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My Favorite Accounts, Products, & Services

The following are some of my favorite places to purchase items from, favorite small business owners and service providers, and people that I have learned a lot from. The people and businesses on this page are true friends of mine and their services and products are truly remarkable. I do not receive anything for referring. These are people I stand by. They truly care to help others in their physical, mental and spiritual growth. Their contact information is here to be shared and for everyone who visits to find some new and fabulous resources to aid them on their journey!

Black Owl Moon Designs

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Amelia is the owner of Black Owl Moon Designs. She is a creative Graphic Designer based in Houston, Texas. Over 18 years experience, she can make anything you may need. She uses her intuition, attention to detail, and also her graphic design experience to create incredible work. Her eye for color, detail, and font design always surprise me. Her products are always completed to perfection, and she also has such an intuitive sense for creation.


She helped me redesign my logo for my business. Amelia can intuitively design exactly what you need!


Specializing in custom invitations for any occasion, custom stationary, logos, business cards, flyers, announcements, and other graphic design work, etc.


If you have any questions or need some suggestions, feel free to contact Amelia!

Binford's All Naturals

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Ashley is the owner of Binford's All Naturals. She creates all-natural remedies for anything you may need. 

Ms. Binford started casting plant magic a few years ago: using dried flowers, herbs and spices "Ms. B" was able to create whimsical healing products safe for nearly everyone. Simple and natural, these organic recipes helped aid in her wellness journey. 

I have been a huge fan of her products since last year and purchase so many of her items. Everything is well made, serves the purpose it is intended for, and I was able to experience one of her in-depth readings of my natal chart with a Vedic interpretation. She has also created an incredible deck that I have enjoyed so much over the years. 


If you have any questions, would like a beautiful in-depth reading, or need some beautiful handmade and natural healing skin, body, and soul products, Ashley is your gal!







Remember Love Healing

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Michelle is the owner of Remember Love Healing. She provides crystal healing for overall spiritual and emotional well-being. She handcrafts beautiful pieces from high quality crystals, metals, and incorporates her Reiki into each custom piece. She is a Reiki Master who also offers various ways of connecting to her healing modalities.


I have purchased a few pieces from her and I absolutely adore her creativity. She made me a gorgeous garnet and phantom quartz necklace that is still my go-to piece. I prefer to purchase jewelry that is meaningful, created well, and also incorporate elements that are special to me. 

She travels the world, and brings that magic into her work. Her crystals inspire me! She intuitively brings beautiful crystal healing into her client's lives.

If you have any questions or need some beautiful custom made crystal healing jewelry, contact Michelle!


The Merhipsy

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Zoey is the powerful intuitive being behind The Merhipsy. She is a deck creator of two incredible decks - The Mystic Rebel Oracle and the Mystic Rebel Crystal Oracle. 

Merhipsy Healing is an alternative healing practice utilizing energy medicine, spiritual coaching, and intuitive channeling.

It is the mission of Merhipsy Healing to help individuals step into their purpose, gain clarity on their lives, and find fulfillment and abundance in all forms. 

We connected via Instagram, and I have just absolutely adored our connection. Her decks have been a wonderful addition to my own personal intuitive work, and I enjoy using them with clients to bring healing and guidance.


If you are interested in her decks or need some guidance, contact Zoey!


Green Phoenix rising

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EJ is the owner of Green Phoenix Rising and an amazingly powerful intuitive medium, who is becoming more comfortable with her natural abilities. She is incredibly gifted, but also uses her cards as a means to validate her beautiful gifts. 


Her guidance has not only aided me in trusting myself more fully, she has allowed brought so much wisdom into my life with her presence. She is finally getting out there and sharing her beautiful abilities with others, and I feel like a proud momma watching her baby bird fly the nest. 

She loves cheese, long walks along the river in San Antonio, and Fiesta! You can find her at local events in San Antonio. She is also offering online and email readings.


If you would like to connect and receive incredible guidance, feel free to reach out to EJ!


