to the outcome you had originally intended. Instead, through facing up to the challenges along the way, you will learn and grow exponentially and will feel such an amazing sense of achievement when you finally make it to your goal.

So, do not be afraid to set yourself ‘stretch’ goals, even if it means enduring hardships or challenges along the way. This will make victory even sweeter. It can also indicate a time when you are close to reaching completion but for whatever reason, you lose focus and slack off right at the end. You only have a short way to go, so why lose focus now? Re-energize yourself and remind yourself how wonderful life will be when you have finally reached your goal. You may also be experiencing a lack of closure in your life, preventing you from embarking on the next journey or challenge.

It can indicate that desired change will be delayed and that more time and energy must be devoted to your project or life transition before you can experience the promised completion. This may feel very frustrating but patience and perseverance will pay off in the end. You may feel stifled, even trapped but do not give up. Keep on a steady course for now.

Allow all of the pieces to gently fall into place. Do not resist – just embrace. Your own personal energies are combining to bring you to a new level of being “whole” and perfect. To support this process of integration, work with the concept of having an open and grateful heart. Express appreciation for the many blessings in your life.

Astrological Influence:

The World card is linked to the planet Saturn which rules materiality, restriction, limitation, & self unknowing.


You have endured hardships and challenges along the way but these have only made you stronger and significantly wiser and more experienced than when you first started on your journey.

Much love and light, soul friends!