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Card Drawing January 3, 2016

Happy New Year, my loves! I hope the holiday season treated everyone well!

This week's oracle messages come from the Lumina Tarot Deck by Lauren of

Which card(s) do you feel drawn to today?

1, 2, or 3...

Focus on the image and chose which cards you feel drawn to before scrolling down.


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If you chose Card 1:

Eight of Wands - Reversed - "Up and flying! Your second wind."

While you may be filled with enthusiasm for your returned inspiration and energy, you may be finding that you're conflicted by so many worthy ideas, leaving you confused and frustrated. It is important to understand that while all of the inspired ideas are valuable, it is important to hone your focus towards the most aligned avenue of action so that you complete your vision and the cycle of creation.

This card reversed may also symbolize potential delays and setbacks in regard to important activities, goals or actions. While frustrating, use the setback wisely. Do not allow it to undo all of your hard work, emotionally or energetically. You may also need to seek alternatives.

The Eight of Wands reversed can indicate significant delays, particularly with regard to travel or fast-moving plans. Despite having a lot of energy and enthusiasm to progress things forward, you are now being faced with multiple obstacles in your course. This is incredibly frustrating and you may be growing increasingly impatient by the day. Keep looking for alternative ways around the obstacles presented so that you can carry out your plans.

On the flipside, the reversed Eight of Wands suggests that you are charging ahead with an idea or plan but you need to slow down and consider your next steps before continuing. You may be missing something in your haste and prone to making mistakes. Similarly, this card can be a sign to hold off your activities for a short amount of time until the situation becomes more stable and predictable.

You may also be prone to having many, many ideas at the one time and not knowing which to pursue and when. Just as you get started on implementing one idea, another one comes to mind and you quickly switch your focus. The trouble is that with this approach, you never actually accomplish anything because you are jumping from one idea to the next without finishing any of them.

Where does your power lie? Do you hold it safe; close to your heart? Or have you given it away to others? How long has it been gone for now? How would it feel to have it back? Do you fear this power?

If you picked Card 2:

Four of Swords - "Rest, Reevaluation, Realignment."

The Four of Swords is urging for you to rest and rejuvenate. This is not a passive process! This requires you to understand what it is that restores you and actively carve out time to engage in these realizing and revitalizing activities. This may also mean that an integration of information and shadow aspects of yourself are needed. Bad doing this, you will expand not only your depth of knowledge but also your conscious awareness and intuitive abilities.

This is a time of identifying what fills you up and what depletes you. Each time you step towards ore of the people and activities you enjoy, you step towards more of yourSelf, restoring faith, self belief and life back to your center and to what you recognize as your own truth.

If you recently reached and completed a milestone it is vital for you to take time to enjoy the aftermath of its success and completion. Do not rush forward immediately. Create space so you may get to know this new you.

The Four of Swords shows a period of rest and recovery after a time of challenge, with the promise that, once recovered, you can and will return to the challenge. In the meantime, the Four of Swords provides a new challenge – to stay silent and inactive. This is the time build up your mental strength. Meditate and spend time in a calm atmosphere. You need to replenish your strength and spend time in spiritual thinking. You need to rest and relax. The Four of Swords is a reminder that after every crisis and before every new challenge, there is always a time of relaxation and contemplation. Constant stress and tension will break even the hardest and most resilient of people but brief periods of rest enable you to refresh your energy, concentration and focus, ready for the next challenge. These rests should be used wisely, to heal the body and ready the mind.

Ifyou were drawn to Card 3:

Knight of Cups -"Be bold in your love."

It is a time of creative action and passion. You are being called to start something that ignites your heart and soul. This may be a new activity or hobby, business, relationships or enrolling in a course that sets you alright! There is no need to rush with this new better, as it is important that the foundations are built out of love, your inner strength and creativity ensure that you continue to stay invested and inspired.

This card may come as a nudge forwards encouraging you to turn that hobby or interest into a living or to potentially have a friendship move into a relationship. Be open at this time to the guidance of your heart.

The Knight of Cups may also be a person who demonstrates unwavering passion and charm, using these traits to his advantage in the pursuit of relationships and the acceptance of others. He is ruled more b his heart than his head. This can result in him being exposed to others taking advantage of. It may also mean that he is unable to fully commit to any one person that catches his heart and eye.

The Knight of Cups is the most feminine of the Knights; although that does not mean that he is any less of a Knight. It simply implies that he is in touch with his intuition and emotions, and he uses them for his own good during his quests of romance and seduction. He is charming and attractive to others, regardless of their sex, while still expressing the romantic, poetic view of life in his unique way. He may be in love with love itself. This Knight also looks to his emotions to provide a map for his life direction. He is someone who is ruled by his heart rather than his head. When faced with a decision, he will always go with what his heart tells him, whether it is logical or not. Decisions will be made without much thought and instead they are made drawing upon inner direction, with the experience of warmth, friendliness, love and the need to share these qualities with everyone.

As with all Court Cards, the Knight of Cups can manifest as an event, a person in your life, or as a part of yourself.

Thank you for participating in my card drawing for the week. I hope that you enjoyed it! Did the card(s) you felt drawn to give you some guidance to think about?

Don't forget to check back next week for another card drawing!


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