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Aquarius - Sun, Moon, & Rising

Hello, beautiful Aquarians!

I am Nancy, the owner of Astrology and Angel Mediums. I love astrology, so it felt like a natural effort to help people understand their own astrology a little bit better. I hope that with this effort, I can bring you some easy to comprehend astrology information. Plus, having an appreciation for what qualities, challenges, obstacles, and common characteristics are typically ingrained within your astrological makeup and personality, will assist you in being able to be more personally aware.

I love Aquarius as a general sign, and am actually married to an Aquarian. This a great article to show you how to work with what you got, how to understand what Aquarius is, where the mythology comes from, and how to better create a picture of what it is like to be an Aquarian.

Aquarius Mythology

One Aquarius mythology story is the Greek myth of Ganymedes, the cup-bearer of the gods. Ganymedes was the son of Tros, king of Troy (some say that he was also son of Dardanus). He is said to have been abducted by Zeus, in the form of the eagle, Aquila, to serve as cup-bearer in Olympus. Homer describes Ganymede as the most beautiful of mortals:

[Ganymedes] was the loveliest born of the race of mortals, and therefore the gods caught him away to themselves, to be Zeus' wine-pourer, for the sake of his beauty, so he might be among the immortals. — Homer, Iliad, Book XX, lines 233-235.[3]

The Abduction of Ganymede (ca. 1650), by Eustache Le Sueur

Ganymedes was the first human to have been made a deity. He was a beautiful juvenile who caught Zeus' attention with his great beauty. When Ganymedes got to Mount Olympus, he had to deal with Zeus' wife, Hera, annoyance and ire at a mortal undermining her. She was displeased with this arrangement, as her daughter Hebe, Goddess of Youth, was the cup-bearer previously. In Olympus, Zeus granted Ganymedes eternal youth and immortality, along with the office of cupbearer to the gods, supplanting Hebe. All the other gods were filled with joy to see the youth, except for Hera, who regarded Ganymede as a rival for her husband's affection. Her discontent was never addressed by Zeus and Ganymede continued to have a place in Olympus, continuing to rise in popularity.

Ganymede is also regarded as the genius of the fountains of the Nile, the life-giving and fertilizing river. Thus the divinity that distributed drink to the gods in heaven became the genius who presided over the due supply of water on earth. It was made evident when, Ganymedes saw how the world needed water and begged Zeus to let him serve them and Zeus told him he could make it rain. In time, Ganymedes was elevated as Aquarius, god of rainfall, and Zeus placed him in the heavens.

And hence the water bearing sign of Aquarius, as we understand it now, was born.

Aquarius Information The Water Bearer, 11th Sign of Zodiac Modality: Fixed Element: Air Ruler: Uranus Season: Winter Metal: Uranium Stone: Amethyst Color: Sky Blue Anatomy: Ankles, shins, circulation

Keywords: sarcastic, individualistic, rebellious, clever, assertive, unemotional, independent, aloof, humanitarian, inventive, original, eccentric, opinionated, intellectual, idealistic, cool, friendly, detached, stubborn, witty

Hey, baby....what's your sign?

Sun sign astrology is the form of astrology most commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. It is a simplified system of astrology which considers only the position of the Sun at birth, which is said to be placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs. This sign is then called the sun sign or star sign of the person born in that twelfth-part of the year. Most people are familiar with their sun sign, and always identify strongly with this image.

It is the sign that when people ask, is the one they know from magazines, newspapers, or being told by others of how *insert sign name here* they are being. Oh, you are being secretive and sexy.... pssshhhh... what a Scorpio! Wow, you're such a dedicated worker and you love having nice things, but you act so old.... what a Capricorn! Oh, you are being such a cry baby, drink like a fish, and can't deal with reality......Just blame it on my Pisces, baby! So on, and so forth! That is just scratching the surface! I am sure you have heard it all about being your sign. Well, astrology dives in a lot deeper than that.

