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Candle Service is a new offering of using Candle Magick to focus your intentions, clear any blockages, or allow healing to take place.  I have finally felt comfortable enough to offer these healing sessions as a distance offering for clients. 


Candle Magick is something that has been used for many years in different traditions. I have a lot of herbs, oils, powders, and knowledge in using candles to shift energies, focus intentions, and allow things to be drawn to myself and clients. Burning allows energy to become more free flowing. 


For this Recorded reading, you will first received an email with instructions and also to verify intentions and other things you would like me to focus on via this distance candle dressing and burning. In order to successfully connect, I will need a picture of you so that I can do your healing session.


Once that is completed, I will do the Candle Session, take pictures of your candle prior to burning, and also