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Full Moon in Virgo

Hello, dear lovely friends!

So, we have the beautiful Full Moon in Virgo bringing us some loveliness to the surface. Here I discuss a few key points to keep in mind for the upcoming Full Moon cycle and also I did a card spread revieweing how to deal with the energies for each week of the next 30 day moon cycle.

Much like the phases, we have to keep in mind that each week carries it's own specific energy and it also brings so much to the surface for us. Work with the energies and become successful in your own way. Happy Full Moon, my gorgeous soul friends! Happy reading!


Things to focus your energy on with this Full Moon in Virgo

Release energetic roots and emotional triggers. This is a wonderful time to move forward from anything that you feel has been holding you back energetically and emotionally. These things are coming to the surface and being asked to be dealt with and finally released. Stop carrying around the emotional "trash" and energetic "baggage" from situation to situation. Deal with your own stuff first so that you can have a successful and cleansing full moon cycle.

We are being asked if we are really willing to risk it all in order to have everything we want. How many times have you put your own dreams on the back burner? How much of the hopes and dreams that you have are you avoiding risking or bringing into fruition? Virgo Moon is telling you to stop putting yourself aside for the sake of others. The mutable Mercury ruled Earth sign is about making those ideas and thoughts come and be born upon reality. Let's stick to our guns and bring that stuff to the forefront!

Don't be saddened by the lack of control we have in our external circumstances. Little secret here, in case no one told you, yet.... no one has that much control over their external situation. All that we can do is control how we allow these things to affect us. How are you reacting to the things that are set in action? Reactive or proactive? These are valid questions to keep in mind. Don't keep letting life happen to you. Make your life happen, boo!

Don't get frustrated because things might be playing out differently than expected. We are all adults. We all have certain expectations or ideals of how certain things should happen. Well, I suppose by now you have come to realize that it isn't always going to work out that way, right? Sometimes life has better plans. Sometimes we need those curveballs that put us on our asses. Why?! Because lessons. And because life doesn't flow how we want. We have to flow with life.

Don't get caught up in doing what you think you should while ignoring your intuition in the process. Open you eyes to what you have previously chosen to be blind to. These full moons bring the light of truth to the surface. How many times have you neglected to follow your intuition? How did that play out for you? So.... lesson here is that we should listen to that little niggle or that gut feeling and stick to it. It's like your own personal GPS. Let it take you where it needs to!

This is serious game changing energy. You are being shown where your heart lies, you're also being challenged to chase after it. You desire it? Gamble for it. Clean your act up! Virgo loves getting things in order and organizing our lives into the highest potentially successful energy that we can bring into it. Get it together and prepare for some serious reality checks!

Welcome this new chapter. Don't give up, until victory is truly yours!

Full Moon in Virgo Energies Reading

Cards are from the Earth Magic Oracle card deck by Steven D. Farmer

Oppositional Energies & Things to Bear in Mind

We'll look at what balancing act and juggling game we may face and how best to satisfy both needs and drives for internal harmony and external peace.

Crystals - Focus - First Week

Here we see an amethyst crystal cave bathed in the water from a river, the points of light representing the spiritual force that these crystal beings generate. Amethyst, as well as other types of quartz crystals, have been used for thousands of years in magic and healing, as well as for intensifying psychic capabilities. Since its violet colour is the same as the crown chakra, it has often been referred to as a spiritual stone. The nature of quartz crystals, the second most common element in the Earth’s crust, is that they help focus the power of our life force, or Spirit. Where attention goes, power flows – and crystals magnify this power tenfold. Our intention influences where our attention goes. When we’re consciously aware of our intention, it facilitates the focusof that spiritual power and supports the manifestation in material reality of that intention. It is time to bring your complete focus to the subject of your inquiry. Eliminate all distractions, and give this your undivided attention. Whether this is a project, relationship, or simply a relaxing time spent walking in nature, be fully present to the situation. This sharpening of focus will expand your awareness and allow your inner guidance to penetrate your consciousness, which can then be parlayed into appropriate action. By being focused with crystal clarity, you are in the flow of your life force and, in fact, have become one with it. It is not a hyper-vigilant or tension-filled state, but one of relaxed attention. Keep your eyes, ears, and heart focused on that which you need to pay attention to, and miracles can be created. To paraphrase a fictional elder, “Use the Force” and use it in life-enhancing ways. Crystals and stones are the soul of the Earth, and are programmed with high vibrational energy to help us. Working with stones is an essential part of raising our consciousness, so have fun with it; give yourself some time to learn to feel their pure love and healing energy.