When we are born the planets are all aligned in certain signs and angles. When someone asks about your natal chart, this is what they are asking about. What does your personal snapshot look like? Or how can you figure it out? Natal Charts are calculated for the exact time and location of the native's birth for the purposes of gaining insight into the native's personality and potential. Commonly used alternative names for the natal chart include birth chart, horoscope, natus, nativity, radix, geniture and genethliac chart, among others. The chart shows the positions of the sun, moon, planets, and potentially other celestial objects, all referred to as the native's "planets," within the frames of references defined by the astrological signs and houses.

This is a sample chart with the ruling signs, planets and houses included. You can see quick descriptions of the house descriptions.

One of my favorite free chart services is through Cafe Astrology. You will need your date, time, and place of birth in order to get the most accurate information.

Think of your birth chart as a 12 sliced pizza (see image above). Each slice may have it's own special toppings or flavor, or not much on there at all. This is important to remember. Each pizza (or every person) has different slices working in their favor (or challenging them). In this article, I will be discussing Aquarians and how they can work their mojo in a way that is in line with being a native Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Rising sign.

Aquarius Sun

"It's our challenges and obstacles that give us layers of depth and make us interesting."

- Ellen DeGeneres, Aquarius

"Hell, there are no rules here - we're trying to accomplish something."

- Thomas Edison, Aquarius

(The Sun is in Aquarius from approximately January 20 to February 18, depending on the year).

Oh, the water bearing Aquarius! How I love thee so. Let me count the ways. No, seriously. Some of my grandest love affairs have been with Aquarians and I have a special place in my heart for them. I am even married to one!

This is what the Sun Sign (or glyph) looks like in your natal chart.

The Aquarius Sun Sign personality is brilliant, free-spirited and eccentric. If they don't act like any Sign you can recognize, they are probably an Aquarius Sun Sign. Intellectual, they are gifted with an analytical mind. They are ahead of their time, so others may think they're a bit strange. They may have a difficult time staying in the present since they would rather focus on the future.

One of the most exceptionally defining qualities of those born under the Sun Sign Aquarius is their progressive minds, their objection to just follow routine and normalcy mindlessly, and their independent stubbornness, which in turn frees them from societal conditioning and any personal suffering with perceived expectations on who they should be.

They are open to change, albeit stubborn. These are idealistic, yet fixed in their opinions. They may come off as detached, haughty, and often described as aloof. And even after all of these particular qualities, they are still highly esteemed. Curious, observant, visionary, tolerant (in a broad sense), witty, clever, intellectual, forward-thinking, blunt, quick thinking, quirky, forthright, and open are all words one can use to describe the Sun Sing Aquarian. It's hard not to admire so many varied qualities that paint such broad strokes of this sign. They have an aversion to discrimination, intolerance, and outdated ways of thinking or doing things. These qualities will be offensive to the humanitarian Aquarius.

"Be true to yourself" and "Don't follow the crowd" are mottos we easily associate with this sign.

Similar in the way that the Water Bearer brings that precious liquid as a gift, Aquarians shower the world with their innovative thoughts and radical new ideas. Aquarians need space and value personal freedom. Any attempt to box them in will likely fail. They'll happily return the favor; and they will treat people from all walks of life as equals. Equality and fairness are hallmarks of the sign. If you're quirky and "different", all the better. Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of Aquarius. Those born under this sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. These folks are humanitarian, philanthropic and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Along those lines, they'd like to make the world work better, which is why they focus much of their energy on our social institutions and how they work (or don't work). Aquarians are visionary, progressive souls who love to spend time thinking about how things can be better. They are also quick to engage others in this process, which is why they have so many friends and acquaintances. Making the world a better place is a collaborative effort for Aquarians.