Magical Soul Bitches

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Nikki is the magical owner of Magical Soul Bitches, which is an incredible brand. 


She is a sensitive witchy woman obsessed with self-expression, the full spectrum of duality, healing, self-knowledge and delving into the darkness. Nikki possesses powerful emotional claircognizance and alchemizing ability, integrative discernment and healing, as well as ambiance conjuring, connectivity conscious,  while bringing such beautiful aesthetic witch vibes.

“Magical Soul Bitches” came from really needing a space to EMOTE, to express, to gather and to speak to her love for all things wordy and beautiful - which is why she loves Instagram as her platform.


There’s a Newsletter, a Blog and a wicked Instagram space to stay connected with Nikki and learn more about her whole approach to healing, astrology, and her divine power.


The Wild Green Woman

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Addie is the owner of the Wild Green Woman healing. She uses many different spreads and specializes in creating personal layouts.


She also offers soul card readings and oracle card readings. She provides an honest, personal reading for each client. She also takes pride in what she does, and provides quality work. I have done a Past Life Regression with her, and unlocked such a beautiful part of my soul's journey this lifetime. Her work is infused with love and truth. She has helped me so much along my path, with her guidance, gentle fierceness, and her beautiful energy. 


If you have any questions or need some guidance, feel free to contact Addie!


Bear In A Paint Shop

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Sarah "Bear" is the Owner, Artist, Alchemist, Astrologer behind Bear In A Paint Shop - a beautiful creation of her divine mind and magic.


 Her work is infused with the intent to provide transformative, visceral art + energetic activations. The offerings listed in her shop are intended to help reflect back to you the brilliance and radiance of your own energetic capabilities.


Bear is a talented artist and has created beautiful sets of cards with her Healing Hands Oracle and her Star Student Astrology decks.


If you are looking for more art to add into your life, contact Sarah!


Gifts From Eternity

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Xochitl and Jazmin are a mother and daughter duo who create beautiful and meaningful pieces, that not only bring healing but also interesting designs. 

Using healing crystals and amazing color themes makes their products stand out, they combine various beads and styles to create healing pieces. The quality and love invested in their creations really inspires others to be as wonderful as they are.

You can often find them at local shows in the Sacramento area, but they also do custom work via their social media. 

To find out more or see their creations, contact Gifts from Eternity.


Queer Cosmos

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Colin Bedell is the magic creator and owner of Queer Cosmos. I connected with him when I first started my Instagram account, and we quickly became friends.

Colin is a gay Gemini Twin from the South Shore of Long Island, New York. And he has the accent to prove it. As a passionate student of astrology, personal-growth systems, and the universal spiritual themes explored in A Course in Miracles, he brings so much love, compassion, and magic to his work.   

Colin says, "I am reverenced by astrology’s ability to bestow clarity and peace to people’s hearts. That’s why I’m committed to ensuring QueerCosmos expands access to this conversation for all." 


If you have any questions or would like to work with him, connect with Colinl!


Natashia medium

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Natashia is the magic behind her work. She is an Evidential Medium and has the ability to connect with our loved ones in Spirit.


She is a kind and compassionate Medium that believes laughter and love are the best medicine! She is able to provide evidence from your passed loved ones, as well as loving messages and guidance to give you the comfort, closure and healing you may need. 

She is trustworthy and clients feel safe and comfortable opening up to her. I have enjoyed watching her develop her gifts, and also enjoyed the lovely session I had with her, which brought much needed clarity not only to me, but to my family, as well. 


If you have any questions or would like some guidance, feel free to reach out to Natashia!


The Humble Crystal

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Alex is the owner of The Humble Crystal. She brings beautiful crystals, as well as intuitive magic to her work.


The Humble Crystal is an online shop specializing in curated crystals and intuitive insight to help you connect with your inner self. She offers intuitive insight with her readings, crystals that are lovingly curated and high quality, as well as astrology, numerology, and energetic guidance.

