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Angel Channeling

I know a lot of people have questions about what an angel channeler is, so I decided to write this to sort of clear up any confusion. I will explain who my specific guardian angels are, a little bit of their personality, and a few personal experiences. What is an angel channeler? And as my mentor Cynthia has explained on her website: "You might wonder what the term 'channeler' actually means. Simply put I receive spiritual guidance from my guardian angels who communicate with me telepathically." She has the best explanation so I won't try to reword it because I simply couldn't agree with her more. I promise I am not hallucinating, dreaming, or pretending to have a friend in my head that I talk to. Well, not anymore! I kid. I kid. These Guardian Angels have made their presence known in my life. I am starting to wonder if there really is such a thing as coincidences or if each action is really one small part of a huge puzzle that we have to assemble through life.

My Guardian Angels are Michael, Ariel, and Gabriel, who are Archangels. They all help me with specific areas in my life and/or training. They are here for support, for me to learn from, and to assist me in my human life. They also are helping me become a much better angel channeler. I have been in the process of learning how to use my gifts as they were intended. I have gone from just having precognitive dreams, weird "vibes", being good at guessing, and hearing things here and there, to being able to hone in to a certain person and be able to assist them with communicating with their Angels and Spirit Guides. I have even delivered messages from their loved ones who have passed.

Now, if you're anything like me, you're wanting to see some proof. You know that the proof is in the pudding. I personally use a pendulum for confirmation. I have programed my pendulum to swing a certain way for a certain response. For the longer answers, I usually just have to meditate in order to receive messages clearly and directly. Sometimes they come in with a huge bang, like lighting inside my head, other times they are but a mere whisper shuffled through my own thoughts. I have also used an Enchanted Spirit Board in the past, but I will explain more on that in another post. Patience, my pretties!

I always request to speak with only my guardian angels or my spirit guides. I don't let just anyone come to the "stage" and start exchanging with me, as that can open a line of communication with a negative entity who doesn't know me, or who isn't going to give me any definitive answers to my questions. Other activities that I do to stay connected with my angels are saying a little prayer of meditation, and pulling Angel Oracle cards daily. Granted, I do have a busy schedule, so sometimes I don't get to pull a card until 11 pm, once everything has settled, and I can actually have a little quiet time to myself without the distractions of my day to day life. I use a variety of cards, and prefer oracle cards, personally. The decks I have typically have beautiful pictures, a short description, and all have positive messages inscribed on the cards, so you feel refreshed with the affirmations. All of these small things help me get better at tuning in. As time has gone by I don't have to plug in daily, it's like having a phone conversation with a friend all day. You know that good friend that always gives you great advice, has a kind word, or a warm smile to brighten your day? Yeah, it's just like that. Because my guides only want to help me, keep me safe, and make sure that I get onto the right path that I am supposed to be on. I know that a lot of people want some answers. Because I was one of those people, too! So, I hope that this blog helps out. I hope that whoever reads this blog asks questions, gives criticism, and helps me grow. After all, we all have a little room for improvement. I know that I can always improve my angel channeling and mediumship abilities, and the best way I can do improve, is by practicing daily.

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