While Aquarians are happy to bestow their inventive and original ideas as a gift with no strings attached, they are much happier when the rest of the world agrees with them. Nonbelievers will quickly find out that Aquarians can be temperamental, impatient, and contrary with those who don't agree. Yes, they can be quite fixed in their opinions, in keeping with the Fixed Quality assigned to this sign. Even though Aquarians are happy to give, and they do, it's often on their terms and within their comfort level. Generally, that means ample space, since these folks are freedom-loving and individualistic and need to roam (and yes, they do enjoy travel). While Aquarians are generally sympathetic and compassionate, they like it when things go their own quirky way. Some might call their behavior eccentric (and they would be right), but when you consider that the Aquarian's heart is truly in the right place, a few oddities should be overlooked. In their own way, Aquarians treasure their many friends and acquaintances and want to give back as much as they can. Don't try to force yourself on them, or impede on their ideas.

The planets that rule Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus. Known as the father of many gods in ancient Roman times, powerful Saturn was the original ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the oldest of the gods in Roman mythology; this planet was discovered much later than Saturn and was only more recently assigned to this sign. The combination of these planetary energies is strong and vibrant. Saturn's force field is that of the stern taskmaster, which is one reason why Aquarians love to think and put their ideas out to the world. They also love to think they are right! It's Uranus which instills Aquarians with their visionary spirit. If it's new, radical and rebellious, Aquarians are all over it. The fact that these folks can think so creatively and inventively is one of their greatest assets. Water Bearers are all about progress and technology -- they love the latest gadgets, computers and next-generation technologies. Thanks to a genius that borders on insanity (literally, it can come across that way), those born under this sign have the unique ability to present ideas that will revolutionize the world. Their approach in doing so may be unpredictable, impersonal and at times cold. But don't take this personally. This is just how they can utilize their energies to present their ideas, while conserving their energy for the more acute mental faculties needed in order to continuously invent such prodigious developments. The element associated with Aquarius is Air, and that means the rarefied air of the intellectual. Aquarians will accomplish much with their broad and logical minds, entertaining complex and scientific ideas for the betterment of all. That said, they are also artistic and inventive. It's all in the spirit of creating a better world, hopefully one in keeping with their broad-minded beliefs. Aquarians believe that their offbeat, original approach will win the day, and that new thought is what is needed to change the world. Those born under this sign are altruistic, humane people who are determined to make a difference.

The great strengths of the Aquarius-born are their vision, intellect and humanity. They are determined to make the world a better place and to help everyone they can along the way. They are truly the trailblazers of the zodiac.

They need to have freedom and have time to be an individual, even when in a relationship. The best marriage partner is a friend first, so respect your Aquarian partner's needs for ample time and space within the relationship. They don't like to be smothered, so emotionally dependent, needy, or insecure partners will not work out in the long term for the Aquarian. While they are physically in the moment, their brain may be elsewhere, maybe contemplating what everything means that is happening, rather than enjoying the emotions of the moment. Because of this, they may come across as impersonal or detached. And in spite of this, they can be some of the most humanitarian goal focused people you encounter. Aquarius Sun Sign people are social, charming and friendly. Their outgoing personality makes them popular. They want to solve the problems of the world or make life better for mankind. Their main problem is they tend to live in a world of ideas and concepts rather than reality. This detached, unemotional way of looking at life can make communication with them a bit difficult at times. They need to learn how to connect with others emotionally. When stressed, they feel claustrophobic. It may be hard for them to explain to their loved ones why they need time alone and more freedom. Their friends and loved ones can become upset or confused because they will clam up, tune out and not explain what is bothering them. Sometimes, they need time away from family but will spend it with friends. This can be very difficult to explain to the family, and usually they don’t even try. They need mental variety, though they will usually remain faithful on other levels.

Aquarius Moon

"The truly modern artist is aware of abstraction in an emotion of beauty."

– Piet Mondrian, Moon in Aquarius

"I get by with a little help from my friends."

– John Lennon, Moon in Aquarius

Explanation of Moon Signs and the Significance

This is what the Moon Sign (or glyph) looks like in your natal chart.

Your Moon sign describes your emotional and instinctual energies. Another key component in the makeup of the basic ego/personality, your Moon sign reveals those things you do instinctively, how you are likely to react emotionally, how you give and receive nurturing, as well as the genetic or cellular memories carried within the unconscious mind. It describes your emotional, instinctual, genetic and intuitive makeup.

