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The Empath Encyclopedia

This fantastic post is by Dana, the owner of the wonderful site Check out her account on Instagram - @empaths_and_hsp for your daily dose of Empath Awareness! All posted material is credited to Dana and her website, and has been posted here with her permission.

There are various understandings of the Empath, the “types” and the “gifts” that we are blessed with (or if you are just discovering yourself as a Sensitive, you may feel cursed – but don’t worry, that’s all going to change soon!).

I’m going to list a few things below and I want to reiterate AGAIN that this is my own research and understanding through working with Sensitives… This, like any other well drafted article about Empaths, by no means should be considered “FACTS” and please be aware that if you do not feel you fit into any one category or have any one gift, there is still much to be discovered, learned and understood about the complexity of the Empath.

Highly Sensitive Person vs. Empath

I have read so much that “either you are born an Empath or you are not” and personally, I think this is just shenanigans. I will say that I do I feel some Empaths are born with a profound understanding of their Higher Self (whether they are aware of what they are or not) and some of us need to experience a good ass kicking from the Universe in order to become aware of our Inner Empath.

I do agree that there are vast differences between an Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and an Empath but I don’t believe they are actually different; the HSP is more like the beginning stage of the Self Discovery and Self Evolution that leads to Self Empowerment as an Empath. It’s more of a continuum of Sensitive Self Awareness than of this clear lined variance that segregates and separates the Sensitives. For me, being an Empath is more about your ability to comprehend your state Of Being rather than considering yourself a Sensitive Human Being. If you’d like, you can read more about that in my “HSP? Empath? or Both?” article and I’ll make a short sum up of what the 3 degrees of a Sensitive coming into Awareness of Self (again, in my own conclusive research – you certainly do not have to agree!).

*UNAWARE/UNAWAKENED SENSITIVE – usually seeking care from mental health practicioners in an effort to control the debilitating “mental illnesses” they are being diagnosed with due to suppressed traumas, hyper vigilance and high functioning senses that have created mental disorder. At this phase usually drugs or sedatives of any kind (prescription or non) appear to be the relief from the disturbances of the environment upon us. Truly, in this functioning, the brain is in “Mental Dis-Order” from working too hard to process information from the “Knowing Channel” (more info about this in a minute) not designed to be understood by it.

*AWAKENED SENSITIVE (HSP: Highly Sensitive Person) – beginning to become aware of their need to address the Source of the disturbances and misalignments of Self created from being an Unaware Sensitive. HSP are beginning to seek INWARD for understanding of how to function rather thansolely taking direction from practitioners and depending on ingestion of pharmaceuticals. This stage of Self Awareness is all about finding balance and inner calmness by accepting the Self as it is, being unique and not feeling “crazy” but rather embracing that crazy is normal.

*EMPATH – an evolving HSP, aligned with the Highest Self. Empaths striclty use their own inner guidance and intuitive knowing to make decisions in their own best interest, trusting their self before seeking any validation of self from the outside world. This does not mean Empaths do not consult with mental health professionals – it means they follow their own intuitive healing resonance and largely work with Empathic Counselors and natural energy arts to help remain focused, in alignment and on their path of intentional, purposeful living listening closely to the “Knowing” Channel within them.

The “Knowing” Channel

What’s really cool about Sensitives are that they “feel” energy to every degree, even that which is yet to be understood by Science. There is the obvious understanding of energy, the materialistic/physical understanding where… you know, I touch you – you FEEL my energy by processing it with the very human aspect of your Controlling Brain (This part of your brain processes and rationalizes the well advertised 5 Human Senses.)

But Empaths also “FEEL” energy vibrations that are not visibile or able to be processed using the Human Eye… we feel that which is understood on the “Collective Consciousness,” where Science has so far not been able to comprehend or come to any conclusive/tangible result for this very well known 6th Sense (aka Psychic Phenomena). What this means is we feel the mental energy (thoughts/intentions) which is put out into the world through a vibration or frequency that has all this, lets say, “information” coded within it that only those that are listening to the channel of which can receive this information on that frequency can understand.