Regularly set aside some time to just “be” without actually “doing” anything. You do not have to be doing something all the time to be a worthy person. Drop the expectations you have placed on yourself and allow your life to flow. Think about what you want; not what you don’t want. Guard your thoughts carefully, because they create your experiences. Sometimes it seems that our thoughts choose us, but this is never the case. We always choose our thoughts – every moment. Our thoughts always have an effect, and there are no neutral thoughts. One-half second before you hold a thought, you decide to hold it. So, with practice you can learn to monitor and alter your thoughts. This is the equivalent of putting your hands on the steering wheel of your life.

Do you know what you want? Can you list it in full dynamic detail? Or do you feel more comfortable listing the things that you don’t want? When thinking about what you want, are you able to separate out just you and your dreams and desires? Or do you get wrapped up in what other people want for you, or how your wants would affect them? What about judgement? Are you concerned with what people might think of your choices, is that a factor in painting the perfect picture of your reality? What if you took all those distractions away and just focused solely on what you would love to create for your own life. Letting go of the worries, the judgement, the fear. Letting go of how it would affect those who have expectations of you. Letting your imagination run wild…. What would that look like? How would it feel? Now, can you hone it down into several focused goals? Can you select a few action steps to get you going in the right direction, even if they are tiny to start? Can you alter your perception of your current reality to allow space for the new one to integrate? Breathe it into existence? Decide right now, to take one step each day towards your dreams, no matter what. Be courageous; be direct and most importantly, be authentic to you. Own this new reality, as you let these dreams fly free from your Heart and Soul. They are your lifeline, your bridge to fulfilling your Soul’s purpose. But remember: Happiness is found in the here and now. When you are focusing on your dreams, you are manifesting what you want to create. Do it with a smile. Do it with joy and enthusiasm and a light heart. For in doing so, you root yourself in this joy and create a magnet for more. You also acknowledge that joy can be found in the now, and is not something that must be chased after… residing in the future. What are you focused on creating?

How can tap into and enhance your Life Experience under this particular Full Moon

Where you're likely to be 'at' emotionally and how to best prepare for this period ahead of time or find grounding during this next cycle.

Milky Way - Perspective - Second Week

The Milky Way is said to be one of billions of galaxies in the observable universe. It contains between 200 to 400 billion stars, the one most famous to us being the Sun. The oldest star in our galaxy is 13.2 billion years old – said to be nearly as old as the universe itself – and the Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Distances are measured in light-years, and the Milky Way galaxy is believed to be 100,000 light-years in diameter. The enormity and vastness stagger the mind and challenge the imagination, yet, it also gives us some notion of where we fit in all this. Considered from this perspective, our usual frame of reference is put to the task. We are faced with a choice of abandoning our myopic vision in favor of seeing and accepting the bigger picture, or we can just allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by a sense of smallness and helplessness. Yet know that we are composed of material from those very stars that inhabit the Milky Way. Thus, we are connected to Earth and the entire universe at all times, in life and in death. You have lost your perspective, so it is time to step back, breathe, and allow yourself to detach in order to gather information from you senses and regain you perspective about the situation. Detachment does not mean that you no longer care – it simply indicates that you are looking at things from a different point of view. It is an outlook that is not clouded by emotions, judgement, or attachment to outcome, but instead maintains a nonreactive awareness of these things. The Witness, that internal aspect of yourself that simply observes everything in your life, offers his or her eyes here. Through these lenses of pure awareness, you can examine all aspects of your experiences – physical, emotional, and mental – without denying anything. By doing so, you will come to understand a greater perspective than is typically justified by the ego, which allows you to see what is before you with clear vision and an open mind.