Moon Signs help define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why we do what we do. This is where we retreat for comfort, childhood memories, and peace. This can also be the place where anger, hate, jealousy and fear may be found. The Moon also influences our senses depending on its placement in the birth chart. Most people will have their Moon in a Sign that is different from their Sun. This is why many people with the same Sun Sign can be so different from each other. They may feel that when they read a description of their Sign, that it is not representative of them. It may feel incomplete, or even completely inaccurate. Moon Signs may be a much more accurate description of what a person is like.

The Moon is said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden. On points where your Sun and Moon Signs are compatible, they will work together to help you get through the hardships and accomplish your goals. Where they are not compatible, you will feel conflicting desires or be at odds with yourself in some way.

With the Moon in the conceptual and humanitarian sign of Aquarius, you are likely to be a unique and somewhat progressive individual. There may be something about you that somehow “separates” you from everybody else. Aquarius is an Air sign, and so pertains to ideas, concepts and communication. It as relates to the social side of life in terms of the protocol that guides how we interact with each other. Aquarius is also a Fixed sign, which gives qualities of focus, perseverance and endurance. When an Aquarian Moon individual has a clear idea, they are unlikely to easily change it. This combination suggests that concept and relationship will be important these for you. Your position as someone already ‘on the outside’ gives you the ability to interpret the world around you from an often unique point of view.

Lunar Aquarians can be very willful, especially in childhood. With age, these natives generally learn to handle their strong needs. Their desire for independence is powerful indeed, no matter what their age. With a quiet Sun and/or Ascendant, their desire to "shock" others is not always apparent until a relationship becomes comfortable. They are generally proud of their family members, boasting just how unique they are. When their families are ultra-conservative, the boast will be that they rebelled against all of that! Although given to temper tantrums and willful behavior in youth, Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling that messy emotions are unappealing. They often pride themselves for being cool-headed, detached, and "above" what they consider the more base emotions. In the process, they can end up alienating others--and themselves. Although Lunar Aquarians can be especially adept at understanding others' behavior and motivations, they can lose touch with their own—simply because they have identified too strongly with what they aspire to be (and these aspirations are often super-human).

Aquarius Moon is extremely observant. They love to study human nature and analyze why everyone around them acts the way they do. They are often shy themselves, and may appear a bit detached. If you sit down and talk with an Aquarius Moon, they will probably tell you that they always felt "different" when they were growing up. While they can be sociable, at heart they would rather be on their own. They may have a strong ego, and they"ll do their level best to be unusual. It is not their lot to be mainstream or "fit in." They can be idealistic and progressive, but they pretend that jealousy, fear and possessiveness don't exist… that they are somehow above such petty emotions. This may make them appear distant and emotionally unavailable. Moon in Aquarius people are rarely flighty people, but they can be unreliable when it concerns the little things in life. Often, this is simply an assertion of their independence. In the long haul, however, they are rather constant, as Aquarius is a fixed sign. As long as they have their own space and the freedom to be themselves, however kooky that may be, they are trustworthy and loyal. They can be very stubborn about getting their way. In fact, when they've been attacked in any way (especially regarding their character), they can become very inflexible and cool. It can be difficult to know just how sensitive to criticism Lunar Aquarians are, simply because they hide it so well! When their character or behavior has been criticized, they tend to dig in their heels and keep right on doing it. They fully expect others to accept them exactly as they are, or they don't have much use for them in their lives.

As they get older, they learn to handle themselves better. They feel a strong need for independence at any age. They take great pride in their family, and will often brag of their accomplishments. With their desire to shock those around them, if they grew up in a more conservative household, they will be bragging about how they changed that. Moon in Aquarius may be prone to temper tantrums when young, even though as they grow they end up feeling that emotions are "messy." While they can be so good at understanding others' motivations and behaviors, they often lose touch with their own. This happens because they get too caught up in what they want to achieve rather than what is reality. Aquarius Moon Sign person is kind and compassionate, though it may tend to be shown more as a broad philosophy rather than in actual actions. While they may seem aloof, in fact they enjoy the eccentricities of those around them, and they feel confident in giving their partners a lot of freedom. Their optimism and friendliness helps them attract lots of friends. When they are unhappy, they tend to focus on their activities to such an extent that those around them have difficulty figuring out that something is wrong.