This is the “knowing” or “collective consciousness” frequency only those interconnected and simultaneously living in both this reality and Spirituality (such as Mediums, Psychics, Angel Channelers, Spiritual Translators, etc). Think about this in terms of an actual radio station that has various frequencies/stations to listen to – though they all have something playing at the same time, you have to actually tune into the station that you want to hear… Well, Empaths are tuned in to like all stations at once (no wonder we like silence and solitude, right? Making more sense now?) I also wrote a little more about this in my article called “Hyper-Communication” so feel free to check that out. I digress, so back to the ways we feel energy…

The “Birthing” of an Empath

So back to the whole “you are either born an Empath or you aren’t” concept. In working with a variance of Sensitives, I have come to understand that Empaths are indeed either born an Empath or they are not HOWEVER the reason why I say it’s shenanigans is because of the semantic usage of the word “born.” Being “born” does not take place solely when you exit your mother’s lady portal and many of you likely are aware of what I mean by this because of the “Awakening.” And if not, awakening is a shift in Consciousness (I’ll explain more below.) I have come to the conclusion that there are two variant ways of which Empaths are “Born” onto Earth.

PHYSICALLY BORN EMPATH – an Empath that was born through the lady portal as an Empath. These Empaths are “Absorbing Empaths” and are born with physical abilities to feel the inner emotional state of another being (human and non-human) by absorbing another’s energy and vicariously experience their present moment perspective.

These Empaths are not always aware of their gifts and often as children struggle with multitudes of emotional traumas. Although they “know” they don’t understand how they know – and our society does not teach Psychic Phenomena OR even Empathy in the structured school systems. Most of the emotional trauma is unintentionally self-inflicted by feeling helpless in a world of which we believe we don’t belong We just “know” something is different about us and when we do express our perspective and our gifts openly, it puts us on a direct path to mental illness and pharmaceutical intake to make us pseudo-normal. Many of these Empaths are lost to addictions as even pharmaceuticals only provide a temporary fix before we come to realize that even psychiatry and psychology cannot help us. If these Empaths are not provided with a support system that cultivates an enriching, nurturing environment for these Sensitive and Spiritually connected beings, they have to endure the same Awakening process of which the other Empaths are born.

MENTALLY BORN EMPATH – an Empath that was born (at any point in their lifetime) and awakened into a new way of thinking. These Empaths are“Mirroring Empaths” and their newly developed cognitive abilities and shift in Consciousness allows for them to feel the state of another being (usually human) by mirroring the emotional behaviors of another within their self, bringing awareness to them and enabling them to process and understand the emotional experience from the energy created within their self.

These Empaths usually experience some kind of sudden, extreme trauma that shifts their state Of Being, “Awakening” their mind to new perspectives and birthing their insight through deeper consideration of reality – OR – they reach their “rock bottom” after having been exposed to long periods of learned helplessness (usually from being inundated by Low Vibing Behaviorists) and again feel reborn, like a Phoenix out of the ashes of their own destruction, with this new perspective of life. Many of these Empaths are shell-shocked onto the Collective Consciousness “Knowing Channel” as I described above and I can explain this in no other way than to say… Its like when you turn on your car and forgot the last time you were in it that your JAM was playing so you were jamming out to the music… And upon the silence, as you turn on the car the next day, the radio is BLASTING and you scare the shit out of yourself and rustle around in an effort to turn it off! But the “Knowing Channel” doesn’t have an off switch – or even really a volume down button. Needless to say, it can make one go insane really quickly when anxiety kicks in from all the overwhelming stimuli that now just won’t stop (cause it’s literally all in your head!) If these Empaths are not provided with a support system that cultivates an enriching, nurturing environment for their new Sensitive and Spiritually connected Being, they will endure the same self inflicted emotional re-traumitization the Physically Born Empaths suffer from and struggled with.

Energy Reading & Connectivity (Types of Empaths)

STRUGGLER EMPATH – Usually an unaware or recently awakening Empath that has not yet found their place in this world and often feels like a “lost soul.” Some refer to these Empaths as the “Fallen Angels” because inside, they know they are innately good however they feel so weighted down by life having experienced so much emotional, physical, mental, spiritual trauma. These Empaths must learn to Trust their Struggles so that they can break free of the humanness of them – allowing them to fully discover their purpose and evolve into all that they truly are.