Alex has a beautiful collection of crystals that she sells on Instagram, as well as providing free card drawings and insights via social media.


If you would like to learn more about Alex and her crystals or her work, check out her website.


visions Art Therapy

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Michelle is the owner of Visions Art Therapy which is Art Therapy + Counseling + Metaphysical Healing with Inner Child Healing as her specialty. She has also created the Empowered Visions Mandala deck. She is an art therapist who brings a fresh and spiritual perspective to the community. 

She offers art therapy, healing readings, and therapy sessions. She uses various modalities to bring healing to her clients and those around her. She has helped me with her beautiful decks and I look forward to working with her and knowing more about her story.


If you have any questions or need some guidance, feel free to contact Michelle!


J's Celestial Alchemy

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Jordan is the owner of Elixirs of Light. She is a creative entrepreneur who uses aromatherapy as a healing modality. She has been studying aromatherapy for over 13 years.


Her remedies have become a quick favorite in our home. She has helped me treat many conditions without the use of harsh chemicals. 


Her passion for alternative health, beautiful cruelty free cosmetics, and her wonderful remedies have changed my life.


If you have any questions or need some suggestions for your skin or health, feel free to reach out to Jordan!

Rebel Deck

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Shannon is the creator of the Rebel Deck , the Rebel Deck - Couples Edition, and the Rebel Deck Game. These are a fun and straight-talking set of decks that will quickly remind you of what you need to focus on.


 The cards are funny, just like Shannon, and In-Your Face! These oracle messages are inspirational yet dirty and direct. The cards have become a fast fave in my home. They also make awesome gifts!

Shannon has become a quick friend with her wit and humor. Her decks are rebellious, foul-mouthed and raw. No interpretation needed. 


If you would like your own Rebel Decks, check out her website and she also has her decks available via Amazon.


Dyes for Your Eyes

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Wenona is the creatrix behind Dyes For Your Eyes. She makes incredible designs, beautiful and unique pieces that standout.


She infuses her tie dye work with amazing patterns, vibrant colors, and also brings to life thoughtful designs. 


 Wenona has been making tie dye for about 20 years and also been making jewelry for about 10 of those years. Her mission is to provide quality work that is also functional and comfortable. She loves see others shine while wearing clothes and jewelry that represent their true colors. She specialize in custom works and pieces that are one of a kind. 


If you are looking for some magical custom tie dye clothing, feel free to contact Wenona!



Lora Zuanic

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Lora Zuanic is an intuitive astrologer, tarot reader, witch, healer, and herbalist. Her work is in-depth, and transformative. I purchased a customized Mala from her that was intuitively made, and has been a beautiful addition to my practice and work.


She has been studying and practicing astrology since 2013 and incorporates a mix of traditional western astrology, her own intuitive astrology, and vedic astrology into her practice.


Lora aspires to help others understand and use astrology to be better able to navigate life and empower themselves to make the changes that they desire. Alongside astrology, her business includes energy healing, herbalism, tarot, and mala making.

If you would like to learn more about her work or work with her, Lora is available and highly recommended!


Michael Guenther

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Michael is a talented and intuitive card reader. Inspired by authenticity and empathy. He has a people first, business second energy to him. 

He is an intuitive, empath, and energy reader. Michael's intention for every session is to leave you with a feeling of clarity, peace, and a knowing that you're never alone in life.


Lastly, and most importantly, he intends for you to know after leaving a session, that you are deeply loved, that love surrounds you, and that love abides within you. 


He says, "Love is the 'lighthouse' within us that guides our path. I help you find that light in times when you feel it can't be found." His readings are clarifying, incredible, and creepily accurate.

If you would like powerful guidance or to check out his work, contact Michael!


Jessica Lanyadoo

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Jessica Lanyadoo is an incredibly gifted Astrologer and Psychic Medium who has brought me so much insight with her daily horoscopes, her insightful Ghost of a Podcast series, and just her beautiful presence in my life. 


