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The Aura and Card Recorded Email Reading consists of pulling one to two cards from my current, extensive deck collection that resonates with the current messages that your spirit guides have for you and to assist you in what you are experiencing, as well as reading an up to date personal picture that you take and send to me. 


I will review your submitted photo and the card(s) in full detail. These messages will help you in figuring out how you can apply some of the guidance into your day to day life and how you can utilize the energy to aid you in furthering your journey in life. 


Once purchased, you will receive a picture of your card(s) and a detailed interpretation via recorded session, as well as a in-depth photo reading, that includes anything that I pick up from your photo. This will include the following areas and subjects:


 - Career/Education
 - Relationships 
 - Aura Color/Energy
 - Physical Health & Energy
 - Loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guide, or Angel's Messages


Once you order, please send a picture of yourself with a neutral facial expression and background that is taken within the last day or so, and then I can complete your order. If I don't receive a picture within 24 hours, I will email you to ask for the picture, as well.


A personalized link from Google Drive will be sent to you and you will be able to download your reading to your personal device/computer.


Aura and Card Recorded Email Readings are all completed within 5 days of received payment. 


Please include your email in the "Email Address" box before placing your order. Once I have received an up to date photo of you that fits the necessary criteria, you will receive your complete reading within FIVE (5) days of purchase.

Aura and Card Recorded Reading

  • No refunds on email readings.

    All services offered by Astrology and Angel Mediums are for entertainment purposes only.

  • Email Readings are sent within 5 to 7 business days of received payment. Email Readings will be sent to provided email address.

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