What is the fastest way to change your reality? Change your perspective. But how do you go about changing your perspective? Well, you need to stretch your brain in a way that it hasn’t been stretched before. Learn something new, something mind blowing that you never thought of before. Master something you never in a million years thought you could do. There are options, but you have to be willing to see them. It takes strength and courage to step out of your comfort zone and actually get out there and do it. When you step away from the drama of your own issues, you gain a new perspective. When you see the world with a broader vision, you realize that we are all connected, no one is alone and we are all full of infinite love and possibility. Take this opportunity to see the patterns and where they come from. Ask for help in changing them to create harmony and balance in your life. Cut the cords to unnecessary relationship strains on your energy. Seek love and acceptance for every issue you are facing. When you find that love inside you, your perspective on everything changes. See the unconditional love and beauty inside yourself and radiate it out around the world; and watch that love transform those around you, recreating your reality.

Sometimes things just cannot move without readjustment – perhaps even radical realignment. We may feel that we should be able to bring our plans to fruition, but we may be aiming at the impossible, or at least at the very inappropriate. Part of the impossibility or inappropriateness may be a result of our own attitudes, beliefs, or behaviors, and part of it may be circumstances in the world – things that are beyond our control Often inner transformation is required in order to achieve what we wish for in the outer world, just as, conversely, changes in the outer world often elicit inner transformation. Personal inner change is the truest transformation of all – and in the long run, it is the only change that really matters.

Change your perspective so that you can initiate some of this inner transformation in a way that is not only beneficial to your current situation, you will see the fruits of your labor really adding up in all areas of your life. By emotionally being aware of the fact that you need to change your perspective and cut some emotional triggers and energetic roots, you will really be able to transform your life.

Potential Issues/Energies/Situations Coming to Light or Coming to Conclusion

The significance of personal emotional climate as you enter or during this cycle. How outer events manifest due to inner shifts and how you can use the reverse pattern to have more effect on your surroundings! What you can learn from events coinciding with the Full Moon.

Forest - Breathe - Third Week

As we make our way across the meadow to the thicker parts of the forest, there's a subtle shift in the sensations in the body, one that might initially be barely perceptible but soon becomes undeniable. It's nearly impossible not to take deeper breaths. The richness of the forest's oxygen, given freely and generously from the trees (the Standing Ones) to us, is a natural exchange for the carbon dioxide we exhale. Further, the animals of the forest participate in the exchange as well in what is one of the most miraculous and remarkable collaborations between plants and animals that serve to help each other live and thrive.

The ratio of this oxygen-carbon dioxide exchange has been in balance for millennia but has been changing quite dramatically in the last several years as carbon dioxide levels have been risign. Yet there are many parts of the world where we can still enjoy the refreshing and revitalizing effects of an afternoon enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of a walk in the forest.

Through prayer and action, we can express our gratitdue to these tree beings for the many gifts they provide, not th least of which is cntributing to the very air we breathe. Things are different after a walk in the forest.

Your breathing is too shallow. Although it may feel natural, it is an unhealthy habit that causes this shortness of breath. When you subconsciously shorten your breath, no matter if this is habitual or triggered by some even or circumstance, it activates certain physiological signals that prepare your system for "fight or flight". Another conditioned response to perceived danger is to hold your breath. This is your survival response, although it does not serve you to do so.

So... breathe! Inhale deeply, regardless of your concerns, worries, or problems; then let it go. Next, allow yourself to breathe a little deeper and slower a few times. Remember that every breath you inhale is a gift, and every breath you exhale is a gift. The forest is a clear reminder of how this works.

Breath is a Divine tool and can help us reach states of higher consciousness. Just being aware of our breathing can help us to become more grounded and focused; bringing us out of our “heads” and into the present moment. It can be used to calm us down, give us strength and it is vital fuel for our bodies. Yet, when stressed, often that awareness of our breath is the first thing to go! I am definitely guilty of both holding my breath when stressed, or breathing short and shallow breaths; neither of which is healthy for mind or body. I am working on it! I also notice that when my kids get upset, if I can get them to focus on taking a few deep breaths, they can talk rationally to me again.

Deep breathing is good for your heart, and gives nutritious oxygen to your whole body. So, right now while you are reading this, take a few deep cleansing breaths! As you breathe in, imagine breathing in the beautiful emerald-green healing light of the forest; the same green light that Archangel Raphael uses to heal. Imagine that light infusing love, peace, balance and harmony right into every single cell of your body. Even better, if you have the means, schedule some time in the forest for a hike or walk, enjoying the oxygen rich air and the connection to Mother Earth. We spend so much time indoors, with artificial light, and artificial air systems our bodies yearn for the great outdoors; the beach, the forest, a park, your garden, whatever appeals to you most. Get out there and breathe some fresh air! Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!