There is a very idealistic and progressive streak in Lunar Aquarians that is admirable indeed. However, when the Moon is in Aquarius, natives often will deny the more irrational qualities of emotions—such as jealousy, possessiveness, and fear—in an effort to be "above" what they consider "pettiness". When this goes too far, Lunar Aquarians can be emotionally blocked, distant, and detached.

Aquarius Moon is an intellectual that is both intense and intuitive. They love all aspects of freedom, both on a personal level as well as in the wider sense for humanity. They can work long hours to support a cause they believe in. Playful and childlike, they can have a great sense of humor, but they must be cautious they don't inadvertently hurt an other's feelings while trying to be funny. They are great dreamers, preferring to keep their head in the clouds at times.

They are life-time students of human nature, loving to analyze why people do what they do. This often stems from a detached—even shy—personality, especially in youth. Whether due to character or conditioning, Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling "different". Although rather sociable, they are often loners at heart. Many have strong egos, or at least powerful defense mechanisms, and most Lunar Aquarians will do their best to be the most unique and unusual person they can be. Their inner feeling of loneliness—that they don't quite fit in—puts them on the outside, looking in.

The Aquarian tendency to be humanitarian shows up powerfully in Moon in Aquarius. However, their kindness and concern for others is generally more a broad philosophy of life. With people close to them, Moon in Aquarius natives can seemingly lack compassion, as they often fully expect others to be as independent and detached as they are! In close, personal relationships, however, Lunar Aquarians generally give others a lot of personal freedom, and they will tolerate and enjoy all kinds of idiosyncrasies in people around them. Lunar Aquarians generally make wonderful friends. They'll make a point of leaving nobody on the outside. Many will fight for other's rights and crusade for equality. These sometimes maddeningly unpredictable people are nevertheless quite charming. They have an unmistakable stubborn streak, but when left to be themselves, they make unusual and endlessly interesting people to be around. Life just wouldn't be the same without Lunar Aquarians' unusual spin on the world and the people in it!

This position can also suggest a degree of eccentricity, and you may be highly original in some way. If you have creative interests then this placement can give a very unorthodox way of seeing the world. Aquarius is also a sign associated with radical change, and you may find that you have a need to rebel or break away from situations you perceive as being stagnant. Your need for freedom can manifest in many ways, and you are likely to best in relationship with others who understand the need to give you space. As the Moon can also describe how you experience home, you may tend to move around a lot. This position can suggest a person who needs to experience constant change and fluctuation in the regular circumstances of their life. You are likely to prefer light and airy places that give you an overall view. A city apartment, or house high up on a hill can give you then perspective you seek. A place to live that satisfies your need for ideas and culture will be a good balance for the times when you need to be alone. At its best, Aquarius is an egalitarian and freedom-loving sign. Born with the Moon here, you are likely to have an innate need to establish space and equality in your own and others lives. Your sense of objectivity is your best asset, and your ability to connect with others is based mostly on your capacity to simply see others for who they are. As a civilized being, you thrive in situations that bring people and conversation together. Though at times you may feel the outsider, life will always go best for you when you find your own like-minded group. Deeply original, you will have a flair for independent analysis and thinking outside the box. You can be a great friend and supportive colleague through your ability to see the human condition in all its myriad and amazing forms.

Aquarius Rising

“I have trouble with direction, because I have trouble with authority."

- Gene Hackman, Aquarius Rising

"Where's your will to be weird?"

- Jim Morrison, Aquarius Rising

What does Ascendant or Rising mean?

This is what the Ascendant (or Rising) Sign (or glyph) looks like in your natal chart.

