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The Dealer's Choice Recorded Email Reading consists of pulling cards that resonate with the current energies for this upcoming year. 


I will review the following:




What crystals would best benefit you at the current moment and how to work with their energy to maximize their use. I will give you a personalized suggestion of 1 to 3 crystals, with a detailed interpretation of their physical, emotional, mental, and energetic properties.




I will pull a Rune for you and interpret it's meaning for you. Rune stones, (sometimes cards), are used as tools of divination - a way to predict one's future. Rune Stones come in a set of 24 ancient alphabetic symbols. I will include a detailed interpretation for the Rune that is chosen, as well as suggestion for working with the energy of the Rune.


Cards (Tarot or Oracle)


I will pull anywhere from 3 to 5 cards from various decks (currently own over 100 different decks), including Tarot and Oracle decks. I review in full detail the meaning of the cards and how you can utilize the energies of the cards to aid you in furthering your journey in life. Also, suggestions for working with the card meanings will be included. 


Once purchased, you will receive a picture of your cards, crystals, and rune with a detailed interpretation of each item in their placements via a personalized recording of your reading.


A personalized link from Google Drive will be sent to you and you will be able to download your reading to your personal device/computer.


As this is a larger recorded email reading, these will take a little bit longer to complete. Recorded Email readings are all completed within 7 business days of received payment. 


Please include your email in the "Email Address" field box before placing your order.

Dealer's Choice Recorded Email Reading

  • No refunds on email readings.

    All services offered by Astrology and Angel Mediums are for entertainment purposes only.

  • Email Readings are sent within 7 business days of received payment. Email Readings will be sent to provided email address.

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