HEALER EMPATH – These Empaths are the natural rebalancers of the low vibrational energies of Earth. Healers do not even have to be aware of what they are in order to serve their purpose, although this usually comes at a self sacrificing cost of the physical/mental health and well being of these special creatures. These Empaths serve as a centrifuge for low vibrations, attracting them, drawing them in, absorbing them, transmuting them and sending them back into Earth at a higher vibration. Healer Empaths walk interconnected between reality and spirituality providing them with incredible healing powers – of which need to be realized, embraced and used for its greatest purpose or this Empath will become very out of alignment and likely forced into mental dis-order and live with overwhelming anxiety and depression. These Empaths are also commonly known as Shaman Empaths or Spirit Empaths.

GEOMANTIC EMPATH – These Empaths are fiercely connected to Earth Consciousness (Gaia). They can feel and read the energy and vibrations transmitted by the Earth having a deep connection with nature. These special creatures can often predict the weather, their bodies feel and experience the seasonal changes along side nature and have a knowing of the oncoming and/or aftermath turmoil of natural disasters.

FLORA EMPATH – These Empaths are a slightly variant Geomantic Empath. These Empaths have a deep connection with Plants, the “green thumbs” of the Empath kind. They know the very real essence within plants and feel at peace nurturing these beautiful souls. Without a doubt, these special Empaths find comfort in the presence of plantlife and are aware that plants have their own “personalities” and feel emotional states of being just as intensely as humans do. They are empowered by the healing qualities of plants and find balance within their self through the mutual energetic exchange of caring for the plants that provide healing care to them.

FAUNA EMPATH – These Empaths can feel the emotional state of animals and can communicate with them through subtle maneuvers and subconscious cues. The connections to animals can feel stronger than the connection to humans. These special Empaths feel an innate intensity driving them to protect and speak out for the sacred beasts and naturally, these beasts find their way and/or gravitate towards them as they recongnize these Empaths as their own.

PSYCHOMETRIC EMPATH – These Empaths read energy, have visions and/or vicarious experiences from holding or touching inanimate objects such as jewelry, photographs, antiques, buildings, etc. The physical connection to these objects bring forth a sort of “remote viewing” of the history and memories contained within the physical objects. These special creatures often charge their memories into “things” using psychokinesis and then keep them for sentimental value. They might also feel the need to rid their environment of items that hold negative energies.

CHANNELING EMPATH – These Empaths have a deep connection to Source/Universe/God/Great Spirit. These Empaths use their physical body to deliver messages into this physical world from beyond the veil. Many other sites will describe various types of channeling gifts as independent Empath types (precognitive, clairvoyant, etc) where I understand these all to be various abilities for receiving information as a Channel Empath and will discuss them more elaborately in the “Gifts” section of this article.

  • A Channel Empath receives intelligence from a source outside their self. Information is received as this special Empath offers their self as a messenger and is most often done intentionally through automatic writing. Each of us serves as channels of our own Highest Self and can learn this gift through proactive journaling and meditative stillness of the mind. This type of channeling requires the Empath to shut down their own rational mind – their ego, belief system, and self awareness has to completely step aside and submit to the incoming of information or the messages will not be delivered properly. Think of a transcriptionist – this is a person that listens to someone else speak and verbatim types out exactly what they are saying without influencing the message. Channels are Spiritual transciptionists.

  • A Medium Empath receives personalities or characteristics rather than intelligence from a source outside their self. Some Empaths have their own Spirit Guide that serves as a buffer between the spirit being called forward and the Medium Empath while others are comfortable engaging directly with any/all spirits that come forward during a session. Though this is also channeling, the Medium Empath does not put their own self aside and remains self aware. Instead, during this channeling, the Medium Empath is finely aware of the “quirks” entering them as a message to be delivered to their loved ones for validation purposes.

IMPLICATE EMPATH – Theses special Empaths are “Hybrid” Empaths and are fully realized Empaths. They have mastered their craft as an Empath and serve in totality as a Messanger of the Universal Purpose. With that, some refer to these Emapths as “Universal Empaths.” They have come to realize all of the Empath gifts and primarily serve to the awakening of other Empaths.