Bay Area Astrologer and Psychic Medium Jessica Lanyadoo has been sharing the wisdom and magic of Astrology, Medium, Tarot and Intuitive since 1995. 


Her sessions are in-depth, enlightening and fun! She firmly believes in harm reduction, and provides a non-judgmental, safe and confidential environment for individuals and couples. Jessica Lanyadoo's readings are practical, user-friendly and delivered with humor and style! 


If you are looking for some magical wisdom from an incredible woman, connect with Jessica!



Quartz and coal

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Nicole is the owner of Quartz and Coal, which makes it easier for Creative Entrepreneurs + Small Business Owners to intentionally build a growth mindset on the foundation of Self-Love + Gratitude. She offer her experience in design, branding, and organization to go from overwhelmed to focused on a plan meant to get you moving forward.

Creativity, honesty and integrity are valuable resources and Nicole has taught me that with one of her Strategy Sessions. She is in-depth, encouraging, and has a lot of experience in helping business achieve their goals. It takes a fierce, dedicated person to go out on their own as an Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner, and Nicole is definitely that - while also reminding her clients of this.


If you have any questions or would like to find out more about her coaching, strategy sessions, or just connect, check out Nicole!



Marcella Kroll

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Marcella is the priestess and magical being who is Saved By The Spell. She is a deck creator, tarot reader, metaphysical teacher, artist, and intuitive.


She has created, painted, and self-published two well-received divination decks, The Sacred Symbols Oracle and The Nature-Nurture Oracle, which I own both and have enjoyed in my personal journey and also with my client work. I have thoroughly enjoyed her book, Priestess in my magical working and it has inspired me to create my own Book of Shadows. Marcella is a powerful advocate for the metaphysical realm, bringing her years of experience, her artistic abilities, and intuitive prowess into the mix. I have used her decks for years and have grown to enjoy a friendship with her as a mentor, and colleague. She travels and shares her divine knowledge + magic with others. 

If you would like powerful guidance or to check out her decks, contact Marcella!



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Sol is the owner of Solrayz, combining beautiful custom jewelry with a healing touch.

Solrayz amulets, bracelets and rings are more than just a beautiful way to keep your crystals close to your skin.

Sol uses our energetic connection and her intuitive gifts, to open up a channel with you, your spirit guides, and the cosmos to determine exactly which crystals are aligned for your purpose. 

As a Reiki practitioner and crystal expert, she also infuses all of my work with Reiki energy through the entire creation process, giving each piece a powerful ability to heal and energize you.


If you have any questions or would like to own a piece of her magic, reach out to Sol!


The Voluptuous Witch

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Emily is the owner, astrologer, and magical being behind The Voluptuous Witch. I connected with Emily in 2017, and had an astrology reading with her, that still brings so much awareness and confidence in my decisions. 

She is AH-MAY-ZING! Truly knocked me on my ass with her advice, her astro knowledge, and the ease in which she navigated so many points in my chart and transits. Hard truths, but also such luscious information to process and work with. 

She is featured in a number of publications, shares her magical astrology updates on Instagram and Twitter, as well as bringing more awareness to various political issues. 


If you are looking to learn more about astrology, connect with Emily!


Witch I love Your Hair

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Witch I Love Your Hair is an amazing, all-natural company that brings some good juju in a bottle. The Magic Mist is literal magic! I have 2 curly headed children, and this stuff has been pivotal in saving their curls, as well as bringing some much needed relief to my very dry scalp. 


Organic Beauty Meets Aromatherapy

For All Hair and Skin Types!

Quartz Crystal Chips inside Every Bottle


All Orders come with a free Crystal Surprise

100% Certified Organic & Therapuetic Grade Oils

Always Vegan & Cruelty Free

No Silicones, Sulfates, or Toxic Chemicals


If you would like to purchase amazing skin and hair magic, contact Witch I Love Your Hair.


"I think people don't place a high enough value on how much they are nurtured by doing whatever it is that totally absorbs them."

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