The Ascendant (or rising sign) is often considered the mask one wears when meeting others. Perhaps it is most aptly thought of as the automatic responses to one's environment. The Ascendant shows our natural defenses and how we cope with day-to-day issues. The energies of the sign and condition of the Ascendant are most overt and obvious to others. The Ascendant shows an individual's first, natural reaction to new people and situations.

The rising sign, or Ascendant, (the external self) is second in importance only to the Sun-Sign (the inner self). For most people who know you less than intimately, it may be the determining factor as they see, identify, and know you. It also influences how you view, act, and react to others and the environment. While your Sun-Sign is determined by your birth date (and in some border-line cases the time), the rising sign (ascendant) must be calculated for the exact birth time and place. Theoretically, the rising sign advances one degree (of 360 degrees of a full circle -- a 24-hour day) every four minutes, meaning each 30-degree sign takes about two hours to move upward -- due to counterclockwise axial rotation of planet earth -- across the ascendant point: the eastern horizon.

The Ascendant sign will always be the First House (or slice) of your chart. This house rules the head, face, upper lip, and upper jaw, cerebrum (brain). The 1st House (or pizza slice) is about identity. This house also rules the personality, attitude, how you see the world, how you look, appearances, your worldly outlook, and self-awareness and how you respond. It describes how you see yourself and how others see you. It can also describe your physical appearance. Other keywords include: the self, ego, anima, projected image, expression of inner motivation, soul purpose, initial approach to life, the aura.

BIG TIP TO REMEMBER --- Anyone who has the same Sun Sign as your Rising Sign will automatically feel like or become your competition. So all Aquarians are your competition. Notice how you act and react in a group when an Aquarius is present. Both of you will be competing for the attention of anyone else present. This should not turn into a dual. This is something you should know and use in order to build your character and personality. You should be a better person because of this information and you should leave all people better than you found them, including your competition. After all, your Rising Sign is all about your personality, appearance and worldly outlook. These competitive people can be just about anyone - spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, friends, family members, children, co-workers, etc. It's just downright fascinating!

AQUARIUS - "I KNOW, THEREFORE I AM" - This is your motto for this particular house. If Aquarius is your "Rising Sign" aka "Ascendant". Your Rising Sign is the sign that rules your 1st House cusp. If you look at your chart, there is a graphic (or glyph) at the beginning of the Natal Chart that will show you where your Ascendant is located. Because Aquarius is on your 1st House cusp, you would take on the nature, characteristics and tendencies of Aquarius in this particular house.

The following is from the website on Aquarius Rising and characteristics of this Ascendant -

"Topsy-turvy," unusual, unexpected, difficult, intuitive, liberty-loving, original, abrupt, boldly romantic, philosophical, and erratic and chaotic Uranus -- the planet whose energies awaken the individual to new, often sudden opportunities -- rules the facades, external egos, and personalities of all with Aquarius rising. Your personality might be labeled by others who know you well as unique and one-of-a-kind; or, if they are not friends, strange, unusual, peculiar, and too far-out. Both labeling exercises might be more or less accurate, depending on whether you are responding positively or negatively to the Aquarian/Uranian influences on your personality.

Outsiders who observe your personal actions for a relatively short period of time may wonder what you will do next, or in which direction you might go tomorrow; they may have difficulty with seeing much if any method in your "madness." However, if they would consider your actions over a period of months or years, they would have to agree there is more organization and underlying reason and rationale than might at first be evident. The fixed (stabalizing) influence of Aquarius gives you the tenacity and willpower to get a lot more accomplished than many might suspect.

The height varies, generally falling into two groups: one, quite tall, slim and blonde; the other, shorter, heavier and with darker hair and coloring generally. In both types, the trunk of the body may be longer than normal and very flexible; bone structure tends to the large side. The head may be rather like a round tower, with the back enlarged and emphasized.

The hair may be of a very durable texture, wavy, and glossy. A rather full forehead may be accented by well-shaped and slightly curved eyebrows. Facial features are finely-etched and tend to triangle toward the chin. The mouth is closed rather tightly, but the lips may appear half-smiling much of the time. Teeth may be nicely shaped and very white. The voice is quite clear, and the speech pattern rather rapid-fire.