Gifts & Abilities

CLAIR SENSES – any paranormal sensitivity where information, intelligence and/or messages from a source outside yourself is delivered through the corresponding 5 human senses.

*The following information on “the Clairs” was extracted from the original writting by Quantum Possibilities

CLAIRVOYANCE (clear vision): The ability to reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive “within the mind’s eye” something existing in that realm. A clairvoyant message is received as extrasensory impressions and symbols in the form of “inner sight” or mental images. These impressions are received without the aid of the physical eyes, beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space and are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairvoyant messages come through with visual information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments (anyplace, anywhere, anytime.) This gift is primarily used by Channelling Empaths.

CLAIRAUDIENCE (clear audio /hearing): The ability to perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise from sources outside the self, broadcast from spiritual or ethereal realm in the form of “inner ear” or mental tone. These auditory messages are perceived without the aid of the physical ear and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space and are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairaudient messages come through verbal and sound-related information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments (anyplace, anywhere, anytime.)

CLAIRSENTIENCE / CLAIRCOGNIZANCE (clear sensation, feeling and/or knowing): More commonly known as Telepathy or Psychic Phenomena. Though Telepathy can receive and send communication messages through the physical, this is the ability to perceive information by a “feeling” within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information. Clairsentience is the “I just feel” and Claircognizance is the “I just know” sensations of vicarious experience of a source outside the self’s physical feeling. This gift is primarily used by Healer and Channeling Empaths. (Also see clairempathy).

CLAIRSCENT (clear smelling): The ability to smell a fragrance/odor of substance or food which is not in one’s surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space and are messages that come through serving as validation of an outside source. This gift is primarily used by Channeling Empaths.

CLAIRTANGENCY (clear touching): More commonly known as psychometry. The ability to handle an object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of one’s hands information about the article or its owner or history that was not previously known by the source, coming through beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space and are messages that serve as validation of an outside source. This gift is primarily used by Psychometric Empaths.

CLAIRGUSTANCE (clear tasting): The ability to taste a substance without putting anything in one’s mouth. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste, beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space and are messages that come through serving as validation of an outside source. This gift is primarily used by Channeling Empaths.

CLAIREMPATHY (clear emotion) – This is the most well known gift used by Empaths. This is the ability to telepathically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. Clairempathy is a type of telepathy to sense or feel within one’s self own self the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person or outside non-physical source. Empaths tune into the vibrations and vicariously experience the entire state of another’s being. Though this is the most well known Empath gift, Healer Empaths are called to master this in order to serve their Highest Good.

CHANNELING (clear mind): The ability to allow an etheric world intelligence to enter one’s mind and impress thoughts upon the consciousness to be spoken aloud, using one’s voice or physical body to deliver the informational message and/or healing energy. This gift is primarily used by Channeling Empaths, though we all serve as a Channel for our Highest Self.

The Empath Purpose

Remember, the single most impactful thing you can do in your lifetime is to full realize your self worth – who and what you are and why you are here. Empaths are the physical manifestation of the Spirit Self and use their very human senses to help them bring into this 3d physical reality, the understanding of the Spirituality within each of us, that connects each of us to one another and to the Great Spirit/Source/God/Universe (whatever term you prefer to use).

Fully coming into awareness of your Highest and Truest Self and using that awareness to help shift others to bring into awareness their Highest Self is how we shift Humanity. It is done one person at a time, patiently, compassionately and humbly. We are translators of the Divine Purpose and in order to be able to translate the message, we must first learn how to receive the messages of our inner knowing so that we can articulate it to others. Being an Empath is all about trusting your inner self, thinking on your own and being fully inner guided.

In times of doubt, speak this mantra “What I am, is How I Know.”


About Dana of Empath Rising

My name is Dana and through my journey as an Implicate Empath, I have revealed to myself that my purpose is to serve as a Self Awareness Advocate, empowering the infinite self evolution of Awakening Sensitives, Highly Sensitive People (HSP) and Empaths.

Love & Light All Ways, Dana


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