What to focus on during this Releasing Period

What to let go of to allow for new developments.

Desert - Vision Quest - Fourth Week

In this arid climate zone that we call a desert, images shift and change throughout the day, yet always maintain a sharp and defined presence. Those hardy species of flora and fauna that have found a home in the desert have adapted over eons to the relative harshness that's a strong characteristic of these lands. throughout history, we've passed down many stories of people wandering the desert. Often they're about religious figures and ascended masters who had journeyed there and returned to their people with remarkable visions.

The dessert is an ideal place to seek a vision or, more accurately, to allow a vision to come to you. The quiet and peace of such an environment is conducive to the solitude required to have this typed of profound experience. Spending times in this region without the usual accoutrement's of the civilized world can present survival challenges or at least seem to. And this could rightful be called a spirit quest, where through steadiness in this seemingly bleak environment, it becomes possible to receive direct guidance from Spirit internally and in the world around you.

A "vision quest" is a process whereby you spend a few days int he wilderness alone. Typically, you carry only water and some sacred items with you, and you spend most of the the praying and meditating. Many who have completed a vision quest assert that it is a powerful and even life-changing experience, and report vivid and profound revelations. It is said that "the desertdoes not lie," so partaking in this can help you discover the truth about your purpose, or at least give you some clues.

It is time for YOU to go on a vision quest. Designate a place in Nature in which to dwell, whether for a couple of hours or a few days. Spend a majority of your time while there praying and meditating. It is best to be in a location where you can truly find solitude, even it is in a quiet corner of a part for an afternoon. Whoever you go, take your question, concern, or challenge with you into prayer or meditation. Allow it to float around in your consciousness, and watch what shows up.

This is one of the most powerful cards. By drawing it, whatever other messages you may have received are amplified threefold. So, we are asked to return to the energies of the other cards and take those into account, while really magnifying their strengths!

Your angels and your guides are asking you to trust and follow the ideas you've recently received, as they are the answers you've been seeking for your current situation. You already know the truth and the best course of action to take. Trust this knowingness, and take appropriate action. When you honor your ideas, the Universe reciprocates by sending you additional support while you make healthy life changes. This card is also a message to clear the crown chakra, which governs your ability to tap into the Universe's collective wisdom. It can become blocked if you dismiss your inner thoughts as wishful thinking or common knowledge. Remember that all ingenious ideas begin as daydreams that turn into wonderful inventions. Allow yourself to connect more to your own Spirit Guides during this time period, so that you can really manifest the desires of your heart.

Focus on your own joy and passion. If you desire to bring the perfect romance, friend, job or situation into your life, you must become the magnet to that energy. If you are wanting to bring your ideas into fruition, then start imagining and SEEING them in reality. Find your joy. Live your passion. These are not just cliches overused on social media, they are actually true words to live by! If you want to find compatibility, what better way that to find it doing what you love. How happy would you be to find like minded people doing similar things, who are willing to support you doing what they love? Plus, by doing what brings you joy, you transform your vibration and your consciousness, so you are much more likely to attract someone who is on a similar path… not a “fixer upper!”

You can find the perfect job in the same way as you shine your light out you will attract people who want to spend more time with you, they will want you as part of their team. Or if you desire to become self-employed, this is the time to step into it, even if it is part time to start.

Your mission is to find what you love and go do it. The rest will fall into place. With magic, mystery and excitement. Can’t wait!

Well, I hope you guys really work what you got with this Virgo Full Moon. We all have the potential to really bring some great healing, some energetic clean-up, reorganize our lives, and also release anything that isn't necessary anymore. Take into account the lovely energies of this Pisces sun, we can really use our intuition to propel us in the right direction. Happy Full Moon, my boothangs!

If you would like to purchase your own personalized Full Moon Energies Reading from me, just click here! Use code AAM100 before checkout to receive 10% off ANY reading in my shop!

Stay amazing, my friends!

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