Some physical movements appear quick, unpredictable, even somewhat disjointed at times. Some eccentricities of mannerisms are present; for example, there's may be a pronounced dislike for being touched other than by those closely associated. Persons with Aquarius ascending are the true "individualists" of the zodiac. You think and act differently and possess a natural flair for turning the dull into the new and exciting. There is organizing ability, enthusiasm, strength of will, mental creativity and inspiration; you are deeply reflective.

Even though there may be a deep-seated good sense of humor, seldom does it inspire you to laugh aloud or openly. The emotions are refined by intelligence and discrimination. Generally, there is a sensitive rather than a sensual emotional bent.

In romance, conventions often may be totally discarded. Inherent weaknesses often may include being openly contrary, harboring the instinct to sound off abruptly and loudly if things become a strain, and being almost complete unpredictability. A strong tendency to say exactly what is thought without much regard as to how it may negatively affect others can cause a sudden loss of friends.

Since there is generally a strong constitution and a rather long life expectancy, there is seldom much serious illness to contend with. The nervous system, while normally well controlled, is very vulnerable however under severe stress or duress. Attention should be given to the circulatory system's arteries, and veins; the calves, and the ankles. The life-pattern is generally episodic and more or less "spectacular." Opportunities and setbacks may occur when and where least expected. Alternate four-and ten-year cycles seem to be the general pattern of experience.

The main characteristics and qualities of a desirable nature good for cultivation are expressed by such words and terms as the following: leadership, truthfulness, scientific interests, sincerity, earnestness, cooperativeness, sociability, service, patience, steadfastness, inventiveness and intuition. Some select words and terms describing characteristics and potential flaws for correction are: a radical nature, disorganization, too much skepticism, overanxiousness, sentimentality, gullibility, occasional irrational acts, and total unpredictability.

All of these less-than-desirable inclinations and traits either already have been or can, in time, be improved upon, markedly corrected, or totally overcome by the conscientious and proper mental application of your outstanding positive qualities, and your strong interest in being able to help yourself and mankind generally.

How unique and original Aquarius rising natives come across! One of my siblings is an Aquarian Rising, and I find their mind to be one of the most fascinating and intelligent things I have come accross. Their innovative thoughts, perceptions, view of looking at the world around them, and just the way they treat the world around them, always challenges my own ideals. They get me thinking and I have always loved that aspect!

The Ascendant often reveals physical mannerisms and even choice of dress, as it shows how people present themselves to the world. With Aquarius here, natives sometimes have a quirkiness to their manner, and some dress in a slightly offbeat manner--not enough to make them stand out like a sore thumb, but just enough to express their original temperament. One extremely famous chameleon Aquarius Rising was the popular and evolutionary David Bowie. He almost seemed to have lived thousands of various lives in his short tenure here on Earth. Keeping in tune with his Aquarius Rising, he enjoyed shocking audiences and people around him with his innovative and at the time very abstract ideas, mannerisms, and addressing societal accepted conventions.This rising sign will think they have seen everything, so it is difficult to shock them. Actually, they like to shock those around them. They really enjoy getting a response from others. They may have a quiet, irreverent sense of humor that others find endearing, if a bit offbeat. Because these people seem so open to new ideas, it may be surprising when you encounter their decidedly stubborn streak. Aquarius is a fixed sign, after all. The ascendant sign shows how individuals react to new situations, and with Aquarius rising, there can be a resistance to change that seems to belie the native's generally progressive nature. There's a distinct inflexibility with Aquarian rising people, and, sometimes, a tendency to want to force their opinions on others. Aquarius Rising is extremely interested in the future and the past, but they may get lost when it comes to the present. They may appear to be a bit out of step with their contemporaries. They are likely to be interested in music, design, science or sociology.

Aquarius Rising is a unique individual, first and foremost, and they won't let you forget it! Many will seek them out for advice because they come across as intellectuals that are approachable. In fact, Aquarius Ascendant is very curious, and frequently very well educated. They may show interest in anything that advances the human race. They are humanitarian, idealistic, tolerant and impartial for the most part. Their minds are quick, processes moving at all times. Champions of mental maneuvers and being able to eloquently discuss just about any subject field you throw at them.

Aquarius Rising is a likable person and very friendly to everyone they meet. They get along with people from all walks of life, easily accepting them all as equals. They are unique in that they can pull off appearing detached and aloof while also appearing kind and caring… it is a study in contradictions. Often turned to for advice, these natives possess intellectual poise and savvy. They often are curious, and quite learned, in both science and metaphysics--anything that involves advancement of the human race holds much appeal. Most people with this Ascendant are quite friendly and likable. Their personality quirks generally go over quite well with others. They generally give others quite a bit of freedom--accepting, as a rule, people from all walks of life as equals. And, their somewhat cool and detached curiosity about all that goes on around them appeals to most. Aquarius Ascendant may feel "special" or "different"… and they have felt that way their entire life. Sometimes they feel like they are excluded from everyone else, like they are outside the window looking in. They have the ability to observe and deduce what needs to be done. They are also very good at puzzling out how to get things to work. This talent also works with groups of people. This ability serves them well if they work as a manager or in some manner that facilitates people working together.

Aquarius Rising expresses their individuality clearly, but not in a way that makes them stand out oddly. For example, they may dress well, with an accessory that makes them stand out just enough to make them interesting. They can be decidedly inflexible, due to being a fixed sign, and at times may try to force others to agree with their opinions. They may not see the small details, only the big picture, which may cause them to overlook the needs of those closest to them. They are independent. They are unaffected by status, wealth or power. When they take an interest in someone, it is for their own sake, not any outside influence. They easily attract friends, and acquaintances come like moths to a flame. Aquarius Rising loves to play devil's advocate and take part in a good argument. This is actually one of my personal favorite attributes, as I am a person who enjoys a thorough debate, one that allows me to change my point of view, perception, or helps me understand the whole "shoe on the other foot". They like personal freedom, so this can be a potential issue in the personal relationships. Their restless nature can push them to seek a more stimulating environment if the one they are in isn't meeting their needs mentally or physically. Aquarius Ascendant can be unpredictable and may behave in a contradictory fashion.

Your personal destiny and soul function is ultimately related to the impulses toward progressive change, experimentation and innovative, creative thinking which reside in the collective psyche of your generation. You are a conduit for change, for awakening new thought. As such, you will always be seen as a bit avant garde, offbeat, or different. Spiritual unity and weaving individuals into harmonious cooperative groups are the ideals that you are intended to embody. You focus is on the power of the group which transcends the individual. An innate and genuine humanitarianism and altruism are the high side of this; and uncompromising dogmatic social ideology is the other extreme. Ruled by both Saturn, the planet of form, and by Uranus, the planet of pure mind, you must bring your ideas and ideals into a real, practicable, livable form.

Please keep in mind that all of the pieces of your "pizza" are working together. So while some of these qualities might be very present in some, they may be less apparent in others. No two charts are the same, and these are generalized views of how astrology can affect our personalities, idiosynchracies, and how we are perceived by others.

The characteristics of an Aquarius Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant. For example, a person with a Aquarius Ascendant with its ruling planet, Uranus, in Sagittarius will respond to the environment a little differently than another person, also with a Aquarius Ascendant, but whose Uranus is in Scorpio. Similarly, a person with a Aquarius Ascendant who also has Saturn conjunct it will "behave" differently than someone with a Aquarius Ascendant who does not have that aspect in their natal charts.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this article on Aquarius that covers the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant information that I found to be the most valuable. I love the sublte differences that Aquarius goes through in the various planetary stations. How do you feel it plays out for you in your chart? I have nothing in Aquarius in my natal chart, but I am married to an Aquarius Sun, and I enjoy understanding how his mind and personality work.

Come back in February for the astrology installment covering the upcoming sign of Pisces. Happy Birthday, Aquarius! And stay weird, my friends!


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